Tips That Will Help Choose The Perfect Baby Buggy

how to choose a baby buggy

He buggy is one of the most costly purchases that you will make for your little one, so understandably it is important to research exhaustively and know exactly what you want. There are important question that every parent must ask before they gore online or to a store. Here are some practical questions you need to ask and answer even before we get to the tip.

How easy is it to fold the buggy?

Will it fit effectively in the boot of your car?

How easy will it be to store the buggy at home?

Can you use the buggy again for another baby?

Does it have both parent-facing and forward-facing options?

Selecting the right buggy for your little one will make your life with your new bundle of joy less stressful and much easier. Additionally, a great buggy also makes carrying your baby less stressful as well as comfortable and safer.

5 important points to consider when buying your baby a buggy’


It is best to go for a buggy that folds and opens up easily. You need to be able to picture yourself effortlessly comforting your baby with a single hand and then folding the buggy with the other hand. The best buggy is one that you can fold with one hand with your eyes closed. When it comes to folding buggies practice makes perfect. This is particularly an important consideration for a parent who is always on the go and needs something that will seamlessly integrate into their daily routine.

Are you a sporty person?

If you are sporty person the chance are high that you will be looking forward to a buggy that can accommodate some movement such as a late evening jog here and there. Keep in mind that jogging biggies are a challenging market to navigate; you can narrow it down to 2 main types –those with a swivel wheel and those with as stationery wheel. If you intend to hike or off-road with your buggy, the best choice is one stationery wheel. Keep in mind that a great jogging stroller with a stable wheel will ensure your baby is safe and enjoys a smooth ride as you work out to shed off those extra pounds.

Does the buggy leave enough space for some light shopping and even a changing bag?

An often overlooked feature by most parents is the buggy basket. This is an important feature that makes the buggy a very convenient and effective tool. A large enough basket is an absolute must-have when it comes to selecting buggies.

Finally… what is your style?

Just because you change diapers all day and clean up literally the whole day does not mean you give up on style. A buggy that suits your style will be fun to carry around.