35 Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys 2020

Want to gift you 10-year-old boy, but you have no idea what get? Read on for 35 top suggestions for the best gifts for 10 year old boy.

At ten years old, your boy has probably already had several gifts before and it is no longer easy to please him. His tastes and preferences are much different now. Observing his newly acquired interests can help you pick the best gift. Does he like tech stuff? Is he a physical boy who prefers to be out door all day? These are some of the things that will point you in the right in the right direction. Here is a list of the top 35 gifts that would make your boy truly happy.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 10 Year Old Boys

1. Precision Target Set

Boys at this age are competitive and appreciate challenging activities. This is why choosing a precision target shooting will have him elated. Select a set that includes 10 pieces suction darts, target board, and tool that can be used to target what’s on the board. Find a fun gadget that also comes with a laser light to help your boy aim. Although the laser light is battery powered, the toy can still be used without the laser light.

Whenever he shoots and hits the target, he will feel like a champion. Getting a target right requires concentration. A precision target set toy will help him learn how to concentrate.

2. Computer Games

Is your ten year old a gamer? Choose the right device that will give him the ultimate gaming experience. Majority of computer games today are handheld though it can also be used as a stationary gaming unit. While on the go, the young one can still enjoy his game. The imaging color of most of the games in the market today will have him glued to the screen. Choosing a great game should have him covered whenever he sets out. Wiith good skills, he should be kicking ass on his favorite games. A variety of games are supported by most of the gaming consoles, keeping him entertained will not be a problem.

3. Good Book

Most ten-year-old boys love books and the adventures revolving around them. Most books offers an unforgettable story which will keep him engaged to the page after page. The word out is that they’ll be shooting a motion picture of majority of the books today. This is a perfect gift which will leave him looking forward to the movies next year.

4. Bow and Arrow

Every 10-year-old boy loves playing outdoors and to make things more exciting, giving him a good and safe bow and arrow will be perfect. Choose a toy that looks awesome because it will look like a real bow. Select one that has the ability to fire up darts for up to a hundred meters away. 

Choose a brand of toys that will be incredibly safe for kid-friendly kids to avoid having issues.

5. Scooter

A scooter may seem pricy, but it’s worth every penny. A scooter will not only guarantee him maximum fun; it’s an enjoyable form of exercise. Do not worry about the weight of this sleek scooter; it’s been designed with his age and strength in mind. Soon he will be riding on the scooter that you have chosen for him with ease. The little man will enhance his control and coordination skills.

6. Bike

Boys of all ages love the two wheelers; your ten year old boy is no exemption. Want to get him a gift that will make a resonating statement? Choosing the right bike for his age and height is one of your best bet, and will wow him. Choose a bike that’s multipurpose, so be it the smooth road or a rough terrain, he will be good to go. One that can be considered as a cool ride comes with gears with a single chainring, and one with a great sort of engineering, so that the weight is kept low and shifting complications minimized.

7. Drone

Most small boys love drones, and if yours does love these things, then this amazing drones in the market would make a perfect gift for him. There are drone that are similar from the movies, and has has a 2.4Ghz transmitter for your son to be able to control it from up to 200 meters away. Selecting the right drone recreates the magic stuff of an authentic sound effects and lights.

Also, make sure that the drone is constructed with top-quality impact resistant foam which makes it very resilient to minor crashes. Lastly, choose propellers that are hidden cleverly within its design, protecting them damage. Get your boy a drone gift and see how he will be delighted.

8. Box Set Books

For kids who love reading box set books is a big deal. Usually, Box set comes with an exciting bright exterior artwork. Choose books offer the kind of adventure that captivates and expand the reader’s imagination. Your son will be transported to wonderland by the book themes that you have chosen. Parent and child bonding is important; a good box set books will offer a wonderful read and bonding experience. As fun as it is, he can learn some new vocabulary without even noticing it.

9. Robot Ball

A robot ball is a fun app-enabled toy that will have your ten-year-old marveling at its abilities. Once he is on the driver’s seat, the adventure with a racing robot is endless. As soon as he thinks he has seen it all, he will manipulate the controls and discover yet another trick that a robot ball has. The ball is engineered for multiple terrains, and can usually perform tricks on any turf, so he will not be limited to one designated area. Usually, robot balls are devices that can be connected within a range of up to 100 feet. Its interior tech is protected by a hard plastic cover which will allow him to enjoy the ball for a longer time.

His mastery of skills will be sharpened as he tries to perform a certain trick repetitively. The robot ball device is the ultimate fun challenge for a ten-year-old boy.

10. Electronics Discovery Kit

An electronic discovery kit delivers fun, enjoyment, as well as, education, making it a perfect gift for ten-year-old boys. All parents want their kids to learn as they have fun; Choosing the right electronic discovery kit is designed to deliver just that. Want to develop your son’s scientific mind? Basic engineering principals will be learned on most kits on the market. He can make over 100 working models depending on the chosen kit. Also, every kit comes with a well-illustrated manual to guide him through this thrilling journey.

11. Blocks

Most 10-year-old boys love playing colored block, so why not get your son, grandson, or nephew the best blocks on the market today? Usually, the set contains 262 pieces which will let your son recreate various kinds of characters or buildings depending on his preferences. They will also help him understand the responsibility of using various resources since he’ll be required to use what he gathers to ensure that he’ll be able to create what he wants to create.

12. Walkie Talkies

Sometimes kids like to pick up on certain characters. For example, a young boy may play the role of a cop he sees TV. Walkie-talkies will enable the little man to fulfill his fantasy. Choosing the right walkie-talkie operates within a range of to 2 miles in open space. The range may, however, be affected by tall buildings. Select one that comes with a removable clip, so he has the privilege to fasten it on his belt. It’s light weight and has a variety of channel combinations. With a walkie talkie gadget, the boys have immense fun playing spy games of their liking.

13. Remote Controlled Truck

You can never go wrong with toy cars when it comes to young boys. A remote controlled truck will not only capture his attention but, yours as an adult too, once it’s rolling. Choose a truck is not only fast but also built for off-road terrain. Talk about control and coordination; a good type of remote controlled truck will hone those skills. There are some trucks that can speed of up to 30 miles per hour are achievable with these powerful trucks. The all-terrain tires will allow your son the thrill of running it on any ground. Lastly, choose a truck that has a short 100-foot range; however, the little guy can have lots of fun with this beast of a truck.

14. Huge Rainbow Kite

Do you want to get him out of the house on a windy day more often? This kite will do just that. With a huge rainbow kite he will be eager to get out; its design incorporates ease of use. He will easily launch into the air and watch its bright colors with amazement. A kind of gifting that gets him out and has him shouting and screaming with joy. Its portable since it comes with a carrying case; he will want to carry it out himself.

15. Eco Robotics

Batteries are used on many children’s toy. Choosing the right eco robotics gives the chance to introduce form energy to him in a fun way. Solar powered electronics are the future, they are pushing for space, and their relevance is quickly resonating. Selecting the right gadget will serve both as an exciting toy as well as a perfect educational platform. Different types of robots can be made out of some eco robotic sets, and he will surely be eager to get started. With easy to follow instructions he will enjoy the challenges presented.

16. Remote Control Vehicle

Tough cartoon characters have our boys flexing their tiny muscles, acting all strong and tough. Choosing a robust,  and tough vehicle just as the boys like it. Boys are quite experimental they will want to run this vehicle on different terrains, so choosing the right vehicle will hardly disappoint. Why? Majority of the toy vehicles today is engineered with real suspension and fitted with all-terrain tires. They are also durable and will last long enough to keep sending him on rough and rugged adventures. Using multifunctional controls will easily be learned while using your chosen toy vehicle.

17. Disco Ball Light

Music has something on kids from a tender age. They will either try to dance to the tunes or sing along. How about a music-related toy? A disco ball is a great gift for a ten-year-old boy. Usually, the disco ball light consists of a variety of colors. To be precise, 7 colors coupled with different musical effects and modes. Choosing a fun gadget should be a remote-controlled, and  plugin user-friendly device. A kid with musical interests will relish every minute of this device.

18. Superhero Alarm Clock

Sometimes thoughtful gifts will just do the perfect trick. Does he love superheroes? Then he shouldn’t mind when a superhero alarm clock wakes him up in the morning. Choose a superhero alarm clock that has an awesome LED display. These lights flicker when the watch alarms and snoozes. What a cool way to light up his early morning!

19. Robot Car Starter Kit

Your 10-year-old will surely love robot car starter kit. Choose a kit that’s consists of two controlled robotic cars, which can be controlled using your son’s Smartphone. There are some kits that has 12 pieces of tracks that he needs to assemble so he can use it to drive his car in. Also, these robot car starter kits are known to have virtual weapons which can be used when he is playing with friends. Select something that has different settings, so that he can choose from time trial, battle, to race settings so he can play however he wants. 

20. Scooter

At this age, there’s no doubt your son is ready for riding. A scooter is well designed with superior components that will get your son ready for stunt riding. A scooter is ideal for a beginner rider, which means that whether or not he’s had a scooter before, he will still be able to use this scooter. Choose a scooter that is designed with airplane grade steel for a sturdy, lasting design.

A scooter can be used for street skating, as well as, a skatepark for daring and adventurous children. The good thing with a scooter is that the handle is adjustable it can be made higher as the child grows. It’s advisable that you purchase safety gear for the child to be more adventurous. lastly, the scooter should be is easy to assemble, and your little boy is going to be very happy riding it.

21. Toy Bow

Wouldn’t it be a good surprise if you gifted your little boy an amazing toy bow? Giving him a bow and arrow is cool enough to make this list. It will feel like the one he saw on Robbin Hood or any other bow and arrow adventure. A bow is specially made for kids, so go ahead and give the nod on the safety standards. Choose something that comes with light weight arrows which have foam tips, ensuring that no damage will be caused by the arrows. It’s time to let him get out there and enjoy his shooting games.

22. Drone for Kids

Make your son happy with a drone made specifically for kids. These drones are cool and foldable which makes them epic to watch. The kid will be eager to know what takes place with the drone which will improve his eye coordination and internalize. Just make sure to choose a good physical set up of the drone for your kid.

23. Educational Globe

At ten years, your son’s curiosity levels were very high. The more curious he is, the easier it is to learn. How about this cool globe for your boy? With no time his knowledge on geography will increase. The little man will have to use iOS and Android app out to figure the globe out. 

After finding out which country it is, he can then stick the included country flag on the right place. This will be a challenging learning activity on the young one. There is more in store for the young mind. The application will also teach them culture and animals found in these countries. Educational Globe is a Brain Child award winner.

24. Electronics Set

At age ten, kids develop cognitively and intellectually at a faster rate. Choosing an electronic set as a gift will challenge him mentally and help him develop problem-solving skills. An electronic set is going to push him to discover his talents for engineering and electronics. Usually, they come with various kinds of components and connectors with which your little boy can make cool real-world items such as sensors and alarms.

Lastly, looks for a kit that includes a clear instruction manual that will guide him through a lot of experiments to help him come up with amazing items.

25. LED Lights for Bikes

As we mentioned earlier, getting a gift for your 10-year old does not have to be rocket science. Even with something as simple as LED light for bike, you can be sure your little one will be contented.

LED lights can easily be fixed around his bicycle. This way, he can ride his bike around the neighborhood safely. What’s more, he can have more fun making come patterns and designs as he rides along.

26. Educational Fact Books

Children are naturally inquisitive, and at ten years, your son may be asking some questions which you may not have answers to.

When it comes to books as a gift, you can never really go wrong. Choosing an educational fact books is filled with loads of pictures that the kids will enjoy looking at. You should also choose a book that is written in an easy and fun way to read and understand.

What makes educational fact books a great gift is that it helps to enhance their reading, keeps them occupied and gets them informed about a lot of subjects. Be it Maths, history, or geography; your inquisitive boy will love this gift.

27. Board Game

Board games are appealing to kids. Now that someone mistakenly opened the book of madness letting the villainous monsters inside, out. Choose a competitive board game that can be played by 2 to 6 players, so they can play competitively.

Your son will definitely enjoy a board game that he can play with you or his awesome friends! This will surely keep him entertained and busy!

28. Robot Figures

Most boys at 10 years will be fascinated by robot figures. If your little one has been following robot series, then a robot figure gift would be perfect. Chances are that at 10 years, your little one will already has a collection of action figures. Besides the figures being his favorites, they allow him to use his imagination while playing with his friends.

29. Strategy Games

Boys love strategy games; they will even create their own imaginary games at times. Choosing a good strategy game is an interesting game for one or more players. The game should also require one to get through a challenging laser field. Choose a game that gives thrills.

Strategy games are a great tool to teach skill and strategy. Kids involved will have to use their imagination and creativity. Choosing a good strategy game will offers a different experience with every attempt.

30. Vest Kit

A vest will allow your son to load up for his mission while playing. Choose a vet package that includes everything that he may need while on the move. Choose a vest that has loops and extra pockets for holding up more darts and ammunition. Lastly, choose a game that will provide kids with competitive make-belief that helps them with problem-solving skills within their environment.

31. Hoverboards

They are cool, they have a sleek design, and they are a total hit. You want to be a cool mom or daddy? It’s time to gift a hoverboard to your ten-year-old boy. Since the hoverboard made an entry to the wide array of toys, it has been nothing but super awesome. Hoverboards are an electronic skateboard which self-balances, and usually has a speed of up to 12mph can be achieved on this board. Whenever he gets rolling on the  board that you gave, heads will turn making him feel like a boss.

32. Robot Kit

Robot kits are great gifts for your little boy to have fun while still getting an opportunity to learn. He is sure to love it. Choosing a good robot kit will make your nephew, son, grandson can build a car, a robot tank, and a dozer. He will have a great opportunity to stretch his imagination and creativity with technical development suiting his age.

Giving him a robot kit will help develop basic logical coding skills, which is a fantastic way to introduce him to future technology. Choose a kit that includes an app remote which has easy-to-use instructions and easy to control.

33. Paper Airplane Kit

Paper planes never get old, and most ten year old boys will still be fascinated by them. With a paper airplane kit, your kid can take his paper planes to the next height.

Choose a kit that comes with more than 10 different planes and 40 sheets of custom paper. The kit should also includes an instructional book with clear instructions. By following the instructions that come with it, your little one can make a variety of paper plane designs. Not only does this keep him busy, but also enhances his creativity and ability to follow instructions.

34. Toy Guns

Toy Guns are one of the most popular toys today for 10-year-old boys. This means that giving him a toy gun and will undoubtedly be perfect for your kid. Choose a toy gun that can fire safely. Just make sure to also start telling your kids about gun safety.

35. Robot

Giving your kid a robot that is a remote-controlled with artificial intelligence can make it easy for your kid to develop some basic I.T skills. Choose a robot that has a beginner-friendly interface. There are some robots on the market than can learn your son’s name, has facial recognition features and can easily be controlled by most Android and Apple smartphones, and choosing that would be great. A robot with artificial intelligence is an interactive toy that is great for both solo play and plays with friends.

Gifting your 10-year old whether for Christmas or his birthday will depend on what he likes. At this age, he has already started showing some interest in certain things which should help you get the right gift for him. With this list, we hope that you get an idea of what gifts to buy for that 10-year old boy and make him feel special.

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