35 Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls 2020

Wondering what gift to get your 10-year-old girl? The truth is, gifting girls this age can be a little challenging especially since there is a wide range of options to choose from. Plus, 10-year-old girls can be quite choosy. However, since they full well understand what they want, and you probably know their interests, shopping for gifts for them shouldn’t be difficult. At ten years old, girls are not as much interested in toys as when they were three years old. To satisfy their minds, gifts based on brain-building and are psycho-motor friendly are the best for them. Latest clothes, make-ups, and trending items are often appealing to them. To help you get the best gift for your 10-year-old girl, we have compiled a list of 35 best gift suggestions for you.

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Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 10 Year Old Girls

1. Camera

Girls are fond of taking photos with friends. A camera is an excellent gadget that helps them capture sweet moments with friends. Choose one that has easy to use cameras by kids because of its simple design and develops an instant photo with a particular paper. Your little princess is going to have a lot of fun taking photos with her friends when she is on travel. It comes in different colors designs, so you are sure to find one that she will like.

2. Archery Set

Ten-year-old girls should already be participating in different sports activity, just like archery. An archery set will surely help improve your child’s hand and eye coordination as early as now. Choose an archery that set comes with a target, a quiver, a luminous bow, and as well as three suction cup arrows. She will surely enjoy practicing archery and prepare her for the real thing.


3. Play Tent

A pink tent makes it a perfect gift for little girls who love the charming fairy tales. With this castle, your little girl gets to use her imagination to be an actual princess. Choose a tent that is very easy to set up and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun. It should also comes with a complete play set and is large enough for multiple children to play at once. Perhaps choose one that has a feature that is the glow in the dark stars that make it suitable for evening play.

4. Bracelet Making Kit

Your ten year old daughter will surely love a bracelet making kit. Girls love craft supplies and she will fell in love with this set because she can also create anklets, keychains, pendants, earrings, and clip on charms. Choose a set that comes in 3 diamond beads, 4 glass beads, 10 rainbow beads, 18 beads, and 19 metal beads. Everything that your daughter needs in a bracelet making kit is in this set. 

5. Books for Growing Teens

Your little girl is a teen and before you realize she is going to be well in her teens. With a book, your teen girl will get into a self-discovery journey. She lets them know there are going to be challenges to face and that they can overcome them. Choose a book that will be the perfect way to prepare your little one for the hurdles of life and will equip her with all the necessary information.

6. Hair Chalk Salon

If you have a girl who is interested in fashion and designs of hairstyles, a hair chalk salon kit can help them to put a temporal makeover with streaks of the color of their choice. The makeover is non-toxic which makes it easier to be washed with shampoo. Choose a kit that has five chalk pens to enable the kid to color their highlights and braid them too. Accents can be added using the extra beads, and hair elastics included in the kit.

7. Premium Art Set

If your daughter is quite the artist, then you may have had to buy plenty of art supplies. If you do not know what to get, you may end up spending so much money. With a good set, all your young artist’s needs are covered. Choose a set that comes with a variety of accessories which include markers, crayons, oil pastels, watercolors, brushes and any other thing that she might need. Your girl can enjoy painting and drawing whatever she wishes. All you have to get her is some paper and let her creativity run wild.

8. Tracing Pad

Does your ten-year-old girl like to draw stuff? If yes, then a tracing pad would be a great gift for her. Choose a kit that allows her to use a tracing paper that is included when packing to pop in and trace the outfit for a doll over the original body. Choose a pad that has a pack of colored pencils is also included and some blank sheets of paper for her to get started. All the pencils are non-toxic, so you need not to worry about any health risks.

9. Headphones For Kids

A headphone is perfect for your ten year old who loves music. It comes in different colors, and you can select a favorite for your daughter. Choose a headphone that has a noise-cancelling feature and a noise isolating feature, so your baby girl gets the best experience listening to her music. When using her phone, the microphone comes in handy when receiving calls. The headset also comes with a handy remote control with which she can control the music in play by, for instance, skipping or pausing play.

10. Beading Kit

With a beading kit it will allow your ten-year-old girl to showcase her creativity while making her own accessories. The beads come in a variety of colors. Choose a kit that also includes metallic beads and alphabet beads that allow her to spell her name on her bracelets and necklaces. Make sure that there is an easy to follow instructions make it easy for her to make the accessories on her own. Choose a set that also makes it great for spending time with her friends and making accessories that match all her outfits.

11. Shoulder Bag

Want a cute handbag for your 10-year- old daughter? Choose a shoulder bag that has different designs that include circles, butterflies and many more fashionable designs. It would be best to choose a bag that measures 33 cm in length, 23 cm in width and 23 cm in height, it is the right size for girls aged between 8 and 11. She can keep her small essential things in the side pockets inside the shoulder bag. Choose one with a compartment that is lined with a soft cloth that cannot damage gadgets. Your little princess is sure to love this cute Miss Lulu Shoulder Bag.

12. Candy Maker

A candy maker kit is an excellent gift for girls who have a sweet tooth! A candy maker kit includes multiple molds that she can use to make candies of her choice. Choose one that also create a gelatin pot that will allow her heat and cook her gelatin mixture. Make sure that the kit is child-friendly, easy to handle, and she’s sure to have a lot of fun making her candies.

13. Kids Travel Journal

At ten years old, she probably writes and keeps diaries of her own. With a kids travel journal, your little girl gets more than just a journal. Choose one that has plenty of pages to fill in including some pre-trip planning pages and daily entry pages. Usually, the journal encourages them to keep memories of each day as well as rate those days. A journal is a great way to spark her writing skills. Choose one that includes a lot of games and fun pages that will keep her occupied. The back pocket should also provides a great place to keep mementos such as photos and souvenirs from her trips.

14. String Lights

Decorating a bedroom is one of the dreams that a ten-year-old girl has. She has definitely been longing to decorate her room with everything that she wants. Surprise her with a string lights, which will kickstart her room decoration activity. Usually, string lights has 25 LED lights and they all light up with three different colors. They are operated by batteries, which means that she can place this anywhere in her room. Choose lights that have three different patterns, which is perfect not only for sleepovers but as well as parties.

15. T-Shirt with a Remarkable Message

A statement written on a T-shirt talking something great about a girl can be a great gift to them. T-shirts like this come in a variety of colours and sizes, so you are sure to find one perfect for her. It is among the relatively cheap gifts you can find on the market today, but still, it is going to make her very happy.

16. Waterproof Smart Watch Phone For Kids

She has probably already started bugging you out asking for a phone. If you feel that she is still a little too young, a waterproof smartwatch may be a good alternative. With a watch, your kid gets to enjoy some of the cool features of a smartphone. Choose one where you can easily set up to emergency contacts. The watch allows your daughter to make and answer calls. She can also use the SOS button to call you when in danger. Select a smartwatch that also allows you to use a sim card with it. It has a GPS and LBS position allowing you to track your daughter to anywhere. It should also come with a remote voice monitor, camera, flashlight, voice chat, math game among other features. You can also control the features that she gets to use.

17. Coding Game

In this day and age of technology, there’s no other perfect gift for your 10-year-old but a coding game. A game liked this can be used with an iPhone or an iPad as it has different games to choose from. Choose one where she can create various musical compositions, which means that it is not only fun but very much educational. Just make sure that there is  a base as it may be needed as there is no base included in this game.

18. SmartWatch

Another great gift for your 10-year-old techie kid is a SmartWatch. Choose a watch that featuress a Smartphone and can operate both as a digital and an analog watch. Some of the other features that the watch like this should have are voice changing function and a voice recorder. It would be best to also choose one with a camera and as well as a motion sensor, which will react when it detects movements. One of the best things about a SmartWatch is that an adult can control the features to ensure that it is safe for your kid.

19.  Musical Jewelry Box

One of the best gifts for a ten year old girl is a musical jewelry box, where she can store all her accessories. Choose musical jewelry box comes with a ballerina that dances with the music. It should also have a lot of compartments for your jewelry and has a mirror inside. Usually, you can trigger the music by turning the key at the backside of the box. Your ten year old will surely love this jewelry box.

20. Interactive Robot

Give your ten year old daughter an interactive robot as this would be perfect for her. Usually, a robot can reach up to a maximum of 50 feet and can walk and play with your girl for hours. One of the best things about a cat is that it has a learning mode, where numbers and letters appear on its eyes. Also, it would be best to choose one that has the ability to sing and dance with your child.

21. Pink Camera

It’s almost a rite of passage for little kids to have their own play cameras, especially if their parents own cameras. Choose a camera that has a two mega pixel resolution and 4x zoom, and a camera that is designed to last for years. Select a camera that has a sturdy build which makes it damage-resistant even when dropped multiple times, something that is inevitable with children. Lastly, choose a camera enables photo customization as it contains really fun and nice photo frames. It records videos as well.

22. Headbands for Girls

Headband kit that may be used to make a variety of different colored headbands, made of satin. Choose a kit that comes with several accessories such as butterflies, rhinestones, and flowers to decorate the headbands. Usually, headbands come in different colors sure to match with almost all her outfits. This would make a great birthday gift for your little princess.

23. Fashion Plates Design Set

Fashion plates design set is a perfect toy that enhances creativity in kids. Usually, it creates outfits just by using the rubbing crayons provided over the templates. It contains a certain number of plates which have a variety of outfits, papers, colored pencils, and a tablet as well which holds everything in place while drawing. Choose contents come neatly arranged in a nice folding case. It should come with a folio with many ideas as well for your little girl.

24. Portable Karaoke Machine & CD Player

Does your 10-year-old girl love singing? If yes, a portable karaoke machine and CD player toy would make a great gift for her. It comes with sing-along karaoke CDs, and your little girl can play her collection of CDs as well. Choose one that comes with a microphone and contains AUX inputs and outputs so it can be connected to a cellphone or amplifier. This is a gift your child will absolutely love.

25. Hair Stylist Costume

If your little girl loves dress-up games, then a dressing up costume that usually includes an apron and six different accessories would be the perfect gift for her. Choose a kit that includes a hair drier complete with sound effects. If there is an apron this means that it will allow for customization as it includes a name tag. The hairdresser costume mimics a real hairdresser’s costume as it has several pockets located at the front enabling your child to put in all the accessories she needs.

26. Shoulder Bag

Your 10-year-old is probably going out with her friends these days, and a shoulder bag will help her bring everything that is important. Choose a bag that has a magnetic snap closure, to ensure that everything inside is secured. She can keep her clips, keys, coin, and any other accessories in this cute pink bag.

27. Terrarium

Terrariums are making a comeback, and this one would be a great gift for your 10-year-old princess. The whole idea is coined to make kids love plants. An eight-year-old will be amazed to know how to plant their plants from their kitchen window. With creativity for kids grow n glow terrarium every planting concept is simplified, and kids will enjoy watching their fauna grow a bit every day.

28. Smart Robot Toy

Robot toys are bound to fascinate just about any child. Choose a robot toy that is remote controlled and able to do a number of things that will have your 10-year old busy for hours. Usually,  a smart robot comes with features such as gesture control, patrol, and obstacle avoidance, and even singing and dancing. Choose one that also has an auto display and LED eyes. Your 11-year old can even program the robot to carry out some various combinations of movements and enhance its flexibility.

29. Waterproof SmartWatch

She has probably already started bugging you out asking for a phone. If you feel that she is still a little too young, a waterproof smartwatch may be a good alternative. With a watch, your kid gets to enjoy some of the cool features of a smartphone. Choose one where you can easily set up for an emergency contacts. The watch allows your daughter to make and answer calls. Make sure that she can also use the SOS button to call you when in danger. The smartwatch also allows you to use a sim card with it. Choose a smartwatch that have a GPS and LBS position allowing you to track your daughter to anywhere. Lastly, they also comes with a remote voice monitor, camera, flashlight, voice chat, math game among other features. You can also control the features that she gets to use.

30. Pink Bike

Your ten-year-old will love roaming around your neighborhood using a pink bike. Choose one that has a basket at the front, where she can place her bag or anything that she wants to carry. Whether this is your girl’s first bike or not, it will help improve her biking skills, especially that it has coaster brakes. Make sure that there are also safety guards to ensure your kid’s safety while riding this bike. 

31. Tablet

With the number of gadgets today, it can be daunting to choose one. Getting your 10-year-old tablet will surely do the rest. make sure that it also comes with a kid-proof case, so you don’t have to worry about anything. She can read books on the tablet or watch cartoons or even educational videos. You will have parental control to ensure that your kid will only be able to watch and read kid-friendly stuff.

32. Board Game

Board games are a great game for testing the visual memory skills of your ten year old niece, daughter, or granddaughter. It also helps to train them on the same. A board game is so much fun, and they are going to enjoy playing it with friends. Besides being a great game for your daughter and her friends, it also makes for great pass time with the whole family.

33. Pillow Case

Another popular gift for a 10-year-old-girl is pillow case. Choose one that helps them to color and design their pillowcases according to their taste using washable fabric markers. Your daughter will be able to color anything she wants on her pillowcase. She can write her name, favorite quote and anything they like. The list is endless.

34. Crotchet Kit

People say that crocheting is just for adults, but the truth is, kids can also start to learn how to crochet at a young age. Your ten year old child will surely love a crochet kit that comes with a plastic needle, two crochet hooks, and seven yarns in a different color. She can start crocheting beanies or scarves for you and her friends. Spending time crocheting is better than spending a lot of time on TV.

35. Tropical Terrarium Gift

Giving your 10-year-old a plant that she can take care of is ideal so she can learn responsible at an early age. A tropical terrarium gift is perfect for her since she needs to take care of this in order to grow. Choose a plant set that consists o planting mixture and seeds. Watering the plant and ensuring that it will get enough sunlight are the only essential things to ensure that the plant will grow. Once grown, she can use it as a decoration in her room. 


Shopping for 10-year-old Christmas or birthday gift can be challenging, especially now that there are a lot of options to choose from. The above list contains something educational and something that will enhance her skills in different aspects of her life. Choose something that will help her grow or something that will help learning fun for her. 

Just always make sure that you are letting your 10-year-old to appreciate everything that she receives not only for you but from everyone else. In this way, no matter what she receives for Christmas or her birthday, she will be able to be thankful about it. 


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