35 Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls

Getting the best gifts for one-year-olds, especially baby girls, takes as much mental and sometimes physical effort as when getting any other gift for any special occasion. And sometimes, it requires more effort. From my experience, I have realized that baby girls are unique and it takes a lot more effort to get them the perfect present than it takes to shop for baby boy gifts.

So if you are looking to get a gift for your 1 year old girl, stay with me as I have listed 35 best gifts for 1 year old girl. In this list, you will find great suggestions for gifts and toys for your baby girl for any time of year.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 1 Year Old Girls

1. Toy Phone

Your little girl is probably already playing “phone” with your cell phone or the remote, trying to imitate you on the cell. So why not get her a small toy phone?

Joyce Nuner, Ph.D., professor of child development at Baylor University, Texas, says that “a toy phone is a great gift for imitation and language development for babies. The mini phone will let your little baby girl punch buttons to hear songs or numbers and make pretend calls. Plus, many toy phones come with cute holographic images.

2. Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes

Babies are little sensory individuals. Sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste are all new and often stimulating to them. For your little girl already beginning to get her groove on, Baby Einstein’s Take-Along Tunes Toy is among the perfect gifts you can get her.

The mini jukebox lights up as it sings and switches between seven melodies. It is powered by two AA batteries and comes with a volume control mechanism. It doesn’t have small parts, and it’s perfectly sized for her small hands. Plus, it is made of smooth, colorful polypropylene making it easy to wipe and keep clean.

Note that studies indicate that music stimulates brain cell activity and helps improve information retention and focus. This junior jukebox will have your baby girl giggling and wiggling in no time.

3. Blocks

Creative toy blocks offer several opportunities for free-form play and help hone motor skills. One of the good things about toy blocks is that they grow with your baby. She will initially just bang them together, then drop them into a container, and later as she grows older, she will start stacking them. They also come in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Blocks such as the B. Toys B. One Two Squeeze Blocks are completely buoyant, so your girl can play with them during bath time. They are stackable, soft, and chewable as well. Most come complete with numbers, letters, or animals embossed on every side.

4. Pull Toy

Your one-year-old baby girl is probably now starting to walk, but she is not yet very confident at it. A pull toy will help her practice balance while having fun. It will give her the motivation to keep walking and working on her gross motor skills. You can get her, for instance, a wheeled wooden dog, which when tugged will promote hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and manipulation.

5. Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair

Laugh’N Learn produces baby chairs littered with several fun activities. The seat plays over 50 sing-along tunes, melodies, and songs, as well as, different fun phrases when a kid sits or stands on it. The armrests come with built-in colorful storybooks and a numeric pad. Plus, the front-facing armrests have dials for switching the chair into different learning modes.

This learning chair is the right size for your little girl. It is designed to entertain your kid while helping her develop various learning skills as she grows.

6. Baby Girl Socks Gift

Your baby needs socks to keep her feet clean and warm. Beyond that, it is a great way to make your girl look cute. So get your toddler girl non-slip socks designed in the form of ballet show. They have elastic bands that strap them to the baby’s feet so they don’t come off accidentally. The ballet show design socks have a Velcro attached to each of them, making it easy for you to pull them off quickly.

Their fabric is completely non-skid, but the socks are soft and comfortable. If your girl is just starting to walk, this makes a perfect gift for her. The socks will keep her warm and help her gain good grip on the floors as she tries to walk. And as they come in different colors, she is going to look cute in each pair.

7. Six-sided Tent Princess Play Toy House

When they are in their imaginative world, kids love their privacy. It gives them some sense of control. Playhouses are great for this purpose. The Princess Play Toy House is designed for little girls; its color is pink which makes it feminine and very attractive to girls. The tent is transparent which means that you can keep an eye at what they are doing in there.

The tent is easy to set up and clean. It is a great gift for your one-year-old girl.

Six-sided Tent Princess Play Toy House

8. Baby Girl Floral Outfit

Besides getting educated and learning a few skills, looking good is as well part of the recipe for the awesomeness of your one-year-old daughter. So why not get her some cool baby girl floral outfit as a gift?

These outfits are adorable birthday gifts for baby girls. Most come in three pieces, that’s, the top, pant, and headband. Depending on your preference, you can make some variation; the pant (or top) can be long or short. I often find outfits with the pant and headband having a similar floral design on them the most beautiful.

Baby Girl Floral Outfit

9. 4 in 1 Walker-cum-Cycle

This is a great gift for one-year-olds, whether boy or girl. Toddlers love such things; they help them develop their little muscles. The Four in One Walker-cum-Cycle can be used when she is one up until when she is four. It a great toddler vehicle with harnesses and canopy for babies as young as a year old.

As your baby grows, the walker-cum-cycle can be used as a steering trike. Later, the baby can use it as a learn-to-ride trike, and lastly, as a classic trike when she becomes four years old. The walker has smooth harnesses, as well as, pedals which turn into footrests making it perfect a one-year-old.

10. Musical Turtle Toy

This turtle toy is designed to play songs and move around as it does so, encouraging your little one to walk around as they go after it. The toy also comes with different learning modes helping children learn about letters and counting. Plus, it can be used by older children.

11. LeapFrog My Pal Violet

This is a friendly looking toy dog which may actually become your little daughter’s first friend- besides you, of course. The dog is soft and cuddly, but also plays over forty songs when she squeezes a paw. The dog usually comes in pink and purple colors which are very attractive to baby girls.

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

12. Fisher-Price Laugh N Learn My Smart Purse

This is where fashion meets education for little baby girls. It is a basic toy for 1 year old baby girls, designed to teach them more than 50 songs and a wide range of other skills. Perhaps one of the most outstanding things about this toy is that its learning items grow with your baby. You get to adjust its setting based on the age of your kid. And it comes preloaded with some Spanish phrases and songs just in case you want to introduce you baby to Spanish.

Its color is pink which makes it attractive to baby girls. Some of the things it comes with include a mirror, a bracelet, keys, and a dummy cell phone.

13. Woby Musical Activity Cube Toy

This toy offers over 10 activities to keep your baby busy. And chances are they will still be exploring the toy even when they get older. If you prefer having a less cluttered space, then the Woby Musical Activity Cube Toy is the perfect gift to for your one-year-old girl.

The toy sings, which means it can be helpful in developing her language, as well as, her hand-eye coordination. She will learn manipulation and develop various other motor skills. The toy has an inbuilt microphone, moveable beads, a magic mirror, hammer, among other features. This toy is sure to keep you baby busy and entertained for extended periods.

14. Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons

Nurturing kids’ creativity needs deliberate effort, which explains why most prodigies begin early in life. Start developing your one-year-old baby’s creative effort with the Palm-Grip Crayons baby gift by Crayola. Initially, her reaction will most likely be just scribbling, but the process will slowly build up as she gains self-confidence and expands her imagination.

All the crayons perfectly fit into a kid’s palm which makes it easy for the baby to hold and move them around. Often, a pack comes with at least six crayons of different colors. Their size is just big enough to outlast age one childhood. The material is non-toxic, of course, and it easy to clean and store.

15. Educational Wooden Bead Maze Shape Sorter Activity Cube

Looking for some educational gift for your 1 year old girl? You couldn’t go wrong with this educational activity center. If they do not end up loving all the things and activities this center offers, they will most likely like something about it particularly. This educational activity center will gift your baby a variety of learning options.

For instance, she could start color and shape learning, as well as, hone her motor skills. The center has various perforated spaces that correlate with the external blocks that come with the set. With one side dedicated to teaching kids clock reading, your baby can start learning how to read the clock as she gets older. The clock has colorful numbering on it which means that your little munchkin will also learn to count.

The set also comes with a bead which can be moved around- good for developing her fine motor skills. All the materials used to make the activity center are safe for kids.

16. Best Learning Mushroom Garden Toy

Simplicity is very important when selecting appropriate toy gifts for babies as young as 12 months. Best Learning Mushroom Garden Toy is a simple toy, but highly effective in keeping the little ones entertained, besides also providing various learning opportunities.

The toy has a large green plastic platform that is designed to mimic a green garden area. The platform has 8 small colorful mushrooms. Each of the eight mushrooms has a different color and a different number spot imprinted on it. When a mushroom is pressed, the toy can either read out the number of spots on the mushroom or play the color on it. This, however, depends on the play mode selected.

This is an excellent toy gift to entertain your baby girl, help her develop hand-eye coordination, as well as, teach her numbers and colors.

17. Learning Cube by Best Learning

Best Learning always tries to live up to customers; expectations so they keep coming with newer amazing toy gifts for babies. The Learning Cube by Best Learning is an educational and stylish toy with perfect features for little baby girls as young as one.

The cube comes with three main learning features; alphabet learning, animal sound, and number learning. Each of the cube’s sides has a small button for a dedicated function. The buttons are illuminated so that when the cube is turned on, the buttons light up, getting the baby’s attention and eventually prolonging play time. It is important to mention that the cube comes as a single item, meaning that there are no small items that can pose a hazard risk to your baby girl.

18. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

Did you know that pretense play is excellent for engaging your young’s imagination? This gift item is perfectly designed for this purpose. It is a set of tea or coffee serving items. The complete set contains ten pieces; a kettle, two cups, and 6 slices of cake.

The items are beautifully colored, and the kettle lights up in multiple colors which match the colors of the cake. This set has benefits that cut across social skill development and educational development.

Educationally, your baby girl will learn to count (using the pieces of cake). They also get to learn about colors. Physically, the set helps develop motor skills as she moves the kettle and cups about engaging in her imaginary activities. The set will also help her build social interaction skills since the pretense play is enjoyed best with friends. She will learn interacting and sharing with people.

19. Castle Playset Toy

Almost all baby girls love fairy tales, which is why this gift is perfect for them. The Castle Playset Toy will nurture your little girl’s love towards the Rapunzel’s and the Cinderella’s. It made up of a small princess’ castle-shaped case with fasteners. The complete set comes along with other toys which include a magical wand, a doll, and a unicorn-shaped sound soft toy.

20. A Mini Piano

As mentioned earlier, babies are little sensory individuals and anything that makes some quirky sound when pressed is going to be a sight of wonder for them. A mini piano makes an amazing birthday gift for your baby girl. They come in different sizes and colors. Some come with color-coded songbooks. A one-year-old baby girl can stay completely engrossed to a mini piano, and once glued to it; she can learn to play her own tunes as she grows. And who knows, this could develop her love for music.

21. Princess Cozy Coupe Ride-On

This a great gift for a one-year-old baby whether boy or girl. Either she will enjoy those cozy rides as you push her or she can learn walking with the help of the coupe’s tires. The Princess Cozy Coupe Ride-on comes with a removable floor piece, as well as, a handle on its rear. Its tires are designed to last proving their feasibility on rough concrete roads.

The coupe also has a storage space at the back allowing you to store things like a first-aid kit, eatables, or a water bottle. The tires turn 360 degrees which makes turning easy while your baby walks or as you push her joy ride. The roof protects her from direct sunlight.

This is a durable and sturdy gift which can last for years. Small children love such vehicles, and you are sure to see her smile as she enjoys the rides in the coupe.

22. Baby Girls’ Barefoot Sandals

While she would not understand their importance and how beautiful they are on her at her age, but when she grows up and browses through her albums, she would be thankful to you. Barefoot sandals make baby girls look cute especially when matched with clothes. They make a perfect accessory. And you do not need to worry about sizes because most barefoot sandals for toddlers fit any baby girl from 0 to 3 years old.

Most come with various flower designs that add beauty to your baby’s bare feet. They go well with most clothes, and the good thing is your baby can wear them on any occasion.

23. Hair Bows

Regardless of age, girls love looking pretty. So getting her hair bows of different colors can be the perfect gift for her. Since the bows (often 12 or 14 in a pack) come in different colors, you can easily match them up with almost any color in her wardrobe. Most hair bows are easy to attach with ribbon-lined alligator clips. They can also be easily attached to headbands, hats, or crochet headbands.

A single flow hair bow looks wonderful on a baby girl’s forehead. So if you are looking for a simple yet amazing gift your 1 year old baby girl, then getting her some beautiful hair bows is a great option. They are a great addition to her accessories to enhance her beauty on any occasion.

24. iLearn 4 Plush Baby Rattles Set

This is a classic gift for a one-year-old baby girl. The complete set has four baby rattle toys that come with their house. Each of the rattles makes a sound different from the others. While they are great for developing motor skills, the rattle toys help teach your baby animal names.

All four rattle toys feature different grips which as pointed out, help the baby develop hand-eye coordination and other motor skills. The baby rattle toys are also great for imaginative play with other older babies. And you can also enjoy playing with her and help her develop her language skills.

25. Sassy Discover the Senses Gift Set

A complete set comes with various activity toys ideal for keeping your one-year-old toddler busy. It is one of the best gifts for both baby girls and baby boys. They come in sizes small enough to fit into a diaper bag. Your baby can plays with them in the stroller or in the car. One the toys has a suction base so you can stick it to, say, a high table or chair tray providing perfect entertainment to your baby at, for instance, the dinner table.

There is also a butterfly toy which is perfect for teething toddlers. You can put it in the refrigerator to provide them extra relief. All toys are brightly colored to keep the baby interested and entertained. The complete set has several activities to stimulate your baby’s senses.

26. Rattle Teether Baby Toy Set

With nine pieces of baby rattle toys, this is one the best gifts for a 1 year old especially if she is teething. The rattle toys come packed in a huge bottle, so it is easy for you to keep them clean when she is not playing with them. The toys are great for child development. They can help improve hand-eye coordination as well as help teach her about colors.

The rattles make different sounds, great for keeping the baby interested and occupied for extended periods.

27. iLearn Bath Toy Bathtub Water Shower Play Set

Looking for something that will make bath times easier? This set of bath toys for 1 year olds will be a great gift. The set comprises of unique characters sure to keep your little girl entertained in the shower. She will start looking forward to her bath times.

The set has seven pieces which include a turtle that can swim, a water sprayer, and stacking cups. The toys can be stored in an included basket, so they are kept clean. The toys can also be sued in the pool to help your munchkin get used to the pool.

28. Taggies Little Leaf Elephant Lovey Soft Toy

This is a great gift for a baby girl who is 1. The little elephant is 12 inches tall, just the right size for your little girl to hold and cuddle. The soft toy has satin ribbon loops sewn all around it, and your baby will love exploring them. The ribbons have different patterns and colors. The toy is easy to wash and dries quickly.

29. Princess Castle Play Tent

Every girl loves being treated like a princess, so gifting a 1 year old a beautiful castle play tent is a great idea. These tents sometimes come with other play toys, and she may be engrossed in it so much it would take some effort to get her out of the tent. The tent itself is easy to set, and it doesn’t take much space in the house.

The Princess Castle Play Tent has radium stars which light up in the dark. The entire set is extremely lightweight, so you or she can carry to wherever she wants.

30. Dangly Snappy Alligator for Babies

This dingly dangly alligator is perfect for attaching to car seats or strollers for their fun on the go. The toy has several patterns and colors which are sure to keep your baby stimulated and interested in play with it. The cute toy comes with a teether helpful for soothing your baby when she has painful teeth.

The beautiful crocodile character will appeal to your one-year-old when she sees it. It is good for developing a variety of skills. It comes in different styles and characters so you are sure to find one that you think will appeal to your little girl.

31. VTech Click & Count Remote

VTech’s Click and Count Remote for toddlers is a great gift for you baby whether girl or boy especially if they love playing with your cell phone, remotes, or any other gadgets. This toy comes in different colors, and the buttons have multiple bright colors. The toy will help your 1 year old girl develop motor skills while also helping her learn about shapes, colors, and numbers. The material used to make the VTech Click and Count Remote is safe for children, and it is easy to wipe and clean.

32. Interactive Music Book for Toddlers

This is a classics birthday gift for 1 year old toddlers. The complete set features six pieces of classical music that play when a button is pressed. Your baby will love pushing the buttons over and over.

The music book also contains cute, bright images that children will find appealing. As your baby grows, she is most likely going to love reading the Interactive Music Book over and over as part of her bedtime routine.

33. Baby Cloth Books Early Education Activity Toys

If your baby is turning 1, these soft books for toddlers are a great gift. While they are great in helping develop motor skills, they are particularly excellent in helping babies develop language skills and learn new vocabulary. They will help your baby hone the skills she’ll need to read independently as she grows (such as how to hold a book and turn pages).

The cloth books are made of soft material which ideal because the baby can’t damage them even by chewing them. A set has six books each with different things, so your baby has a variety of learning opportunities about different things.

34. Pound a Ball Game Toy (With Shape Sorter Blocks and Slide-Out Xylophone)

This is an excellent multi-activity toy that’s sure to keep your baby entertained for extended periods. It has a sturdy wooden construction making it ideal for toddlers since it is durable and can withstand rough play.

The included xylophone is a great addition since it gives your baby an opportunity to practice her musical skills. The pound a ball gem, on the other hand, is great for helping her develop coordination and motor skills. The toy is also excellent for developing color and shape recognition. The entire set is educational yet fun!

35. Animal Learning Sound Book

Among the best toys for a 1 year old is an animal sound book. This particular book offers more than 90 different melodies and sounds. Its buttons light up making it more interesting for the little ones. It’ll teach your baby about more than 30 animal sounds. It is a nice book for travel, and it is small enough to fit in suitcase or backpack.

Getting your one-year-old baby girl the best gift can be quite a daunting task especially since she barely expresses or speaks. However, if you look beyond the normal, beyond the horizons, you are sure to find the right gift ideas. Hopefully, the list above has given you several gift options for your 1 year old girl.


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