35 Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls

Being 12 is not easy for both the parents and the daughters. A 12-year-old girl is going through a lot of changes in her body and may feel overwhelmed. It is important to make her feel loved every once in a while with a thoughtful gift. However, getting a cool gift for her is also a challenge. She is not quite a teenager, and she doesn’t want to be considered a kid anymore, so what do you get her? Have no idea? Here are 35 suggestions for the best gifts for 12 year old girl;

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 12 Year Old Girls

1. The Logo Board Game

At 12 years, your little girl is absorbing so much information from her surroundings. She may become a little interested in the logos for particular products. This Logo board game allows her to test her knowledge as well as get to learn new facts about consumer logos. The game comes with over 400 cards that are sure to provide longer hours of play for your kid.

2. FujiFilm Instax Mii 9 Instant Camera

Kids nowadays love taking pictures for every occasion. Rather than have her use a phone, why not get her this camera that lets her capture memories in an old-fashioned way? This camera is small and light so she can bring it with her wherever she goes. It is also instant, and she can get to see the wonderful photos she captures in a few seconds. 12-year old girls who particularly love photography.

3. Neon Effects Message Frame- Lights Up

This little frame is the perfect board for her to leave some colorful messages. The board has a plastic frame and a centered glass on which she can write whatever she wants. The board comes with neon pens of three different colors: green, orange and pink. She can use any of these pens to write on the board, and when she turns on the frame, the message on the board illuminates. This can be a great decoration piece for her room.

4. Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System

You might have heard her sing along to some of her favorite tunes. Why don’t you get her this karaoke machine and let her be the star that she really is? This karaoke system connects to Bluetooth enabled devices, and she can connect to listen to her favorite playlists. Whether she is singing in her room, or bringing it out for a party, she is sure going to have so much fun with this gift. It also has 54 LED disco lights that let her add the funk to any party.

5. Adjustable Bracelet Bangle With Birthday Cake

If you are looking for a birthday gift, why not consider this lovely adjustable bangle? The bracelet is made of high-quality alloy and stainless steel. Not only does this make it more durable, but it also makes it safe for any skin type. The bangle does not fade easily, and because it is adjustable, she can have it for a long time. It comes in a velvet pouch making it a great birthday present. She will treasure this for a long time, if not forever.

6. Alex Spa Deluxe Hair Chalk Salon

12-year old girls love looking good and will constantly be obsessed with how their hair looks. One common trend is having colored hair or hair with highlights. However, she may be too young for permanent coloring. With this chalk set, she can get to have her hair colored, but only temporarily. The set comes with 12 different colors, some glitters, and 30 beads. The color is easy to apply and even easier to get off. All she needs to do is wash it off with some shampoo. With this set, she can have so much fun with her friends. They could try out different colors and then use the glitters and beads to decorate their hair.

7. Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

Does your 12-year old daughter have a bike? Then this cool LED lights can be an awesome gift for her. These lights are available in a variety of colors so you can mix and match colors if you want. With these LED lights, your daughter will be able to gain visibility from all sides. They are especially helpful is she is going to ride at night and will help keep her safe. The lights come in boxes, and each box is enough to fit one wheel for most bike sizes. They are quite easy to install, and you can have her bike standing out in a couple of minutes. For even more attention, she can switch from ‘on’ to ”’flashing’ mode when riding.

8. How to Code: A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Coding

If the 12-year old is a nerdy girl who loves all things computers, then look no further for the perfect gift. This coding book will have her locked away in her room for hours. With this book, she gets to learn all the concepts of basic coding. She could even get around to building her own website by the time she is done. She gets to learn how to develop her own games and even make interactive web pages.

9. Umbra Hangit Photo Display

Along with the instant camera above, this 6photo display is a great gift for a 12-year old who just loves photography. With this, she gets to display all the amazing photos that she takes when she is up and about. This photo display is mint colored and blends in any modern bedroom. She can use this as a unique way to display her photos rather than use picture frames. She can also hang her illustrations and drawings if she has any, giving her room a unique feel.

10. Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Soon enough, the 12-year old girl is going to want to wear some makeup, even if not too much of it. This vanity mirror allows her to do that perfectly and will be a great addition to her room. The mirror comes with 16 LED lights that illuminate her face perfectly as she works on it. It has a front sensor to turn the lights on and off as well as adjust their brightness. Using this mirror will be easy as it rotates to 180 degrees giving her a comfortable viewing angle of herself.

11. Mermaid tail Blanket For All Seasons

Make your 12-year-old girl feel comfortable while reading a book or watching her TV shows by giving her the Mermaid Tail Blanket For All Seasons. The fabric of this blanket is soft and warm, which will definitely make her feel good. She can easily slip inside the blanket and snuggle. Your 12-year-old would be able to use this even if she grew up because it is long enough. 

12. DIY Lip Balm Kit

Well, what good is a vanity mirror without some actual makeup? And what better makeup than something she made herself? Your 12-year old girl will absolutely fall in love with this gift. This DIY lip balm kit allows her to make her own homemade and organic lip balm. The kit includes several scents such as peppermint, rose, and lavender. It also comes with some essential oils, moisturizing butter and tubes to put the lip balm. You also receive custom labels so she can name and organize them.

13. AquaSprouts Garden

This self-sustaining aquarium and aquaponics kit is a great way for any 12-year old to learn some responsibility and keep busy at the same time. With this kit, she can grow a variety of plants, herbs, and even vegetables. She can even keep some fish in it and have to take care of them by feeding them and ensuring the water remains clean. This aquarium can also serve as a decorative item, and she can keep it in her room. She may even decide to just grow some decorative plants in it.

14. Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

Your 12-year-old will surely love to have this Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet. She can do almost everything in the tablet, from reading or watching shows and movies. Also, she can download and install different games so she can do something fun and entertain at times. To ensure that everything in the tablet, there’s a parental control that you can access easily. 

15. Glow in the Dark- Face and Body Paint Kit

This kit comes with 6 different colors that are neon in normal light but glow in the dark when charged with the UV torch that is included in the package. The paints are easy to apply with the brush and sponge provided and dry off quickly. Although they last long, getting them off is easy with some soap and water. There are over 100 designs that she can try out with her friends. This kit is especially perfect for any sleepovers with her friends.

16. String Lights

String lights are very common in decorating girls’ rooms. However, your 12-year old will love this string lights as they are a combination of 25 LED lights. The lights light up in three different colors; green, red and blue and flash up in three different patterns. Because they are battery powered, they can be hung at just about any point. She can even carry them on a camping trip and hang them in her tent.

17. Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

Girls love painting their nails a 12-year-olds will surely love the Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit. There are 25 beautiful designs to choose, and your girl can even create her own designs if she wants to. The kit includes a 60-page guide, where she can improve her skills on nail painting. Get her the Klutz Nail Studio Book Kit to enhance her creativity. This I also easy to remove so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. 

18. Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Set

For 12-year old girls who love reading, the Percy Jackson series is a great choice for them. The book has a magical and mystical theme that is bound to fascinate any 12-year old girl. With this set, she can follow Percy Jackson on all his adventures. Alternatively, you may get her the Harry Potter series. If she loves all things magic and mythical creatures, these two series will deepen her love for reading, and she will want to have some magic herself.

19. New Design Cat Purse

When she is going somewhere fancy, she will need something to carry all her things in. This cat purse is perfect and is exactly what she needs. If she especially loves cats, she will be thrilled by this purse. The purse comes in 3 different colors. It has a zipper compartment inside for all her valuables as well as another one at the back. If she does not like cats, you can choose from a variety of other animals.

20. Women in Science: 50 Pioneer Women Who Changed the World

Whether she realizes or not, there are a couple of great women in history who made a mark in the world of science. This book would be the greatest way to empower her and let her know that she can pursue science if she so wishes. The book follows the story of major women scientists. It is heavily illustrated to keep her interest and contains amazing information on these women. For any lover of science, this book is a gem.

21. Osmo Numbers Game

At twelve years old, math can start to get a little challenging, and some kids will start becoming repulsive to the subject. A cool way to ensure that they love the subject is by using this numbers game. The game features various activity-based number games. The games can be played through an app and flashcards. These make the game interactive and a fun way for her to master her multiplication tables and equations.

22. Kedudes Multi Color Perler Beads Kit

If your 12-year-old is crafty and she loves beads, then this craft kit is certainly going to make her happy. The package comes with a convenient storage tray with 16 bright colors of beads. It also includes reusable ironing paper, tweezers as well as pegging boards for all her unique designs. With this kit, your 12-year-old daughter can create any unique design that she wants. Once she is done, an adult can fuse the beads using an iron. She can then turn it into a magnet, a keychain, an ornament, or just about any souvenir she would like to.

23. Olde Book Backpack

If your 12-year old girl loves reading, then she can tell so to the entire world with this backpack. Well, it may not be the entire world but simply the kids at school and her friends. This backpack is extremely cool. It is shaped like an old book with a lock and is large enough for her to hold in all her books. The bag is made of strong and durable materials, and she will have this for sometime before it wears out. She will probably outgrow it before that happens.

24. Pink Mini Disco Ball Lights

If you are looking for a unique electronic gift for your baby girl, then this may do the trick for you. The mini disco ball is perfect for any occasion be it a birthday party, a Christmas gathering, a sleepover with friends or even just a simple cool night all by herself in her room. The ball is battery powered and will light up an area of up to 16 ft for around 5 hours when charged. It is very simple to use and is portable. The lights alternate between 3 colors and will automatically change depending on the rhythm and volume of the music.

25. Custom Body Art Glitter Tattoo Kit

Has she been nagging you about tattoos? Well, if she has, I’m pretty sure that your answer was a resounding no. With this kit, you can let her get a glittery tattoo that is just temporary. The kit comes with an applicator and stencil designs. With this, she gets to have her creativity enhanced as she comes up with cool and unique designs for the tattoos. This makes a great activity for parties and sleepovers. She and her friends can take turns drawing tattoos on each other.

26. The Girls’ Guide To Growing Up

12-year-old girls are starting to grow up, especially that their teen years are about to begin. The Girl’s Guide To Growing Up will surely help her get the answers that she has and are too shy to ask you. The book will help her ready herself with everything that teen years have to offer. 12-year-olds are starting to get curious about everything, and this book will be perfect for her. 

27. Doodle Your Own Mug- Again and Again

This comes as a mug and doodle pen set that allows you to create unique doodle designs on the mug. With this gift, your 12-year old will have so much fun doodling different things on the mug and then taking her favorite beverage from it. Once she is done doodling, all she has to do is let it dry, and it is then ready for use. The best thing about this mug is the fact that the ink looks perfect. However, with some warm water and soap, the ink easily comes off allowing her to doodle again and again. She can doodle on this mug a couple of times and make it seem like she is using a different mug each time.

28. Beats by Dre Wireless On-Ear Headphones

By now, she has probably already developed her taste in music. She may even spend so much time listening to her music that it seems like she doesn’t care for anything else. With this gift, she will have hours and hours of music. These earphones are quite classy and allow her to listen o her favorite playlists wirelessly. It comes in 6 colors so you can choose what suits her best.

29. Timex Weekender Watch

One of the things that a 12-year-old girl gets conscious of is her physical appearance. She will start wearing accessories that will suit her outfit. One of the best gifts to give her is the Timex Weekender Watch. This watch has a slip-thru-strap, while the face with black dial, and a polished silver case. She can also see the time, even in the dark because of its indigo lighting. 

30. Leather Diary With Lock A5 Size

Most 12-year-old girls will love a diary or a journal. At this age, one of the things they value most is their privacy. A diary with a lock will, therefore, be very much appreciated. This one has a combination lock making it even harder for anyone to open it. This particular diary has a leather cover. This makes it very durable, and she can keep it for quite a while. By getting her this, you will encourage her to document the things that happen in her life. She can even use it as a travel journal and write about all the places she visits. Who knows, she may just be a budding writer, and this will be a great way to kickstart it.

31. Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook

Let your 12-year-old help you in the kitchen with this Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook. This cookbook will help improve her cooking skills and will become a way for both of you to bond. The cookbook includes simple dishes that she can cook and are very easy to follow. 

32. Doodle Designer Accessory Bag

This kit comes with 10 wash-out fabric pens that she can use to doodle on her own bags. She can get creative and use whatever designs she wants on all her bags. Thee doodle pens are available in a variety of colors. The kit also includes a bag that she can doodle on time and time. All she has to do is wash the bag and get creative again. She can even use the pens to doodle in her diaries and notebooks since they do not bleed in most types of paper.

33. Gift Cards

If you have no idea what to get her, the best way to play safe is to get her a gift card. You could find out her favorite store and get her a gift card from there. If she loves music, why not get her an iTunes gift card? Gift cards are completely safe as she can choose to get whatever she wants without you worrying whether or not you picked a good gift.

34. Movie Tickets

12-year old girls love to hang out with their friends. Is there a hot new movie? Get her a couple of tickets for her and her friends. While at it, you may want to add her some money for some snacks and drinks afterward. Although it is not a personal gift, it is something that she will surely appreciate.

35. BaByliss Pro BAB2000 CeramixXtreme Dryer

At twelve years old, your niece, daughter, or granddaughter is getting more conscious about her physical appearance, especially her hair. Getting her this hair dryer will make caring for her crowning glory way easier and faster. However, while the kit comes with a user manual, be sure to guide her on how to properly use the dryer for the best results. The dryer comes with infrared technology for faster yet still gentle drying, six heat and speed settings, a sliding control button, and narrow barrel design. 12-year old girls can be quite difficult to gift. Sometimes, it may be hard to know what they like as they are also discovering that themselves. We hope that this list gives you a great idea of what to get your 12-year-old daughter, niece, or granddaughter as a gift. Whether she is nerdy, sporty, a gamer, or a diva, you are sure to find a suitable gift for her.  

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