35 Best Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys 2020

For any parent or guardian, it can be tricky when finding a perfect toy for the 4-year-old boy. Especially finding a toy that will help the kid to explore his imagination and creativity can be a challenge. Also, it can even be more difficult to know what 4-year-old boy likes or loses interest in.

There are a range of gifts and toys for this age group from music and lights, cars, trucks, educational, action figures, LEGOs, and many others. But since at age 4 your little boy understands what he likes, getting his a great gift for him shouldn’t be difficult.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 35 best gifts for 4-year-old boy to help find the perfect gift for your little boy.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

1. Kid’s Tablets

Does your child ask for your phone or tablet now and again? Nothing more obnoxious than a 4-year boy asking for gadgets when he is not quite ready for an actual tablet. Giving him a kid’s tablet instead would be better as it has letter buttons, color-changing screen, and piano keyboards. Choose one that has different learning activities, for every progressive learning level, and the colors are stimulating enough for the kid to forget parents’ attention.

VTech little apps kids tablets

2. Books About Dinosaurs

Books about dinosaurs are books which is sure to keep your four-year-old boy busy and entertained for extended periods. Choose a book that is simple and colorful enough to appeal to any four-year-old who loves dinosaur stories. There are books that contain enough information to have a shelf-life of several years, which means that your little boy is going to be entertained for years.

3. Books of Why

Help your kid expand and explore his imagination and the world around him the differents books of why. Mostly the mind of a 4-year-old is occupied with “Why” mentality, and all the books in the market today are designed to answer all of their queries in the most fun way. Choose one with games, recipes, crafts and outstanding national photography, the book will provide accurate and scientific answers. Also, the book should also be a must have for the kid because it will teach them various issues such as how cars operate, how cookies are made from dough and many more.

4. Magnetic Building Blocks

These days, kids are no longer interested in traditional block building; they want better and bigger things. A magnetic building blocks will allow your little boy to run his imagination wild. He is going to improve his creativity and hone his fine motor skills.

A magnetic building blocks are so entertaining you are most likely going to find yourself spending some extra time playing with your baby boy and creating new designs and buildings. The building blocks are ideal for boys between 3 and 7 years.

Magnation Magnetic Building Blocks

5. Toy Car Parts

A toy car parts kit comes in the form of disassemble-reassemble race car. Usually, it has different car parts and a complete set of extra tires. Also, the game has several screws and the power drill. A toy car parts kit promotes curiosity and in-depth thinking by introducing your son to the internal mechanical process of a car. The goodness with the toy is that it introduces kids to different parts of a vehicle and enhances creative thinking, imagination, and memory. Also, it improves hands activity which is good for group play.

6. Fishing Set Toys

One of the common characteristics of a 4-year old boy is growing of interest in dress-up play. Choose a fishing set kit that comes with rod, reel, vest and fishing net. Also, it should come with worm baits and 3 colorful plastic fishes. Choose a package that also has fisherman’s carry box that keeps things organized after fishing. With pretend & play fishing set, kids will mimic their dad’s outdoor fun of fishing. A dynamic set, promotes role-playing, hand-eye-coordination, and writing. It’s also a great way of starting the family fishing adventure.

7. Backpack

Choose a backpack that is one of the most hard-wearing, top-quality, and beautifully-designed backpacks for kids on the shelves today. It would make a perfect gift for your little boy especially if he has just started school.

There are only a few things more endearing and amazing than watching your baby boy march into class proudly carrying his gorgeous backpack. Choose a backpack that comes with aside pouch that can hold a water bottle and a zipped front pocket.

8. Car Set

Its universal young boys love playing with cars. How about buying your son a car set? Different car set packs feature different vehicles which include exclusive decoration. This gift improves analytical thinking of the kid. Also, the collections create a sense of pride and identity.

9. Scooter

At four years, boys have a fair control of their muscle movements. Therefore, they are ready to take a scooter. Choose wheels that provide stability while handles are wrapped, which makes them easy to grip. Make sure that the body is made of aluminum and steel which can be easily folded. Usually, the scooter controls the child’s leg muscles and coordination and also it fosters foot-hand-eye coordination.

10. Raincoat

Raincoat is one the best gifts for 4 year old boy. It is warm enough to be the perfect winter coat, and comes with a hood with elastic around its top making sure that it stays up when worn. You have the option of taking its matching trousers as well. Choose a coat and the trousers are made using recycled plastic bottles which means that you are doing your part for the planet too when you get it.

There are also gender-neutral designs, so that the top-quality jacket can be passed between siblings. This is perhaps the loveliest gift option for 4-year-old boys who already have far too many toys.

11. Dinosaur Bubbles

Choose a dinosaur bubble toy that comes with illuminating LED lights when the bubbles are forming and transparent plastic for kids to see how bubbles form. Choosing this toy will help promote eye coordination and grip strength.

12. Toy Engineering Set

A toy engineering set is one of the most amazing toys sure to keep any 4 year old boy entertained and challenge his thinking. Choose a set that includes wrenches and pieces with which your little boy is going to practice building various things like helicopters, robots, and trucks. Usually, a toy like this is designed to last for years, and as he develops, the set has more advanced options for him to figure out and build; so he really won’t get bored.

13. Foam Rockets

Do you want your 4-year-old boy to know some physics of rocket propulsion? No need to think further, buy him a foam rocket toy. Choose one that comes with a number of pieces of colorful rockets that are made of launch pad and foam.

Usually, the toy enables the kid to think about aerodynamic and physics while having stomping good time. It’s good for backyard play; kids compete to see who launches the rocket farthest and chase after the rocket for the opportunity to send to space. It’s a great spectacle for the kids.

14. Kid’s Binocular

Choose a binocular set that comes with a flashlight, a lensatic compass, and magnifying glass. A toy like this will teach kids how to navigate with a compass and the pleasure of bird watching. A set awakens a child’s curiosity for great outdoors. Binoculars and magnifying glass boost scientific inquisitiveness while flashlight encourages hand-eye coordination.

15. Fun Art

A fun art is one the hottest Christmas gifts for 4 year old boy. It basically comprises of peg art with some backlight that will make his creation glow. Choose a kit that contains up to different pegs that come in different colors for him to create anything he thinks of.

Choose a set that will improve his fine motor skills and his imagination. There is also an easy to understand guide which will help him bring his imagination to life.

16. Educational Video Game

One of the best video games that a 4-year-old can play is an educational one. Choose one wherein there are three different ways that your little boy can play this toy, and that’s via jet, motorcycle, and car. All of these ways will entertain your child all day. With a toy like this, your little boy will be able to know how to spell, know different letters, numbers, and shapes. 

17. Airplane Toy Set

Introduce the world of airplane mechanical technology to your 4-year-old boy with an airplane toy set. Choose one that comes with different interchangeable parts. The set promotes curiosity and in-depth thinking of the kid. The toy show the kids the inner mechanisms, explain how things work, and introduce the principle of cause-and-effect.

18. Butterfly Kit

Bugs are just one of the things that a 4-year-old is curious about. They sometimes love touching these bugs and chasing after them. This means that giving them a butterfly kit is perfect for your little boy. Choose a kit that includes a mesh container where he will be able to see all the stages of a butterfly’s metamorphosis. Once the butterflies developed, your little boy can release them to be free.

19. Scribble & Write

Do you want to improve your kids’ writing skills? Choose a classic trace-and-draw method of learning will work magic for your kid. It is an intuitive way to enhance your child’s reading and writing abilities. The toy also solidifies number awareness, and it easily connects maths and language. The toy enables kids to develop mastery of different letter and number strokes which prepare them for complex writing.

20. Educational Gears

An educational gears toy set is an exciting mechanism to stimulate kids’ creativity especially those that are naturally inclined to engineering activities. Choose a set that comes in six colors, several six ways axles, a guide and extra eight base plates which interlock to form a foundation for building and construction project. Usually, this type of toy excites scientific and mathematics components within a child’s development. Also, the toy is known for unleashing in-depth creativity of young ones.

21. Playground Rocker Seesaw

Remember your first time on seesaw? You definitely needed someone on the other side to enjoy the experience. A playground seesaw on your porch will offer a fun experience for your little boy. Apart from being a good gift for physical development, social skills can be learned too. A seesaw rocker requires two to balance. This is an exciting way to encourage him to make friends out his neighbors. Social interactions will ensue whatever he is on the seesaw rocker with somebody else. As you get this great gift for him ensure its firm and strong for safety.

22. Mini Trampoline

Trampoline is one of the toys that can serve all the ages. Introduce the joy of jumping up and down by giving a trampoline to your kid. Choose one that comes with a softly wrapped sturdy for kids to hold onto. The toy gets your kid to jump by himself or with other kids or friend. The toy helps to build confidence, and it’s an excellent way for the kid to burn energy while staying inside.

23. Smartwatch

4-year-old boys love to have their own watch, especially ones that they can play with. Giving him smartwatch is perfect for him. Make sure that it has different features, from recording videos, capturing photos, voice recording to fun games. 

24. Railway Construction Toy

Racers are incredibly fun for the kids, and they fuel the child’s imagination and creativity. Railway provides kids 105 pieces which allow kids to build great track. The kid will be able to race many marbles at once. Choose a toy that improves kids’ speed of thinking and creativity.

25. Kid’s Binoculars

Wondering what outdoor gift you can give a four-year-old? Kid’s binoculars are a perfect gift. With a sturdy shock proof binoculars, the little man will enjoy his outdoor time. Though they may seem pricy at first, they are durable. Choose one that is built with a field view of 1000 yards, the boy will enjoy bird viewing or safari. A gadget like this will make his outdoor experience worthwhile as he watches anything he likes from far.

26. Kids Play Tent

Let’s go back when you a child, which was your first hideout? A treehouse? Or a pillow fort? Whatever it was, it was a nice feeling to have a hidden place to play with your friends or with your favorite toys. You can provide your son with that experience with kids play tent.

Your young boys will be ecstatic to come home and find a tent set up for them. Choose a canvas that is durable and made of high-quality material and can accommodate many kids. Lastly, make sure that it has a flashlight slide projector in case of darkness the child can turn on the flashlight and project image on ceiling and walls.

27. Drum Set for Kids

Boys love playing instruments, and your 4-year-old will love a drum set. Your little boy will surely discover how fun rhythms and beats are. A drum set comes with four modes of play, including numbers, letters, free game, and follow along. Choose one that comes with three drums, a cymbal, and two drumsticks. Giving this to your 4-year-old will help promote cardiovascular endurance, rhythm, and coordination. 

28. Walkie Talkie

If you want to keep your 4-year-old boy busy then a walkie talkie is perfect for him. He can use this with friends or with his siblings. You can even communicate with him using them gadget. Choose walkie talkies that have good battery life and wide network range. 

29. Jumper Toy

Kids love imitating tiger’s playfulness across a myriad of woods, hence giving them a jumper is an excellent decision. Choose a stick that is made of high-quality cushion base and a comfortable handle. Usually this toy also makes a squeaky sound as kids play, and can accommodate up to 250 pounds. Whether inside or outside the toy keeps your kid physically active. Also, it develops their mystery coordination, balance, and dexterity.

30. Educational Smart Cycle

An educational smart cycle toy is the perfect balance between technology and exercise. This will help your son to think and learns quick period helps the kid with phonics, spelling, and rhyming.

31. Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games are just one of the fun yet educational gifts that you can give a 4-year-old. You can choose to provide him with puzzles that interest him, including animals, map, and so on. Puzzles will surely demand his full attention, which will keep him busy for hours. Also, this will offer an entertaining learning experience as it will improve his problem-solving skills. 

32. Indoor and Outdoor Playhouse

4-year-old boys love to play with cars, and giving him an indoor, and outdoor car playhouse will be perfect for him. He can bring it outdoors if needed, or he can just play with it inside his room. With a car playhouse, he will surely enjoy being in it, playing inside or even eating there. 

33. Kid’s Smartwatch

Boys at this age are most likely fascinated by some the things the adults have. If a five old year son or grandson is curious about his dads or uncle watch. It’s a perfect idea to get him a kid’s smartwatch. Parents can easily teach the young lad how to tell the time. A smartwatch will give the boy a certain sense of importance and responsibility. Once they have something that’s valuable, they will want to take care of it. Choose one with an alarm as it will have him anticipating all sorts of things. He can play games with it and be easily convinced that it’s time to do something else when the alarm rings. This toy imparts a sense of responsibility in a fun way.

34. Playhouse

A playhouse will bring adventure to the young boy right at his doorstep. Choose one that is made with recycled materials and is big enough to accommodate a five your old boy. An epic playhouse is enhanced with colors and accessories that will captivate the little man.

35. Trampoline

Boys generally have too much energy; a trampoline is an enjoyable way to tire him out because a trampoline exhausts him in a fun way. It works like a bouncing castle but more personalized and does not consume too much space. Choose one that comes in different shapes and sizes. it’s easy and quick to set up for your little man. One hour on the trampoline can have him craving for bedtime. Trust me he won’t give you trouble falling asleep when the time comes.

Always remember that when choosing a gift, always choose something that will not only make him be entertained but one that is also educational. Getting the best gift for your 4-year old does not have to be challenging. We certainly hope that this list helps you decide on which gifts would make your boy happy whether for Christmas or for his birthday.

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