Why I Love First Impressions Baby Clothes!

First Impressions Baby Boys' 2-Piece Tee & Puppy ShortallsWhen it comes to buying gear for your baby, most parents are in a dilemma and while you might want to quickly cast stones and say that would be amateurish, it is actually a legitimate concern. There are so many brands that are all self-proclaimed to be the best in the industry. There is no doubt that you want nothing but the best for your child. The only problem is being able to identify which brand has your baby’s best interests at heart. You have to find a brand that invests heavily in finding materials and textiles that are easy to maintain and super comfortable for the baby. However, in a sea of companies that have tried to create a facade of being the best, there are only a handful that have been able to live up to the test.

One such brand for babies is First Impressions. As most of the other companies, there is always a great and appealing name that is attached to the company but in this case, there is a big difference. Other than having a name that most parents will find credible, the company has invested widely in providing great outfits and baby gear and as if the reviews of most parents are anything to go by, then this is among the top baby brands. It also happens to be my personal favorite and there are a couple of reasons why I love shopping with them. I will gladly share a few and you can see if any of the other competitors can have anything close to what you would get with First Impressions.

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If there is one thing that a parent can’t and shouldn’t compromise on when it comes to buying outfits and other baby gear is the quality. You would rather shell you more money than opt for a lesser price for a poor quality product. Unlike adults, babies have an under developed immune system and their skin which is meant to be the first line of defense for the rest of the body has not fully matured. As such, it tends to get irritated by certain fibers and it is also easier for them to suffer from. Getting quality wear for your baby can save you from the costly trip to the hospital.

Thankfully, First Impressions shares the same concern and takes time to select the best materials for the babies and to ensure that they are well catered to. They also ensure that the production environment is safe. It is easy for the clothes to get contaminated and pass this on to the baby’s skin causing havoc. Quality is paramount with First Impressions so you never really have to worry. Of the many pieces that I have bought from them, my babies outgrew them and they lied around for some time and some are still in tip-top condition.


It goes without mentioning that when you’re buying items for you baby, you’re worried about more than how they are going to look in their new clothes. There is a lot that you have to consider and this means that you have to be sure that you will not only get a cute and adorable attire but also one that will be safe for your children. With babies, this can be a broad spectrum term to use considering the number of things that can go wrong. Among them are the choking hazards since babies have a tendency of shoving everything into their mouths. There is also a strangulation hazard not to mention their highly porous and sensitive skin. Not to scare you or anything but when buying clothes and other gear for your baby, the design and make has to be well thought out to ensure that what you’re buying not only looks great but also, is safe for you baby. A quick look at the variety that First Impressions have to offer show you clever designing and some cutting edge safety features in all of their baby apparel. Definitely something that allows parents to sleep better at night.

Diversity and variety

When looking around at most of baby stores that are available, you quickly realize that a majority of them concentrate on a certain kind of apparel. These can be blankets or baby clothes and even some will lock down on crocheted wear. It is a great move that allows them to channel their funds wisely and produce quality. Problem is, this is a tact that gives parents a hard time since you have to hop from one store to the next to get everything you need. First Impressions’ story seems to be slightly different. They stock practically anything you can think of even baby blankets. Even if you’re doing your shopping last minute, you would be able to get great stuff for your baby without the usual hopping around. What I liked even more was the fact that everything was premium quality. They pay attention to all their products.

Comfortable wear

You can only know how comfortable baby wear is how the baby reacts when they put it on. If this is followed by grumpiness and unexplained cries, rashes on the skin and a highly irritable baby, then something is wrong with the clothes. If the baby has the freedom of movement keeps the happy mood and you do not notice any changes on the skin like has been my case, then you know you have the right wear.

Easy to maintain attire

It is always nice to have some baby clothes that will not shrink or wrinkle up when you throw them in the washing machine. With First Impressions, this is the kind of clothes you get. Not only are they great for your baby, they also give you an easy time when cleaning and they do not tear easily. Most of them also have a material that does not get stained easily which is beneficial given how messy babies can get.


When looking for a great place to shop for you baby clothes, I would recommend you do First Impressions. I have had a good run with them and even if I was to have another bundle of joy, I would still head back to them. Not because they have a good name or anything but because their name describes their products and when you buy from them, you’ll not disappointed.

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