35 Best Gifts For 13 Year Old Girls

Shopping for a 13-year-old girl may be challenging, but this is also fun because of the endless options that you have. At the age of 13, she officially has entered into her teen years and things that she likes change just like her preferences in gifts.  I’ve rounded up the 35 gifts that you can buy for her to narrow down your options. Whether it is for your granddaughter, daughter, niece, or the daughter of a friend, you will surely find something here that she will love.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 13 Year Old Girls

Our Number 1 Top Rated Gift

Teens are at an age where they want independence and like to bunker down in there bedrooms. So when one of the team came across this product it went down a hit. The product is called LiveWave and provides free cable tv (legally) from your home with over 240 channels. We all at Parent Center Network have teens and bought one of these devices and our youngsters loved them! It took only 5 minutes to set up and they even say its the best gift they have ever got… Cable TV all to themselves! 

Best of all we all ordered one for ourselves and saved hundreds of dollars on our cable tv bills a year. It truly is an incredible device. We honestly recommend grabbing one of these smart devices for yourself aswell as a gift!

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2. Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush

13-year-old girls are somewhat into their appearance, and their crowning glory is one of the essential parts of their head. Untangling hair can be difficult and sometimes painful, which can also result in a not so nice looking hair. With the Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush, she will be able to untangle her hair and style it. The brush consists of long tresses with conical bristles that are effective in removing tangles. 

3. Nike Blue Air Max Running Shoes

Obesity due to under-exercising and/or overeating is one of the most disturbing trends among teenagers today. You can encourage your 13-year-old daughter to exercise more, and one of the best ways to do that is get her this pair of Nike Blue Air Max Running Shoes. If she is already into running, this would make a perfect gift for her. The pair of shoes comes with a few specific features which include a Solarsoft sock liner that provides extra comfort and an AIR-sole that decreases compression forces on the user’s feet. These women’s running shoes are among the best available in the market today.

4. A Selfie Stick

Young girls like taking pictures of themselves, so buying your 13-year-old daughter, niece, or granddaughter a selfie stick is going to make her happy especially if she likes selfies.

5. String Lights

Your 13-year-old-daughter will certainly want to decorate her room by herself. One of the things that she may be looking for is glow lights. These are bound to make her room look lively all the time. The glow string lights are a comb ination of 25 LED lights, and they light up in 3 different colors. Because they are battery powered, you can place them wherever you want. The also flash in 3 different patterns and can make a great addition for any room or a sleepover tent. They can also be used during her parties.

6. Emori 50-Piece Color Nail Lacquer Combo

Besides loving makeup, 13-year-old girls love coloring their nails. So this Emori 50-Piece Color Nail Lacquer Combo will be perfect for her. It consists of 50 bottles and nail plushes that are of high quality. The kit also has nail polish remover pads to make it easier for your child to remove the polish if she wants to have a different color. The brush applicator is kid-friendly, which make the application easy and fast. 

7. Bath Bomb Kit

Many young girls these days like bath bombs and if yours does too, getting her this amazing bath bomb kit would be a great idea. These are ball-shaped, and once she drops them in her bathtub, they fizz and melt, producing fun colors and sweet fragrances. She is sure to have amazing bath experiences with this bath bomb kit. The kit includes instructions on how she can make a “cocktail” of scents. It also includes a diverse range of essential oils.

8. Cosmetics All in One Makeup Kit

At thirteen years of age, girls become more experimental with their looks. This is when makeup starts to become very important for them. So, if you have a 13-year-old daughter, niece, or granddaughter, this beautiful, amazing Cosmetic All-in-one Makeup Kit would be a great gift for them any day. The kit contains all the essentials that your princess will want to have in her first full makeup set; from eye shadows, powders, blush and lipstick all in different shades, as well the tools for application and some instructions on the right way to wear makeup.

9. Light Up Bluetooth Headphones

Teens absolutely love electronics, and these Bluetooth headphones that light up are certainly going to be some f her favorite. These headphones have LED lights installed at the sides. The lights flash up and down depending on the frequency of the music that you are playing. You can even choose to have the LED lights off to save battery and have more playing time. The headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth. However, you also have the option of connecting the headphones to your phone with an audio cable. There are switches located on the sides that allow you to control the music. For a 13-year-old girl, these headphones would be very worthy.

10. Zip ID Case

These cases are a fun way to carry around the important little things- from cards, cash, et cetera. The case comes in a wide range of patterns, and colors, so you are sure to find one that she will like. Plus, it is relatively cheap, so you can still get it even if you are on a tight budget.

11. A Shoulder Bag

It is known as a great fashion accessory apart from just a bag. As a great form of self-expression, a high-quality bag would be used in her day to day errands either for carrying pens, cellphones, school books, iPads, devices, tablets, and other everyday effects. With many cool designs, the bags are functional giving her a place to store all her small stuff when she is out and about. They can be stylish, elegant and express the image that the girl wants to portray.

12. Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

With hundreds of gadgets on the market today, one of the best gadgets for a 13-year-old is the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet. The reason behind this is because this tablet can act as something that she can use for educational purposes but as well as for entertainment. With its high definition display and 10” screen, she will surely be able to read comfortably and watch TV shows that she likes. The Fire HD tablet has a kid-proof case to ensure that it’s protected from drops and impacts. 

13. Imikoko iPhone 6S Luxury Fashion Case

Almost every teenager has an iPhone today, and there’s no better way to help them protect their phones by giving them the Imikoko iPhone 6s Luxury Fashion Case. It is available in 8 different colors, and the colors come in three-layered schemes. One of the best things about the case is that it is light in weight so the case won’t be adding weight to the iPhone itself. Give your 13-year-old this iPhone case to protect her phone from scratches, dents, and nicks. 

14. Gallery Studio Deluxe Art Supplies Set

Enhance your 13-year-old daughter’s creativity by the Gallery Studio Deluxe Art Supplies Set. The kit is compost of watercolor cakes, colored pencils, and oil pastels, which will surely improve her art skills. The kit is compost of 82 pieces of materials, and they are all stored in a wooden case. Your daughter will be able to bring this anywhere with her so it can keep her entertained for hours. 

15. DROGRACE Children’s Kids Waterproof Camera

With the innovation of technology today, it’s easy for 13-year-old girls to take photos of themselves and their friends. Giving her this DROGRACE Children’s Kids Waterproof Camera will surely make her happy. There are different features in this camera, including that it is waterproof. She can take this anywhere with her even during swimming time with family and friends. 

16. Jewelry Box Organizer

All young girls love jewelry collection, and this amazing Jewelry Box Organizer is sure to make your little princess happy. This is a beautiful product that any young girl will dream to own. Designed for elegance, it has the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simply neat. The Jewelry Box Organizer has compartments and separate drawers in which she will keep her jewelry such as bangles, chains, rings, and trinkets safe. Designed as a display item, the Jewelry Box Organizer is one of the best gifts for 13 yearold girl as it can become the centerpiece of her bedroom or vanity display.

17. TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

13-year-old girls will start going on sleepovers and swimming with their friends or even with their cousins. This means that giving her this TowerlSelections Turkish Cotton Bathrobe is ideal. She can use this in the pool or after taking a bath during a sleepover. It comes in different colors so you can choose whatever favorite color she has. 

18. Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit is perfect for your 13-year-old girl. There are a total of 25 amazing designs that she can mix and match. The kit has six peel on polish, where your teenager can practice her nail art on her nails. Also, there is a 60-page guide where she can improve her creativeness. Lastly, the polish can easily be removed so she can change nail polish as often as she wants. 

19. BaByliss Pro BAB2000 CeramixXtreme Dryer

13-year-old girls love fixing their hair since it is everyone’s crowning glory. One of the best gifts that you can give her is the BaByliss Pro BAB2000 CeramixXtreme Dryer. This hair dryer will be able to blow dry her hair faster and easier so she can style her hair before going to school. One of the best things about this dryer is that it has infrared technology to ensure that it’s drying her hair gently. With six-speed and heat setting and narrow barrel design, this dryer will surely be useful for the years to come. 

20. Waterproof Smart Watch Phone For Kids

She has probably already started bugging you out asking for a phone. If you feel that she is still a little too young, this waterproof smartwatch may be a good alternative. With this watch, your kid gets to enjoy some of the cool features of a smartphone. You can easily set up to 3 emergency contacts. The watch allows your daughter to make and answer calls. She can also use the SOS button to call you when in danger. The smartwatch also allows you to use a sim card with it. It has a GPS and LBS position allowing you to track your daughter to anywhere. It also comes with a remote voice monitor, camera, flashlight, voice chat, math game among other features. You can also control the features that she gets to use.

21. Alki’I Warm Winter Fleece Bottom Pants

Alki’l Warm Winter Winter Fleece Bottom Pants is an excellent gift for 13-year-old girls. The reason behind this is because of its stylish and chic design, which your teenager child will love. It is perfect during autumn and winter to keep her comfortable and warm during these seasons. With its 100% polyester fabric, she will be protected from the cold all day and night. 

22. Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook

This cookbook is an excellent opportunity to give your daughter the chance to master her culinary skills. They are better off starting while young, and this book provides a great place to start. With this book, your daughter can learn and master making some simple dishes. It is certainly bound to pique her interest in cooking. The book contains 65 easy recipes that she can follow. It is also filled with illustrated photos that make it all the more interesting.

23. Timex Weekender Watch

Your 13-year-old girl may be becoming conscious about her appearance, but so is she conscious about the accessories that she wears. One of the essential accessories would be a watch. The Timex Weekender Watch comes in a cool and chic design. The case is in silver, and the face is white with a black dial. To make it easier for her to know the time at night, it has an Indigo lighting. 

24. Nancy Drew Starter Set

The Nancy Drew Series is a great detective series and any 13-year old who loves reading will be immediately taken aback. If she is already a fan of the series, then this will certainly be a delightful addition to her collection. If not, then why not start her library collection with these books? The books are quite interesting to read with easy-to-follow plot lines. While she can read the books on her own, they can be your way of spending some time with her by reading a chapter or two before bed each night.

25. Bose SoundLinkColor Bluetooth Speaker

Music allows teenagers to express their feelings, be in tune with latest trends, and connect with peers. Gifting your 13-year-old this cool Bluetooth speaker will give her a great experience listening to her favorite songs. She is going to be more attached to music, and who knows, she could discover her talent for music this way.

26. A Cook Book

Girls are more conscious about diets than boys. They are more picky eaters, and therefore, this amazing diet-related cookbook would be a great gift to get her started on eating healthy. It comes with more than 70 easy-to-prepare recipes which are sure to add to your little girl’s current repertoire of food.

27. 155 Harry Porter Facts: The Ultimate Trivia Book For Wizards and Witches

If your 13-year-old girl is into books and specifically into Harry Potter Series, then the 155 Harry Potter Facts book is perfect for them. Everything that she needs to know, including trivia and facts that she will surely love to know. 

28. Alex Toys Spa Hair Chalk Salon

13-year-old girls love taking good care of their appearances, and this Alex Toys Spa Hair Chalk Salon will surely be an excellent gift for her. She will be able to experiment with the hair color that she wants, without worrying about any harmful side effects. The kit is equipped with non-toxic chalk and can easily be washed off. 

29. Mermaid tail Blanket For All Seasons

There’s no doubt that she suddenly spends so much time indoors. She may be watching a movie, reading a book or simply hanging out with her friends. This hand crocheted blanket makes it easy for her to snuggle and keep cozy. The blanket is warm and soft making it perfect for use during all seasons. It has an easy to use design, and all she has to do is slip inside and snuggle. It is also long enough for adults to use. Whether she is on the couch, going camping or even for sleepovers, this blanket certainly makes the best companion.

30. Hughapy Soft Mermaid Tail Blanket Sleeping Bag

Does your 13-year-old girl like things about mermaids? Does she sometimes fantasize about being one? If yes, then this amazing mermaid-inspired sleeping bag would be a wonderful gift for her. The sleeping bag is 20% cotton, 80% polyester which is a very comfy fabric.

31. Justin Bieber Someday Eau De Parfum Spray

Most teenagers like Justin Bieber; say his name in any group of teens and chances are you will hear loud screams of adoration and joy. So getting your 13-year-old girl this spray would a great idea. The perfume combines fruity and floral tones which include jasmine, mandarin, and pears with a nice vanilla finish, giving a refreshing scent that’s suitable for teenage girls.

32. Sleepover Party Activity Game

Sleepovers are frequent with 13-year-old girls, and this SleepoverParty Activity Game will surely make sleepover more fun. This game set is equipped with 200 challenges and games to keep them entertained the entire night. What’s great about this game is that it can also be used in parties or during family gatherings to make things more entertaining. 

33. Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Your 13-year-old girl is probably starting to collect and buy more jewelry. The Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box is perfect for her as it can fit different jewelry size that she has. Upon opening the box, a ballerina will be on top of a mini stage. A key should be turned so the ballerina can start dancing to the music of Swan Lake. With the metal latch attached, the box will surely secure every jewelry inside. 

34. Easy to do Crochet Kit

Letting your 13-year-old daughter start crocheting will help improve her focus and creativity. This Easy To Do Crochet Kit with a plastic needle, two crochet hooks, and seven yarns with different colors will surely keep her. Mind creative. The kit also has a guide inside which will help her to get started with the hobby of crocheting. 

35. The Girls’ Guide To Growing Up

One of the best books that you can give a 13-year-old girl is The Girl’s Guide To Growing Up. At this age, she is probably curious about a lot of things. In this book, all of her questions about being a teenager will be answered. She may be shy to approach you about her questions, and this book will help make things clear for her.  These are all of the best gifts that you can give to a 13-year-old girl. It’s the start of her teenage years, and the above gifts will help her in different ways possible. With the gifts listed above, you will be assured that she will still be having fun by also learning. We hope this list will help you get the perfect gift for your 13-year-old princess.

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