35 Best Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys 2020

At five years, most boys are exceedingly curious and get bored easily. Choosing an exciting gift for them can be painstakingly tasking. However, it shouldn’t be difficult getting them a great gift because at this age, they already know what they like and what they do not like.

There are few things to consider though when trying to get a 5-year-old boy a gift for whatever occasion with the most important being the kid’s safety. You don’t want to get him a gift that can harm or put his health at risk. To help you get the perfect gift for your little boy, we here 35 suggestions for the best gifts for 5 year old boy;

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 5 Year Old Boys

1. Puzzle Games

A puzzle game kit is made of various pieces of different shapes and sizes that forms a complete element. The pieces could form various structures, for instance a map, the big five wild animals. Such a puzzle will demand the boy’s attention as he tries to figure out what it forms. This kind of gift also offers a challenging but fun learning experience. By figuring out the puzzle, a boy acquires problem solving skills.

2. Remote Control Tank

5-year-old boys are into cars and trucks as they get older and this usually never change. This makes a remote control tank perfect for him. The best thing about it is that he will be the one to build the tank himself, which will make improve his creativity and imagination. 

Some of the other reasons as to why you should gift a tank to your little boy are that it will improve his cognitive skills, concentration, and patience. All of the materials of most of the tanks in the market are safe for children, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. 

3. Bicycle

Every little boy gets excited by the idea of owning a bike. It’s the type of gift that will keep the young lad on his toes. Choose a 16 inch bike is definitely a sleek way that will demand any his admiration. Choose one that is built with an easy to use brake system your boy should have any qualms as soon as he learns how to use it. Enjoyment is guaranteed whenever he takes it out on a ride.

4. Soccer Ball Set

Soccer ball set is perfect for 5-year-old boys who loves kicking. With this soccer ball, it will automatically transform your area into a great soccer field. One of the best things about a soccer ball set is that the game is a combination of both hockey and soccer. It will help allow your son and as well as his friends to have ample of time to bond together. 

Choose a soccer ball set comes with two hockey or soccer ball for kids to kick around. Once kicked, the ball will be hovering in the air which is similar to a hockey puck. A ball has a light on its surface that can be activated using a button. It will make playing at night possible and very interesting. 

Whether you have a big space or not, the soccer ball set is perfect for your 5-year-old boy. He will surely be kept occupied for an extended period of time. 

5. Remote Control Car

5-year-old boys love to have a playhouse which can be used both outdoors and indoors. Your little boy will surely enjoy a remote control car. Choose one that he can drive through the asphalt or even inside the house no matter what the flooring is.

6. Playhouse

At five years, most little boys have a great interest in cars and playhouse, so giving him an indoor and outdoor playhouse would be best. Choose a playhouse that’s big enough for him to sleep in and one that’s made out of durable materials so it can be used outdoors. Your five year old will surely love it!


7. Mini Terrarium

Mini terrarium is an amazing gift will allow your baby boy to grow his own inside a beautiful jar. Usually, the terrarium comes with a light up lid with a USB charging cable. Choose one that can easily be set up using the instructions are simple and easy to follow. Typically, a set includes such necessary things as soil, river rocks, chia seeds, wheatgrass, and blue sand. Also, the included miniatures and removable stickers will allow your kid to customize his habitat.

8. Kid’s Smartwatch

Boys at this age are most likely fascinated by some the things the adults have. If a five old year son or grandson is curious about his dads or uncle watch. It’s a perfect idea to get him a kid’s smartwatch. Parents can easily teach the young lad how to tell the time. A smartwatch will give the boy a certain sense of importance and responsibility.

Once they have something that’s valuable, they will want to take care of it. Choose one with an alarm that will have him anticipating all sorts of things. He can play games with it and be easily convinced that it’s time to do something else when the alarm rings.

Game Smart Watch for Kids

9. Car Track Set

Another great gift for a 5-year-old boy is car track set. Choose a car set that has a 16-inch track and forms into a figure 8 loops. Also, usually, most sets in the market is a car feeder, wherein he will be able to load his car and let it come soaring into the track. 

One of the best things about a track set is that has motorized boosters and vast crash zone. It will surely create a loud bang when it crashes. 

10. A Soccer Ball

Most young boys are soccer-crazed. Once they see it on TV or in school, they want to try it. At this age, they have more energy than you can probably handle. A soccer ball will offer a good outdoor activity for the young boy who has all the energy to expend. Parents and friends can join in the fun by kicking the ball around with him. He can learn to catch and throw it around, sounds like good way to develop some skills right?

11. Science Kit

Is your little son mad about exploring the magical and amazing world around him? If yes, then you should probably get him a science kit. Usually, they are part chemistry, part magic, this set will help your son amaze and mystify his friends and family while still teaching him various scientific facts behind the magic.

Majority of the set in the market comes with several complex-sounding chemicals including  zinc sulfide, red cabbage powder, and polyacrylate copolymer all of which are child-friendly and won’t end up blowing his laboratory. Choose a set that also includes test tubes, measuring scoops, a wand, among other materials required to create some magic.

12. Sling Shot

Not could go with this amazingly soft and safe slingshot for little boys. The slingshot is sure to give your boy the thrill of pulling it back, aiming, and firing. And he doesn’t have to worry about it breaking because it is made of top-quality material. While it is easy to use and safe, this little sling still comes with some serious power, having the ability to launch its 1.5-inch ball up to sixty feet.

Choose a kit that comes with four foam balls and one slingshot, but you can always purchase extra balls separately. It is great for both indoors and outdoors play. Your boy will be kept busy for hours shooting and retrieving the balls. And you can reset the targets to give him an extra challenge.

13. Fort Building Kit

With a fort building kit, your son will be able to build a fort of any design. Usually, a kit includes boards all of which measure 8” by 8” and connectors giving him an amazing fort building capacity. There are also plans for submarines, castles, houses, and cars included in some kits. His imagination will be the only limit to what he can build using these boards.

He can snap pieces together at various angles (30, 60, 90, and 180 degrees) and taking them apart is easy. So he can build and rebuild stuff over and over. This is not just a fun activity but is also provides him with a great learning opportunity.

14. A Robot

Kids love to engage in thrilling activities. A robot can be enough to not only excite the boy but mesmerize a whole family. Setting up barriers or obstacles, having the robot navigate through them is interesting. Robots are a good way to bring out the little mans creativity. A robot is also an enjoyable way to make computational thinking simple.

15. A Trampoline

Boys generally have too much energy; trampoline is an enjoyable way to tire him out because it exhausts him in a fun way. It works like a bouncing castle but more personalized and does not consume too much space.

Usually, it comes in different shapes and sizes. Choose one that is easy and quick to set up for your little man. One hour on the trampoline can have him craving for bedtime. Trust me he won’t give you trouble falling asleep when the time comes.

16. Tablet

Gadgets are part of everyone’s life now, and your 5-year-old will surely appreciate the a tablet. Your little boy will evidently be occupied while you’re busy working or doing errands. The tablet can be used to play games or watch cartoons that he likes. Some of the apps that are ideal for him are audiobooks, videos, games, and other educational apps that will fit him. 

Another good thing about a tablet is that you will have parental control over it. This means that you will be able to monitor whatever your little boy is doing. 

17. Super Hero Cape

Superheroes leave little boys dismayed by their awesome powers. Each one of them probably has a favorite superhero at this age. Is it superman or Spiderman? Whichever hero it is, a superhero cape will have him energized. He will be running and jumping around in it as if he just became a superhero. He can act around and utter the words his favorite superhero uses. This is a perfect way to cheer him up when is grumpy. It can also serve as a motivating factor to get him doing something he is reluctant to do.

18. Building Blocks

There are pieces of blocks which come in a set with different colors. Boys at this age love colorful things but the highlight of these blocks isn’t the colors. The fact that the blocks can be attached to build something of their liking will have them glued.

Choose a set that grabs their attention and keeps them engaged in a fun way as they attach them. Building something meaningful to your boy can give him a sense of accomplishment. A set has an educational value to it, as the child learns to create something his creative skills are sharpened.

19. Baseball Game Set

Whether you 5-year-old boy is a Yankees fan or not, he will surely love a baseball game set. A set will let your boy recreate the game and command them if needed. 

The game will help improve your little boy’s concentration and coordination skills. Choose a set that is correctly magnetized, so you don’t have to worry about any ball flying that may knock things over. 

20. Castle Playhouse

A castle will bring adventure to the young boy right at his doorstep. Choose one that is made with recycled materials and is big enough to accommodate a five your old boy. Select a castle that is enhanced with colors and accessories that will captivate the little man. He will surely feel like a king whenever he gets in this castle. Also, make sure to choose one that is foldable, easy to set up and also recyclable.

21. Inspiration Art Case

Art projects are not only fun but also good for the development of 5-year-old boys. Choosing an inspiration art case offers the sophistication that will challenge your boy. Usually, an art case provides is a perfect artistic experience for a five-year-old. They come with crayons with a wide array of colors, and as well as a portable case to carry for a young one when traveling. He is going to spend a lot of time playing with amazing items and enjoying every minute.

22. Magnetic Building Blocks

There may be a lot of block buildings on the market, but kids find this boring nowadays. That is why giving your 5-year-old boy a magnetic building blocks will let his young imagination improve. Both his motor skills and creativity will be enhanced. 

A magnetic building block will not only entertain him but as well as yourself. Your little boy will start creating buildings with new designs up to 7 years of age. 

Magnation Magnetic Building Blocks

23. Inflatable Sleeping Bag

There isn’t a better way to send young boys to sleep as with an inflatable sleeping bag. In case you are out camping, or he is having a sleepover at friends, a sleeping bag will have him eager for bedtime. It’s a fun way to send the little man to sleep or encourage him to take that afternoon nap. Choose one that’s finished with a smooth, soft material, comfortable to make your little boy look forward to bedtime.

24. Digital Walkie-Talkie

Want a fun way to keep a typical energetic five year old boy occupied? Going the tech way is a perfect solution. A digital walkie-talkie is a fascinating gadget for the little man. As much as it fun boys can learn basic things as they play with this gadget. For example, soon they will find out it uses a battery as a source of power. A walkie-talki is a practical way to acquire such knowledge. A good walkie talkie should have a wide network range and longer battery life.

25. Ball Set

Let your 5-year-old boy start playing outdoors with a ball set. Choose a set that comes with three of the most popular ball games, including football, basketball, and soccer ball. Your son and his friends will surely love playing with these balls outdoors. 

Worry not because all the balls are made out of soft and durable materials. You shouldn’t worry about anything because the balls are made out of safe materials ideal for kids. 

26. Rescue Car Set

At five, boys have watched cartoons or kids TV programs depict rescue services. He may have seen a policeman on the street or maybe a firefighter at the station. He probably looks up to one of this respectable men and women who rescue us in times of need. This is why giving him a set of cars which he see during an emergency a brilliant idea. Choose a  set that comes with different themes and accessories. A set of rescue items can fulfill his dream. He will be proud to rock this attire whenever he can and even brag to his friends.

27. Rocker Seesaw

Remember your first time on seesaw? You definitely needed someone on the other side to enjoy the experience. A playground seesaw on your porch will offer a fun experience for your little boy. Apart from being a good gift for physical development, social skills can be learned too. A seesaw rocker requires two to balance. This is an exciting way to encourage him to make friends out his neighbors.

28. Kids’ Tablet

A tablet for kids is an awesome gift for a five year old boy. It’s an interactive gadget that will enhance his reading effortlessly. Choose a tablet that is interactive with story books that assist them sound words. As they do so, they have fun as well as learn without realizing it. A tablet will keep him glued to the screen as he eagerly explores all the fun activities.

29. Dinosaur Figurines

The dinosaur age is gone, but the excitement lives on. Five-year-old boys are curious about the dinosaur stories. What better way to make the experience more fun than to gift them a dinosaur figurine. The little man will not shy from recreating the dinosaur story with its piece. A dinosaur toy will be his daily companion as he sets out for play adventures. Do not be surprised if he asks to go to school or sleep with this new found toy beside him.

30. Kids Binoculars

Wondering what outdoor gift you can give a five-year-old? Kid’s binoculars are a perfect gift. With a sturdy shockproof binoculars, the little man will enjoy his outdoor time. While they are a little pricey, good binoculars are among the most durable on the shelves today. Built with field view of 1000 yards, the boy will enjoy bird viewing or safari. Choose a gadget that will make his outdoor experience worthwhile as he watches anything he likes from far.

31. Portable Goal Post

Soccer is a popular sport all over the world. Most young boys are excited about soccer. That is why a portable goal post is an incredible gift for five years old. If he is excited about soccer, probably has a soccer ball, how about you take it a notch higher. A portable goal post will do exactly that. As soon it is set up at the yard he will be learning how to score a goal. This gift can be exciting for the whole family as well, as they watch their young one learn to score a goal. Isn’t that awesome?

32. Picture Books

Often, 5 years is the age most children start attending school. this would be the best age to instill a reading sense in them.

Most parents will often try to force their kids to read. However, you can easily get them to do so on their own by buying them some picture books.

Kids love looking at colorful pictures. This will get them interested in reading in a matter of minutes. You can even get some coloring books for them that allow them to use their creativity while learning their vocabulary at the same time.

33. Raincoat

A raincoat is one the best gifts for 5-year-old boy. It is warm enough to be the perfect winter jacket and comes with a hood with elastic around its top making sure that it stays up when worn. You have the option of taking its matching trousers as well. Choose both jacket and the trousers that are made using recycled plastic bottles which means that you are doing your part for the planet too when you get it.

There are also gender-neutral designs so that the top-quality jacket can be passed between siblings. A raincoat is perhaps the loveliest gift option for 5-year-old boys who already have far too many toys.

34. Educational Engineering Set

Keep your 5-year-old entertained and amazed with an educational engineering set. Choose a set that includes a number of toy pieces and wrenches to help him create trucks, robots, and helicopters. An engineering set toy is a great ideal for five years and up as the set offers advanced options that he will have to figure out in the future. 

35. Toy Truck

If your 6-year old boy is fascinated with cars, then the a toy truck is a perfect gift for them. Choose a truck that also doubles up as a transport truck fpr mini fast cars that will definitely fascinate your little guy.

Choose a toy truck that also comes with various road cones and caution bars. With these, your kid can transform the house into a raceway and keep himself busy for a couple of hours.

Always remember to teach your 5-year-old boy to appreciate whatever it is that you’re giving him so he’d carry that trait as he grows older. Lastly, when choosing gifts, make sure that they are not only entertaining but as well as educational. 

There is a wide variety of gifts for your 5-year-old nephew, son or grandson. Hopefully, this list will help select the best gifts that will make him feel truly special during Christmas or on his birthday.

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