35 Best Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys 2020

With the gift ideas below, you will surely be assured that your 9-year-old boy will not only be enjoying the gift but as well as one that is educational. In this way, your little boy will surely be able to learn something new while he is playing. 

Thinking of buying your nine-year-old boy a gift but you have no idea what to get him? We compiled a list for the best gifts for a 9-year old boy. Whether he is your son, grandson, nephew or just your friend’s son, you are sure to find something that he will like here.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 9 Year Old Boys

1. 3D Pen

Kids always love anything to do with art. With a 3D pen, art technology for kids has been taken to the next level. Choose a pen that looks like an ordinary pen. However, rather than use ink or lead, it uses plastic. The 9-year old boy will be fascinated by that pen because it allows them to paint in 3D. Objects that they draw will appear to be realistic, and it is going to grow their interest in art. Choose a pen that comes with 10 feet of 12 different colors and is powered by its own power bank via a USB cable.

2. Creative Puzzle

Another great idea for a gift is a puzzle. Rather than settle for the same old puzzles, it may be time to switch to something new. A unique puzzle game will keep the boy captivated every single time. Choose a puzzle that is filled with vibrant colors that stimulate visual creativity. The goal is to solve the puzzle by trying to get everything aligned. This can be quite addictive for kids.

3. Football Board Game

Does your little boy like football? If yes, then this football board game will be a great gift for him. Choose a board that features 124 teams from the four main football divisions. The teams appear on the board in their primary color. Usually, the board allows your boy to keep track of the teams’ progress and to even personalize the cover chart. They can then hang the board in their room.

The best thing about a football board game is that it can be used for different seasons. Your child can have this for a long time and keep his interest in football growing.

4. Magic Kit

Let your 9-year-old boy be inspired with a magic kit. Choose a kit that comes with more cards, and props as this will include to add excitement to the show itself. Select one that has an instruction manual, which can quickly be followed. Usually, some of the tricks that can be done here are mystery deck of cards, levitation tools, cups, and fuzzy balls. Your little boy will surely be able to learn and start performing magic tricks during family gatherings. 

5. Battle Build Set

9-year-old boys are fascinated with blasting stuff, and a battle build set will definitely excite him. Choose a set that comes in different pieces of the assortment and toy darts which you can shoot to a maximum of 75 feet high. To make things more exciting, he will be the one to arrange the pieces which can be done in different ways. Select a battle build set that can also be customized if he wants to. 

6. Archery Set

Keep your 9-year-old active by giving him an archery set. Choose a set that comes with archery, and six arrows with tips that are made out of foam. Usually, it can be shot for a maximum of 100 feet. Select an entire set it durable and can withstand a great pull. You can quickly assemble it and is safe for a 9-year-old compared to a traditional bow and arrow. Your boy can play with it in your backyard or with his friends. 

7. Building Robot

Robots are very cool, and this self-learning robot is not any different. Not only its a toy, but it’s also realistic features will make it an inseparable friend to the kids. Choose a package that comes as little pieces and your 9-year old will have to build the robot from scratch. With that done, he can easily program the robot to pick and move things as he wishes. There are some that is pack with different facial expressions and a variety of sounds and music.

8. Gaming Console

Every little boy loves a bit of gaming. It gives them a chance to compete with friends while showcasing their prowess. Choose a gaming console that comes with 1 TB of space and in a slim design that saves on space. The wonderful graphics make the games seem so much more realistic. With a good console, your kid will be able to play games with online friends as well as save these games. Make sure to choose a console that can also be used to watch TV and play music.

9. Bow Gun

Your 9-year-old will surely love playing bow gun outdoors. One of the best things about a bow is that it is safe for pranks and plays. Usually, the mechanism of this toy is quite similar to traditional archery, which is definitely more reliable. Another good thing about a bow gun is that he can play nerf wars together with his friends, or he can play alone and practice hitting targets. The best thing about a bow gun toy is that you can fire a total of five arrows in one target.

10. Gravity Maze Run

As challenging as this may be, a gravity maze run is also quite fun and will have your kid captivated as they try to solve the challenges. A gravity maze run game is a combination of a logic game, marble run, and a STEM toy. Choose one that has different challenges, your kids will be competing to complete these challenges. Usually, the challenges in every game are multi-level from beginner to expert.

With a gravity maze run game, your boy will try to build a tower that will take the ball from the starting point to the target tower. To do so, one will require to use both planning skills and spatial reasoning and in the process, develop critical thinking. Always make sure to choose a game that is great for both kids and adults and would be perfect for family game night.

11. A Skateboard

Another great gift for a 9-year-old is a skateboard, especially if he loves the outdoors. Choose a skateboard measures 22 inches, and its deck is, which is perfect for very long rides. Choose a good length, your 9-year-old boy will surely love doing tricks, especially with its 3 inch thick wheels. The skateboards on the market comes in different colors, which your kid will surely love.

12. Blaster Gun

Your 9-year-old boy surely is familiar with a blaster gun, and giving him this toy will surely make his day. Usually, a set comes with a total number of darts and is designed to reach a certain distance. Majority of the blaster guns in the market have darts are made out of flexible and foam tips so your kid will be able to stay safe. 

One of the best things about blaster guns is that they will let you fire a maximum of six darts. You also should not worry about the dart barrel because it can flip open quickly. Your 9-year-old will definitely have a blast!

13. Goofy Toys

Little boys will always be goofy, and sometimes, not much is needed to make them happy. A goofy toy is simple and fun that lets your kid develop skills the specific toy.

Usually, a set of goofy toys comes with a board and several cards. The object of the game is to improve your skills depending on the . You can have your son play this with his friends or with the family during game night.

14. Building Set

A building set contains over 430 colored pieces. Choose something like a rollercoaster, which have some rods and connectors for easy connection. With your chosen kit, your kid has to connect all the pieces to build his very own roller coaster. Some of the pieces contained in the set are glow in the dark. Giving a building set for your kids will not only allows your kid to play with the set at night but also adds the fun in the game.

A building set is great for kids who love putting things up. It allows them to use their creativity and is great for initiating curiosity in STEM subjects.

15. Gun Blaster

One of the safest toy guns for 9-year-old boys is the gun blaster. The reason behind this is because the bullets are made out of foam and are known to be harmless, which means that he can use it in different ways. The gun is perfect for friendly wars and as well as target practice, which boys love. If your 9-year-old loves the outdoors, then he will love using a good gun blaster because it can fire up to a maximum of 90 feet. Lastly, with a gun blaster, it can be used as an icebreaker for him and his new friends.

16. Scientific Science Kit

Little boys love playing with gross and disgusting things and get very fascinated by the same. How great would it be to get something that is entirely gross for their fun, yet very educational?

A science kit that is very gross and chances are you will be very disgusted whenever your kid brings it out to play. However, they also get to learn so much as they play. Besides being able to make stinky intestines, snot, fake blood and grow molds and bacteria, your kid will also get to learn how different systems in the body operate and the various by-products.

17. Prank Games

Boys love playing pranks not only with their friends but as well as to you and his siblings. This means that your 9-year-old boy will enjoy a prank game from you. Usually, a set has a number of amazing pranks that he can do on family and his friends. The pranks range from modern day to classic pranks, which makes this set diverse. Choose set that has a booklet which will help your 9-year-old to know how he can set up the pranks in the most mischievous way possible. You and your son will surely enjoy having fun with the pranks intros set. 

18. Bicycle

A bicycle never grows out of style as a gift for children. A bicycle is designed specifically for boys. Choose one that has a tough steel frame is made to withstand the crazy stunts your boy, and his friends will pull while trying to outshine each other. Select a bike that is also has sure stop handbrakes that ensure he slows down easily and safely. You don’t even have to worry about his comfort thanks to the cushioned seat.

19. Rubiks Cube

A toy that never goes out of style. Suitable for a nine-year-old boy who loves puzzles and problem solving, then a rubiks cube game will keep them occupied for hours. The twisting and turning till each side of the cube shows only one color needs enough concentration to keep them entertained. Choose a rubiks cube that is light enough to be portable giving the tween a chance to pull it out and play wherever they go. It’s both fun and challenges the brain to work out the puzzle.

20. Magic Music Stuffed Toy

At nine years old, your boy is probably discovering his taste in music. Perhaps he even has some favorites that he is always dancing along to. Then, it may be a great time to get him some cool speakers to play his music. A cuddly stuffed toy is a great addition to his room. Not only does he have high-quality speakers, but is also a great dancer. Your kid will have so much fun dancing along with his new buddy.

21. Lap Desk

Getting a 9-year old boy to sit down and have something constructive done can be challenging. A lap desk can help you quite a bit when it comes to that. Your kid will find it cool as it comes with his name. Choose one that comes with a plush and comfortable pillow bottom that rests easily on their legs. Selecting a smooth hardboard on the top makes it a great workspace. Whether he is drawing or doing his homework, the perfect balance on his laps will ensure he has a great place to do so.

22. Drone

Whether your 9-year-old boy loves drones, he will surely love one Drone that comes from you. A drone has the ability to transmit a total of 2.4Ghz and can be controlled for a maximum of 200 meters away. The drone usually has an authentic lights and sound effects. 

Choose materials that are made out of high-quality impact resistant foam that will make the drone very resilient to crashes. Also, to ensure that the propellers are protected from any damage, choose one that is hidden. Your boy will surely love this gift. 

23. Rocket Balloon Set

Balloons are always an exciting toy no matter what age little boy is, a launcher is sure to get their attention. Choose a set that includes a number of balloons that can expand up to 40’’ and are reusable. Usually, the balloons come in various exciting colors and provide a lot of entertainment for outdoor activities.

A set has a deluxe two-way pump that helps in faster and easier inflation. Chasing after the balloons is a fun activity for kids who also don’t mind doing the cleanup in the end. Running around after balloons also help use up all the extra energy the teens have and keeping them in good shape.

24. Board Game

Enhance your child’s strategizing skills by using this interesting board game. Choose one that is filled with interesting and fun adventure, for your boy will have so much fun playing with up to four of his friends. Choose one that can be played by more than two or four people, so he can play with you and the entire family, or his friends.

25. Electronics Set

Let your 9-year-old improve him intellectually and cognitively at a very fast rate. His problem-solving skills will also be developed with an electronic set. The reason behind this is because it will help him discover his skills in electronics and engineering. A set comes with different connectors and components with alarms and sensors. This will surely make him feel like he is in the real world. You shouldn’t worry about anything because all of the available set online has an instruction manual, which will help him do experiments. 

26. Outdoor Exploration Kit

An outdoor exploration kit is the perfect gift for boys who like to go out on adventures. It encourages exploration and love of nature through nature walks and expeditions. Choose a set that includes tools like binoculars, flashlight, compass, a magnifying glass, and a whistle. Select a kit that prompts the boy to go out, even if it is the backyard, and study nature with his new tools of adventure. Choose a kit that comes with a bag that is easy to carry all the tools in while exploring and also reducing the chances of losing things.

27. Awesome Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cube is one toy that ever goes out of style and at 9 years, it may be the best time for him to start practicing how to solve the cube. Choose a Rubik’s cube that is designed for kids. It is a 3 x 3 cube that is quite simple to solve. However, for a 9-year-old, it may still be a bit challenging. He will certainly spend hours trying to solve the cube.

28. Scooter

Your 9-year-old son probably loves to spend outdoors, and he will surely love the scooter, which he can take outdoors. A scooter is made out of an airplane grade steel, which means that it will last long due to its sturdiness. 

Choose a scooter that can be used during street skating. Your little boy will love a scooter, especially if he is one who is adventurous and daring. One of the best things about a lot of scooter today is that is handle is adjustable. This simply means that if he grows taller, he can just adjust the height and use it again as he becomes. 

29. Rocket Toy

Watch your kid get so excited as they launch a rocket toy to the sky. Don’t worry, though, it is perfectly safe for them. Choose a rocket that does not require any electricity or batteries, and one that simply uses foot power. A rocket toy is a great toy and is a hit for both adults and kids. Kids can have so much fun with it, especially during parties. You will see them launching the rocket to hit certain targets and even competing for distance with their friends.

30. Electronic Playground Set

Electronic playground is a set of everything electronic but designed for the use and play of kids. Majority of them are made to help kids make their own electronic devices with more than 50 electronic designs readily available. It’s a creative way for boys to learn, do research and play all at the same time. They can make a variety of devices ranging from magnetic bridges to electronic noisemakers.

31. Mini-Arcade Machine

Let your 9-year-old feel preoccupied with this mini-arcade machine. Choose one that is equipped with a lot of built-in games and is portable enough that he can bring it with him anywhere. usually, the machine has two function button and control joystick, which will let him play through the variety of levels of a particular game. Choose one that also speakers that are built-in, so the feeling of being in an arcade will surely be felt. 

32. Deluxe Magic Set

Little boys are fascinated by all things magic, and they wish they were magicians. With a magic set, your boy’s dreams could become a reality. Choose a set that is equipped with all the things that are needed for him to become a great magician. Select one that comes with instructions on how to carry out some of the more famous magic tricks. By learning them, your kid will have family and friends wowing at his magic skills.

33. Books

It is never to early to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of books. The best way to do this is by getting him a set of kids’ books. To increase his interest in reading, it is best to get books that are full of illustrations and cool games. There are also some book series that are written for books. Simply identify some that he would like and buy them for him.

34. Prank Books

Boys love pranking their family and friends, which means that a prank book will be perfect for him. Choose a book with more a number of gross and loving pranks, which he can use for everyone. Also, select a book has instructions so he will know what to do to pull off the prank successfully. Usually, the pranks are safe and harmless, so there is nothing to worry about. 

35. Walkie-Talkies

9-year-old boys also love talking to each other, and a walkie-talkies will make things more exciting. A good walkie talkies can effectively help him communicate with his friend or even with you. Choose one that is durable, which means that it will last for a long period of time. Lastly, the maximum distance for this is 3 feet. 

With the above list, we hope you get the right gifts for your 9-year old boy. Remember that even the smallest of gifts can make his day. So don’t worry too much about the gift that you are going to purchase. As mentioned above, the best gift that you can give your 9-year-old is something that is educational yet fun.

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