Dreamer Design Ditto Jogger Lite Review

Dreamer Design Ditto Jogger LiteHaving twins is a blessing and a challenge at the same time. Unlike having one baby that you can always haul around in your arms, the twins can be a little challenging. This is even more so the case because even when buying a stroller, you have to consider a lot more. You have double the weight and more importantly, double the need to keep your children safe. If you’re the fitness junky and want to shed the baby weight as fast as possible, sometimes knowing that your children are safe and in great hands ensures that you have an easier time and can go for longer distances.

There is no better way to ensure that your kids are safe other than to take them with you. All you will need is a good jogger that will be able to afford you the comfort of knowing that your kids are safe and one that will be able to fit into your jogging regimen and ensure that it is more of a convenience than a hurdle. In this case, the Dreamer design jogging stroller fits perfectly into your needs and offer you everything you will need to take your babies on the morning jog with you.

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The first feature that you’re going to need when taking your babies out for a jog with you is sturdiness and a frame that can take the extra weight and the unusual terrain head on and come out on top. For this, the Dreamer design double stroller has a welded aluminum frame that can serve two purposes. It is ultra-strong and while it provides the stroller with the energy that it needs, the aluminum also helps to cut down on the weight of the stroller making it easier for you to steer as you jog.

You might need to stop or cut down on the speed especially when you’re heading downhill, even though the stroller will give you some extra work out as you try to pull it back, it is evident that you will need to have a safety net just in case you find the slope to be a little too much . The handbrake and the rear footbrake will come in handy in such instances making it easier to not only stop Dreamer design double stroller but to also be able to park it on the side safely while you stretch or warm down. The parking button also featured on the stroller should be able to cater to this.

For the sake of storage, there are some features that will pick your fancy. The first is an under seat storage basket where you can stash your face towel as well as any essentials that the babies might need while out and about. It also has two water bottle holders. God knows you will need every drop of that water while you run around. Not having to carry it yourself will make it easier for you to make your runs.

For the sake of your babies, the Dream design jogging stroller also comes with a canopy that is all weather and since you can never be too trusting of the weather, this is also rain safe. For those days the temperatures are a bit too much, the babies can enjoy the canopy side ventilation that ensures they stay fresh and dry. The last thing you want is to have your babies turn on you because of their discomfort and start crying uncontrollably.

Still on the babies, the Dreamer design double stroller also has a reclining seat for the sake of comfort, features a breathable padded seating area that comes with a 5 point harness to keep the babies safe and in place while on board and there are some convenient pockets for both you and the child to make sure that everything you will need is within easy reach and does not involve you having to strain to reach for anything.

The 0Dreamer design double jogging stroller is not all about giving the baby a great experience. It is also about giving you peace of mind and control of the stroller regardless of the situations that you might encounter on the road. To address safety first, the stroller has a safety wrist strap and a key leash just in case you lose control of the stroller for some reason. It also has a push button wheel release, an easy to control front swivel that also comes with a lockout and to make sure that you’re visible to the rest of the road users, it also comes with a reflective fabric and binding.

To make maintenance easier for you, it features a removable and machine washable fabric, a large foot place that a recessed and easy to clean area and for storage, you get to enjoy the foldable design that makes it possible to stash away the stroller when you’re not using it. It should also provide you more comfort knowing that the stroller can cater to up to 100 pounds of weight so you can be able to use it well into the advanced years of your babies.


It goes without mentioning that this Dreamer design jogging stroller has all the features a parent would need when taking their babies for their morning jogging routine. Some of the benefits it has to offer include:

It is easy to use and easy to store courtesy of the foldable design. It’s also easy to clean with the removable and machine washable fabric. It comes with big wheels that make easy to navigate uneven terrain. It also comes with a wide range of safety features. You also get sufficient extra storage with this stroller. It comes in a lightweight design that is easy to steer.


The folding can be a little tricky at first but with time, this becomes relatively easy to do. The underneath storage could be a bit bigger to accommodate more stuff especially when you plan to swing by the grocery store. Even with that this is a great buy if you are looking for something comfy for your child.


At any rate, the Dreamer double jogging stroller has to be the best in its class, and there is no doubt that you will love it and everything it has to offer. Particularly the longevity of service it has to offer.

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