35 Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys

Getting gifts for a 7-year old can be a tricky affair. However, what most people do not realize is that it should actually be quite easy. This is because, at age seven, they are old enough to play with some advanced toys, but they are still young enough to be fascinated some.

When picking out a gift for a 7-year old boy, it is important to put a little thought into it. This is because it is at this age that they pick up an interest that they could carry on for life. If the gift is for your son, take some time to study what interests him and pick a gift that will wow him for days.

To help you out, we came up with a list of some of the best gift ideas for a 7-year old boy. Take a look.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 7 Year Old Boys

1. 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything)

Children are naturally inquisitive, and at seven years, your son may be asking some questions which you may not have answers to.

When it comes to books as a gift, you can never really go wrong. It is filled with loads of pictures that the kids will enjoy looking at. It is also written in an easy and fun way to read and understand.

What makes this a great gift is that it helps to enhance their reading, keeps them occupied and gets them informed about a lot of subjects. Be it Maths, history, or geography; your inquisitive boy will love this gift.

2. Remote Control Tank Building Unit

At seven years old, boys generally love to build things on their own. With this gift, they get to do that and use a remote to control the tank they have just built.

The remote control tank building unit is a fun gift as it allows the kid to create the tank from scratch using their own imagination. Because it will take some time, you can be sure that your little one will be occupied for some hours allowing you to get some free time.

This gift also adds some educational value to your kid. Besides allowing them to use their imagination and creativity, it helps to improve their patience, concentration, and cognitive skills. It is also made from safe materials so you can be sure that your little man is safe as he plays.

3. Transformers: The Last Knight Action Figure

Most boys at 7 years will be fascinated by action figures. If your little one has been following the transformer series, then this gift would be perfect.

The chances are that at seven years, your little one will already has a collection of action figures. Besides the figures being his favorites, they allow him to use his imagination while playing with his friends.

The Megatron last knight would be a great addition to his collection or even a great place to start. It is designed to change into various shapes and will help bring your kid’s imagination to life.

4. Lego Classic Large Creative Brick Box

With the Lego creative brick box, your little one gets to build anything they want as long as they just imagine it. That said, this gift is perfect for inspiring creativity and encouraging imaginative building play.

The Lego creative brick box comes with 790 pieces in 33 different colors. The pieces also come in a variety of shapes with some as windows, frames, tires, eyes, base plates, and wheel rims. These allow your child to stack buildings in a variety of designs.

The creative brick box is also a favorite among parents as it comes with a storage box. You no longer have to worry about where to store the Legos once your child is done with them. The package also includes a pamphlet with fun building ideas that will get you started.

5. DIY Slime Case With Insect Figures

Slime is a fun and easy way to keep little kids occupied. However, the amount of mess you have to deal with afterward can be quite disheartening.

With this kit, you do not have to worry about that. It comes with 6 slime powders. All your little boy has to do is add some water and glitter to the powder, shake and stir to get the slime he wants. He can even mix up different powders to create some interesting slime colors.

The kit also contains some confetti and insect figures. It is sure to offer endless fun for your kid. The best part is that it comes with a storage kit so once everything is done, you can easily tuck away all the slime.

6. Razor A3 Kick Scooter

There are high chances that your kid already has a bike at this age. A scooter, therefore, can be a good gift that piques his interest.

The scooter is designed conveniently for kids. It comes with an aerospace grade-aluminum that makes it quite durable. It also has a patented rear fender brake that makes it easy to do some quick stops.

This gift could be perfect for enhancing muscle coordination. If you want your boy to spend some more time outdoors, then you might want to consider a scooter as a gift.

7. Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Craft Kit

You can never go wrong with Legos. If your 7-year old already has some in his playroom, then this addition will be a great idea.
The kit comes with an additional 22 Legos. With these, your boy can make a number of cool machines that can do amazing things. The kit also includes an instructional guide that allows you to teach your kid some amazing new tricks.

The kit also includes some other materials such as balls, paper ramps, strings, a flag, bucket and more. These, coupled with some imagination, is all your little one need to have some fun around the house.

8. Nintendo Switch

Although this gift is intended for your 7-year old boy, it is great for even older kids and the whole family in general.
Little boys typically love gaming. That said, the Nintendo switch is a sure way to keep them happy. It can be played both at home and anywhere making it the ideal game to bring along during long trips.

It has a huge library of games that allows your kid to pick his favorite from. We especially love that it allows you to pick on a game from where you left without losing your progress.

9. Holystone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone

Make your son happy with Holy stone HS190 foldable Nano RC drone. These drones are cool and foldable which makes them epic to watch. The kid will be eager to know what takes place with the drone which will improve his eye coordination and internalize the physical set up of the drone which is a good thing for the kid.

10. Ultra-4 Stomp Rocket Kit

If there is something that you can be sure of, is that 7-year old kids will always be fascinated by anything that shoots.
The Ultra-4 Stomp rocket kit is an easy-to-use toy, given that there are very few pieces that need assembling. The best part is the fact that your 7-year old can assemble the pieces himself and get playing immediately.

The kit comes with four rockets that shoot up to 200 feet in the air. Don’t worry; the rockets tips are filled with foam so they are perfectly safe for anyone who might be around.

Kids can be very imaginative, so you can be sure that they will find new ways to play with the stomp rocket kit. Be it competing to find out who can shoot the farthest or hitting certain targets, you can be sure that they will come up with different ways to stomp.

One great thing about this set is that it gives parents an opportunity to introduce kids to the world of science. With a Stomp Rocket Science book that is sold separately, you can easily explain scientific topics such as force and trajectory to your little one in a fun and understandable way.

11. Anki Cozmo Robot

Anki Cozmo is a remote-controlled robot with artificial intelligence that makes it easy for your kid to develop some basic I.T skills.

The robot has a beginner-friendly interface. It will learn your name, has facial recognition features and can easily be controlled by most Android and Apple smartphones.

It is an interactive toy that is great for both solo play and plays with friends. With the Cozmo app, you can program the robot to do a couple of cool things as well as challenge him to some games.

12. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

This is one of the most amazing gifts for little boys on the market today. The Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set comprises of over 16’ of track which forms harrowing figure eight loops for some dizzying race up to a finish line. There is a car feeder that will allow your 7 year old boy load his cars then send them soaring.

There are also motorized boosters, as well as, a huge crash zone for some bang-up good time. The kit includes 1 Hot Wheels vehicle, but you can get more to increase his racing action and let him have maximum fun.

13. Mobi Math Tiles Game

Some kids will display some Math-anxiety once they are started with school. It is important to try to wade this off as soon as you notice it. For your 7-year old boy, using the Mobi Math Tiles game could be a great place to start.

With this set, your little one will use the tiles to make some simple equations. He will then connect the equations in a crossword-style and the first to connect their tiles wins.

This game is a great way to teach your little one some math skills and boost their confidence. You can even have the whole family join in and make it the new way to spend family time.

14. Super Stadium Baseball Game

Is your kid a Yankees fan? Then look no further for a great gift. With this game, your kids get to recreate their plays. They can command players from wherever they are.

The game is great for young fans and allows them to improve their coordination and concentration skills. Because the stadium is magnetized, you do not have to worry about the ball flying off the “court” and knocking things over in the house.

15. Perfect Life Ideas Catapult

Little boys love catapults and with this one from Perfect Life Ideas, they get to learn so much about physics and science while at it. It is also great for adults as well.

The catapult is quite easy to use and set up. It is also a great toy to bring with you on vacations as it does not require any power. It also comes with some balls which are made of foam, so you do not have to worry about the kids breaking stuff in the house.

16. Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

You can add some fun to adventure time by getting your kid this metal detector that is designed specifically for kids.
With its comfortable and ergonomic design, your little one will be comfortable handling the metal detector. It is able to detect small objects (coin-sized) up to 5 inches deep and larger objects up to 3 feet deep.

It also has discrimination control that eliminates iron and most of any other unwanted objects.
With this metal detector, your little one gets to be the explorer. Send them outside with this and let them see what amazing things they can discover hidden in the ground.

17. Alex Art Draw Like a Pro

This kit from Alex Toys is a great gift idea for seven-year-old boys who love drawing. Your child gets to draw on the rotating slide, and the images are projected onto a backlit platform that allows them to trace.

The kit comes with 124 slides, 6 markers and 10 sheets of paper. The kit also requires 3 AA batteries which are not included in the set, and you have to buy them separately.

18. DROGRACE Children’s Camera

Children love keeping records of the things that they do. One of the ways of doing this is by taking tons of pictures.
Of course, for a 7-year old, getting a phone may be a little too much.

However, a quick solution to this would be to get them the children’s camera from DROGRACE. Besides being a cool gift that they can play around with, this will help them grow an interest in photography.

The best thing about this is that it is waterproof. Your kid can, therefore, bring it with him when going swimming or any other activities that involve water.

19. Train My Dino- Wild or Mild

Dinosaurs are quite a favorite toy among 7-year old boys as well. With this Dino, your kid gets to choose between two modes; wild and mild.

In the mild mode, the Dino will chase around randomly and roar. While at it, it will use its intelligent sensors to avoid any obstacles. While in mild mode, Dino will be easier to control with the remote control included in the package. You can even pet him, and he will follow your hand movements.

With this gift, your 7-year old will feel like he has his own dinosaur pet. It can be a great addition to playtime with his friends or just by himself in his room.

20. Guess Who? Board Game

If you are looking for a simple game that will keep your 7-year old indoors, the Guess Who? Board Game would be a great place to start. We especially love the fact that you can join your little one in playing this game.

Naturally, kids are very inquisitive. This board game allows them to put that into use as they try to match faces with those on the board.

The game is similar to Twenty Questions. Kids have to use the elimination method to arrive at the correct answer. This, together with analytical reasoning, is a skill that your kid will develop when playing this game.

21. ZOOB RacerZ Car Designer

If your little one has shown some interest in cars, then you may want to give him this as a gift.
With this car designer, your boy is going to learn about how automobiles work. It comes with 76 building pieces and instructional manuals.

With the manuals and a little bit of imagination, your kid can create just about any car they want.
The pieces are even enough to build up to 3 kids at once. Because of this, your 7-year old boy can have some fun building cars with his friends or siblings at the same time.

22. Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit

Is your little son mad about exploring the magical and amazing world around him? If yes, then you should probably get him this scientific explorer kit. Part chemistry, part magic, this set will help your son amaze and mystify his friends and family while still teaching him various scientific facts behind the magic.

The set comes with several complex-sounding chemicals such as zinc sulfide, red cabbage powder, and polyacrylate copolymer all of which are child-friendly and won’t end up blowing his laboratory.

The set also includes test tubes, measuring scoops, a wand, among other materials required to create some magic.
Some of the tricks your boy can perform include making s test-tube crystal ball which lets him see his future and making some feverish fizz of bubbly frothy foam.

23. Chalktrail For Bikes

As we mentioned earlier, getting a gift for your 7-year old does not have to be rocket science. Even with something as simple as chalk trail, you can be sure your little one will be contented.
Chalktrail can easily be fixed onto the back of his bicycle. This way, he can leave a trail in the neighborhood as he rides. What’s more, he can have more fun making come patterns and designs as he rides along.

The set comes with one piece of chalk trail after which you will have to get a replacement. One piece will last for about 1.5 miles so he can have quite some fun before needing a refill.

24. Flik Flak Amazoonia Watch

At this age, you are definitely trying to teach them a lot of new things and telling time must be on your list.

With this gift, you can encourage your 7-year old to show off his time telling prowess. The watch comes with washable straps so you can easily get it looking presentable after a play date with friends outside.

The watch comes in a variety of themes that are gender neutral. For your little man, we would recommend the jungle-themed version.

25. Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

Almost all kids love the Nerf guns, and if your kid is no exception, we would suggest getting them this N-strike elite retaliator.

The Retaliator blaster can be modified for whatever mission, so your little one can always bring it with him on any adventure. It is built to fire darts up to 90 ft, and it is almost certain that he will always hit his targets.

The blaster comes with 12 elite darts and a stock and barrel extension. The stock is removable, and you can easily do so with the flip of a switch.

26. Pro-Ball set. Pack of 3

If you would like to get your seven-year-old outside, then this set of 3 balls might help you do just that. The set includes three of the most popular ball games. It comes with a soccer ball, a basketball, and a football. They are also designed for your little one to have some fun outdoors with his friends.

The balls are made of soft yet durable material. This way, you are sure that your kid will not get hurt playing with them and they will provide a couple of years of fun for him and his friends.

27. Diggin Black Max Football

Football is one of the sports boys want to release their energy. Diggin Black Max Football is one of the games your boy will love. It comes with a patented spiral ring for longer throws and tighter spirals. This will encourage him to like sports and outdoor activities.

28. Vtech KidiZoom SmartWatch

Rather than buy a smartphone for your 7-year old, you may want to check out this smart watch from Kidizoom.

The watch comes with most of the features of a smartphone and still operates as both an analog and digital watch.

With features such as the voice recorder, your kid can have fun recording and playing with the voice changing function.

It also has a camera and a motion sensor that reacts to their movements. It also has interactive games that keep the kid busy for hours on end.

Because it can be quite a distraction, the lock feature is quite a welcome. This allows the parents to control what features the kid can use and when.

29. Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library Set

Kids love to create things, and with this arts and crafts set, the possibilities of what they could create are endless. The set comes with all the arts and crafts supplies that your little one may need. It also comes with a case that allows them to store all the supplies once they are done.

With this set, your kid can make just about anything. They can even make some DIY decorations for you to hang in their rooms or just about anywhere in the house. This set allows your kid to build their creativity and use their imagination.

30. Klutz Book of Paper Airplane Craft Kit

Paper planes never get old, and most 7-year old boys will still be fascinated by them. With this book, your kid can take his paper planes to the next height.

The kit comes with 10 different planes and 40 sheets of custom paper. It also includes an instructional book with clear instructions. By following these, your little one can make a variety of paper plane designs. Not only does this keep him busy, but also enhances his creativity and ability to follow instructions.

31. Night Light Moon Star 360 Degree Rotation

With this night light, you can spruce up your kid’s room. The best part is that he is going to love it. The night light has a projector and will transform your kid’s room into space. Because you can rotate the base, you can change the projection every night and allow your son to sleep under the different constellations each night.

Besides being an incentive to get them to sleep, this night light will pique their interest in astronomy. Who knows, you might just be raising an astronomer.

32. N-strike Elite Vest Kit by Nerf

The vest will allow your son to load up for his mission on the Nerf field of playing. The package includes ammo, tactical vest, and quick reloads clips that will allow one to be heavily armed while on the move. The vest has loops and extra pockets for holding up more darts and ammunition. The game provides kids with competitive make-belief that helps them with problem-solving skills within their environment.

33. Swimline Giant Shootball

Both kids and adults love swimming. When going swimming with your little champ, you can use the Swimline giant shootball to add a little more fun.

This shootball is like combining swimming and basketball. The package includes one ball while the inflatable shootball has multiple ports for multiple players. Your kid will have so much fun trying to shoot while swimming with his friends and siblings.

34. Jenga Classic Game

The game is a timeless gift alternative option for kids, and it encourages them to play with friends and family. The bricks are made from sand hardwood and 100% safe for kids. The game comes with 54 blocks that are pre-stacked in the box; hence, they can be played right away. The game encourages team playing, sportsmanship, and competitive playing skills.

35. Mini-Arcade Machine

Remember all the fun you had at the arcade while growing up? Well, this mini-arcade machine lets your kid have the same fun, only in a different way.

With 240 in-built popular arcade games, this machine is portable allowing your little one to bring it with him to just about anywhere. The control joystick and two function buttons allow you to navigate your way through the different levels of the games.

With the powerful built-in speakers and full-color screen, your 7-year old boy will be transported back in time with the amazing sound effects.

Getting the perfect gift for your 7-year old will depend on what he likes. By this age, he has already started showing some interest in certain things which should help you get the right gift for him. With this list, we hope that you get an idea of what gifts to buy for that 7-year old boy and make him feel special.

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