How To Choose The Best Jogging Stroller

The best jogging stroller will come in handy whether you are simply looking to regain your pre-pregnancy body or looking for a fun way to spend time with your little one outdoors. Unlike the traditional stroller, the jogging stroller is able to ensure that you baby remains comfortable and safe even in an extremely bumpy terrain.

jogging stroller

Before you run out and make a purchase, it is advisable to ensure you are armed with the right information. This will help you select the best jogging stroller that suits your specific needs and requirements.To help you choose the best jogging stroller among the multitude; here is a step by step guide on the vital factors you should take into consideration when choosing the best jogging stroller




This is one of the most important factors you must take into consideration when looking for the best jogging stroller that will carry your little bundle of joy safely and comfortably. However, on the flip side, a completely balanced stroller is not beneficial to a runner; this is because to easily turn a stroller when running, you require uneven distribution of weight.

jogging stroller stability

When it comes to stability, you need to first and foremost consider how much time will be spent walking versus running. The best jogging stroller has provisions that enable stability for the baby even when you are running.

 Here are some factors that will affect the stability of a jogging stroller;

  • Front wheel


Some of the best jogging strollers in the market are equipped with a front wheel. This gives you the option to vary the level of stability depending on whether you are running or walking. When in running position, the front wheel is locked into a straight-ahead position. On the other hand when walking, the front wheel is left in swivel mode. For increased stability always go for a stroller that ha this two options.

  • Handle height

jogging stroller handle height

This is another important characteristic which greatly influence stability. The best jogging stroller is one with an adjustable handle height because it is convenient for user of different heights. Most companies currently make jogging strollers with adjustable handle height; the 5 strollers reviewed above accomplish this feature flawlessly.

  • Wheel width

This feature is both for aesthetic and stability purposes. The last things you want is a huge stroller that takes up the whole side walk. Wider wheels are more stable because they typically more stable, they also provide more space to carry supplies and also provide a better fit for children who weigh more. When it comes to wheel width, moderation is key because when the width is extreme, you will also be unable to easily fit through narrow doors.



Hand brakes

Contrary to common misconception, these brakes are not just a cute accessory. They are a highly-functional addition to the best jogging stroller especially in rough terrains. This is because the hand brake will allow a runner to maintain pace and form downhill. If they were no hand brakes, you would have to sit back and act as the brake so that you do not lose control of the jogging stroller.

Hand brakes

Although hand brakes are not really a necessity on shallow and small hills, they are indispensable on long steep hills. When choosing the best jogging stroller that will be convenient for you, always go for one with highly-functional and extremely responsive hand brakes. If you are aiming at a double stroller you have to choose one with a hand brake to avoid the extra weight of the second passenger from pulling you along when walking or running down a hill.


The best jogging stroller will definitely have a canopy to help protect your little one from the sun. Keep in mind that even an hour exposed to direct sunlight can be extremely detrimental to an infant. To ensure full coverage, it is advisable to go for a fully adjustable sun canopy. This kind of canopy is easy to move around hence you can block the sun from reaching your baby wherever it is located.


Thanks to the canopy, it can be quite difficult to see what your mischievous little on is up to, this is where a peek-a-boo window comes in. It allows you to easily see what your baby is doing without having to walk to the front of the jogging stroller. The best jogging stroller should allow you to easily keep track of what your little one is up to.





There are two main things to consider when you are looking at folding; how small and how easy it is to fold. The best jogging strollers either have a folding mechanism or compact folding that helps to make the work easier.Those that use a folding mechanism are very easy to fold and actually require very little effort on your making them the best choice. All you need to do is simply remove your baby from the seat then push either a button or pull a lever and the stroller will automatically folds within seconds.

Thanks to technological revolution and creativity the best jogging strollers in the market incorporate quick fold technology which allows you to easily fold your stroller using only one hand while the other hand holds the baby.Compact folding is the other folding method that some of the best jogging strollers in the market use. This type of folding will require a more hands on approach but the result is that it will be a much smaller fold as compared to when using a folding mechanism.

jogging stroller Folding

Compact folding typically requires you to first remove the wheels then fold the frame downward. Being able to store the wheels separately from the frame is very convenient if you have a limited storage space.The only shortcoming of compact folding is that it will take longer to fold the jogging stroller and you will also need to use both hands. This means your baby need to it down while you fold the stroller. When selecting the bet jogging stroller that will meet all your needs, consider the kind of folding that will be most convenient for you.

jogger folded

Storage space

When leaving the house with your little one, you will definitely need to carry a whole bunch of gear with you ranging from your Smartphone to diaper and the Sippy cup. Storage compartment in the jogging stroller are therefore an absolute necessity.

storage space on stroller

The best jogging stroller will have adequate storage space to suit all your needs. While some spaces will be open-topped, other may have some meshing around them to help prevent your belongings from spilling into the ground or falling down.When shopping around for the best jogging stroller, always look out for one with enough storage space to suit your specific needs.






The seat

jogging stroller seat

The best jogging stroller will ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable no matter how fast you are moving and no matter how rough the terrain is. When looking at this factor all you should have in mind is safety and comfort because the cooperation of your baby is what determines how long your jogging session will be.

Let us explore in detail some features you will need to consider when choosing the most comfortable stroller eat for your little one;

Seat padding

seat padding jogging stroller

Padding varies greatly from one brand to another. While some seats are super padded, other will depend on a washable and removable padded cover for added comfort. On the other hand on some generic brand, the padding is nothing more than board covered material which is extremely uncomfortable. Padding on bet jogging stroller should be heavy enough to provide comfort for your baby.

Safety harness

Some of the best jogging strollers in the market have a 5-point safety harness that helps ensure your baby is securely strapped onto the seat even during an extremely bumpy ride. The 5-point harness is reliable because it will help to secure both the lower and the upper body of your baby. Don’t compromise when it comes to choosing a harness, for the comfort and safety of your baby always choose a 5-point harness.

Safety harness jogging stroller

Also take the prerogative to carefully check the whether the straps on the stroller you select can be easily adjusted. Additionally, the straps should also not have a coarse texture that will be uncomfortable to be your little one. If you can, go for a jogging stroller that is equipped with padded harness straps which offer added comfort to your baby.





Reclining seat

Reclining seat

The best jogging stroller for your baby is one with a reclining seat which does not limit your baby to only sitting upright. When the baby sit in a reclined position, the impact of shock on a baby’s body because of bump reduces substantially. Some of the best jogging strollers in the market have an adjustable seat which enable you shift the position of the seat.

Handle bars

This is another important feature that should not be ignored when choosing the best jogging stroller for you and your little one. Handle bar generally come in two types; non adjustable and adjustable handles. An adjustable hand bar is a great choice because; you can share the stroller with another person who has a different height and is convenient if you are much shorter or way taller than the average height.

Handle bars

So is there any advantage to choosing a fixed handle bar? I am sure you are wondering why anyone would choose a fixed handle bar. The shortcoming of an adjustable hand bar is that there will always be a certain amount of movement either downwards or upwards which some user might notice and find annoying.

So while the fixed hand bar cannot be adjusted, it makes up for this by being extremely stable and responsive.




Suspension System (Shock Absorber)

If you carefully look at a jogging stroller, you will notice a coiled spring just behind the wheel. This coiled spring is the shock absorber which forms a crucial part of a stroller’s suspension system.The role of the shock absorber is to allow the wheel of the stroller to bounce up and down without forcing the entire stroller or the baby to move in the same violent motion. Some of the best jogging strollers in the market are equipped with adjustable shocks which enables a user to adjust bounciness according to the terrain or the weight of the baby.

Suspension System

While most shock absorbers on the best jogging strollers are typically located on the rear two tires, in some strollers, they are located on the front. Keep in mind that you will only need a front wheel shock absorber if you decide to go for a double jogging stroller. This is because the front shock absorber will help ensure a smoother ride for the extra weight.

The bottom-line is that shock absorbers are an indispensable feature when choosing the best jogging stroller because they help ensure your baby’s ride is a lot smoother hence more comfortable.  This means the best jogging stroller that you ultimately choose must have higly responsive shock absorbers.

Size of the wheel


Never neglect the size of the wheel when choosing the best jogging stroller because it plays an important role in determining just how easy it will be to push a jogging stroller on a rough or hilly terrain. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to wheel size that will help you choose the best jogging stroller;

Size of the wheel jogging stroller

  • 12’’ wheel I great for a pavement and other smooth surfaces such as shopping centers and sidewalks
  • 16’’ are appropriate for relatively rougher terrain such as light-off-road use and even concrete
  • 20’’ and more- this type of wheel is unstoppable! It can help navigate very rough terrains easily by helping to roll over curbs, cracks and bumps.

(These measurements refer to the diameter of the wheel)

The rule of thumb when choosing wheel size is-the rougher the terrain the larger the wheel size.

Tire Tread

Tire Tread jogging stroller


You have two options to choose from when it comes to tire tread of the best jogging stroller that meets your specific needs;

  • Smooth; such a tire is also referred to as slick. It allows you to easily maneuver your stroller in a very crowded place and around tight corners provided the terrain is flat
  • Bumpy; this kind of tire will provide a better grip especially when you are going through a slippery ground or rough terrain.

If you are going to be jogging on rough and even terrains, go for the bumpy tire tread. On the other hand, if you will be using your jogging stroller on flat surfaces and on a smoother terrain the slick tires are a great choice.

Rim and Spokes

Rim and Spokes

These are found inside your tire; their role is to help ensure the wheel remains round while supporting the whole weight of the jogging stroller. The spoke and rims are ether made from metal or plastic;

  • Metal

The traditional spoke design and metal rim is very similar to that of a bicycle tire. Although metal does not make the tire look very stylish and fancy, it is nonetheless extremely functional because they ensure a smoother ride.

A main disadvantage of the metal spokes and rims is that they can rust if not well taken care off. This is a major concern if you live in a very humid environment. The bet metal poke and rims are alloy wheels and stainless steel which are invulnerable to rust.

  • Plastic

Also referred to as mags because of how closely they resemble car tires. These are much more aesthetically appealing than the traditional metal spoke design. Apart from looking great, plastic rims are also very light and a great choice if you are looking to minimize the weight of the stroller.


A shortcoming of plastic is that it is not very durable and is also vulnerable to fading if frequently left out in the sun. Additionally, it is also susceptible to mark and scratches. When choosing the best jogging stroller, if the main intention of buying a jogging stroller is fitness, go for metal spoke and rim. Go for plastic if you are a casual jogger.


Other optional features 

Although these features are not compulsory, they may come in handy in helping ensure you choose the best jogging stroller that meets all your needs.

  • Cup holder; these ensure you have a place to store your water bottle and your little ones Sippy cup
  • Pedometer; this is attached to the handle and helps you keep track of the distance that you have covered. This is a great exercise tool that enables you keep track of your mileage.
  • Baby tray; this sits in front of your little one and holds either food or toys. It is easily removable so that your baby does not hit their head when the terrain is bumpy.

Fixable feature

baby lying in a jogging stroller

In some cases you will find the best jogging stroller but it may lack one particular feature you are looking for. Some features that can easily be modified include;

Insufficient padding; you can purchase padded stroller seat liner separately to help ensure that you provide your little one with enough support so that they are safe and comfortable.

Handle that is too rough; an uncomfortable handle can lead to blisters if especially when running. You can fix this using a bicycle bar tape that has a comfortable and soft grip.

An extremely short stroller canopy; a short canopy can leave your baby exposed to direct sunlight. Use a stroller cover to extend the canopy so that your baby remains protected.


best jogging stroller nice


Thank to the popularity of the jogging stroller, there are endless options to choose from. This makes it pretty tricky to choose the best jogging stroller that will be comfortable, safe, easy to use and convenient for you.

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