Educational Toys

In today’s market there are a wide range of educational toys to select from, we are committed to helping you find one that is suitable for your child’s mental growth but still fun. In this section we give you access to a variety of toys that will definitely enhance your child’s cognitive and social abilities and help them mature into well rounded young adults. We also feature informational articles that will help you give your little goober the best when it comes to education. Although the current market is full of educational toys, there are some that have more educational value than others. At PCN we take the time to thoroughly test each toy to ascertain the ones that provide the most benefits to a child’s mental development.



How to Keep your Kid Safe as He Plays Outdoors

The number one concern for most parents as their kids play outdoors is safety. While safety is extremely important, it should deter your kids...

Preparing your Child for Kindergarten

For most parents the first days of school entails them being even more anxious than their kids. The feeling goes from anticipation, excitement and...
encourage kid to do science

Encouraging your toddler to think scientifically

When we think of a scientist, most of us picture an old guy in a white coat sitting in a laboratory packed with computers,...
internet safety for children

Effective ways to improve internet safety for kids

The internet has revolutionized how we live our lives. The modern child relies on the internet for a variety of things such as communicating...
Get your kid interested in nature

Teaching your kids about weather and climate change

Our kids will inherit the world from us; it is therefore our God given responsibility to create a responsible future generation. Climate change is...
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