35 Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys 2020

Child development experts agree that the best gifts for 2 year old boys are open-ended toys and games that provide several educational benefits and help them learn through engaging, exploratory play. These include encouraging imagination, creativity and role play, improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination and building cognitive abilities, problem solving and fine motor skills. At this age, full of enthusiasm, energy and increasingly independent, a 2-year old boy is eager to discover new things on his own.

We’ve compiled a list of the best toys for a 2 year old boy as a gift to give you plenty of beneficial gift ideas so that you can conveniently pick the perfect one for your toddler. From multi-activity centres, themed playsets and ride-ons, to wooden puzzles, shape sorters and building blocks, here are 35 best gifts for 2 year old boy, boasting multiple developmental assets and building learning into fun-filled play.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 2 Year Old Boys

1. Car Slide

Choosing a car slide that has bright colours and eye-catching design will surely catch the attention of your toddler. Majority of the car slides in the market today comes with 4 colorful, child-safe cars, 4 zigzag tracks and a rooftop car park, helping your 2 year old boy engage in more complicated pretend play, ignite his imagination and wonder and develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and dexterity. Hours of fun for your toddler as he sets the cars off at the car park and sees them sliding, clicking and clacking down the four colorful tracks right to the bottom track.

2. Number Train Toy

Regarded by both parents and child development experts as the best toy for a 2 year old as a gift, a number train toy enables your toddler to engage building and exploratory play, while helping him learn colours, shapes, numbers and counting. Your 2 year old boy will have trainloads of fun building and rebuilding the chunky train and at once will develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities. With the number of number train toys that are colorful, you’re further encouraging your child’s imagination, creativity and role play.

3. Skyway Toy

The sky is the limit of your toddler’s imagination and fun-filled play with a brightly colored educational toy! Definitely one of the best gifts for 2 year old boy, is a skyway toy, which features engaging sounds, songs and phrases about sharing, patience, playing together and taking turns, thus supporting his social-emotional development.
Your toddler will have lots of racing fun as he presses the buttons. Allowing your little boy to pretend play with cars and a skyway to the next level while he exercises his fine motor skills by easily grasping the colorful cars.

4. Learning Animal Toys

Welcome to the jungle where adorable animals serve as teachers! There are a lot of learning animal playspace on the market with awe-inspiring animal facts and sounds, engaging songs, cheerful words, colours and shapes. Choose a safari-themed educational playset and take your 2 year old boy on a rewarding learning adventure as he discovers  jungle animals, one at a time.
Choose one with shapes and other educational things, for your little one to be fascinated by shapes, numbers and letters displayed once he presses a button. He will be amazed to see  just like magic hearing all these cute animals count as your little boy listens.

5. Pirate Ship Toys

Savvy? Your 2 year old boy will have loads of fun exploring the magnificent pirate ship toys and discover the treasure on his own. Choose an interactive, educational and open-ended toy that allows your toddler to experiment with multiple ways to play. There are interactive pirate ship that comes with characters, like the captain, pirates, and animals to foster imagination and creativity, so that your little one can engage in more role-play, and create his own pirate stories.
Make sure to choose a pirate ship, that will not only act as a toy but as well as an educational one. Choose something with features like, twisting the sails, turning the helm, opening the trap door, escaping the octopus tentacles, pressing the cannon button to hear the cannoball soar – there are many things to do and discover for your toddler while he develops fine motor and problem solving skills, logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. Most fantastic pirate ships are loaded with interactive features to foster learning through engaging, imaginative play.

6. Multicoloured Animal Toy

Offering the joys of discovering independent play at his fingertips, this adorable, rainbow animal is one of the best toys for a 2 year old boy as a gift. Choose a hand-held maze like feature that has a magnetic wand to steer colorful marbles through its body, a fun-filled activity that helps him develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and as well logic skills and cognitive abilities. Always make sure to choose a toy that is finished with non-toxic, safe paint to make it an excellent gift idea for your toddler. As he plays with it, your toddler will see that he is better at entertaining himself.

7. Bus Playset

All aboard for learning fun galore! Choose a bus playset that has 4 different hands-on activities including learning, music station for a delightful musical experience, phonics explore for hearing letters/ phonic sounds and Number Fun for learning numbers. A Bus playset is a multi-function educational toy that nurtures learning through exploratory play. Your 2 year old boy will be a busy bee exploring multiple buttons and learning about simple cause and effect. Choose a bus that has fun melodies and bus-related sound effects, smiling and talkative passengers that utter cheerful phrases when pressed and other interactive playset. Surely, your son will light-up the bus will keep him fully entertained for hours.

8. Wood Puzzle

According to child development specialists, puzzles help stimulate cognitive development, problem solving and fine motor skills. A colorful wooden puzzle, with to its chunky and easy-grasp wooden pieces. Your toddler will not only develop dexterity and logical thinking, but also learn about different stuff as he matches them to the brightly colored picture on the wooden puzzle board.

9. Ball Toddler Game

Shake, roll and giggle! Your 2 year old boy will have a ball playing especially if you choose a self-rolling motorized ball that moves all over the place while making all kinds of silly sounds that appeal to toddlers. Select one that has brightly colored and squeezable monsters for extra fun while your little one manipulates it. Majority of the toy balls in the market are specifically designed for little hands and will make your toddler giggle for hours, while helping him build gross and fine motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination as he tries to catch and hold onto it.

10. Toy Car Garage

Hours of parking and towing fun await your little boy with this interactive educational toy that encourages imagination, pretend play and creativity. Choose one that has different locations that turn interactive when driven over, a realistic tow hook, spinning gears, open/close gates and 3 light-up buttons that teach colours, fun melodies, objects and cheerful phrases. Based on the studies, a toy car garage is one of the best toys for a 2 year old boy as a gift. As he will enjoy loads of fun hands-on activities, discover new ways to play and exercise his motor skills as he uses the lift to drive the tow truck around the garage or choose one that uses a spinning brushes to clean the truck at the car wash.

12. Baby Animals Book

Many of toddlers’ favorite plush animals are animals because they are fascinated by these speechless creatures and particularly fond of baby animals. Select an interactive, best-selling book that encourages early learning skills, introducing your little boy to the captivating world of baby animals. Choose a baby animals book that comes to life with fun and inspiring repayable activities that encourage exploration and discovery and foster life science, cognitive, and fine motor skills. Your toddler will be amazed to hear this type of book talking and singing.

13. Alphabet Blocks

Learning the alphabet is funner when stacking the letter blocks and with a colorful and superbly illustrated blocks, your 2 year old boy will discover new ways to learn through play. Choose blocks that has feature a whimsical, cartoon-style illustration that ignite imagination and inspire experimentation with cause and effects. He can nest the cute blocks by letter, size and colour on top of each other to create an impressive, tower using his own creation! But as toddlers are hopeless explorers and are looking for new things to accomplish, your little one will most likely knock the blocks down so that the fun and discovery can start all over again.

14. Fun Food Stall Toy

Choose a fun food stall toy that is loaded with removable, toddler-friendly play pieces, this incredible educational toy serves up a deliciously amusing slice of hands-on activities that foster creativity, role play and imagination. Choose one that has a dashboard which is similar to actual food truck incorporates clicker key, gear shifter and steering wheel, helping engage your 2 year old boy in more pretend play and develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and logical thinking. He will also be eager to explore the food prep area which comes with a light-up grill, service bell and sink.
A food truck toy has a unique mix of vehicle and kitchen pretend play makes it one of the best gifts for 2 year old boy, keeping him super busy and at once entertained as he greets his customers, takes the orders and preps them, works the cash register and more.

15. ABC Train Blocks

Your 2 year old boy is bound to have trainloads of building and melodious fun with an educational gift like an ABC train blocks. An ABC train block can be a terrific gift idea for your little one because these train blocks in the market today are printed with all the letters from A through to Z, making them super-fun from A to Z. It is an interactive, vividly colored train set which usually comes with special train shapes and colored rolling wheelbases to ignite imaginative, constructive and engaging play. it would be best to choose a train block with music as he will surely love hearing realistic train sounds and fun melodies as he presses the yellow smokestack for added fun to his alphabet journey. Your toddler will be on the fast track to learning his ABCs while building fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

16. Wooden Educational Triangle

There are a lot of wooden educational triangle toys today that are known to be interactive and has  5-in-1 multi-function activity center that offers lots of fun hands-on activities and new things to discover for your 2 year old boy at his fingertips. He will learn numbers, letters and words, shapes, colours, animals and many more. Choose a top-rated activity triangle is made of sustainable wood with non-toxic paints and is perfect for his little hands. One of the best toys for a 2 year old boy as a gift is a versatile educational toy that nurtures physical, social and cognitive development, while encouraging coordination, problem solving skills, creativity and learning through engaging, interactive and fun-filled play.

17. Race Car Preschool Toy

A whole lotta racing fun awaits your toddler with this fantastic, with a lot of top-rated toys in the market that encourages creative and constructive play. Choose one where he will be captivated by building and rebuilding his very first race car which in turn will help him develop fine motor skills, dexterity and early construction skills. Select a set that comes with a buildable, red and white race car on a wheelbase and a double-sided brick depicting a male and a female driver to stimulate imaginative play and inspire your little one to create his own stories as he plays with the race car.

18. Musical Instrument

The sound of music! Celebrate his inner musician with a colorful musical instrument. Select a toddler-friendly percussion instrument introduces your little boy to the ever-fascinating and inspiring world of music and encourages him to develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity and a sense of rhythm and even create his own musical pieces. It would be best to select one with guides to help your toddler out.

19. Doctor’s Set Toy

What’s up, doc? Choose a vintage-style design, that is complete with doctor’s set encourages role play, imagination, creativity, nurturing behavior, sharing and social-emotional development. Typically, a doctor’s playset will include colorful and fun medical accessories such as a toy syringe , a stethoscope, a blood pressure gauge, 2 medicine bottles, an ear scope and a thermometer to enable your toddler to engage in even more complicated pretend play. Giving him a doctor’s set toy will also help toddlers overcome their fear of doctors through role play, making it the best toy for a 2 year old boy as a gift.

20. Animal Sorter Truck

Child development experts recommend shape sorters as great gifts for 2 year olds who are just starting to notice basic concepts such as colours and shapes. An animal sorting truck is an excellent gift idea for any toddler who is especially fond of animals because it not only builds learning into constructive, creative and exploratory play but also nurtures social assets such as kindness towards animals, sharing, appreciation of life in all its forms and sensitivity to the world around them.
Choose a playset that comes with a truck, figures and colorful animal figures. Your toddler will develop logical, problem-solving and fine motor skills by sorting and fitting the animal figures into slots carved on the sides of the truck.

21. Learning Interactive Toys

Choose a game and learn interactive toys to make learning fun is the name of the game. Choose a toy that is filled with music for it to teach basic notions such as numbers, shapes, colours, ABCs, and more through engaging, fun songs, phrases and sounds. Your 2 year old boy will enjoy endless hours of fun while improving fine motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination as he moves the joystick and presses the colorful buttons. There are game and learn interactive toys that are realistic design of this educational toy also stimulates imagination, creativity and independent play.

22. Interactive Activity Toy

With an interactive toy, learning through play will be your little boy’s cup of tea. There are a lot of interactive activity toy in the market that are fun-filled with hands-on activities, this colorful discovery tree toy enables your 2 year old boy to discover basic concepts such as colours and numbers wen pressing the apple-shaped buttons. With an activity toy, it will help encourage his curiosity and wonder. Choose one that has a character that asks questions reinforces learning, and the spinning water wheel plays fun music for a rewarding playtime experience. This will surely be enjoyed by your toddler.

23. Wooden Spinning Toys

Wooden spinning toys are considered as the best-selling, 5 stars educational toys is hands down one of the best gifts for 2 year old boy because these toys have been specifically designed to help him develop logical thinking, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, colour and shape recognition. Choose toys that are vividly colored, smooth and rounded pieces are made of solid wood and non-toxic paints and come in different sizes. Your toddler will be intrigued by fitting everything into the correct spots so that he can spin the wooden system.

24. Train Wooden Toy

A train wooden toy is an open-ended, malleable educational toy that ignites exploration, discovery and imaginative play. Your 2 year old boy will have lots of fun stacking the colorful blocks any way he likes and discovering new ways to play with a classic train set. Choose a handcrafted from sustainable wood and finished with non-toxic paints for it to be safe for them. Select a train wooden toy that teaches shapes, colours and wild animals and fosters fine motor skills, creativity and hand-eye coordination, making trains one of the best toys for a 2 year old boy as a gift.

25. Toy Car Set

Vroom, vroom! A toy car set with friction powered, cartoon-style cars featuring cute faces that your toddler will love to play with for hours and hours. Choose an easy-grasp colorful cars are perfect for his little hands and their expressive faces help stimulate his curiosity, wonder and imagination. By manipulating and chasing child-safe cars, he will also develop both gross and fine motor skills.

26. Educational Robot Toy

An educational robots are bound to become your toddler’s learning buddies, teaching him the alphabet, numbers and counting, colours and shapes through more than 100 fun songs, phrases and sounds. Your little boy will love interacting with an adorable robot toy by interacting with each other, dancing with interactive lights and silly sounds. As he discovers how to dance and sing, your 2 year old boy will start understanding cause and effect and at once nurture sensory exploration and fine motor skills.

27. Building Blocks

Choose building blocks with colored building blocks, this huge building bag is arguably the best toy for a 2 year old boy as a gift, enabling him to experiment with numerous ways to play and take his creativity and imagination to the next level. With the numerous best-selling, award-winning blocks, your toddler can construct pretty much anything he can imagine, from cars and animals to towers and castles and many more. As he builds, stacks and explores new building possibilities through hands-on play, your toddler will improve his cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity while having loads of constructive and creative fun.

28. Board Game for Kids

A new, engaging colour and shape matching board game for toddlers is ideal for their little hands and encourages shape and colour recognition. Choose a brightly colored and illustrating funny-looking pirates, these top-rated shape sorters as this will also promote social and emotional development, stimulates role play and imagination and helps develop both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

29. Puzzle – Clock

Many experts believe that puzzles are the best toys for 2 year olds. One of the most intriguing educational toy are puzzle clocks with different geometric shapes and different colours, encouraging curiosity, discovery and cognitive capacities. Your toddler will have loads of sorting fun brightly colored, rainbow-like blocks which will also help develop his fine motor skills as he matches the right block to its correct slot into the clock-like wooden base. It’s time for your boy to learn through play.

30. Airplane Activity Toy

Fasten your seatbelts, you’re going to have a funtastic plane experience! One of the best gifts for 2 year old boy, is an educational airplane-themed playset that engages your toddler in more intriguing and rewarding imaginative play through the skies and share exciting adventures together.
Activity toys foster curiosity, wonder, exploration and discovery as well as social interaction and emotional development. Choose one that has characters, for as your little boy places characters in their seats, he will be amazed to see the airplane light up and listen to inspiring sounds and songs about traveling with family and friends. More interactive fun awaits him when he presses buttons if there are any and sees that his actions make fun happen, helping him learn about cause and effect.

31. Educational Stuff Toy

What 2 year old boy wouldn’t want such a cute stuff toy to be his learning buddy? Educational stuff toys are one of the best toys for a 2 year old boy as a gift, because parents can make learning more fun for their toddlers. Choose a stuff toy that is pre-loaded songs or parents can choose and download their choice of learning tunes from an online list to help the little one learn through play and have lots of fun at the same time.

32. Animal Check-Up Kit

Your toddler will be there for the animals if they gets sick! With an amazing educational toy it will encourage pretend play, creativity and problem solving skills, your toddler will learn about colours, different parts of the bodies and more through fun phrases and songs. The interactive animal check up kit offers him healthy doses of learning fun, while helping him build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and empathy. Your little vet will love giving different animals a check up to ensure everything is fine and engage in role play that will help him respond to others and foster social emotional development.

33. Wooden Trucks

Giving an artfully handcrafted wooden playset that will provide hours and hours of loading fun for your 2 year old boy, helping him exercise his small muscle movement, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and dexterity. Choose a fun wooden toy comes with a red cab that has a working crane, 4 colorful goods containers and a trailer to encourage your little construction worker’s imagination, creativity and hands-on play. He will love seeing the crane swinging from side to side and the magnetic catch picking up the boxes for loading and unloading. Make sure to choose a truck is designed for his little hands, encouraging manipulation, curiosity and wonder.

34. Toy Garage Cars

An open-ended, educational toy with 7 brightly coloured and numbered garages provides your little boy with multiple ways to play, igniting his imagination, creativity and wonder. Choose wooden cars and match them to their correct garage by stacking them and building with the beautifully illustrated blocks a tall tower or even a vividly colored town, a toy like this encourages learning through constructive and imaginative play, making it one the best gifts for 2 year old boy.

35. Tablet for Kids

Not exactly a toy per se, more of a child-friendly piece of technology, a kid’s tablet will provide unlimited access for an entire year to over 5,000 engaging apps, videos, games, audiobooks for toddlers. Choose something that has an educational content from Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, Disney and more will keep your 2 year old boy busy and entertained whether at home or on the go (great for long car journeys). With all of these features, you can rest assured your little one sees only age-appropriate content.
These are the top 35 gifts for your two year old son. With the list above, you will surely find something that will capture your son’s attention. Whether it’s for birthday and Christmas gift, you will find something nice from the list above.

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