35 Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys 2020

Eleven-year-old boys are at the odd age where they don’t want to be considered kids, but they are not quite teenagers yet. This makes picking a suitable gift for them a real challenge. Finding a balance between getting a gift that is cool and appropriate can sound daunting. This is where we swoop in to help. Here is a list of suggestions you might want to consider when out shopping for your tween.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 11 Year Old Boys

1. Magical Kit

A magical kit has everything an aspiring magician needs to put on a show. Usually, it includes over 100 tricks and comes with high quality to help pull off an amazing show. They also come with instruction sheet is easy to follow with little assistance. Majority of the magical kits online includes fuzzy balls, cups, levitation tools and not forgetting a mystery deck of cards. Your teen will enjoy learning and performing magic tricks and will be a pro in no time.

Your twelve year old can do different magic tricks with different magical kits available, including restore tissue, vanishing, cutting, dice escape, card shuffle, and multiplying balls. Lastly, it would be best to choose something with a suitcase so he can store random stuff like hat, and wand, your twelve year old boy will surely look like a magician.

2. Electronic Kit

Kids who love science are able to build over 100 different projects with a good electronic kit. Usually, the best electronic kit comes with over 30 color-coded pieces that light up and makes sounds when they power up. The circuits from these kits are easy to set up and come with a detailed manual on how to set them up. Just make sure that the electronic kit that you are going to purchase will have clear instructions with the simplest circuits and increase in difficulty once the boy has mastered the basics.

3. Bow And Arrow Set

A bow and arrow set is perfect for your 11-year-old especially if it is lightweight and as well as safe for him and his friends. Choose arrows have foam tips, which won’t hurt anyone and something that can be shot for a maximum of 100 feet. There are a lot of bow and arrow set that is durable and very easy to use, and will surely last for an extended period of time since it can withstand pulling. Lastly, make sure to choose a set that can easily be assembled and is safer compared to the traditional bow and arrow. 


4. DIY Forts

The DIY forts available in the market today will surely be enjoyed by your eleven year old son, together with his siblings or friends. Majority of the sets come with balls that can glow in the dark, and they can glow for hours if needed. Choose one that can be set up easily with the detailed and clear instruction that it has. Once done, all you and your son have to do is to add a bedsheet and the fort is already good to go. Lastly, select a fort that is portable and durable so you don’t have to worry about anything because the fort can be used by your kids for as long as they want. 

5. Bow and Arrow

Keep your 11-year-old safe using bow and arrow as a gift. Your kid can safely play with the right arrows by making sure that they make kid-friendly toys. He can start practicing hitting targets if he wants to. Or he can play with them together with his friends. A bow and arrow is a perfect gift for your curious and active son.

6. Rocket Toys

Eleven year old boy have a lot of energy, and giving him rocket toys will surely keep him outdoors all day. Choose a set that has an actual rocket design and can shoot up to a maximum of 200 feet up in the air. The game should also be incredible for space exploration and curious boys today. You should also choose a lightweight and durable design, for the rocket toys to be surely safe and can also for an extended period of time.

One of the best things about majority of the rocket toys today is that it doesn’t need any battery. Choose somethings that is fast and easy to assemble so your son and his friends can immediately enjoy your gift.

7. Rubiks Cube

Rubiks cube is a toy that never goes out of style. Suitable for an 11-year-old who loves puzzles and problem solving, a game like this will keep them occupied for hours. The twisting and turning till each side of the cube shows only one color needs enough concentration to keep them entertained. Choose a rubiks cube that is light enough to be portable giving the tween a chance to pull it out and play wherever they go. It’s both fun and challenges the brain to work out the puzzle.

8. Skateboard

Boys at eleven years old will already be spending time outdoors most of the time, and a Skateboard will undoubtedly be perfect for your eleven year old boy. Usually, a skateboard measures 31 inches in length and has a full deck to ensure that it is perfect for long rides.

One of the best things about a skateboard is that it is perfect for beginners and kids. So whether this is his first time using a skateboard, it will still be perfect for him. Lastly, choose a skateboard that has a 5 inch aluminum alloy and a total of weight of 198 pounds. With its 3 inch thick wheels, you will be assured about his safety.

9. Electric Go-Kart

Let your 11-year-old boy enjoy the outdoors with a nice Electric Go-Kart. Boys love the thrill of the outdoors, and giving him a Go-Kart will give him just that. Choose something that is well balanced and easy to use on pro-tracks and fun zones. A Go-Kart has the ability to reach 12 miles per hour, which is fast enough but will not be dangerous for your kid. 

One of the best things about a Electric Go-Kart is that you can quickly recharge the battery. This means that you no longer need to fuel it up. Usually, the battery can last for up to a maximum of 40 minutes, which is more than enough for your kid to stay outdoors playing.

10. Tag Guns for Kids

Tag guns are fun and one of the safest toys for 11-year-old boys. This means that they are  perfect for your boy. He can use the guns in different ways without worrying about anything negative since it’s very safe for everyone. The bullets of the usual tag guns are composed of foam tips and can usually reach 90 feet away when firing up. 

A tag gun is perfect for fun wars and for the outdoors. If your little boy loves to be in the outdoors, then this toy is ideal for him to enjoy the outdoors more with you or his friends.

11. Paper Airplane Kit

Let your 11-year-old boy improve their creativity by giving them a nice paper airplane craft book. The paper planes that your kid can do will surely go to the next level. 

Choose a kit that includes 40 sheets of custom paper and ten different plane designs. Also, make sure to choose books have clear instructions, so you don’t have to worry about anything. He will surely be busy for days by making different airplane paper designs, thus improving his creativity.

12. Rocket Balloon Set

Balloons are always an exciting toy no matter what age the teen is, add a launcher to it and you definitely get their attention. Choose a set that includes 100 balloons that can expand up to 40’’ and are reusable. Usually, the balloons come in various exciting colors and provide a lot of entertainment for outdoor activities. 

Majority of the set has a deluxe two-way pump that helps in faster and easier inflation. Chasing after the balloons is a fun activity for kids who also don’t mind doing the cleanup in the end. Running around after balloons also help use up all the extra energy the tweens have and keeping them in good shape.

13. Card Games

Boys love playing card games, and giving him an entertaining will surely be treasured by your kid. Choose card game that is packed with over 100 awesome cards that he can play on friends and family. Usually, the card games are range from modern to classic ones, which makes the set pretty diverse. Lastly, choose a set also has a booklet where it has explanations on how it will be played can be done in a significant way. 

14. Prank Books

Great prank books for your prank loving 11-year-old boy. Majority of the prank books toiday has more than 70 different pranks that you feel find gross or funny. Choose a book that offers detailed instructions on how the pranks can be done. It would also be nice if there are also props that will help the pranks to be more fun. You shouldn’t worry because all of the pranks are harmless for you and your kid. 

15. SmartWatch

Give your 11-year-old boy something that the will really love, and this is a SmartWatch. Majority of the Smartwatch for kids today is equipped with features that are similar to that of a Smartphone. It also operates as a digital and analog watch. 

Some of the other features of a good smartwatch are voice changing function, fun recording, voice recorder, motion sensor, and a camera. Your boy will surely be busy the entire day since the Smartwatch can act as a great distraction. 

16. Educational Board Game

Give your 11-year-old boy something educational yet fun, like educational board games. Choose one that has challenges, and the difficult increases as he levels up. The game is perfect for boys who are into engineering and scientific. Giving them an educational board game will let them learn about science without even knowing it. Usually, an educational board game has a set that includes instructions that are clear and ones that are very easy to follow. Your 11-year-old will surely improve his reasoning and critical thinking skills. 

17. Mini Walkie Talkies

Let your eleven year old boy communicate with you using a mini walkie talkie. This will make him feel like he is on an adventure, which little boys love. He can also share one if the walkie talkies with his sibling or with friends during playtime. Choose walkie talkies that are portable and lightweight to ensure that boys will be able to use them longer.

Also, select walkie talkies that can be mounted on their pockets so they can play around or run around. You shouldn’t worry because most walkie talkies in the market today are durable and they can withstand any damages. Your eleven year old will be able to hear you from up to 3 feet.


18. Mini Basketball Hoop

Boys who are into sports will love this over the door hoop. Sometimes things like weather and time can prevent a tween from going outside. A basketball hoop helps in working off excessive energy while safely indoors. Choose an 18” by 10.5” polycarbonate backboard can easily fit over a standard door. Also, choose something that comes with a padded form door bracket and form padding for the backboard to protect the door from scruff. Usually, the whole thing looks really cool in a room and can act as a decorative ornament too.

19. Sports Ladder and Cones

Let your 11-year-old boy become active by giving him a sports ladder and cones. He will surely be able to develop and challenge all of his athletic nature. Usually, the ladder stretches to a maximum of fifteen feet in length and has four ground metal anchors. You should also choose a set that includes 12 disc cones and an equipment bag.

Choose a set that includes two eBooks, which is an excellent gift for your kid. The cone drills, on the other hand, should be durable and sturdy, wherein their purpose is for speed and agility. Help your 11-year-old boy build his own strength, endurance, and his footwork. If you want to keep your little boy active and fit, a set of sports ladder and cones are the perfect gift for him.

20. Roller Coaster Building Set

A roller coaster building set usually contains over 430 colored pieces. It also has some rods and connectors for easy connection. With a roller coaster building set, your kid has to connect all the pieces to build his very own roller coaster.

Some of the pieces contained in a usual set are glow in the dark. This not only allow your kid to play with the set at night but also adds the fun in the game. It would also be best to choose something with a motor race car to let it travel the track both horizontally and vertically. A roller coaster building set is great for kids who love putting things up. It allows them to use their creativity and is great for initiating curiosity in STEM subjects.

21. Toy Gun

Toy guns are popular to kids, and it is in fact one of the latest craze today. A toy gun can be modified for different missions, which means that your 11-year-old can take it anywhere with him. Choose a toy gun that can be fired to a maximum of 90 feet, and the possibility of hitting the target is high. Choose a set comes with a barrel extension and the stock should be removed which will let you flip the switch easily.  

22. Outdoor Exploration Kit

An outdoor exploration kit is the perfect gift for boys who like to go out on adventures. It encourages exploration and love of nature through nature walks and expeditions. Usually, a set will include tools like binoculars, flashlight, compass, a magnifying glass, and a whistle. Giving a kit to your kid prompts him to go out, even if it is the backyard, and study nature with his new tools of adventure. Also, make sure to choose a kit comes with a bag that is easy to carry all the tools in while exploring and also reducing the chances of losing things.

23. Drone with Camera Live Video

An eleven-year-old boy is ready for more advanced kids’ toys. For this reason, a drone will serve as an ultimate present. Apart from providing fun, his flying and filming interests will be tested and developed further by a drone gadget. A smartphone can be used as a controller with this amazing device.

Choose a drone with camera live video that is engineered with an inbuilt stabilization system, shooting footage from above is simplified. High definition cameras fitted on drone that will allow your teen to capture quality pictures. Thirty minutes of flight are achievable with a drone; he will certainly enjoy flying a drone.

24. A Gaming Console

Every little boy loves a bit of gaming. It gives them a chance to compete with friends while showcasing their prowess. A gaming console usually comes with 1 TB of space and in now in a slim design that saves on space. The wonderful graphics make the games seem so much more realistic. With a good gaming console, your kid will be able to play games with online friends as well as save these games. The gaming console can also be used to watch TV and play music.

25. Kids Microscope Kit

An easy-to-use microscope for your eleven year old with loads of features that help in building a young scientific mind. A teen is able to explore and experience the world differently. A compound microscope with a forward facing turret that has 100x, 400x and 1200x magnification capabilities is definitely a good gift. Choose something with a metal base and has an all-glass eyepiece, and LED light mirrors for illumination.

Select a kit comes with a 12 piece accessory kit that’s well packed into a plastic carrying case. Remember to choose an educational gift which comes with many features for easy use and cool accessories for exploration and discovery. A good kit also gives them a chance to prepare for future sciences lessons where they will be required to use microscopes to study in class.

26. Inventor Kit

Inventing is popular and purchasing an inventor kit will surely be enjoyed by your 11-year-old boy. Choose a kit that will help develop your kid’s STEM skills and allow them to understand everything about inventing. As you all know, this is now essential because of the automated world that we have now. 

27. Science Lab Kit

Explosions, science and making them happen at the same time are a young boy’s catnip. Purchasing a hands-on experiments that make rockets and explosions are a great gift to any teen. They should also come with easy to follow instructions and are quite safe. That will ensure the boys enjoy themselves while learning along the way.

Choosing a kit that has colorful instructions and explain what chemical reactions are taking place. The boy can be able to recreate the experiments in a home setting with some additional materials. Just make sure that the kit can be safely done indoors with wonderful results.

28. Building Blocks for Teen

Building blocks for teens have been here for decades, and even 11-year-old boys nowadays love them. Giving him one of the best building blocks today is cool and very impressive, especially that your little boy will build it. Some of the features in majority of the available sets in the market are entrance hatch, fully hinged ramp, and laser turrets with hatch. Just make sure to choose a set with more blocks for your teen to enjoy.

29. Foldable Drone

Your 11-year-old boy will surely be happy with a foldable drone. Choose a drone that is foldable and cool, which makes the drone great to watch. Your boy will surely be able to improve his own eye coordination while playing with it. Also, since he will be the one to set the drone up, his creativeness will be enhanced. 

30. Electronic Playground

En electric playground is a set of everything electronic but designed for the use and play of kids. Choose one that is made to help kids make their own electronic devices with more  designs readily available. Giving your kid an electronic playground is a creative way for boys to learn, do research and play all at the same time. They can make a variety of devices ranging from magnetic bridges to electronic noisemakers.

31. Dartboard

A game that improves hand-eye coordination and aim. A dartboard is a non-aggressive sport made even safer by the use flat headed darts. The board is child safe and family oriented as everyone can have a go at it. It also builds competitive play among friends and comes with an easily hung hook for optimum placement. Playing darts is a fun pastime and a great way for your boy to relate to other kids. Dartboards are an indoor game that can help keep your tween occupied when he is in the house and help them earn to focus on one thing that is not a screen.

32. Catapult

Keep your 11-year-old boy’s imagination active with a catapult since it’s all about science and physics. Adults can even play this set as it is also perfect for everyone. The catapult can easily be set up and use and doesn’t require too much effort. Choose balls that are made out of foam so the balls won’t be breaking stuff in your home. 

33. Remote Truck

You will never go wrong with a remote truck for your 11-year-old boy. He will surely love a remote truck because of the versatility that it has. Choose a truck has two oversize tires, which makes it perfect to play in a rugged terrain. The truck should be lightweight, so that it has the ability to climb over different obstacles. 

34. 3D Pen

Kids always love anything to do with art. With a 3D pen, art technology for kids has been taken to the next level. A pen looks like an ordinary pen. However, rather than use ink or lead, a 3D pen uses plastic. The eleven-year-old boy will be fascinated by this pen because it allows them to paint in 3D. Objects that they draw will appear to be realistic, and it is going to grow their interest in art. A 3D pen comes with 10 feet of 12 different colors and is powered by its own power bank via a USB cable.

35. Robot Building Set

Building and robot stuff are something that all eleven-year-old boys are fascinated with. So giving him a robot building set, will make your boy happy and will surely have fun blasting things while remaining safe. Select a set that comes with an assortment of pieces so he can enjoy building a tall pne. For the robot to work, your kid will have to arrange the pieces. It should also have an instructions guide as well that shows how to build the robot in four different ways. You can as well customize it if you want.

The above Christmas or birthday gift ideas for an eleven yea -old boy will not only make him enjoy it but also improve skills that he’s not aware of having. It will develop cognitive skills and critical thinking skills, which will keep your little boy’s mind active. Of course, don’t forget to teach your 11-year-old boy to appreciate even the simplest of things. In this way, he will grow up humble and a good boy.

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