Yoga for Kids

Yoga is considered to be one of healthiest practices all over the world. This practice makes your body flexible and also helps in maintaining the overall health. One thing that parents should make sure is to let their children take up yoga as an activity from a very small age. And of course if he or she aces in this arena then they can even go for major competitions and take up yoga as a profession. Leaving this aside, Yoga is suggested for children as they can have a positive effect on them. It helps the children to build attributes like patience, self-satisfaction, coordination, strength, and body awareness.

Let us understand some of the reasons as to why you should give a push to your children in joining Yoga classes.

Yoga has major advantages like: increasing flexibility, tones the muscles, improvements in respiration, boosts metabolism, weight reduction, improvement in athletics, injury protection, and blood circulation. It is mandated for adults and even for kids as it has revolutionary impacts to one’s life.

As we all know that the lives of children these days are not completely stress free. They have to live in this fast world and cooperate accordingly. Due to the introduction of video games, parental & school pressure, shopping, never-ending life lessons, and irrelevant future advices by the parents has affected the innate joy of the little kids. And to help them tackle with these mental and emotional roller coasters, one can opt for Yoga.

As Yoga has impactful results when it comes to issues like inner fulfillment, self-relaxation, and also it gives a boost to healthy lifestyle. Also, it encourages the body in major departments like body-awareness and self-esteem. It fosters compassion, cooperation, and friendly hood amongst youngsters.

The yogis of ancient times are credited for giving birth to Yoga. During older times they invented these asanas while staying close to the nature and thus using the environment as their inspiration. These often included the depiction of animals like scorpion, swan, trees, or more. And when these asanas are imitated by children it helps them to get close to nature and expand their imaginations and creativity. To give an example, let us talk of the Simhasana i.e. the lion inspired asana, the children tend to sense the great power of the lion within themselves and then explore their inner lion. This also equips them with the controlling of their aggressive side.

Yoga is all about imitating the animals and plants and to some up in three words: expression, honor, and union to life. It offers the many much needed possibilities of helping the kids with sharing and wisdom. It is important to trust and honor the innate tunes and intelligence of children while teaching them Yoga. As Yoga for children is completely different from the adult one, and inculcating creativity while teaching is the best way to give them engrossed and motivated. It is a must that Yoga teachers use alternatives like music, instrumental playing, drawing, adaptation practices, and storytelling, to it an inter-disciplinary approach. As in the end it is all about helping the child find its “whole” self by exploring his/her body.

Yoga does wonders to all round development when applied logically. It then becomes a culmination of nutrition, anatomy, life, ecology, interdependence, fun, and oneness. And no doubt that you wish to put these major qualities in your children.

And now let’s talk of the ways in which you can grab the attention of children and teach them all about Yoga. As it is not easy to get their attention and teach them the advantages of Yoga i.e. flexibility, grace, health, connection, well-being, peace, stillness, and focus etc.And to tackle this problem one needs to figure out ways of teaching. Now it’s the time to get smart and imaginative, as we all know that kids love to move and talk a lot. This is a hint, now you can inculcate both these things while teaching as Yoga is all about communication. Added to this, create the right ambience with the best yoga mat for kids and the right kind of music. This will help the children in staying focused, learn-faster, boosting creativity, flexibility, and staying close to nature. This opens up doors to the boundless explorations and wonders of an imaginative world.

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