35 Best Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys 2020

Gifting a 14-year-old boy can be challenging. At fourteen years, boys are at that age where they don’t want to be considered kids, so they can be quite choosy when it comes to gifts. This makes picking a suitable gift for them a real challenge. Finding a balance between getting a gift that is cool and appropriate can sound daunting. This is where we swoop in to help. Here is a list of suggestions you might want to consider when out shopping for your tween.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 14 Year Old Boys

1. Fullosun Basketball Night Light

This Fullosun basketball night light is a 3D light with a 3D effect, which will surely make your fourteen year old boy happy. In just one simple touch, he can change the color of the light in white, pink, cyan, yellow, blue, green, and red. It can either be powered by triple A batteries or via a USB connector. The light has a lifespan of 10,000 hours. The basketball night light is perfect for the hallway, bedroom, and living room. 

2. Holystone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone

Make your son happy with Holy stone HS190 foldable Nano RC drone. These drones are cool and foldable which makes them epic to watch. The kid will be eager to know what takes place with the drone which will improve his eye coordination and internalize the physical set up of the drone which is a good thing for the kid.

3. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

Laser tag is a common household game, loved not only by children but by adults as well. This makes a good gift for a 14-year-old boy as it is a 4 pack and it is multiplayer as well. So your child can play with his friends in teams of two or every man for himself. It contains a blaster target hence no vests are required to play. The blasters come in a variety of colors, so the tastes of both your child and his friends are taken into account. It is a child safe product and hence would make a perfect gift.

4. Mangotek Apple Watch Stand Wireless Charger

This is one of the greatest gifts for fourteen year old sons. This an age of mobile phones, smartphones, iPhone and many others. The gift is convenient to carry around into any room for wall plug point. The stand has two color variations. Also, it has in-built USB charger and the size it works on various iPhones. The dock is made of spray-painted, and the base is made of suction for grip not slip. There’s no need to remove the case when charging.

Another good thing about this stand is that it can also charge his Apple Watch if he has one. It can charge both iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time and can fully charge both for 10W as fast. With its latest iOS 11.2 update, the wireless charging become 50% fast.

5. ScharkSaprk Remote Control Drones

The ScharkSpark should be in your cart. Your fourteen year old needs his mind to be occupied, but many use mechanisms that make the kids rebel. Buying next-generation remote controls drones is the standardized way to keep them engaged. These drones give your son full control over the flight of the drone from take-off to landing. The goodness with drones they have high definition mini-cameras which allows the operators to have fun aerial photos and videos of their favorite activities.

6. GoPro Hero 7 Black

If your fourteen year old loves the water or loves diving and swimming, this is the best gift for him. GoPro Hero 7 camera can be used on different occasions such as taking spot pics and video shooting recording. Your son will love this if he’s a water geek due to its waterproofing case. It’s an ideal companion for camping, cycling, or birthday parties. It also has a voice control feature, wherein you can tell your GoPro to start recording or to take photo.

Your son can also do live streaming through Facebook. Since this GoPro has an SD card, your son can definitely save videos and photos on his GoPro Hero 7.

7. Smartwatch with fitness tracker and camera

The watch supports Bluetooth, iOS and top mobile brands. It comes with USB cable, additional battery and a user manual. The good thing is, it reminds the boy not to oversleep. It’s the best way for the boy to keep connected with friends & family. Its remote cam has unique features like focus and high definition for the boys to click from far, activity tracker for fitness, sleep monitor to check to oversleep, alarm notifications, and sedentary reminder for checking fatigue. The watch sends SMS, receive phone calls and comes with a lifetime warranty. Also, it has a gallery, calendar, music player, recorder and calculator.

8. Nerf Mega Blaster

Nerf guns are always fun and safe choice young boys at any age. They come with foam bullets that are harmless and can be used in a variety of ways. This mega blaster has 6 foam darts that can fire up to 90 feet away. It makes the Nerf gun ideal for target practice and Nerf wars. It’s an exciting choice for boys who like the outdoors and serves as an icebreaker game for new friends. The game is safe and child-friendly even as they shoot at each other.

9. Profect Sports Pro Agility Ladder and Cones

This ladder is a great gift to challenge and develop his athletic nature. It stretches to about fifteen-foot in length, comes with four metal ground anchors, an equipment bag and 12 disc cones. Two bonus eBooks will be gifted to your kid with this awesome ladder. They are known as “Speed and Agility Cones Drills.” This set is built to be sturdy and durable. The ladder offers your teen the ultimate challenge to grow in speed, develop endurance, build strength, keep fit and improve his footwork. This is the best present to enhance his athletic prowess and prepare him for future rigorous games.

10. Prank-lopedia

14-year old boy doesn’t need recipes for fake vomit, fake snot or phony ice cream. They love o access over 70 different fun-loving, side-splitting pranks. Prankloedia is a work of long-time editor Julie Winterbottom. The encyclopedia is full of jokes; it has classic pranks such as sheeting the bed and edible dog poop. It includes step by step instructions, a full-color 16-page insert of supplementary materials and props like a lotto ticket. The book is easier to read and captivates kid’s reading ability.

11. UNGLINGA Kid’s Science Experience Lab Kit

UNGLINGA Kid’s Science Experience Lab Kit and making them happen at the same time are a young boy’s catnip. These hands-on experiments that make rockets and explosions are a great gift to any teenager. They come with easy to follow instructions and are quite safe, despite their name. This will ensure the boys enjoy themselves while learning along the way. The instructions colorful and explain what chemical reactions are taking place. Your son can be able to recreate the experiments in a home setting with some additional materials. It can be safely done indoors with wonderful results.

All the materials are high quality and can be washed, include the lab coat. Your fourteen year old can also change the customizable nameplate anytime your son pleases. 

12. Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

Almost all kids love the Nerf guns, and if your kid is no exception, we would suggest getting them this N-strike elite retaliator. The Retaliator blaster can be modified for whatever mission, so your little one can always bring it with him on any adventure. It is built to fire darts up to 90ft, and it is almost certain that he will always hit his targets. The blaster comes with 12 elite darts and a stock and barrel extension. The stock is removable, and you can easily do so with the flip of a switch.

13. HM Homes Ticket Shadow Box With Slot

At fourteen years old, your son have their favorite sports, events, and music groups. Instead of giving him any material gifts, give them the experience. It wouldn’t fun for them to go alone; hence, it will be wise to purchase two tickets for the recipients to bring a friend, a girlfriend or even you.

The good thing about this gift is that he can save all of the tickets from all of the events that he went with you, his friends or even his girlfriend. So do enough research on the things that take place when the event occurs, make direct contact with promoters and organizers to assure your child’s safety.

14. Cards Against Humanity

This is a good game for parties and when he has his friends over. It is suitable for up to 10 players. It differs from other group games as every player plays up to the end of the game. There is no elimination hence no one feels left out in the process. The set is packed with over 100 black cards and 500 white cards, which means that it can be played by your son and his friends for hours. 

The Cards Against Humanity comes with a booklet where there are rules and other alternate rules that the players need to play. 

15. Roger von oech’s ball of whacks, red

Roger von oech’s ball of whacks provides is very stimulating and has challenging mental activities for the kids. The magnetic design block ball can be arranged in many ways, giving the boy an opportunity to flex his creative prowess and challenge his mind to recreate various configurations.

16. 50 in 1 Electronic Playground

This is a set of everything electronic but designed for the use and play of kids. It is made to help kids make their own electronic devices with more than 50 electronic designs readily available. It’s a creative way for boys to learn, do research and play all at the same time. They can make a variety of devices ranging from magnetic bridges to electronic noisemakers.

17. The driving book gift idea

Soon your 14 years old will drive. If your son is in loves with cars and he is keen on knowing much about driving then this is the right book for him. The book can be graduation, birthday or special occasion gift. The book provides an in-depth insight into everything the little teen’s driver needs to know. The information in the book covers the change of tires; challenges drivers face every day and driving lousy weather.

18. Magnetic Dartboard

This is a game that improves hand-eye coordination and aim. It’s a non-aggressive sport made even safer by the use flat headed darts. The magnetic board is child safe and family oriented as everyone can have a go at it. It also builds competitive play among friends and comes with an easily hung hook for optimum placement. Playing darts is a fun pastime and a great way for your boy to relate to other kids. It is an indoor game that can jeep your tween occupied when they are in the house and help them earn to focus on one thing that is not a screen.

19. Manhood present for the teen boy

Train your boy to be the best man around. Unlike our fathers’ era, nowadays we have a deficit of men in society. Soon our society will be without real men, men who will handle any situation thrown at their way, and comfortably take responsibility without a fuse. Put your son through a phase that will enable him to know what he is required of in the future. Manhood manual is the perfect guideline for the youngster. It provides them with steps and skills that will enable them to maneuver manhood antics.

20. Battle Blow Build and Blast Set

Blasting stuff is something that all 14-year-old boys are fascinated with. With this set, your boy can have fun blasting things while remaining safe. The set comes with an assortment of 165 pieces and 5 foam darts that can shoot up to 75ft high. For the bow to work, your kid will have to arrange the pieces. There’s an instructions guide as well that shows how to build the bow and blaster in four different ways. You can as well customize it if you want. With this list, we hope you get the right gifts for your 14-year old boy. Remember that even the smallest of gifts can make his day.

21. Kids Explorer Kit

This is the perfect gift for your fourteen year old boy who like to go out on adventures. It encourages exploration and love of nature through nature walks and expeditions. The set includes a whistle, cross body bag, safari hat, costume vest, magnifying glass, hand-crank flashlight, and binocular. 

The kit prompts your son to go out, even if it is the backyard, and study nature with his new tools of adventure. You can even be with your son while he explores, which is definitely a good bonding experience for the both of you. 

22. The Teen Kitchen: Recipes We Love To Cook

At fourteen years, boys are very selective about what they eat. Instead of being a regular customer at groceries or bakeries, you should introduce them on how to prepare their food. The Teen Kitchen: Recipes We Love To Cook features over eighty tasty recipes on how to make breakfasts, snacks, sides, dinners, and dessert. 

The book will enable your son to conquer cooking ineptitudes without setting your house on fire. The book will also expose your son to kitchen chemistry and culinary vocabulary. You can also guide your son along the way and use it as a bonding time.

23. Sidekick Solution Premium Emergency Roadside

At this age, you must prioritize the fourteen year old son health and wellbeing. As you all know, boys grow older, they spend much of their time away from home. They need some protection and you cannot protect them most of the time but the Sidekick Solution Premium Emergency Roadside can. 

On their daily ongoings, they may encounter some little accidents such as little knocks, and the emergency kit can be of great help for them. With this gift, you have created awareness on matters regarding the health of your teenage boy, in which he will have an idea to help himself or his friends.

24. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

LEGOs are one of the most use toys by young boys. This Star Wars millennium falcon is very impressive with its cool and thought-out designs that are bound to impress a 14-year-old. Such features like rotating laser turrets with a hatch, a fully hinged ramp, and entrance hatch, among others set it apart and make it a unique gift that will be well appreciated. It also includes many mini-figures like Kanjiklub Gang Member, Tasu Leech, Finn and Rey totaling up to 1329 pieces of the set

25. Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX Bike

Give your fourteen year old son the Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX Bike. As you all know, bike riding comes with a range of benefits which include, bike riding is pure and simple fun, in fact, one famous John f. Kennedy said “Nothing compares to simple pleasure of a bike ride”, it keeps kids physically active, improves kids mental health and learning, and it’s an excellent way for the kid to get around.

The Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX Bike has an aluminum U brake and as well as a brake lever to ensure the speed when braking. With its Hi-Ten steel fork and handlebar your son will have a maximum steering performance. 

26. Laser X 88016 two player laser gaming set

This is for the laser-tag loving boy. The 2-player laser gaming set is an excellent choice because it’s expandable, which means even friends can join your son to have fun. The laser is compatible with all other Laser x sets, and players can participate individually or as teams. Its features include 200-ft range, interactive voice coach and keeping track of shots and hits.

27. AmScope 120X1200 52 Pieces Microscope Kit For Kids

The AmScope 120X1200 52 Pieces Microscope Kit For Kids is an easy-to-use microscope with loads of features that help in building a young scientific mind. Your son will be able to explore and experience the world differently. It’s a compound microscope with a forward facing turret that has 300x, 600x and 1200x magnification capabilities. 

The metal base has an all-glass eyepiece and LED light mirrors for illumination. The kit comes with a 52 piece accessory kit that’s well packed into a plastic carrying case. This gift is definitely an educational gift your son that comes with many features for easy use and cool accessories for exploration and discovery.

28. Magnetic dartboard

The game is easy to play; all that’s required is aiming darts at the magnetic board. It’s durable because it’s made of high quality which prevents damage. It’s designed to fly accurately for a unique performance. The game has much fun for kiddies that are above ten years and can be played alone or with the family. Unlike other poorly designed toys and gifts, the game entirely boosts kids coordination skills and sportsmanship.

29. CuberSpeed rainbow ball

The ball has 12 holes and 11 colorful balls inside. It’s a challenging and fun activity that will occupy your son’s mind for a few minutes. The goal of the game is getting the ball back into their like-colored spots by fidgeting it. The features include fun and addictive puzzle and scramble the balls. The game engages hands, which lead to improvement of the kids’ memory and cognition.

30. Tracing pad coloring board for kids

This is the perfect kit for kids who love drawing. Its LED design provides illumination for better tracing ability. Another essential feature for the package is a paper locking frame which ensures that the drawing sheets are firmly held for perfect trace line. There is also Crayola light up tracing pad. The pad comes with twelve colored pencils, a graphite pencil, coloring board, ten tracing sheet, and three AAA batteries. This tracing pad comes with about twelve colored pencils.

31. Amscope- kids microscope

The microscope is designed for kids of 12 years and above. It is simple to use and has certain features which enable it to explore hidden things such as brine shrimp eggs, corn roots, and others. This is a compound microscope with a forward-facing turret. The metal base holds a LED light and mirror for illumination, all glass eyepiece, and in-built color filter wheel for highlighting colored objects. It comes with the 52-piece accessory kit, petri dish, seven blank slides, collection vias, a specimen slicer, brine shrimp eggs, two AA batteries, and LED bulb.

32. Stomp super high-performance extreme rocket

This toy enables the kids to run and jump. The kids can stomp the rocket as high as four hundred feet into the air which is longer than a football field. Kids can play this toy any place such as a vacation or a park. Adults can join and have fun with their kids. The toy is easy to play, easy to assembles and requires no batteries for operation.

33. Black Man Case for iPhone XS Max

Your fourteen year old son will surely love this black man case for his iPhone XS Max. It has an animated design, which can help protect the phone with its shell. The case will not only help protect your son’s phone but will also help your son’s phone to become even more fashionable. 

One of the best things about the black man case is that it is environmentally friendly. The material is made from an organic silicone material that is high quality, which will surely protect your son’s phone from bumps and drops.

34. Squashed board game

Squashed board game helps to keep kids entertained for a more extended period and also enables the kid to build quality problem-solving skills. Also, it’s easy to clean and easy to set up. Two to four kids can play the game at the same time.

35. A Skateboard

Boys tend to go for extreme sports as part of their play time. A skateboard is a cool gift choice for any tween who likes the outdoors being active. The 22-inch skateboard has a wide deck that’s well suited for long rides. If your 14-year-old hasn’t had experience with skateboards before, this will work well to ease them in. Its long design is not ideal for flipping tricks, with 3 inches’ thick wheels that will provide safety. They come in a variety of colors and patterns are cool, and your tween will definitely love.

These are the top 35 gifts that your fourteen year old son will surely love to have whether on his birthday or this coming Christmas. So start choosing amongst the many options below and you will find one that suits his personality.

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