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doctor talking to mum with colic

What causes Infant Colic?

Sad news for parents is that the exact cause of colic is still a mystery despite a large amount of research carried out on...

How to Treat Colic

Although several colic treatments have been tried out over the years, a cure has still not been found. The truth of the matter is...
What is Colic and what are the symptoms and signs

What is Colic and what are the symptoms and signs

When pregnant you probably hear stories from parents about babies crying all night long. A big reason why most infants cry consistently is colic....
Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea in kids

The greatest challenge in generating awareness for sleep apnea is the common misconception and preconceived notion of how a typical patient looks like. When...

why babies cry in their sleep and effective tips on how to soothe them

Most parents panic and get extremely worried when their child begins to suddenly crying in their sleep. Unknown to many parents it is a...