35 Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys 2020

Gifting a 6-year old boy can be a bit challenging. They are at that stage where they want more independence and the approval of their friends is more important to them than yours. They also seem to change their minds really fast. By the time you get them that toy they have wanted for so long, they already have their sights set on something else.

Once you understand this, then getting a gift for a 6-year old boy won’t be so much of a task. To make things a bit easier for you, we have compiled this list of the 35 best gifts for 6 year old boy. Hopefully, the suggestion will help decide on what gift will make your little boy happy.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 6 Year Old Boys

1. Remote Control Tank

6-year-old boys love being creative by building almost everything that they can build. A remote control tank will let your boy operate it.

The tank is an excellent gift because he will be able to use his own imagination so he can start building it. Your little boy will evidently be preoccupied for hours because he’d be busy using the remote control tank. 

Giving this will help improve your child’s creativity and imagination. Also, it will help with his cognitive skills, concentration, and patience. All the materials in this unit are safe for children. 

2. Building Car Kit

Toy cars are always top of the list when it comes to playthings for boys. With a building car kit, little boys with a fascination for toy cars can enjoy building toy replicas of different vehicles and even with 12-wheel car transporters.

Choose a set that contains different pieces which will help your 6 year boy build whatever cars he wants. There are a lot of building car kit that comes with a unique design, and your boy is sure to love it the moment he sees it. Plus, there is an included instruction guide to make things easier for your kid.

3. Soccer Ball Set

Transform your home or your patio into a mini soccer field with the soccer ball set. A set has a combination of both soccer and hockey, which will let your son and his friends to have fun together. 

Choose two soccer style goals and hockey/soccer ball in this set. The ball will start hovering onto the air once your kid kicks. At night, they can continue playing because of the light that the ball has, which can be activated using a button. 

A soccer set is ideal not only for small spaces but also for spacious areas. 

4. Mini Terrarium

A mini terrarium is a fantastic gift will allow your baby boy to grow his own inside a beautiful 4” by 6” jar. Choose a terrarium that comes with a light up lid with a USB charging cable. Usually, a set up instructions are simple and easy to follow. The set includes such necessary things as soil, river rocks, chia seeds, wheatgrass, and blue sand. Also, there is an included mushroom miniatures and removable stickers will allow your kid to customize his habitat.

Choose one with a wooden stick and a spray bottle that will make watering his seeds a cinch. It would also be nice to see some blue sand, rocks, and soil as he pleases, and he can personalize things as he wants. Choose a set that is designed to ignite a passion for knowledge, learning, and self-sufficiency in kids.

5. Creative Brick Kit

Your 6-year-old will love a creative brick kit because he’ll be able to build anything in his imagination.This means that a set will help improve his imagination and creativity. 

A creative brick kit is consists of brick pieces and is available in different colors. They also come in different shapes, wherein some are shaped in wheel rims, base plates, eyes, tires, frames, and even windows. Your child will be able to stack his creation using different designs. 

Usually, a brick kit is one of the favorites of most parents since it has a storage box. So storing them after your little boy plays with them is more comfortable. Also, you can ask him to help you store them for you. 

6. Sling Shot

Not could go with this amazingly soft and safe slingshot for little boys. A slingshot is sure to give your boy the thrill of pulling it back, aiming, and firing. And he doesn’t have to worry about it breaking because it is made of top-quality material. While it is easy to use and safe, this little sling still comes with some serious power, having the ability to launch its 1.5-inch ball up to sixty feet.

Choose a kit that comes with four foam balls and one slingshot, but you can always purchase extra balls separately. It is great for both indoors and outdoors play. Your boy will be kept busy for hours shooting and retrieving the balls. And you can reset the targets to give him an extra challenge.

7. Rocket Kit

If there is something that you can be sure of, is that 6-year old kids will always be fascinated by anything that shoots.

A rocket kit is an easy-to-use toy, given that there are very few pieces that need assembling. The best part is the fact that your 6-year old can assemble the pieces himself and get playing immediately.

Choose a kit that comes with four rockets that shoot up to 200 feet in the air. Don’t worry; the rockets tips are filled with foam so they are perfectly safe for anyone who might be around.

One great thing about this a rocket set is that it gives parents an opportunity to introduce kids to the world of science.

8. Walkie Talkies For Kids

6-year old kids love playing cops and robbers, spying games or just about any other imaginative mission game. With cool walkie talkies, your little ones can deliver their secret messages safely.

Select a walkie talkies have a 2-mile range and 3 channels that allow your little one and his friends to play over long distances. Choose one that also comes with features that give your kid the feel of a true agent on a mission such as the LCD and built-in flashlight. Your kid will also be alerted in the case of a call,’ and he can easily carry around the walkie-talkie thanks to the belt-clip.

9. Criss Cross Track Set

A criss cross track set will be perfect for your 6-year-old. Choose one that forms an eight-figure to make the race more exciting up to the finish line. Also, choose one with a car feeder that will send the cars soaring onto the next track. It would be best to choose one that is also a motorized booster in this track set. 

10. Block Boxes

At around this age, you will notice that your little boy will start collecting things. If your son is adventurous by nature, then gifting him with block boxes could be something worth thinking about.

Block boxes come in a variety of different colors and are great for storing whatever your little one is fascinated with. Be they seashells, rocks, or any other thing from nature, containers like this makes for great storage. Your son will have so much fun collecting and filling boxes up while out in nature.

Because the block boxes containers look great, they are perfect for decorating your little one’s room. Simply have them fill the boxes with whatever they want and stack them on their bedroom shelves.

11. Card Board Game

6-year-old boys love to hang out with their friends and the Guess Who? A board game will surely entertain them for hours. As you all know, children are known for being inquisitive, and they can use that using this game with their matches. 

12. Scientific Explorer Kit

Kids love to explore, and your 6-year-old will love a scientific explorer kit. Choose a kit that is half magic half chemistry, where your son will surely be amazed at every fact that he’ll be able to know. 

Usually, a kit comes with different sounding chemicals, make sure that it includes polyacrylate copolymer, red cabbage powder, and zinc sulfide. You shouldn’t worry because all of those are kid-friendly and won’t actually blow up his mini-laboratory. 

Choose a science kit that includes measuring scoops, test tubes, and other materials that will help him create magic. Help, child, to do some tricks, and he will surely become a pro in no time. 

13. Magnetic Dart Boards

As we mentioned earlier, kids generally love games that involve shooting and scoring points. With a magnetic dart boards, your 6-year old gets to shoot darts, only in a much safer environment.

Boards can easily be set up in your kid’s room and allow him and his friends a couple of hours of competitive fun. The boards are quite safe, so you do not have to worry about anyone hurting themselves. The magnetic darts are also safe and will not leave any holes on the wall should the kids miss the board.

14. Kids Bicycle

There’s no better way to get your 6-year old outside than to buy them a bike.

At 6 years, chances are high that your little one can easily ride a bike without stabilizers. With a bike, your son can have some great times with his friend racing through the neighborhood.

Choose a bike that is light and is easy to maneuver. Whether he is just playing with his friends or riding to and from school, you can be sure that he will find the bike easy to use. You can also easily attach the stabilizers if he still needs them.

15. Kids’ Fort Building Kit

With this kit, your son will be able to build a fort of any design. Choose a kit that includes boards all of which measure 8” by 8” and connectors giving him an amazing fort building capacity. There are also plans for submarines, castles, houses, and cars included in most kits. His imagination will be the only limit to what he can build using these boards.

He can snap pieces together at various angles (30, 60, 90, and 180 degrees) and taking them apart is easy. So he can build and rebuild stuff over and over. This is not just a fun activity, but it is also provides him with a great learning opportunity.

16. Educational Board Game

An educational board game is a perfect combination of gun and educational points for your little one. Choose one that is designed for kids and is a great way to build your child’s vocabulary. Make sure to choose that is perfect for a great indoor game that allows you to spend time with your kid while giving them a learning opportunity.

17. Kids’ Tablet

In an era where children are learning how to use smart devices early on in life, you might want to gift yours with this kids’ tablet.

Although it is not a toy, a tablet could keep your kid occupied for hours. It allows them to play games and watch TV whenever they want to. An amazing feature of most kids’ tablets is the parent control that allows you to monitor what your kid can access.

18. Books About Dinosaurs

Books about dinosaurs is fantastic book which is sure to keep your six-year-old boy busy and entertained for extended periods. Choose a  book that is simple and colorful enough to appeal to any 6-year-old who loves dinosaur stories. Usually, the book contains enough information to have a shelf-life of several years, which means that your little boy is going to be entertained for years.

19. Face Paint Brush

6-year old kids love to draw on just about any surface, and it can be quite annoying trying to get permanent marker off the wall.

With paint brushes, they can easily draw on each other’s faces (as well as dad’s) without you worrying about getting the paint off. Choose one that comes in a pack of three and are designed for easy and quick use. They are also ideal for sensitive skin and are paraben free.

20. Toy Truck

If your 6-year old boy is fascinated with cars, then a toy truck is a perfect gift for them. Choose a truck that also doubles up as a transport truck for mini fast cars that will definitely fascinate your little guy.

Lastly, make sure that it also comes with various road cones and caution bars. With these, your kid can transform the house into a raceway and keep himself busy for a couple of hours.

21. Stadium Baseball Game

Is your kid a Yankees fan? Then look no further for a great gift. With a baseball game, your kids get to recreate their plays. They can command players from wherever they are.

A gift like this is great for young fans and allows them to improve their coordination and concentration skills. Choose one with a stadium that is magnetized, you do not have to worry about the ball flying off the ball and knocking things over in the house.

22. Magnetic Building Blocks

These days, kids are no longer interested in traditional block building; they want better and bigger things. A magnetic building blocks will allow your little boy to run his imagination wild. He is going to improve his creativity and hone his fine motor skills.

Choose a magnetic building blocks that are so entertaining you are most likely going to find yourself spending some extra time playing with your baby boy and creating new designs and buildings. Most building blocks are ideal for boys between 4 and 7 years.

Magnation Magnetic Building Blocks

23. Art Draw

An art draw toy is a great gift idea for 6-year old boys who love to draw. Your child gets to draw on the rotating slide, and the images are projected onto a backlit platform that allows them to trace. Choose a kit that comes with slides, markers and sheets of paper.

24. Soccer Ball

Most young boys are soccer-crazed. Once they see it on TV or in school, they want to try it. At this age, they have more energy than you can probably handle. A soccer ball will offer a good outdoor activity for the young boy who has all the energy to expend. Parents and friends can join in the fun by kicking the ball around with him. He can learn to catch and throw it around, sounds like a good way to develop some skills right?

25. Ball Set

If you would like to get your 6-year old outside, then a set of balls might help you do just that.

Choose a set that includes three of the most popular ball games. It comes with a soccer ball, a basketball, and a football. Choose a set that are designed for your little one to have some fun outdoors with his friends. The balls should be made of soft yet durable material. This way, you are sure that your kid will not get hurt playing with them and they will provide a couple of years of fun for him and his friends.

26. Scooter

At six years, boys have a fair control of their muscle movements. Therefore, they are ready to take a scooter. Choose wheels that provide stability while handles are wrapped, which makes them easy to grip. The body should be made of aluminum and steel which can be easily folded. The scooter controls the child’s leg muscles and coordination and also it fosters foot-hand-eye coordination.

27. Picture Books

Often, 6 years is the age most children start attending school. This would be the best age to instill a reading sense in them.

Most parents will often try to force their kids to read. However, you can easily get them to do so on their own by buying them some picture books.

Kids love looking at colorful pictures. This will get them interested in reading in a matter of minutes. You can even get some coloring books for them that allow them to use their creativity while learning their vocabulary at the same time.

28. Raincoat

A raincoat is one the best gifts for 6-year-old boy. It is warm enough to be the perfect winter coat and comes with a hood with elastic around its top making sure that it stays up when worn. You have the option of taking its matching trousers as well. Usually, both the jacket and the pants are made using recycled plastic bottles which means that you are doing your part for the planet too when you get it.

There are also gender-neutral designs so that the top-quality jacket can be passed between siblings. This is perhaps the loveliest gift option for 6-year-old boys who already have far too many toys.

29. Puzzle Games

A puzzle game that is made of various pieces of different shapes and sizes that form a complete element. Choose pieces that can form a certain structure, for instance, a map, the big five wild animals. Such a puzzle will demand the boy’s attention as he tries to figure out what it forms. A puzzle is a kind of gift also offers a challenging but fun learning experience. By figuring out the puzzle, a boy acquires problem-solving skills.

30. Arts and Crafts Library Set

Kids love to create things, and with arts and crafts set, the possibilities of what they could create are endless.

Choose a set that comes with all the arts and crafts supplies that your little one may need. It should also comes with a case that allows them to store all the supplies once they are done.

With a set like this, your kid can make just about anything. They can even make some DIY decorations for you to hang in their rooms or just about anywhere in the house. This set allows your kid to build their creativity and use their imagination.

31. Twirl Staff

The best thing about gifting a 6-year old boy is that they are easily fascinated. The gift does not, therefore, have to something huge.

A spinsation staff is a simple gift that is bound to keep your kid fascinated for hours. It is simply made of iridescent ribbons that are manipulated to create the illusion of a bubble. You can even have the ribbons made of different colors to keep your kid fascinated for hours on end.

32. Watch

Your 6-year-old should be able to tell time, and watch will surely make things easier for him. With a watch, you can encourage your son to show off his time telling powers. 

Choose a watch with a a strap that is washable, which means that it will look clean and presentable. Also, select a watch that comes in different colors; wherein there are some that are gender neutral. A jungle themed version would be perfect for your 6-year-old boy. 

33. Engineering Toy Set

An engineering toy set is one of the most amazing toys sure to keep any 6-year-old boy entertained and challenge his thinking. A set includes wrenches and pieces with which your little boy is going to practice building various things like helicopters, robots, and trucks. Choose a toy that is designed to last for years, and as he develops, the set has more advanced options for him to figure out and build; so he really won’t get bored.

34. Kids Smartwatch

With an awesome smartwatch, your 6 year old boy will be styling just like the big boys. The watch is beyond just an ordinary accessory; it is pretty and comes packed with several fun features for various on-the-go activities.

Select a watch that can take pictures and comes with voice and video recording capabilities as well. Other outstanding features of a good smartwatch includes five games, three fun activities, a motion sensor, and three action challenges. It should also have a timer, a calendar, a stopwatch, and an alarm. With all these features on her wrist, this is among the best gifts for a 6-year-old boy.

35. Indoor and Outdoor Playhouse

A playhouse that can be moved indoor and outdoor will undoubtedly be ideal for your 6-year-old. At this age, he probably has developed the love for the outdoors, and playhouse is perfect for him. Choose a playhouse that is spacious enough for him and his toys. He can also sleep in it if he feels like it because it’s big enough for him to get comfortable. 

Getting the best gift for your 6-year old whether for his birthday or on Christmas does not have to be challenging. We certainly hope that this list helps you get the perfect gift for your 6-year-old boy. The list above contains not only entertaining toys but as well as educational ones. Choosing gifts that are versatile will undoubtedly become useful for the years to come.

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