The First Years Ignite Stroller Review

The First Years Ignite StrollerMost parents cannot wait for the day that they will be able to take their child to the great outdoors and get to show them all the great things it has to offer. However, when the time comes, that is when it hits them that there are other factors that they should be wary of. How are they going to take the baby around, will they be able to protect the baby’s tender skin from the harsh sun and above all, how are they going to make sure that the child is not fatigued from what is now going to be their constant trips outdoors?

Of course, most parents will figure that a baby stroller with a canopy will be the best tool and one that offers an answer to most of their questions. However, once you hit the market, you quickly realize that there is more you ought to consider, and not all of the baby strollers that have a canopy are the best option. But you could save yourself all the trouble and consider getting a stroller that is going to offer you and your baby more. It is a great stroller that will not punish you if you’re a first buyer and is worried about finding the downsides the hard way.  The First Years Ignite is the kind of stroller that you ought to be looking for. It has a great deal of features and benefits that will make that first and continuous outdoor trips exactly as you had imagined.

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The material of the stroller is made of 100% polyester, and this has some benefits it has to offer. The first is, polyester is a safe material and does not present any allergy or infection risks to the baby. Considering that they will be spending more than enough time on it, you need to make sure that you have nothing but the best next to the skin of the baby. On the other hand, polyester is super easy to clean and does not cling to stains. As such you’re able to provide a clean and germ-free environment for your baby every time they are on the stroller.

You would not say that this stroller has been built by the lightest material but coming in at 14 pounds qualifies it as being lightweight. It is easy to carry around and will not give you trouble when placing it in the car or removing it. The lightweight nature also makes it easier to steer when the child is on board.

Since the safety of the child cannot be compromised at any time, you get a stroller that comes with a five-point harness system that keeps your child tethered down even if you make abrupt stops and take sudden corners. The five-point harness system is especially going to be handy if the little one has brothers and sisters that like pushing the stroller. They tend to be faster and more erratic.

Other than safety, you also want your baby to be comfortable when on the ride. For this, there is a multi-positon recline system. To be precise, the seat has five different recline positions each of which makes sure that you can use the stroller for a variety of things and ensures that you baby is comfortable whether they are sitting up or lying down. The reclining feature can also prove to be a great benefit when you want to try and feed the baby without taking him out of the stroller say for a snack for instance.

What happens if you come across a rough patch or an uneven route at the park? Do you have to take your child off the stroller and have to carry them both over the rough patch? It is a challenge that each parent will face once in a while especially when they do not pay attention to the size of the wheels of the stroller. The First Years Ignite stroller packs eight wheels that measure about 6” in diameter which ensure that the stroller can cover just about any terrain and even go over grass patches with ease and without you having to intervene and carry both the stroller and baby. What’s more, the humongous wheels make the ride smooth for your child even when the road is a little rough.

And how does the parent benefit from this purchase you ask? How about an extra storage compartment for essentials like diapers. You won’t have to carry an extra bag for this and in turn, it makes it easier for you too since you have less luggage to carry, and there is also a large parent console for you. The taller handles ensure that you keep the right posture when pushing the stroller so you do not have to deal with those nagging back aches anymore, and you get to use the stroller until your baby hits about 50 pounds which is a relatively long time.


Other than having a long list of beneficial features that you’ll find to be quite helpful, you also get a great deal benefits as well. These include;

The durable build that can hold up to 50 pounds of weight. The stroller is super easy to set up and does not require a lot of effort. It is also easy to steer and maneuver because of the weight and the tall handless. It is super light making it easy to store and move around. It has plenty applications that it can be used for including use for toddlers, for short trips, at airports and even for extended trips


Just to make sure that you’re aware of everything that is happening with this stroller, it is worth mentioning the areas that would need an upgrade as well.

The basket is a little small, but if you can have a bag that you can hang on there, you would have more than enough space to squeeze all the amenities you will need while out with the child.


Being able to provide your child with safe and comfortable transport while outdoors is going to be something that not only the baby benefits from but also you. They might not weigh much on the scale but the moment they are in your hands for 30 minutes, you start feeling their weight. A good and reliable stroller can be a great help in such instances.

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