35 Best Gifts For 8 year Old Boys 2020

Does your 8-year-old son, nephew, godson, or grandsons birthday coming up? Is that the reason why you’re here looking for suggestions of what gifts to get him? If so, then you came to the right place because I will be giving you the top 35 best gifts for 8-year-old boys. 

Giving something for an 8-year-old can be challenging since as they grow old, their preferences change as well. So I’ve gathered different gift ideas that your 8-year-old will surely love to have.


Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 8 Year Old Boys

1.   Robot Kit

A great robot is a great gift for your little boy to have fun while still getting an opportunity to learn. He is sure to love it. Choose a 6-in-1 robot kit, your nephew, son, grandson can build a car, a robot tank, and a dozer. He will have a great opportunity to stretch his imagination and creativity with technical development suiting his age.

Majority of the robots in the market are programmed on 3.0 programming system, the robot’s graphical programming will help your boy to develop basic logical coding skills, a fantastic way to introduce him to future technology. Choose a kit that includes an app remote which has easy-to-use instructions and easy to control.

2. Bow and Arrow

8-year-old boys love to shoot things, and a bow and arrow will surely make him ecstatic. Usually, the toy comes with a real bow and can fire up darts for up to hundreds of meters away. Choose something that can load up to a total of five darts all at once, which can be very exciting for an 8-year-old. 

You shouldn’t worry about anything because a bow and arrow toy is kid-friendly and is 100% safe for kids. 

3. Drone

If your 8-year-old boy love drones, then this will be perfect for him. Choose a drone that has a total of the 2.4Ghz transmitter which can be controlled for a maximum of 200 meters away. 

Make sure to select a drone that is made out of high quality and impact resistant foam. Usually, choose propellers are cleverly hidden, which will help protect it from any damage. Choose a drone that is constructed with top-quality impact resistant foam which makes it very resilient to minor crashes. Get your boy this gift and see how he will be delighted.

4. Building Bricks

Most 8-year-old boys love playing blocks, so why not get your son, grandson, or nephew an awesome building bricks? Choose a set that contains different pieces which will let your son recreate various kinds of things depending on your son’s preferences. They will also help him understand the responsibility of using various resources available.

5. Electronics Set

8-year-old boys are already in the process of developing their intellectual and cognitive at a rapid rate. An electronic set will help him improve his problem-solving skills. He will start discovering his skills when it comes to electronics and engineering. 

Choose a set  that comes with connectors and components that an 8-year-old boy will surely love, and it should also have alarms and sensors that will keep the game more exciting. Lastly, the kit should include an instruction manual which will guide him throughout the course. 

6. DIY Slime

Slime is fun not just for adults but as well as for 8-year-old boys. This means that your little boy will surely enjoy using a slime kit. Choose one that comes with six slime powders with different colors. You can help your kid with mixing the powder, glitter, and water. Let him stir it and shake until he gets the slime that he wants. 

7. Action Figurine

Small boys seem to love action figurines, so if your boy is great fun of movies, thena fantastic action figurine would be a perfect gift for him any day. And the good news is that the kit is relatively cheap.

8. Board Games

There are a lot of kids’ board game that’s perfect for eight-year-old boys. It is extremely fun, mischievous, and engaging and the whole family is sure to love it. Choose a game that will test your little boy’s wits, as well as, math skills. It is a great game for growing boys who like playing with their family or friends.

9. Scooter

Let your 8-year-old boy start becoming active by giving him a scooter. Choose a scooter that is a perfect ride for beginners, so whether he has started using a scooter or not, this will be an ideal gift for him. 

Make sure that the scooter is made out of airplane grade steel, which means that it will last for an extended period of time because of its sturdiness. The handle, on the other hand, is adjustable depending on the height of your little boy. To ensure that your child will be able to stay safe and enjoy the scooter, letting him wear safety gears would be best.

10. Hanging Laundry Hamper

Boys hate laundry but love throwing pieces of stuff such as basketball. With a hanging laundry hamper he can throw with a purpose. At eight years, your son is starting to do his laundry, and the hamper makes the task more fun. Even though most 8-year-olds are too short to reach the top door, choose one where they place the zipper at the bottom for the boys to operate the hamper efficiently. It usually comes in 5 colours and holds a lot of laundries.

11. Wooden Bricks Game

Jenga game is a timeless gift alternative option for kids, and it encourages them to play with friends and family. Choose bricks that are made from sand hardwood and 100% safe for kids. Usually, the game comes with 54 blocks that are pre-stacked in the box; hence, they can be played right away. The game encourages team playing, sportsmanship, and competitive playing skills.

12. Chain Reaction Toy

The chain brings systematic leads of responses from one to another. Choose a kit that is designed with items and ideas for creating things that display reactions. Usually, the items include elements, string, ramps, pop up signs, flag and funnel. This type of game gives an eight-year-old boy an opportunity to connect, create and explore with experiments.

13. Giant Shootball

Both kids and adults love swimming. When going swimming with your little champ, you can use a giant shootball to add a little more fun.

A shootball is like combining swimming and basketball. Choose a package that includes one ball while the inflatable shootball has multiple ports for multiple players. Your kid will have so much fun trying to shoot while swimming with his friends and siblings.

14. Vest Kit for Toy Guns

The vest will allow your son to load up for his mission when it comes to playing toy guns. Choose a package that includes ammo, tactical vest, and quick reloads clips that will allow one to be heavily armed while on the move. Usually, the vest has loops and extra pockets for holding up more darts and ammunition. The game provides kids with competitive make-belief that helps them with problem-solving skills within their environment.

15. Electronics

At this age group, boys want the latest and greatest electronics. One of the favorite items for them are tablets. Choose a size that is right for, and it’s not heavy. You can use it to download educational games for your son.

As a parent, you need to be cautious when kids are handling electronics. At this age Kids are curious, they may join obscene sites such as violence and porn. Block accessibility of any site at any time if you don’t want him accessing its content.

16. Mini-Arcade Machine

Mini-Arcade Machine may be an old game for some, but for your 8-year-old this is actually something new for him. Choose a machine that is equipped with built-in arcade games and is portable. This simply means that your child can bring it anywhere with him.

All the games have different levels so your little boy will surely enjoy the game for an extended period of time. Make sure to choose one that has a built-in speaker and a screen that is fully colored, which means your 8-year-old will surely enjoy this game.

17. Building Bricks

Building bricks kit helps kids of all ages to develop their imaginations, motor skills, and STEM skills. Choose a kit that enables kids to build their scene from the film.


18. Black Football

Football is one of the sports boys want to release their energy. Black football is one of the games your boy will love. Usually, it comes with a patented spiral ring for longer throws and tighter spirals. This will encourage him to like sports and outdoor activities. The goodness with the ball it hurts less than full leather footballs. Keep the ball dry.

19. Paper Airplane Craft Kit

Who doesn’t love airplanes, right? Your 8-year-old will surely love a paper airplane craft kit. The book will help your child build his paper planes on a different level.

Choose a book that comes with sheets of custom paper and different planes. Make sure that all the instructions are clear so your little boy can definitely follow them. By giving him this book, his ability and creativity will improve.

20. Scooter

Regarding physical development, kids begin to refine their coordination, skills, muscle control and they start to develop athleticism. Riding a scooter allows the kids to turn, jump, perform, catch balls, and balance.

21. Book Collections

At this age, their cognitive development is rapid, their attention and focus increases. Literacy skills also increase. Children read more content and try their best level to know the meaning. Kids begin to choose topics that they feel they cater their interests. Parents should take them to library and allow them to choose their materials.

22. SmartWatch

Gadgets are everywhere, and a SmartWatch is perfect for your 8-year-old. The watch is similar to the features of the latest Smartphones today. It works as a digital and analog watch.

Some of the features of a SmartWatch are a motion sensor, camera, recording, voice changing function, and camera. To ensure that your kid will remain safe, it has parental controls, so you know which features are kid-friendly.

23. Flying Ball

You don’t have to empty your wallet for your boy to be happy and engaged. A flying ball is a magnificent helicopter-style drone that will provide the boy with hours of entertainment indoors and outdoors. Choose one that has LED light inside that shines dazzling colors as the boy fly it around and two propellers that can be controlled by a remote. Also, make sure that the ball has several built-in protections which include automatic shut off if it hits anything.

24. Car Starter Kit

Boys love cars, and your 8-year-old will surely love a car starter kit. Choose a kit that contains two robotic vehicles that your little boy can control through his phone. He can drive them around or battle them with each other using high tech weapons.

Make sure that the kit includes 12 track pieces and two supercars. This means that he can play with his friends and control his own vehicle using the artificial intelligence of his car. Lastly, make sure that the kit can be played in different settings, including a time trial, battle, and race.

25. Gun Retaliator

A lot of kids are into toy guns, and your 8-year-old will surely love it if you give him a gun retaliator. One of the best things about this is that it can be modified depending on the mission that your son’s going in. Usually, it is made to fire up darts for a maximum of 90 feet.

A gun retaliator comes with  darts, barrel extension, and a stock. He can remove the stock by flipping the switch.

26. Kids Golf Club Set

Do you like to golf? If so, then your son should have his golf club. A junior kids golf club set will offer him everything regarding golf. Choose a set that comes with a quality set of six clubs, storage bags, driver 360cc, fairway wood, 7 iron, 9 iron, putter and every kids’ size. Also, make sure that it has lovely colors and designs which do not look kiddish.

27. Kid’s Inventor Kit

Your 8-year-old will love a kid’s inventor kit. Choose a kit that is considered as one of the best ways to help your little boy to develop his STEM skills. He will start learning and understanding some computer codes, which are all essential in our innovative world. 

28. Chalk Trail For Bikes

As we mentioned earlier, getting a gift for your 8-year old does not have to be rocket science. Even with something as simple as a chalk trail, you can be sure your little one will be contented.

Chalk trail can easily be fixed onto the back of his bicycle. This way, he can leave a trail in the neighborhood as he rides. What’s more, he can have more fun making come patterns and designs as he rides along.

Choose a set that comes with one piece of chalk trail after which you will have to get a replacement. Usually, a one piece will last for about 1.5 miles so he can have quite some fun before needing a refill.

29. Mini Drone

Your 8-year-old will surely be happy once you give him a mini drone. A drone will help your kid’s eye coordination be improved since he needs to fly this into different places without actually bumping into anything.

30. Dinosaur Figure

Gifts for eight-year-old boys without dinosaur toys are incomplete. A dinosaur toy is simple to use, kids only place it on their finger and control it in any way. A dinosaur react to sound, touch, and motion which makes it an interactive toy for kids. Choose one that has sound effects, moving jaws and small gas noises. The toy teaches kids how to interact with animals. At purchase point, batteries are included so that it can be used immediately.

31. Train My Robot

Dinosaurs are quite popular with boys, and your 8-year-old will love a robot that can be trained who has two modes; mild and wild. Usually, the mild mode will let you control it easily using the included remote. The wild mode, on the other hand, will let it roar and chase your kid around.

Choose one that has the ability to follow your kid’s hand movements. He can pet it or play it with together with his friends or siblings.

32. Toy Gun

Kids and adult-like children can enjoy a toy gun. It will keep them entertained to their teens. You don’t have to worry since most toy guns come with twelve foam darts that are safe to use. He will surely enjoy this toy gun.

33. Building Bricks

Building bricks are sets that are great toys for young kids especially boys. If they have a collection of favorite building blocks, Choose a set that comes with different pieces which children can use to make different things.

34. Catapult

Catapults are just one of the many favorites of 8-year-old boys. Giving him catapult will help him learn about science and physics.

Choose a set that is easy to use and set up and can be brought anywhere. Also, it should come with balls that are all made out of foam. So you shouldn’t worry about your kid breaking anything in your home.

35. Mini Terrarium

With recent surge, terrariums are making a comeback. The whole idea is coined to make kids love plants. An eight-year-old will be amazed to know how to plant their plants from their kitchen window. With creativity for kids grow n glow terrarium every planting concept is simplified, and kids will enjoy watching their fauna grow a bit every day.

Giving a gift to your 8-year-old may seem like challenging, but with the list above, you no longer have to worry on what to give her for Christmas or on his birthday. We have narrowed down your options, so you know which one to get for your little boy. Hopefully, these 35 suggestions for the best gifts for 8-year-old boy will help get the perfect gift for your little boy.

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