Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller Review

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight StrollerAs much as carrying your baby in your hands can be a great experience and it is what most babies would prefer, it is quite tiring. As much as they are light initially, having them put all their weight on your arms or shoulders leaves you with aching muscles and joints. On the other hand, parents love taking their newborns out. It is a great chance for them to get acquainted with the surrounding and at the same time, it allows them to explore and see what the world has to offer at a very young age.

The question is, what can you use to take your child to the great outdoors that assures you of safety, comfort, and security for your child? Most parents will agree that there is little else that they trust with their baby other than themselves. It is an instinct that every parent has. But there is one way that proves to be quite impressive, and this is the Kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller for a variety of reasons. Most of the Kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller reviews have an in-depth explanation of these, and this one will cement your trust if you’re looking for a great stroller that is going to keep your baby safe while letting them have a great time outdoors.

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It comes with a great collection of features most of which you might not find elsewhere. This pink stroller offers every parent the peace of mind that they seek when going outdoors with their baby. It offers the child comfort and unbeatable safety allowing them to make fond memories of the environment at a very tender age. Here are some of the features that this pink stroller for sale boasts of.

The greatest challenge with buying strollers is that parents have to deal with their weight which in most instances is significant. Considering that it is an item that is meant to be used outdoors, the weight can be a real concern since it reduces on portability and makes it even harder to carry the stroller around. However, this particular weights under 12 pounds which make it super easy to be carried around. The light weight nature is appealing to parents, and that’s not all of it.

The pink baby stroller also has a foldable design. This combined with the fact that it is light weight makes it the ultimate outdoor stroller for your baby and does not punish you by making you carry around all the dead weight around. The foldable design also makes it easier to store the stroller in case you have limited room in your house, or you would like the stroller out of your way when you’re not using it.

There is more that is added to the folding to make the stroller even more useful. Other than being foldable, the foldable frame is a convenient one hand and self-standing fold. This is crucial in two ways. The first, if you have the child in your hands, you do not have to put them down to be able to unfold the stroller or seek help. Also, once folded, you don’t have to throw the stroller under the couch, you can simply lean it against the wall where it is easier to access or find the next time you need. It is tailor made to give the child the rid of their lives and you an easier time while using it.

In their first years, the skin of the child is quite tender and does not have the proper mechanisms to protect itself or the other organs of the child. While the great outdoors are great for your child, the mid-day and harsh sun is not. It is important to make sure you do anything humanly possible to protect the skin of the child against the dangerous UV rays that are part of that harsh sun. From applying sunscreen, having them put on a cap, anything that will reduce the exposure to these rays. However, the Kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller has one feature that will save you all the trouble. It has a 3 tier extended canopy that ensures the child is given maximum protection from UV coverage and you can take them wherever you want at any time of the day.

For the sake of comfort and ensuring that the child is well catered for, the pink stroller also comes with a multi-position reclining seat. You get to choose the one that fits your child best. Even when they happen to fall asleep in the stroller which is most likely going to happen given how comfortable it is, then you can adjust the seat to allow them to sleep more comfortably. It saves you the trouble of having to carry around other equipment for the baby to sleep in.

To put your mind at rest, the stroller also comes with a 5 point restraint system and can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds heavy. The restraint ensures your child is always safe, and the high weight limit allows to use the stroller for longer saving yourself the trouble of having to buy other strollers as the child grows.

Other features that make this a great addition to any parent of a newborn include the cup holder, the parent tray with two cup holders as well as a removable child tray. You get all you need for you child and a couple more for yourself as well.


Feature filled pink stroller for all your baby needs. It has great comfort and safety features that include the 5 point harness restraint system. It is lightweight and portable. Being foldable only reinforces this benefit further. Has complementary features for the parent. Comes with a canopy to protect the child against UV rays


The seats of the stroller cannot be detached for cleaning. However, they are made of a wipable material so you might not need to detach them for the sake of cleaning. It would have been great if there were more colors available other than the pink baby strollers.


Having a great stroller for your child can be a challenge. However, with the Kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller, you might have just found your match and a partner that cares just as much in offering your baby and yourself a great and unbeatable experience.

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