Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller Review

Combi Fold N Go Double StrollerYou have two babies that love the outdoors and so do you. Taking them out with you all the time can be a challenge. Well, you could buy a stroller for each of them but not only is this expensive but it is also impossible to push two strollers at the same time. Not to mention that would be a sufficient amount of luggage to carry around. The good thing is, not all hope has been lost, and you could buckle down and get a great stroller that can cater to both of your children at the same time without compromising their comfort.

It would cost you more than the traditional stroller but less compared to buying two separate strollers. It is easy to work with and allows you to give your children undivided attention. It is the greatest baby gear that any parent who has two kids would have. It makes mobility much easier and with the great features it has to offer, it is highly portable. However, you have to get one that encompasses all these features and attributes. The Combi double stroller in one such stroller. It has a great collection of features and offers a vast variety of benefits.

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There are plenty of features that are fitted into the Combi double stroller and are meant to offer both you and the babies an improved and comfortable experience. This Combi double stroller review will shed light on some of these features.

Most parents will agree that the biggest hurdle with owning a double stroller that fits two is that it does not fit in most standard spaces. It is usually too wide and as a result, you might find you and your kids locked out of most passages by default. This is not the case with the Combi double stroller. It has a design that allows it to fit through most standard doorways so you do not have to always undo everything for the sake of the getting through.

The stroller also features a compact, light-weight and portable design that makes it for the parent to tag it around as well as load and unload it from the vehicle. It is also stores very easily owing to the foldable design it has to offer. It gets even better since it is a single hand self-standing fold that makes it easier for you to stack it away even if you only have one hand free to do the job. The fact that it is a single hand fold also means that the folding is quite easy and straightforward.

For the comfort of the child, there are many features that have been covered in other Combi double stroller reviews and the same will be highlighted here. For instance, the stroller comes with an extra-large canopy that helps to protect the child from the harsh sun.

The stroller also comes with padded seats that can recline to ensure maximum support and comfort for the children. The seats are also fitted with a 5 point harness system that helps to keep the child securely and safely in place. The harness system has been positioned in a way that allows the child to still enjoy their comfort as the harness system provides safety.

Bumps and small potholes can make an otherwise nice ready very rough. To counter this and reduce the amount of shock that is passed on to the child in case the stroller hits a pothole, the front wheels come with a suspension system that most parents will find to be quite a great addition.

Other features that this stroller has to offer that are a convenience to have include the parent cup holder as well as the snack holder to share for both of the kids, and there is also a storage basket and a canopy pocket that the parent can use for any baby essentials. A canopy pocket is a great place for your phone and other amenities that you would like to be within easy reach.

There are also other features that have been added to make the stroller safer for the kids. Considering that it will be carrying to children, it can prove to be harder to steer even with all the features and at times harder to stop. To help make the situation more manageable, the Combi double stroller features a front wheel swivel that makes it easier to steer the stroller, and the swivel is lockable.

It also features a one-step brake that is easy to access and one that you can quickly reach into when you realize that the stroller might be moving too fast for your comfort or that of the child. This can prove to be a great feature especially when you face a steep downhill that would require immense energy to try and oppose the motion.


There are plenty of benefits that you can expect to get from the features that the Combi double stroller has to offer. There are features that are present but for this, you have to refer to Combi double stroller manual. If you’re not yet convinced, then this benefits will definitely do the trick.

It can fit through most standard doorways, so you do not have to worry about unfastening the children all the time. It is easy to steer thanks to the front swivel system. It also has a generous undercarriage storage and a pocket on the canopy that makes for easy access to the frequently used items.

Very little assembly is required for this stroller, and the Combi double stroller manual offers a comprehensive guide on how to get around this. There is a separate recliner for each side


It would have been an even better stroller if only it had a parent tray. The parent cup holder tries to cover for this but not entirely. You have to pay close attention to the weight limit. If you surpass the weight limit, you risk ripping the material (which happens to be machine washable by the way). However, this is a great buy for you and your child.


Getting a good double stroller that is as efficient as a single stroller can be a challenge especially considering their sheer size. The Combi double stroller is one that you will find meets your needs and surpasses them. It is a great convenience for both the parent and the babies that use it.

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