35 Best Gifts For 13 Year Old Boys

Are you looking to buy your 13-year-old son, grandson, or nephew a gift but you have no idea what to get? In this post, we have compiled a list of 35 best gifts for 13 year old boy. Read on and discover what kind of gifts would most likely impress your teenage boy.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 13 Year Old Boys

1. iPod Shuffle

Apple is quite a popular brand, right? This is why the iPod shuffle for a gift, is not only a brilliant idea but the safest bet. It’s almost impossible for any thirteen-year-old boy not to like this device for a gift. iPod Shuffle comes with an internal memory of up to 2GB. Finished with a sleek design, it comes in several different colors. It’s small in size but does not that fool you. With a capacity of around 500 songs, he can enjoy his favorite music while on the go.

2. Archery Set

This is a well-thought gift for a sporty, competitive thirteen-year-old boy. It will challenge his accuracy as he tries to hit the target each time. With this awesome archery set, there is an opportunity to socialize and compete. He can challenge his friends on the grounds of who is the best archer. They will have immense fun while at it, who knows, they might even schedule a day for competing.

Barnet outdoors youth archery set comes in different colors. It’s the perfect outdoor present. Your boy will learn how to use it with utmost ease. It’s prudent to keep out of reach of the younger children who may try to mess around with it.

3. Kindle Fire

This tablet offers a lot of fun-filled activities. He can download and play his favorite games at home. He can read his favorite books on a long drive. Videos can be watched on this device whenever he pleases. Parents sometimes are worried about what kids do on their devices. The kindle fire tablet is designed to allow parental control. If access to the web is a concern, you can simply access the parental control settings and restrict it. Otherwise, this device will keep the young one engaged in lots of fun activities.

4. Maisto Rock Crawler

When it comes to boys gifts, you can hardly go wrong with a radio control toy car. This Maisto Rock Crawler comes with articulated suspensions which makes it a lot more versatile than the regular toy car. Fitted with two oversize tires, this makes it the perfect ride for rugged terrain. Don’t be fooled by its light weight; this truck is finished with a tough vac –formed body. He will be amazed by how easily this truck can climb over most obstacles.

5. Trick Magic Show Kit

This kit contains everything an aspiring magician needs to put on a show. It includes over 40 tricks and comes with props to help pull off an amazing show. Its instruction sheet is easy to follow with little assistance. The set includes fuzzy balls, cups, levitation tools and not forgetting a mystery deck of cards. A tween will enjoy learning and performing magic tricks and will be a pro in no time.

6. Sphero BB-8

This is an interesting gadget with a whole lot to offer for a 13-year-old boy. It’s a Star wars inspired app-controlled robot. This robot has the ability to listen to what your kid says and react to it, how cool is that? Another cool thing about this droid is that its Bluetooth enabled supporting propulsion up to a 30m range. Your kid will enjoy exploring autonomously with this droid, which will act just like a companion on his adventures.

7. Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar

Whether you want to develop his existing music interest, maybe introduce him to music instruments. This guitar is a perfect gift to start with. It comes with an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD for tutoring for self, or supported tutoring purposes. Everything you need to start playing this guitar is available on the set. Not to forget, its stylish design finished with a synthetic bone saddle. This versatile instrument suited for different kinds of music might just be the leeway to make a great future guitarist.

8. Stomp Rocket

Young boys have way too much energy and tend to be destructive when left indoors for too long. A stomp rocket solves this by giving you an outdoor activity that also wears out all that excessive energy. This set has been designed with rockets that can shoot up to 4000 feet in the air. This game is great for space exploration for young voyagers and has a lightweight and durable design. It’s all foam structure is safe for even younger kids.

9. Nintendo Switch

Does playing fascinating games on the go sound fun to you? The Nintendo Switch will prove to be one of the best gifts you ever got him. This device has been around for quite a long time, and still tops the charts as fans favorite. Through the outstandingly fun Mario games on this gadget your boy will be guaranteed lots of fun. This gaming beast is easy to carry, handheld, designed with ease of playing. It can also be used as a stationary gaming unit on TV. Does your son like to play a variety of games? The Nintendo Switch will give him that.

10. QCopter Quadcopter Drone with Camera Live Video

A thirteen-year-old boy is ready for more advanced kids’ toys. For this reason, Qcopter Quadcopter drone will serve as an ultimate present. Apart from providing fun, his flying and filming interests will be tested and developed further by this gadget. A smartphone can be used as a controller with this amazing device.

Engineered with an inbuilt stabilization system, shooting footage from above is simplified. High definition cameras fitted on this drone will allow your teen to capture quality pictures. Thirty minutes of flight are achievable with this toy; he will certainly enjoy flying this drone.

11. Electric Go-Kart

Boys around 13 are into active outdoor sports like cycling and skating. If the boy you have in mind likes his thrill and spending time outdoors, then an electric go-kart is the gift for you. It’s easy to use and well balanced to use on fun zones or even pro-tracks.

At a maximum of 12 miles per hour, this go-kart is fast enough to pull a thrill but not enough to be dangerous. This go-karts rechargeable battery doesn’t need fuel and can last up to 40 minutes on run time before it needs recharging. Any 13-year-old who loves racing will love this cool and sleek racer.

12. Waterproof Sports Camera

Boys love swimming, and this camera doubles the fun. The waterproof sports camera will enable your thirteen-year-old boy to capture his underwater moments. It’s made with an ultra-wide fish-eye lens which captures images up to a 170-degree angle. Further to that, he can creatively record a video under water. You must be thinking that this device must be very pricey? You would be surprised at how pocket-friendly it actually easy. Spice up his swimming time with this wonderful gift.

13. Profect Sports Pro Agility Ladder and Cones

This ladder is a great gift to challenge and develop his athletic nature. It stretches to about fifteen-foot in length, comes with four metal ground anchors, an equipment bag and 12 disc cones. Two bonus eBooks will be gifted to your kid with this awesome ladder. They are known as “Speed and Agility Cones Drills”. This set is built to be sturdy and durable.

The ladder offers your teen the ultimate challenge to grow in speed, develop endurance, build strength, keep fit and improve his footwork. This is the best present to enhance his athletic prowess and prepare him for future rigorous games.

14. Magnetic Football Teams

Does your little boy love football? If yes, then this magnetic football teams board will be a great gift for him. The board features 124 teams from the four main football divisions. The teams appear on the board in their primary color.

The board allows your boy to keep track of the teams’ progress and to even personalize the cover chart. They can then hang the board in their room. The best thing about this board is that it can be used for different seasons. Your child can have this for a long time and keep his interest in football growing.

15. Nerf Mega Blaster

Nerf guns are always fun and safe choice young boys at any age. They come with foam bullets that are harmless and can be used in a variety of ways. This mega blaster has 6 foam darts that can fire up to 90 feet away. It makes the Nerf gun ideal for target practice and Nerf wars. It’s an exciting choice for boys who like the outdoors and serves as an icebreaker game for new friends. The game is safe and child-friendly even as they shoot at each other.

16. PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

In the gaming world, this ranks among the best gaming consoles. With updates every year this is a gaming set that he will use past his thirteenth year. He can load up his variety of his favorite games since this console has plenty of internal space. With the wide range of action-packed games that this console supports he will be having an immersive gaming experience.

17. The Manual to Manhood

Kids are curious and ask all sorts of questions which are innocent but can awkward sometimes. Now that your boy just got in his teenage hood, this book will help him find answers to some of the questions that he would rather not ask. With this book, he will learn how to impress a girl, change a tire and other 98 crucial survival skills.

By getting him this book, you will have gifted him the opportunity to learn and discover the answers to most of his questions. This book is written in a unique way offering easy to understand and follow instructions. It comes with great fun visual; no doubt this will be one of the most unforgettable presents in his life.

18. Spalding NBA Mini Basketball Hoop

Boys who are into sports will love this over the door hoop. Sometimes things like weather and time can prevent a tween from going outside. This basketball hoop helps in working off excessive energy while safely indoors. The 18” by 10.5” polycarbonate backboard can easily fit over a standard door. It comes with a padded form door bracket and form padding for the backboard to protect the door from scruff. A 4” Spalding rubber basketball with NBA and Spalding logo completes the set. The whole thing looks really cool in a room and can act as a decorative ornament too.

19. Monster Moto MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike

Biking hardly goes out fashion for boys, at thirteen, he just got started. He is stronger, has better control and is more creative about where or what to do with his bike. That is why you will hardly go wrong by gifting him this Monster Moto MM-B80 Youth mini bike. This is cool, sleek, stylish two wheels ride. It’s built with well designed reinforced steel frame suitable for most places. The extra wide tires will handle most terrain gracefully. It is built with a large comfy seat, he will not mind being on it at all. This is a brilliant gift to usher him into his teen years.

20. Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

Little boys love playing with gross and disgusting things and get very fascinated by the them. How great would it be to get something that is entirely gross for their fun, yet very educational?

This science kit is very gross and chances are you will be very disgusted whenever your kid brings it out to play. However, they also get to learn so much as they play. Besides being able to make stinky intestines, snot, fake blood and grow molds and bacteria, your kid will also get to learn how different systems in the body operate and the various by-products.

21. Jansport Superbreak Backpack

A backpack is quite a convenient present for a thirteen-year-old boy. He is ever carrying stuff. If not his awesome hood and a bunch of toys, it might be his headphones, books or any other important item. This product is not only durable but also stylish; he will be absolutely comfortable taking it with him anywhere. This bag is made with the capacity to handle most of his items weight and size. Its a thoughtful gift for his everyday convenience.

22. Kids Microscope Kit

This is an easy-to-use microscope with loads of features that help in building a young scientific mind. A tween is able to explore and experience the world differently. It’s a compound microscope with a forward facing turret that has 300x, 600x and 1200x magnification capabilities. The metal base has an all-glass eyepiece and LED light mirrors for illumination.

The kit comes with a 52 piece accessory kit that’s well packed into a plastic carrying case. It is an educational gift that comes with many features for easy use and cool accessories for exploration and discovery. This kit also gives them a chance to prepare for future sciences lessons where they will be required to use microscopes to study in class.

23. Electro Snap Circuit Extreme SC -750 Electronics

Electronics can be very fascinating to thirteen-year-old boys. They are always eager to know what is running their latest toy, how does a flash light produce that light. For boys with this kind of curiosity, this item will give them more insights into electronics and electrical stuff. Regarding learning, this device will help them figure out a lot. With over 80 parts, this set can produce over 700 projects. He can make some interesting stuff as part of these projects. For example, a lie detector, an Am radio among others.

24. Faux Bow 3 Archery Set

This is an amazing lightweight alternative to a regular archery set. It comes with six arrows with foam tips that can shoot to over 100 feet. The bow is easy to use and durable enough to withstand great pull. It has easy assembly and safer than the traditional bow and arrow. Your teenager can use it to play with friends or shoot at targets in the backyard.

25. LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eifell Tower

Get the architect abilities out of your boy using this cool architectural gift. With this building set, your thirteen-year-old boy can come up with his own version of the Eifell tower. Young boys are ever attempting to build stuff out of anything they put their hands on. This gift will give them a fun way to expend their creative energy.

26. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

LEGOs are one of the most use toys by young boys. This Star Wars millennium falcon is very impressive with its cool and thought-out designs that are bound to impress a 13-year-old. Some of its features like the rotating laser turrets with a hatch, a fully hinged ramp, and entrance hatch set it apart and make it a unique gift that will be well appreciated. It also includes many mini-figures like Kanjiklub Gang Member, Tasu Leech, Finn and Rey totaling up to 1329 pieces of the set.

27. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

A thirteen-year-old may not want to listen to what everybody else in the house wants to listen to. He may need to enjoy his music comfortably and privately. If as a parent, you don’t like the noise emanating from the old stereo in his bedroom, it’s about that time you got him some cool wireless headphones. These are top quality headphones which are Bluetooth enabled. They can be used on various devices including his phone. While on the go, they are light weight and can be easily folded in case he wants to put them in his backpack. This headphone will be an appreciated and valued possession for a thirteen-year-old.

28. A Skateboard

Boys tend to go for extreme sports as part of their play time. A skateboard is a cool gift choice for any tween who likes the outdoors being active. The 22-inch skateboard has a wide deck that’s well suited for long rides. If your 13-year-old hasn’t had experience with skateboards before, this will work well to ease them in. Its long design is not ideal for flipping tricks, with 3 inches’ thick wheels that will provide safety. They come in a variety of colors and patterns are cool, and your tween will definitely love.

29. Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Most devices lack the kind of sound your teen boy would prefer. Since most of this device cannot be substituted, why not get him a sound accessory that is compatible with them. Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker is a good solution to this problem. This micro speaker produces quality sounds that are likely to suit his preference; it can be used indoor and outdoor. It’s durable and waterproof making it perfect for his outdoor time. He will absolutely love this as a present.

30. Magnetic Dartboard

This is a game that improves hand-eye coordination and aim. It’s a non-aggressive sport made even safer by the use flat headed darts. The magnetic board is child safe and family oriented as everyone can have a go at it. It also builds competitive play among friends and comes with an easily hung hook for optimum placement. Playing darts is a fun pastime and a great way to relate to other kids. It is an indoor game that can help jeep your teenager occupied when they are in the house and help them earn to focus on one thing that is not a screen.

31. Digital Waterproof Sportswatch With LED screen

Does he lose track of time and give excuses for it? The digital waterproof Sportswatch with LED screen is not only a good solution. It will also serve as a cool, stylish gift for your thirteen-year-old. This watch is easy to read, waterproof and durable. It’s also affordable, and he can simply forget about the lame time keeping excuses.

32. LIFX Wi-fi Smart LED Bulb

Thirteen-year-old boys love tech. With this light bulb, your kid will relish illuminating his room with a color of his choice. He can control the light from his phone or tablet. It works with several programs including IFTT and Amazon’s Alexa. Therefore, he can set it up to perform several functions like going dim when he is on Netflix watching a movie. This gift will make his quite cool to hang out in.

33. PRANK-LOPEDIA: The Funniest, Grossest, Craziest, Not-mean pranks on the Planet!

Which 13-year-old does n’t love pranks and getting into mischief? They’ll definitely love having access to over 70 different fun loving and probably gross pranks. This complete encyclopedia by author Julie Winter bottom offer step by step instructions and props that help to pull of these pranks. These pranks are relatively harmless and their easy to read format and instructions ensure the process is as much fun as possible.

34. Razor Kobra Boy’s Bicycle

A bicycle never grows out of style as a gift for children. Boys, especially, love racing around the neighborhood and showing off their skills on the road. This bicycle is designed specifically for boys. The tough steel frame is made to withstand the crazy stunts your boy, and his friends will pull while trying to outshine each other. It also has sure stop handbrakes that ensure he slows down easily and safely. You don’t even have to worry about his comfort thanks to the cushioned seat.

35. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Nerf is a popular franchise, and its toy guns and blasters are something every 13-year old boy wants. This blaster comes with 6 elite darts that are designed for distance. The darts are made of foam and have flexible hollow tips, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your kids.

The mechanism used to construct this blaster allows your kid to fire up to 6 darts in a row. Loading the darts is also easy thanks to the rotating 6-dart barrel that flips open. With this blaster, your son will have a blast playing make-believe games with his friends.


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