Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Best Stroller for your Baby

Choosing-best-strollerLet’s be completely honest; when it comes to baby items, a stroller is a big ticket item. This is because unlike the adorable onesies you score at baby showers, a great stroller will serve your baby for more than just a few months. This article will provide you with well-researched and practical information on how to buy a product that has all the features you need for every age until the baby overgrows strollers.




What a baby needs at six months is completely different from what they will need at 24 months. Let’s look at age in detail when it comes to choosing the right stroller:

(0 to 6months)

What the baby needs

At this age, the main concern is to keep your baby stable, give them support and ensure they are comfortable. You need to be on the lookout for a structured and sturdy stroller that ahs a reliable and stable suspension system capable of not only preventing jostling but also absorbing bounces. Another absolutely must-have feature is a comfortable seat that easily reclines fully. This is helpful because your bundle of joy will be able to comfortably lie on their back.

What a parent will need

It is advisable to go for a stroller with a travel system which is able to accommodate an infant car seat. This feature is extremely helpful because you don’t need to wake up your baby every time you need to move them in and out of the car.

What to take into consideration

If you do not drive much then instead of opting for a stroller with a travel system, it is better to get one with a bassinet attachment. This is because it more convenient as it allows you to lay your baby down without needing snaps, attachments or adaptors. New mums who are still going through the early sleep deprived days will appreciate a bassinet attachment.

6 to 12 months

stroller best baby

What the baby needs

At this stage your little goober is able to sit up right without any support meaning the stroller seat is an important factor to keep in mind. The stroller will serve your baby best if it has adequate room coupled with plenty of cushioning for added support. Additionally multiple recline positions are important to adapt with your growing bay. A five point harness is a must-have since it helps keep your baby secure and snug as you stroll.

What a parent will need

At this juncture you are getting the hand of this mum thing and as a result feeling more confident about leaving the house with your little goober. Strolling is not just a chance to exercise your body but also a time to bond with your baby especially if he/she is in a position to see and observe your face. An overlooked feature that you need to pay close attention t is a seat that can face both directions (backwards and forwards).

What to take into consideration

This is the perfect time to buy a speciality stroller that will complement what you originally bought your baby. To select what is right for you and your baby, think about what works with your lifestyle. Do you exercise a lot or are you a mum on the go?

18-24 months

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What the baby needs

At this stage your child is not only curios but also becoming more independent, curios and trying to learn more about their environment. They barely stay still, they are actually hoping in and out of the stroller and most times you will wind up carrying the stroller by yourself. For this reason opt for a portable design (preferably foldable) that is also lightweight. A 5-point harness will help ensure your wiggly explorer is comfortable and secure.

Also lookout for any possible pinch points where the canopy of the stroller closes and opens. Potential pinch points are where most kids rest their hands when walking and the last thing any parent wants is for their little goober to get hurt especially if it is avoidable.

What a parent will need

At this stage you need a stroller that navigates easily with a little effort on your side (this is not achievable with every stroller). When your kid is walking next you holding your hand, you need to be able to steer the stroller with just one hand.

What to take into consideration

A ride on board is a great idea especially on the days when your kid just wants to walk around instead of being wheeled around like a baby. You can be sure they will only walk around for a few minutes then complain that they are exhausted. Provided your stroller features a ride on board, they can simply hop on board.

If you are on a budget, consider how long you intend to use the stroller before upgrading and choose one with features that serve your child at different ages

Other important factors to take into consideration apart from age include


The amount of money you intend to spend on a stroller is important because it narrows down what you can buy significantly. There is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to strollers a budget is the best way to avoid being overwhelmed when you get to the store. A little research is all you need to get the best stroller at your price range.

What is the main reason you are buying the stroller?


Before making a purchase decide why you are buying the stroller. For some mums all they need is a stroller to walk around with while others plan to use the stroller to exercise and run around. What you will use for will determine whether you require a stroller that is suitable for all terrains or one that is sturdy and features a robust build. On the other if all you are looking for is a stroller to keep in the car and use to walk around the mall, all you need is an easy to steer umbrella stroller. Although an umbrella stroller may not be as sturdy, it is definitely foldable and easy to carry around.

Storage Space

storage spaceGoing out and about with your little goober generally means you have to carry around all the essentials that you will need while out of the house. Any additional space will make your trips outside the house easier and even fun. It is better to go for a stroller that has some storage space.



Travel system

A stroller with a travel system essentially provides an all in one system that allows a user to effortlessly transfer a child from the stroller to the car. A stroller with a travel system is essentially features a compatible infant car seat which easily clips to a stroller.


stroller safety

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing the best stroller for your little one is the safety. Ask yourself how safe your child will be in the stroller. While most safety features in strollers are mandatory and most brands adhere to them, it is still extremely important to be aware of all the safety precautions that a stroller needs to have in place. Here are some safety regulations to look out for:

  • Every stroller must feature a suitable restraint that ensures your child is secure and comfortable
  • Another important safety feature is a 5-point restraint with shoulder, waist and crotch straps to ensure safety
  • Another safety measure to watch out for is a tether strap for the wrist to help prevent your baby’s stroller from rolling away
  • A stroller must feature at least 1 parking break, additionally the release mechanism should be easily accessible
  • Weight and size of the stroller

When choosing a baby stroller the weight should be determined by the age of the baby and the purpose of the stroller. For instance if you intend to use your stroller on a terrain, it needs to weigh more and be bigger in size.

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing the best stroller for YOUR little one is the safety


Other important factors that are often overlooked include:

Allowance to add more seats

If you are a new parent planning to have more kids, it is a great idea to consider buying a product that has an allowance for more seats in future


It is always better to select a stroller that you can steer comfortably even with one hand.

Adjustable handle

If a stroller is going to be used by different people regularly, it better to buy a model that has an easily adjustable handle to allow for differences in height.

Finally is the stroller collapsible?

While at first glance this might seem like an irrelevant consideration, it is actually extremely important. The last thing any parent wants is to stand in a busy car park trying to collapse a stroller without any success. What is easy for one person might be very challenging for you so take the time to check out the collapsible factor while still at the shop

Final Verdict

chilling baby stroller

While it seems easy, finding a great stroller is not an easy fete. There is no doubt that with the guidelines above you will make a worthwhile purchase that will be suited to your lifestyle and also comfortably and safely accommodate your little goober.