35 Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys 2020

The best gifts for 1 year old boy are the ones that will not only capture his interest and entertain him but also enhance his physical, cognitive and social-emotional development. At this age, increasingly vocal and mobile, his world revolves around curiosity, exploration, discovery and learning through play. Child development experts agree that open-ended, malleable toys make the best choices for 1-year-olds.

With so many toys for 1 years old boys + on the market, finding the best toy for a 1 year old boy as a gift might seem; like a challenging and time-consuming task. But with our inspiring, helpful gift guide for 1 year old boys, you’ll find the perfect gift for your baby boy in no time. We’ve put together 35 best gift ideas for 1 year old boys for your convenience and inspiration, so let’s get started.

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Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 1 Year Old Boys

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker

With this versatile electronic educational toy that encourages exploration and confident walking, your newly mobile 1 year old boy will practice walking and balancing while having lots of fun. Incorporating Smart Stages technology, Learn with Puppy Walker will help your growing baby develop gross motor skills as he pulls up to stand and walk behind the puppy as well as fine motor skills through 7 exciting hands-on activities ( roller, spinner, light-up nose and more).

His cute little friend will also introduce your baby boy to colours, shapes, numbers and the alphabet with over 75 cheerful songs, sounds and phrases, encouraging curiosity, discovery and learning. As your 1 year old boy pushes the puppy walker along or presses its buttons and discovers how to activate music and lights, he’ll see that his actions can make fun happen. This will help him learn about simple cause and effect. With this adorable, fun puppy walker, walking and learning are a stroll in the park for your new walker.

2. Melissa & Doug Rainbow Wooden Stacker

A classic toy with a chromatic twist, this educational and visually appealing rainbow stacker is one of the best toys for a 1 year old boy as a gift. It encourages early learning, exposing him to the basic building blocks of learning key concepts like shapes, numbers and colours through play as well as independent play, helping him be better at entertaining himself. All the vivid colours of the rainbow are represented by these circular, easy-grasp and smooth wooden pieces that he’ll love stacking on the solid wood base.


3. Infantino Sensory Sound and Light Activity Ball

Roll the ball for fun galore! Fostering tactile and cognitive development, fine motor skills and hands-on sensory exploration, this educational, child-tested and captivating toy is one of the best gifts for 1 year old boy. Your little explorer will have a ball manipulating the sensory ball and learning about different colours and textures as well as experimenting with cause and effect. Every time the ball stops, he’ll discover a new colour that the ball identifies, Infantino Activity Ball features 7 bright colours and lights, 4 fun tunes and 6 textures that your little one will love to explore. Hours of sensory fun at his fingertips.


4. Tomy Toomies Pic’n Pop Walker

Huge physical milestones occur at at age 1, so toys that lend proper support as your little one’s first steps progressively lead to confident walking make the best choices. This brightly colored toy with ball launcher and collector,makes a great gift for your newly mobile baby boy. He will be fascinated to discover that just one click of the red button launches a colorful ball, which in turn will help him understand cause and effect. Even more excitement and wonder awaits him when rolling over the ball and seeing the ball being picked up just like magic so the fun can go on and on. With Pic’n Pop Walker, hands-on fun and motor skills development go hand in hand.

5. Best Learning My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel

A 5-star, award-winning educational toy ( Tillywig Brain Child Award 2018), My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel with slip-proof, protective rubbers provides a safe learning environment, making it the best toy for a 1 year old boy as a gift. This multi-function, vividly colored wheel hits the highs on cognitive, social-emotional, language and physical development.

As your little boy spins it, the steering wheel lights up and plays fun sounds to encourage early learning about colours, shapes and emotions. Each of the 5 interactive buttons has a distinct shape, colour and face conveying a different feeling ( i.e. joy, surprise, fear, anger and sadness). Brimming with interactive features, including 3 different learning modes, this versatile, top-rated activity toy helps stimulate curiosity, wonder and exploration while helping with hand-eye coordination, dexterity and logical thinking.

6. Thomas & Friends My First Railway Pals Thomas

Trainloads of fun awaits your 1-year old boy with this interactive educational that nurtures curiosity and wonder while building thinking and motor skills. My First Railway Pals Thomas introduces your little explorer to Thomas the Tank Engine’s fascinating world, encouraging learning through exploration, discovery and fun-filled interactive play.

The chunky train is specifically designed for his little hands and is loaded with cheerful, educational sounds, phrases and melodies as he presses Thomas’ light-up bumper. This best-selling Thomas & Friends toy train is definitely the best toy for a 1 year old boy as a gift, because it helps foster social, cognitive and physical development while paving the way for your baby boy’s first Thomas stories.

7. Fisher-Price Smart Stages Chair

Packed with more than 50 sing-along tunes and encouraging phrases, this intelligent, happy and educational chair makes one of the best gifts for 1 year old boy hands down. The magic seat encourages your little one to explore, discover new things and absorb new concepts, while developing fine motor skills. The yellow-and-blue chair recognizes when your little one sits and activates the fun songs and phrases when he stands. He’ll discover even more fun surprises as he lifts the cushion, flips book pages and presses the light-up remote. Featuring 3 levels of play ( parents can choose the appropriate level by entering the baby’s age), the chair incorporates the Smart Stages technology which enables the educational content to change as your baby boy grows.

8. Titiyogo Wooden Activity Cube 8 in 1 Learning Toy

A multi-colored, captivating and versatile educational toy that offers 8 hands-on activities to keep your little boy busy exploring and learning through interactive, fun-filled play for hours and hours. At age 1, your infant is more deliberate in his exploration and eager to learn about the world around him through experimentation and trial and error. A great gift for a 1-year old boy, this top-rated multi-function learning cube helps him develop gross and fine motor skills, colour/shape recognition skills, and cognitive abilities as well as learn to respond to others during play. With smooth edges and made of natural wood and water-based, non-toxic paint, Titiyogo multi-activity cube is also a safe toy for your little boy.

9. Hape Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench

Specifically designed to help little ones experiment with different sounds and explore the melodious, ever-fascinating world of musical notes, this brightly colored wooden xylophone makes a great gift for a 1 year old boy. He will love pounding on the bench with the wooden hammer and listening to magical sounds as the colorful balls tinkle over the xylophone. This fun hands-on activity will not only delight his senses, but also foster his understanding of cause and effect and help him develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity and a sense of rhythm. An excellent, child-approved educational toy that is bound to give your little boy a new exciting auditory, tactile and visual experience each and every time he plays with it.

10. Early Education Fruit Car Toy with Music/Light/Block

Little boys have an innate affinity for cars and at age 1, their favorite activities include putting things together and then taking them apart just for fun. With this happy, cartoon-style bump-and-go car, the fun keeps going. He won’t resist chasing the musical light-up car around the room, which in turn will foster gross motor skills.

With an additional feature that allows parents to turn the bump-and-go action off, your little boy will also love playing with this cute fruit car just like a regular car toy. It will keep him busy and entertained for hours as he puts the fruit parts into the car and then takes them out. These brightly colored shape sorters teach him about colours, shapes, ABCs, 123s and fruit, so he can learn through play. The music feature can be disabled without affecting the bump-and-go action, so your little one can play with it anytime.

11. Galt Toys Classic Pop-Up Toy

One-year-olds love to manipulate things, fit pieces into other pieces, put things in and take them out repetitively just to see how things work, and these are essential aspects in their development. With this truly classic wooden toy, fun is the name of the game. Your little one will be intrigued by the four vividly colored pop-up faces that encourage him to experiment with cause and effect while helping him develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Pressing the cute faces and then seeing them bobbing up and down will arouse his curiosity, interest and wonder. These smooth wooden faces can also be played with independently and as he grows, your boy can progress to colour matching them to their correct slots.

12. Wishtime Musical Activity Cube 5 in 1

Talking about the bare necessities of a 1 year old! This engaging, jungle-themed multi-activity cube is an excellent and utterly necessary toy for your growing infant, so it makes for a great gift. As an open-end toy, the 5-sided educational toy offers plenty of options for your 1 year old boy in terms of both things to do and ways to do it, which play a key role for their cognitive development.

With the 5-in-1 play & learn cube from Wishtime, your little one will always discover a new feature and a new way to play with this toy. Boasting 12 interactive features that he’ll be eager to explore such as beating the light-up drum and dancing with the adorable monkey, plus lots of jungle-inspired figures to encourage his curiosity, this versatile and safe toy will enrich your baby’s overall sensory experience.

13. Ride-On Car Blue

Ride-on toys help a 1 year old develop confidence in his coordination and balance, which are crucial to his physical development. This dual-function ride-on and push along buggy car is a great first car for your little boy. Featuring an interactive steering wheel loaded with fun responses such as songs, phrases and silly sounds, a spinning toy with noisy beads at the front, an underseat storage compartment and even a built-in telephone handset, this lightweight blue car will keep your little one entertained whenever he takes it for a spin. In addition to developing gross and fine motor skills, your infant will feel confident riding it as his feet stay in contact with the ground, making him more eager to explore and discover.

14. Think Gizmos Interactive Learning Cube

A best-selling educational toy, this 6-sided learning cube offers plenty of fun hands-on activities for a 1 year old boy, helping develop his fine motor skills, dexterity and cognitive capacity. Made from non-toxic plastic, it’s easy to grasp and hold, fitting perfectly in his little hands and allowing him to manipulate it any way he pleases. Each light-up side features a different learning mode ( 123s, ABCs, colours, instruments, music and animals), so there are lots of new things for the little boy to discover with this interactive learning cube and the modes can even be combined for more intriguing and engaging play.

15. Leapfrog AlphaPup Green

With this adorable new best friend, your new walker will be eager to take the pup for a walk and listen to fun learning songs with every step- AlphaPup’s rewards for walking it along. With floppy ears, paw-shaped weels, wagging tail and plenty of interactive buttons, AlphaPup is an irresistible learning pal that will introduce your baby boy to letters, words and encouraging phrases, thus building learning into imaginative and physical play. With AlphaPup from Leapfrog, walking is a melodious and learning experience. Your little one will develop not only gross motor skills and coordination but also phonics skills.

16. Early Education Happy Shaking School Bus

Loaded with fun features such as flashing lights, fun melodies, sound effects and illustrated characters (adorable pets and children), this blue but happy bump-and-go school bus with yellow accents delivers hours of intriguing play for a 1 year old boy. As he presses the red button on top of the bus that activates the music feature, he will discover that his actions can make fun things happen, thus learning about cause and effect, while exercising his small muscle groups. He will be intrigued by the bump-and-go bus’ swaying from side to side and occasionally changing direction when it hits an obstacle. The illustrated characters encourage his imagination and curiosity, helping with social development.

17. Deuba Rocking Elephant Chair with Music and Safety Belt

This impeccably designed, Dumbo lookalike elephant chair is definitely one of the best gifts for 1 year old boy, especially if he’s fascinated by the adorable Disney character. At this age, he starts showing affection for a favorite character or plush animal toy. Your baby boy will love cuddling this soft and expressive Dumbo, helping him develop emotionally and even squeeze his large ears to hear funny elephant sounds. The sturdy wooden frame and handles ensure stability while your little one improves his balance. This rocking Dumbo chair includes a safety belt for safe, endless fun and your peace of mind.

18. Fisher-Price My First Thomas and Friends Nesting Engines

A malleable, open-ended educational way that enables a 1 year old boy to discover several ways to play with these cute and vividly colored Thomas and Friends toy trains featuring hollow-body design. The little boy can push the sweet-faced Nesting Engines into each other like an accordion, play with Thomas and his pals Charlie, Toby, Percy and James as individual characters or place one on top of the other, helping him build fine motor skills. The Nesting Engines enable engaging playtime experiences that teach your little one about problem solving and logical thinking as they discover how the engines link together or nest inside each other.

19. Kinog Kids My First Baby Multi-Textured Sensory Soft Balls

Goodness gracious great balls of fun! These soft, multi-colored and textured balls that make gentle squeaking sounds encourage sensory exploration, helping your 1 year old boy cultivate spacial awareness and develop his senses, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. According to child development specialists, toys with different textures that stimulate tactile exploration make some of the best toys for a 1 year old boy as a gift. With 6 different textures, sizes and colours, these lightweight, easy-grasp sensory soft balls provide hours of fun for your little explorer.

20. Happy-day Walker Ride-On Push Along Police Car Blue

Oh, po-lice! This a versatile, police car that would make any 1 year old boy happy whether it’s used as a push-along car to boost his confidence until he’s more secure with his balance or as a ride-on, feet to floor. With an interactive steering wheel boasting multiple features to keep him entertained on his little excursions indoors or outdoors, your little boy will have loads of fun while he builds gross and fine motor skills. The ergonomic back support and low seat ensures your little boy will ride safely and comfortably.


21. Vatos Light & Musical Hammer Toy

This brightly colored, cartoon-style hammer toy with changeable eyes will spark your little boy’s curiosity and capture his interest, encouraging him to manipulate it in multiple ways for new exciting playtime experiences. When he shakes it, your baby boy will be in for a fun surprise seeing the colorful beads at the bottom of the light-up hammer going wild and hearing funny sounds. When he pounds it, the rubber hammer will go in learning mode and teach him numbers and counting. The easy-grasp handle allows him to exercise his small muscles, while he experiments with cause and effect and stays entertained.

22. Melissa & Doug Toolbox Fill and Spill with Vibrating Drill

Filling and spilling is one of 1-year-olds’ favorite activities. Your little boy will be fascinated by this 9-piece plush toolbox which comes with nails, saw, hammer, screwdriver, a vibrating drill and a ruler handle, Made from phthalate-free, safe plastic and soft fabrics, this vividly colored toolbox will encourage sensory exploration and discovery of how things work. A whole lotta fun awaits your baby boy spilling, filling and spilling again, helping him build motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

23. Tomy Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs

One-year olds can learn to explore the world around them through different toys and discover new ways to play, which is essential to their cognitive development, so caregivers need to facilitate this exploration. The #1 best-selling educational toy on Amazon, Tomy Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs are easy for little explorer hands to grip and hide plenty of surprise that a 1 year old boy will love. As your little cracks open the shells, each with a different face, he’ll discover six colored cheeky chicks that chirp when he presses down on their heads. He will learn to match the colours of the faces to the chicks inside and sort the eggs into their distinctly shaped carton spots. This cute toy nurtures color & shape recognition and fine motor skills.

24. B.toys by Battat Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Center

A classic childhood toy with a zoological twist! With so many fun hands-on activities and options at his fingertips, your 1 year old boy will be a busy but happy bee exploring and discovering all the funtastic goodies the Zany Zoo has to offer. Brimming with learning fun, this 5-sided wooden activity center featuring the zany menagerie on top is definitely among the best gifts for 1 year old boy. With B. Toys Zany Zoo Activity Center, exploration, discovery and learning are no monkey business for your little boy. Featuring vivid colours and magnificent animal illustration, this sturdy, multi-activity educational wooden toy with rounded, smooth edges offers plenty of safe learning experiences amid inspiring zoo animals.

25. New Baby Dinosaur Puzzle

Puzzles are great choices for a 1 year old boy as they encourage cognitive development. This set of 2-piece dinosaur-themed puzzle helps your little one absorb ideas of fitting and containment, as he exercises his cognitive abilities and experiments with cause and effect, size and fit, matching and manipulation. The 6 chunky, safe and colorful puzzle pieces depict danosaur, encouraging imagination, learning through play and tactile exploration.

26. Gerry the Giraffe Stacking Nesting Sorting Toy

Stackable toys expose 1-year-olds to notions of manipulation, sensory exploration and containment, which are key aspects to their development. As an open-ended, malleable toy Gerry the Giraffe makes for an excellent gift for a 1 year old boy, allowing him to explore and discover multiple ways to play with these 10 brightly colored and numbered cups. Stacking them to build the giraffe, fitting them together, putting things in and taking them out, filling them with water then spilling it are fun-filled activities that help with his cognitive, social and physical development.

27. Fisher-Price Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty

Potty training is an essential part of a 1 year old’s development and Thomas the Tank Engine is the best potty training friend a 1 year-old boy could wish for, helping keep it in track with encouraging melodies and cheerful train sounds. The smart potty seat with built-in sensor recognizes success and your little boy gets his melodious rewards. As he’s ready to transition to using the toilet, the potty ring is easily removed for use on toilet seats. The easy-grasp handles help him feel secure, boost his confidence and make getting on and off on his own easy-breezy. With Thomas Rewards Potty, potty training will turn into a fun-filled activity.

28. Battat B. toys One Two Squeeze Building Blocks

Impeccably handcrafted with attention to detail, these 10 multi-colored and soft building blocks are phthalate and BPA-free and are regarded by parents and child development experts as one of the best toys for a 1 year old boy as a gift. Your little one will love stacking these colorful blocks up only to knock them down so the fun can start all over again. Specifically designed for his curious mind and little hands, One Two Squeeze Building Blocks teaches him about different colours, numbers and animals which are hand-sculpted for a delightful tactile experience and offers plenty development benefits for your baby.

29. Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

With the multi-colored, smiley pull-along telephone with fun sounds and numbers, walking and chatting is as easy as 1-2-3. Experts agree that bringing a pull-along toy as 1-year-olds practice walking and balancing help boost their confidence. With two ways to play – sit & play and stand & pull, this cute chatter phone with moving eyes encourages not only walking, but also early role play, imagination, social development and learning through interactive, engaging play. This top-rated educational and fun toy for 12 months+ also helps enhance gross and fine motor skills, coordination and balance.


30. Funtime Spinning Popping Pals

Specifically designed to spark curiosity and wonder and improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills, these funny-faced, colorful balls are bound to become your little explorer’s new learning pals. Pressing the yellow button and seeing the balls popping, dancing til’ they drop, tumbling and bouncing up and down inside the toy will provide hours of good fun and reinforce his understanding of cause and effect. This is a safe, sealed toy that doesn’t pose any risk while your little one plays with it.

31. Think Gizmos Amusement Park Interactive Toy

Featuring two sound modes – animal sounds and musical notes, flashing lights and cute animals on top of the multi-colored piano, this interactive amusement park is an amusing educational toy for your 1 year old boy. In addition to introducing him to the fascinating world of musical instruments, it provides plenty of hands-on activities that he can discover on his own. Whether he’s pressing the piano keys, spinning the merry-go-round or flipping the monkey, there’s plenty for him to explore while he develops fine motor and thinking skills. With curved, smooth edges and made from non-toxic plastic, this adorable toy comes with everything needed, including batteries, making it the perfect gift for your baby boy.

32. Fisher-Price Little People Sit With Me School Bus Activity

Being nice is fun! An educational, interactive school bus toy with loads of entertaining and learning features, Little People Sit With Me is the best toy for a 1 year old boy as a gift, as it gives him a lesson in manners and kindness that he can use throughout his life. It comes with lovely characters, Eddie the kid and Emily the bus driver, and multiple interactive features, such as fun songs, lights, and sounds. The yellow school bus also helps your little one develop fine motor and cognitive skills. as he presses the discovery buton to open the door and let on Eddie, flip open the stop signs and activate the interactive fun.

33. Vatos Moving Wheel Train Toy with Chasing Balls

An educational and visually appealing toy with music, lights, and other interactive features to entertain a 1 year old explorer, the Drop and Go Train with chasing balls from Vatos keeps the fun going. With 3 vividly colored balls and 4 entertaining and learning modes, your little boy will be eager to discover new ways to play with this cartoon-style toy train while improving his cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination and gross motor development. This open-ended toy is also great for reinforcing parent-child interaction.

34. Bright Starts Shake and Spin Activity Balls

These 5 different, easy-grasp and brightly colored activity balls with different textures for enriched sensory experiences are one of the best gifts for 1 year old boy. He will love shaking, twisting and rolling them to discover exciting hands-on activities. Each of these colorful balls features a different activity such as a spinner and rattle, arousing his curiosity and encouraging tactile exploration. Your little one will be intrigued by shaking, spinning and finding Nemo swimming inside the fish balls, and twisting other two balls that produce fun clicking sounds. Fun and hand-eye coordination go hand-in-hand with the Bright Stars activity balls.

35. Melissa & Doug Pull-back Vehicle Toy Set

Any 1 year old boy would love playing with this colorful pull-and-go toy set with 4 different soft cars ( a family car, a police car, a fire truck and a school bus). Specifically designed for little hands, these lightweight car incorporate a rev up mechanism that facilitates big acceleration with just a tiny input. As your little boy grasps, pulls back and releases the cars to see them race across the floor, he develops the ability to coordinate his large muscles, in addition to improving small muscle movement and hand-eye coordination. The illustrated figures encourage imaginative play, helping with social and language development.

These are the top 35 gifts for your one year baby boys that you can purchase whether for Christmas or their birthdays. With these toys, they will not only be entertained for hours, but they will also learn and develop cognitive skills.

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