Why You Should Have A Humidifier For Your Baby

 A safe, protected and clean environment is an absolute necessity for your new born baby’s nursery. A new parent always keeps researching for the best bassinet, toys, bedsheets, dresser and many more things to keep their baby healthy and secure. According to paediatricians, what keeps the air in the room pure and clean is an humidifier. It is also one of the products that is overlooked while shopping. Hence, keep reading to know more about them, as they are as much vital as your baby’s other products.

Why do you need humidifiers?

Just like we adults face dryness of skin and consequently face rashes and other skin conditions in winters, your baby’s skin also faces them and is even more susceptible to such conditions.

You need to take absolute care of your baby in cold months by keeping the moisture levels in air elevated. This could be done by using good humidifiers. Baby’s skin is prone to dry skin irritations, flaky skin, chapped lips and conditions like red patches, hence a humidifier always helps in keeping the moisture levels in dry air on check.

Moreover, dry air can also cause breathing problems and thus resulting in dry sinuses, sore throat and stuffy nose which may cause discomfort and irritation to them. Due to baby’s sensitive immune system, they are more likely to get affected by infections, sickness, and other diseases.

Keeping your baby in comfort and healthy environment helps in their growth and overall happiness levels. Humidifiers provide the baby with good breathing conditions providing relief from congestion and mucus in nose.

Humidifiers also provide added benefits like, the hum sound they make which is quite peaceful and acts as a lullaby to put your baby to sleep, keeping him/her away from other distractions in the house. The sound is comforting and pleasant that builds harmonious environment best suited for baby’s nap time.

You also need to take care of what kind of humidifiers you need according to economic condition. Hence, here’s a little information about how they work and what are their types, along with key precautions.

How do they work?

There are two types of humidifiers each with their own benefits—warm mist and cool mist humidifiers.

Warm Mist humidifier

Warm mist humidifiers have heating element fitted inside them and even though they emit warm air, they provide moisture also. This warm air kills germs and any other bacteria or viruses in the air and hence, is good for your baby to breathe clean, fresh air.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

Cool Mist humidifiers provide cool air which is chilling and refreshing. Also due to absence of any heating element it is safe and you don’t have to worry while your child is near it. It is also recommended to use cool mist if your baby has croup condition.

Different types of Humidifiers

There are 3 types of humidifiers depending on the area they are going to humidify. You could select them according to your choice.

Tabletop Humidifier

Tabletop humidifiers are small, compact in size and they are easily portable. Hence, they are used to emit moisture wherever they are kept. They could be used anywhere and you could move them along with your baby.

Console Humidifier

A console humidifier is much larger in size and can hold water upto nine gallons at one time. You can use console humidifiers if you want to provide moisture in air for the entire house or for large area. Unlike, tabletop humidifiers they are not easily movable.

In-Duct Humidifier

 As the name suggests, In-Duct humidifiers are used when you want to emit moisture to a large area like whole house, using air ducts of your home. This is a more expensive option but requires no maintenance.

Points to look out for

Humidifiers provide a lot of benefits but should also come with safety instructions as they are important to your child’s wellbeing. Consider following safety measures and tips to continue safe usage of humidifiers.

  • Warm mist humidifiers should not be kept close to your baby as they can potentially cause burns or the hot steam emitted from them can cause damage to their sensitive skin. Hence, appropriate measures should be taken in terms of its usability to provide essential protection to your child.
  • Humidifiers should be regularly sanitized as any material in touch with water for a long time can grow bacteria, mold and other germs which maybe harmful to breathe in. Follow proper instructions depending on the type of humidifier you purchase.
  • You should also consider using distilled water instead of hard water as they may contain minerals and other substances. Distilled water is pure and safe and is definitely better option than regular water.
  • Cleaning process of humidifiers should be proper and containers should be kept dry to avoid accumulation of germs, bacteria and other harmful substances inside them.

As a responsible parent, it is imperative to keep humidifiers in your child’s room and provide them a peaceful, safe and healthy environment to sleep. You could also save a few bucks using humidifiers as they automatically keep air warmer and also provide moisture.