36 Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

Getting a gift for an 11-year old girl is not easy. She is as that age where she is no longer a kid, and she is not yet a teen. She is still discovering herself, and she may not even know what she likes. If you are lucky, she may have started showing interest in something, and that could give you an idea of what to gift her.

Well, check out our list for 36 of the best gifts for an 11-year old girl. Hopefully, you will find something that she might like.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 11 Year Old Girls

1. Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

Does your 11-year old daughter have a bike? Then this cool LED lights can be an awesome gift for her. These lights are available in a variety of colors so you can mix and match colors if you want. With these LED lights, your daughter will be able to gain visibility from all sides. They are especially helpful is she is going to ride at night and will help keep her safe. The lights come in boxes, and each box is enough to fit one wheel for most bike sizes.

They are quite easy to install, and you can have her bike standing out in a couple of minutes. For even more attention, she can switch from ‘on’ to ‘flashing’ mode when riding.

2. Outdoor Exploration Set- Kids Adventure Pack

For the budding explorer, an outdoor exploration set is a good place to start. With this set, your 11-year old is ready to explore nature and have some wonderful adventure time with friends and family. This set includes 6 crucial exploration items. These are; binoculars, magnifying glass, compass, whistle, LED flashlight and a backpack that makes it easy to store the items in the house and take them with her. If you want to get her off the couch and outside, this exploration set will help you do that. She can bring it with her for camping trips, bird watching, and even fishing.

3. Sleepover Party Activity Game

It’s about time that your 11-year old daughter will start attending sleepover parties (if she hasn’t already). Rather than have her and her friend spend the night playing the same old games, why don’t you add the fun to their parties with this gift.

The Sleepover Party Activity Game comes with 200 games and challenges that will ensure the girls do not get bored. All they have to do is spin the spinner and try whatever challenge or game that it lands on. This game is also great for parties and can be used by adults as well. It is best played by more than 2 players to add to the fun.

4. Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes always make for some of the best gifts for eleven-year-old girls. If chosen rightly, you will have her cherishing the gift for a long time. The box is quite large with plenty of space for your girl to store all her jewelry. When opened, it showcases a ballerina miniature figure that stands on a mini stage. When the key is turned, the ballerina dances to Swan Lake.’ To keep everything inside safe, the lid has a metal latch. This is definitely an exquisite gift for your little dancer.

5. Mermaid tail Blanket For All Seasons

There’s no doubt that she suddenly spends so much time indoors. She may be watching a movie, reading a book or simply hanging out with her friends. This hand crocheted blanket makes it easy for her to snuggle and keep cozy. The blanket is warm and soft making it perfect for use during all seasons. It has an easy to use design, and all she has to do is slip inside and snuggle, It is also long enough for adults to use. Whether she is on the couch, going camping or even for sleepovers, this blanket certainly makes the best companion.

6. Threeking Smart Robot Toy Companion

Robot toys are bound to fascinate just about any child. This robot toy is remote controlled and able to do a number of things that will have your 11-year old busy for hours. This smart robot comes with features such as gesture control, patrol, and obstacle avoidance, and even singing and dancing. It also has an auto display and LED eyes. Your 11-year old can even program the robot to carry out some various combinations of movements and enhance its flexibility.

7. 155 Harry Porter Facts: The Ultimate Trivia Book For Wizards and Witches

The Harry Potter Series is made of wonderful books that most children enjoy from the age of 9. If your 11-year old daughter loves reading, there are high chances that the series is one of her favorites. If this is the case for her, then you are in luck. This Trivia book makes a great gift for just about any occasion. The book contains some hidden facts that will have her spellbound.

With all the facts and trivia challenges contained in this book, your daughter will become well-versed with the wizarding world of Harry Porter. So go ahead and culminate her reading with this super cool gift.

8. Nancy Drew Starter Set

The Nancy Drew Series is a great detective series and any eleven-year-old who loves reading will be immediately taken aback. If she is already a fan of the series, then this will certainly be a delightful addition to her collection. If not, then why not start her library collection with these books? The books are quite interesting to read with easy-to-follow plot lines. While she can read the books on her own, they can be your way of spending some time with her by reading a chapter or two before bed each night.

9. Waterproof Smart Watch Phone For Kids

She has probably already started bugging you out asking for a phone. If you feel that she is still a little too young, this waterproof smartwatch may be a good alternative. With this watch, your kid gets to enjoy some of the cool features of a smartphone. You can easily set up to 3 emergency contacts. The watch allows your daughter to make and answer calls. She can also use the SOS button to call you when in danger.

The smartwatch also allows you to use a sim card with it. It has a GPS and LBS position allowing you to track your daughter to anywhere. It also comes with a remote voice monitor, camera, flashlight, voice chat, math game among other features. You can also control the features that she gets to use.

10. Doodle Diary

You can give this gift to an 11-year old girl who loves doodling and drawing random things in her notebooks. This gives her a separate place to do all that, and she can always carry it with her.

This doodle diary is quite interesting and provides a way for budding artists to learn and practice their skills. Each page prompts you to carry out certain projects, and your daughter will become obsessed with this gift. She can even use whatever she wants on the pages; pens, markers, crayons, and even watercolors. This doodle diary is a great way for her to draw and keep memories at the same time.

11. DROGRACE Children’s Kids Waterproof Camera

If your little one has shown some interest in photography, then she will appreciate this waterproof camera. This camera allows your girl to take pictures while on her adventures with her friends. It has several features that make it more exciting for her to take pictures. With the 40 built-in frames, she will certainly spend her day documenting every part of it. We especially love that it is waterproof. This means that she can bring it with her when swimming and does not have to miss any important moment.

12. Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

If you have no problem indulging yourself in the gift, this may be a good option for you. However, if the 11-year old is not your daughter, you may want to consult her parents first.

This Kids Edition tablet makes it a good choice for their first tablet. It comes with a 10” screen, high definition display and is wrapped in a kid-proof case. There are thousands of books and shows that your girl can choose from to keep herself busy. This tablet is great for long trips in the car and some private time in the house. It also comes with parental controls that let you limit screen time and filter age-appropriate content. You also get manage web browsing and even set educational goals.

13. Light Up Bluetooth Headphones

Preteens absolutely love electronics, and these Bluetooth headphones that light up are certainly going to be some f her favorite. These headphones have LED lights installed at the sides. The lights flash up and down depending on the frequency of the music that you are playing. You can even choose to have the LED lights off to save battery and have more playing time.

The headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth. However, you also have the option of connecting the headphones to your phone with an audio cable. There are switches located on the sides that allow you to control the music. For an 11-year old girl, these headphones would be very worthy.

14. Ultimate Baking Starter Set

By the age of 11, you will have noticed whether or not your little one loves helping out in the kitchen. If this is the case with your eleven-year-old, then you may want to consider this as a gift for them. The Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set includes some pieces that make it possible for your little girl to enjoy some baking. The set comes with 37 pieces that include all the tools, mixes, frosting and decorations that would be needed to make some delicious cupcakes.

What makes this a great gift is that your little girl can use it for both make-believe baking as well as some real baking. If she is ready, you can encourage her to start some mixing and practice cracking eggs with the egg cracker.

15. Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

If your girl is girly and loves painting her nails, she is going to enjoy this nail style book kit from Klutz. With 25 amazing designs to choose from, this kit lets your girl come up with nail designs that she loves for herself. The kit comes with 6 peel on polish that allows her to practice her nail art. It also includes a 60-page instructional guide with which your girl can learn and perfect her craft. The nail style book kit is a favorite for young girls who love painting their nails. The polish is also quite easy to remove so she can easily remove a design that she does not like.

16. Stare! Junior Board Game

This is a great game for testing the visual memory skills of your 11-year old. It also helps to train them on the same. This game is so much fun, and they are going to enjoy playing it with friends. Each player stares at a card for a specified time, and when that is done, they have to answer questions about the card. Correct details earn them a point, and the winner will be the one with the most points. Besides being a great game for your daughter and her friends, it also makes for great pass time with the whole family.

17. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Girls are fond of taking photos with friends. Instax Mini 8 is an excellent gadget that helps them capture sweet moments with friends. It has easy to use cameras by kids because of its simple design and develops an instant photo with a particular paper. Your little princess is going to have a lot of fun taking photos with her friends when she is on travel. It comes in different colors designs, so you are sure to find one that she will like.

18. Monster Slime Kit

Slime is quickly becoming popular among kids of all ages. With slime, kids get to make just about anything, and it is a form of harmless fun. With this kit, your daughter can make non-toxic slime for herself. The kit comes with a guide that gives her instruction on how to do so. It also includes googly eyes with which she can make a monster. The kit also includes a book on monsters from all over the world.

19. Jellyfish Tank MoodLight

This rounded jellyfish tank will be a great and fun way to decorate her room. The tank contains two lifelike jellyfish that just glide around the tank thanks to the jets of air that move the water in the tank. The tank also changes color as the jellyfish swim in it. The three different LED lights give a soothing and relaxing feel. The jellyfish will certainly feel like her pets. The best part is that there is no feeding or cleaning that is needed.

20. Pendant Jewelry Kit.

The kit is a remarkable blend of arts and crafts with which your 11-year-old daughter, niece, or granddaughter can make up to 8 necklaces and pendants. It comes with a pack of instructions and materials for making the specific jewelry. You can encase the glass covers with the images it comes with and attaches them to the chains or pendant holders. This gift is a perfect choice for their birthdays.

21. Alex Spa Hair Chalk Salon

If your daughter is quite the fashionista, then this gift is worth thinking about. The Alex Spa Hair Chalk Salon allows your daughter to play and ‘color her hair as much as she wants.

The kit comes with 5 different colors that produce great results for all colors of hair. The colors are easy to apply and easy to remove as well. With a little shampoo, all the color will come off. The kit also includes beads, a beading tool, and a small comb. With this kit, your daughter can have hours of fun adding highlights to her hair and then accessorizing with the beads.

22. Gumball Glow String Lights

Your 11-year old daughter will certainly want to decorate her room by herself. One of the things that she may be looking for is glow lights. These are bound to make her room look lively all the time. The glow string lights are a combination of 25 LED lights, and they light up in 3 different colors. Because they are battery powered, you can place them wherever you want. The also flash in 3 different patterns and can make a great addition for any room or a sleepover tent. They can also be used during her parties.

23. A Shoulder Bag

Want a cute handbag for your 10-year- old daughter? Miss Lulu Shoulder Bag has different designs that include circles, butterflies and many more fashionable designs. Measuring 33 cm in length, 23 cm in width and 23 cm in height, it is the right size for girls aged between 8 and 11. She can keep her small essential things in the side pockets inside the shoulder bag. The compartment is lined with a soft cloth that cannot damage gadgets. Your little princess is sure to love this cute Miss Lulu Shoulder Bag.

24. Personalized Name Rubber Stamp

With this personalized name rubber stamp, your 11-year old girl gets to practice her craft. She can also use the rubber stamp to write her name in her school books in a fun and glittery way. The rubber stamp contains some glitter that adds the sparkle to her name. Because this is personalized, you can get the name written in whatever font you want and watch her claim anything and everything in the house.

25. DIY Wear I Heart Charm Bracelets

If your daughter is going to spend the afternoon or night with her friends, this charm bracelets kit is going to make their time all the more interesting. The kit comes with bracelets, strings, charms, beads and just about any other accessory that you would require to make personalized charm bracelets. They are perfect for making friendship bracelets for her and her friends. It also includes glitter glue which they can use to add a little sparkle to their bracelets.

26. Easy to do Crotchet Kit

Contrary to common opinion that crocheting is for adult ladies; young girls can learn and enjoy the craft. With this crochet kit, you little girl can learn how to make scarfs and beanies for herself and for close friends. The kit includes a beginner’s guide that will set her on the path to crocheting. The kit also comes with 7 different colors of yarn, 2 crochet hooks, and a plastic needle. Rather than spend her time watching television, buy her this kit and spend some quality time crocheting together.

27. Vtech KidiZoom SmartWatch

Rather than buy a smartphone for your 11-year old, you may want to check out this smart watch from Kidizoom. The watch comes with most of the features of a smartphone and still operates as both an analog and digital watch. With features such as the voice recorder, your kid can have fun recording and playing with the voice changing function.

It also has a camera and a motion sensor that reacts to their movements. It also has interactive games that keep the kid busy for hours on end. Because it can be quite a distraction, the lock feature is quite a welcome. This allows the parents to control what features the kid can use and when.

28. Mom Knows Galaxy Clock

Mom knows best, and you really cannot go wrong with this galaxy clock. This clock does more than just tell the time. The Galaxy Clock projects the nightlife to the ceiling of your daughter’s room making sleep time peaceful and quiet. It also comes with 7 different nature sound and soothing sound that will lull her to sleep. It also comes with a music feature that allows her to play her favorite music at any time of the day. You can also regulate the temperature in her room. The alarm feature is sure to make it easy for you to get her up early enough for school.

29. Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Having a camera in this era may seem a little old-fashioned. However, this gift may interest your tween more than you think. With this camera, your girl is able to take photos of her friends or even favorite places and have them printed instantly. If she loves keeping scrapbooks and journals, the photos will certainly help in preserving all her great and fun memories.

30. The Girls’ Guide To Growing Up

Your tween is growing up, and she will soon start asking questions (that is if she hasn’t already). It is normal for her to be curious about some things and most especially about her body. Of course, they will likely be taught these things in school, and she is better off learning from you. However, she may be a bit embarrassed to approach you. With this book, you can equip her with the most important information without making her feel embarrassed.

31. Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook

This cookbook is agreat opportunity to give your daughter the chance to master her culinary skills. They are better off starting while young, and this book provides a great place to start. With this book, your daughter can learn and master making some simple dishes. It is certainly bound to pique her interest in cooking. The book contains 65 easy recipes that she can follow. It is also filled with illustrated photos that make it all the more interesting.

32. Osmo Numbers Game

At 11 years old, math can start to get a little challenging, and some kids will start becoming repulsive to the subject. A cool way to ensure that they love the subject is by using this numbers game. The game features various activity-based number games. The games can be played through an app and flashcards. These make the game interactive and a fun way for her to master her multiplication tables and equations.

33. Hi-Tech Interactive Robot Dog

This cute girly remote-controlled robot dog would make an amazing gift for your little dog lover. It is rechargeable which means that you won’t cost you a fortune on batteries. It also has a range of up to 50 feet and comes with a variety of fun features sure to keep your little guy entertained for hours. The robot dog pet’s eyes light up and can also change shape depending on which mode is being used.

The dog also comes with a learning mode in which letters and numbers appear on its eyes. It can also dance and sing besides also being able to travel in all directions.


34. Tropical Terrarium Gift

With a pyramid-shaped dish, this gift can help you encourage your girl to develop a hobby. She can take the time to invest in this gift and end up having a wonderful decorative item for her room. The kit comes with seeds and planting mixture. Once she plants the seeds, she has to take care of the plant by watering and ensuring that it gets enough sunlight. Eventually, a polka-dotted plant will grow, and she can keep it n her room as decoration.

35. Dork Diaries Box Set

Your daughter is probably starting middle school, and she is going to face a couple of challenges as she transitions into a teen. This book series is going to be really helpful at this age.

The series follows the life of a middle school girl and all the challenges and drama that come with being a tween. Written wittily, they are a fun way for your daughter to learn what to expect. It is going to be a favorite as she will identify with the character’s struggle into teenage.

36. Doodle Pillow

With this doodle pillowcase, your daughter can write whatever she wants on it. The pillowcase comes with some fabric markers for her to doodle with.

There are also a couple of illustrations that she can color in and even name the dinosaurs drawn. Don’t worry though; the ink washes out in a warm machine wash.

If you are stuck looking for a gift for an 11-year old girl, we hope this list will help you. Remember that you do not have to go overboard and that a personal gift will always be better. Sometimes even tickets to her favorite movie may be all she needs to stay happy all week long.

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