35 Best Gifts For 15 Year Old Girls

Finding a gift for a fifteen-year-old girl can be very challenging. She is not a little girl neither is she a young woman. Her preferences when it comes to gifts can be somewhere between shoes, Barbie dolls, clothes, and makeup. So you are never always sure what would make her happy.

In this article, we’ve identified 35 best gifts that would most likely make a fifteen-year-old girl happy. So if you want to get your teenage niece, daughter, or granddaughter a gift but you are not sure what would make her happy, read through for 35 suggestions for the best gifts for 15 year old girl.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 15 Year Old Girls

1. A Cook Book

Girls are more conscious about diets than boys. They are more picky eaters, and therefore, this amazing diet-related cookbook would be a great gift to get her started on eating healthy. It comes with more than 70 easy-to-prepare recipes which are sure to add to your little girl’s current repertoire of food.

2. Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush

Her hair is her crowning glory, so your teenage girl is most likely going to appreciate that you bought her this unique detangling brush. With this brush, she will spend less time detangling and brushing her long tresses, thanks to its gentle yet effective conical bristles.

3. Yoga Zeal Banana Leaf Print Yoga Mat

Most girls will start obsessing over their looks during teenagehood. As one of the ways to ensure that they keep fit, they may take up activities such as yoga. For the budding yogi, a yoga mat is a necessary item. This banana leaf print yoga mat can come in handy for them. The mat is very comfortable and offers unparalleled support for joint protection. It also allows her to practice yoga on just about any surface. Because it is so light, she can bring it with her even on vacations to ensure she never misses a yoga session.

4. Just Dance 2018-Wii

Your teenage girl will probably love dancing, although she may not tell you. Perhaps she dances alone while in her room. If you have caught her doing so a couple of ties, then she may appreciate this gift. The Just Dance game from Wii allows her to dance to some of the greatest hits in the world. With over 40 dance songs, your girl will have so much fun. This is a great game as it can be enjoyed by the whole family as well. It is also great for parties which she will be attending and hosting a couple of times.

5. Story of the Earth Set of 7 Bracelets

When it comes to teenage girls and accessories, you can almost never go wrong. This set contains 7 bracelets that have all been made from natural inspiration.

The bracelets have some unique charms and beads and feature some very artistic knotwork. The bracelets are all different and allow her to interpret them in whatever way she wants. She may choose to mix and match the bracelets or wear them separately. 15-year old girls love unique items, and this is sure to set her apart from her friends.

6. Nike Blue Air Max Running Shoes

Obesity due to under-exercising and/or overeating is one of the most disturbing trends among teenagers today. You can encourage your 15-year-old daughter to exercise more, and one of the best ways to do than get her this pair of Nike Blue Air Max Running Shoes. If she is already into running, this would make a perfect gift for her.

The pair of shoes comes with a few specific features which include a Solarsoft sock liner that provides extra comfort and an AIR-sole that decreases compression forces on the user’s feet. These women’s running shoes are among the best available in the market today.

7. Ocean Wave Night Light

After a tedious day at school, your 15-year old daughter will want to rest and relax in her room. This Ocean Wave night light will help her achieve a cozy atmosphere in her room that will quickly and easily relax her mind.

The night light comes with 8 different LED lights and projects the ocean’s wave onto the ceiling. It has built-in speakers and can connect to her MP3 player, or phone to play music. She can also use it in the bathtub for those long and calming weekend baths.

8. Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable With Speakers

Perhaps you have noticed that your daughter is into some old school music and it looks like she loves disk jockeying. Well, this vintage turntable is a great gift idea for her.

This is an absolute classic and comes with some amazing features. It has built-in speakers that connect to any Bluetooth powered device. It also features an aux-in cord for playing music from non-Bluetooth devices and headphone jacks. It is also quite portable, and she can bring it with her when going to DJ at friends’ parties.

9. Emori 50-Piece Color Nail Lacquer Combo

Apart from makeup, young girls like experimenting with their nails. Get your little princess this nail art-related gift and see how happy she will be. The Lacquer Combo set comes with fifty bottles of top-quality nail polish, and each one has a different color. There are also nail polish remover pads. Each bottle comes with its own kid-friendly brush applicator making the application process fast and easy.

10. ASTRO Gaming A50 Xbox One

If she loves gaming, getting her this headset will probably be one of the best things you could do for her. This wireless headset features great technology that will elevate her Xbox experience. The uni-directional microphone on the headset will allow her to communicate with her teammates. What makes this a favorite among gamers is the fact that it is able to cancel out any background noise, allowing them to clearly hear the game sounds. She can also use the headset to listen to her music as well as watch her movies.

11. Alex Toys Spa Hair Chalk Salon

Various reasons, your 15-year-old princess may want to change her color. It could be peer pressure, a personal way to express style or some experimentation with looks. You should not get too upset with her whatever her reasons are because it is just hair. And with this Spa Hair Chalk Salon, she can change her hair color without permanent changes, and without the risk of suffering the side effects.

The hair chalk is non-toxic, easy to apply, and washes off very quickly with water. With this kit, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money on professional hair colouring treatments, and you will be giving her a chance to experiment with multi-colored tresses.

12. Libratone Zip Wireless Speaker With Bluetooth and WiFi

With the rechargeable batteries that have a life of up to 12 hours, your 15-year old princess can bring this with her anywhere. The speakers allow her to play her music on the go and come with a variety of cool features as well. It allows her to stream through Bluetooth and WiFi. She can also play internet radio stations. The speaker also features Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant which she can use to find out what day it is and even the nearest food restaurant.

13. Mood Maker Color Changing Nail Polish

Your girl probably loves painting her nails and would love to do so in a variety of colors. However, this may not always be easy as there is simply no time to keep changing the nail polish. This color changing nail polish should do the trick. When first applied, the nail polish is purple. However, the color will change based on your body temperature, the heat, and your moods. How cool is that? The nail polish can change to four colors, and your daughter can have different colors of nail polish throughout the entire day.

14. Imikoko iPhone 6S Luxury Fashion Case

Does your 15-year-old girl have an iPhone 6S? If yes, then you should consider getting this beautiful Luxury Fashion Case to make things more personalized and enjoyable. The case would be an important iPhone accessory for her, and you get to choose from 8 different color combos. Each color combo is available in three-layered schemes.

The case is lightweight, therefore, the feel of the smartphone in her hands won’t change. Its cutouts accommodate the iPhone’s ports perfectly ensuring that its functionality remains. This is a great accessory to that will keep her expensive smartphone from nicks, dents, and scratches. She is going to love it.

15. Leather Coin Purse for Girls

This leather coin purse is very cute and simple. The tassel detail makes it look exquisite, and your 15-year old will certainly enjoy carrying this around. It is the size of a wallet and can be used to hold her money, ID card, and even credit cards if she has any. The size makes it perfect for holding in her hand or simply tossing it into a bag. It comes in 5 different colors, and you can choose one depending on her taste.

16. Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

This classy duffel bag will be a great gift for girls who play sports or are often away with friends for the weekends. The bag features double features double carrying handles for a better grip. It has top-zip closure and has plenty of space for your 15-year old t carry whatever she wants. It is also designed with an exterior shoe compartment. This helps protect her clothes and other valuables from any dirt from the shoes.

17. Moisturizing Moon Mask

Your fifteen-year-old is probably going through some changes in her body. If she has sensitive skin, then she may be prone to acne which may reduce her self-esteem. You can get her this moisturizing cream. It is designed to hydrate dry skin. However, it is also sensitive enough for acne-prone people to use it safely. The cream also comes with some cool stickers that she will certainly enjoy placing in her notebooks.

18. Gallery Studio Deluxe Art Supplies Set

If your 15-year-old daughter, niece, or granddaughter has a talent for drawing, nurture it with this fantastic Gallery Studio Art Supplies set so she can polish her skills. Your aspiring artist is sure to love coloring and drawing stuff with this kit. Once you get her the kit, let her spend hours using the oil pastels, the colored pencils, and the watercolor cakes as she creates her early masterpieces.

The kit includes 82 pieces of various art materials, and they all come in a portable, wooden case with several dividers.

19. Embossed Sherpa Fuzzy Soft Throw Blanket

Winter sticks around for quite some time. Often, your 15-year old may not want to do anything else other than cuddle up with a favorite book. A soft blanket would be perfect for this cold season. These blankets are fuzzy and extremely soft and will have her cuddling all day. They do not shed and are quite easy to wash. They can also be folded into throw blankets and be used as decorations for her room when not in use.

20. Hydro Flask Insulated Steel Sports Water Bottle

Whether she is a sports enthusiast or is simply obsessed with taking good care of her body, she may be taking lots of water with her. If she doesn’t already have one, perhaps you should get her this water bottle. It is sleek and is designed with an easy-access wide mouth. The surface is slip resistant, and the bottle comes with an in-built straw. What she is especially going to love is the fact that this bottle can keep drinks for very many hours. She can also use it for hot drinks as well.

21. TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

Suitable for 8-year-olds and above, this bathrobe can be a great gift for your 15-year-old girl. While it doesn’t immediately sound like something that would excite a teenage girl, bear in mind that often, the best gifts teenage girls are practical things. This bathrobe has a very practical use; she can even use it at the pool or occasionally at the beach. The bathrobe comes with excellent absorption and softness, and your teenage daughter will appreciate that you are getting her less whimsical and more practical gifts.

22. My Eye Collector’s Set

You may soon start noticing that your 15-year old daughter wants to put on some makeup. And who can blame her? Why don’t you make things easier for her and her this set from Sephora? This set comes with some of the basic makeup products and will make a great first makeup set. It comes with 24 different shades of eyeshadow, clay blush, liquid eyeliner, mascara, lip balm, and a highlighter. Despite it having all those products, the set is very light, and she can always carry it with her.

23. Clear Skin Lover Rubber Mask

If your daughter’s face is acne-prone or she is experiencing any other skin condition, allow her to indulge in a little bit of self-care with this skin mask product. This product has been tried and tested and is great for sensitive and acne-prone skin. The wrapping helps prevent acne and also prevents the evaporation of anti-aging ingredients. It also gives a soothing and calming sensation. Unlike other masks, this remains wrapped during the entire time and does not peel off on its own. Ensure that she takes it off slowly to prevent breakage.

24. BaByliss Pro BAB2000 CeramixXtreme Dryer

At 15 years old, your niece, daughter, or granddaughter is getting more conscious about her physical appearance, especially her hair. Getting her this hair dryer will make caring for her crowning glory way easier and faster. However, while the kit comes with a user manual, be sure to guide her on how to properly use the dryer for the best results.

The dryer comes with infrared technology for faster yet still gentle drying, six heat and speed settings, a sliding control button, and narrow barrel design.

25. Remington Slim Curling Wand

Without you even realizing it, your fifteen-year-old quickly becomes conscious of her looks, and she will want her hair to especially look good. Does she love having curls? Well, why not get her this curling wand. The wand takes about 30 seconds to heat up so she won’t have to take too long every morning. It also comes with a glove that helps in preventing burns on her hand. The curls achieved are able to last all day long. The best part is that the wand allows her to create curls of all sizes so she can wear a different look every day.

26. Tease- A YA Novel

Books are very important, and they help in many ways, one of them being in starting conversations that are normally hushed down. The plot and storyline of this novel are bound to keep your 15-year old daughter entertained. The book centers around the story of a high school student who commits suicide after being bullying.

The story is told from the bully’s perspective and highlights the adverse effects of bullying. Besides teaching her the effects of bullying, the book will help your 15-year old understand how to deal with normal teenage hood problems in an effective way.

27. 100 Movies Scratch-off Poster

For the 15-year old girl who is an avid movie fan, there really couldn’t be a better gift. This poster is simple and attractive and perfect as a wall decoration for the movie room. Other than that, it comes with 100 of the best movies, and she will have to scratch them off as she watches the movie. It is a great challenge which will keep her busy. She can even decide to take the challenge with family and friends and create some amazing memories.

28. USB Leather Tassel Key Chain

There are high chances that she is forever texting, even when her phone is charging. With this gift, she will not have to worry about her battery dying. This really cool gift comes disguised as a key chain. However, it also contains a USB cable that lets her charge her phone wherever she is. With this gift, she gets to keep her phone charged and her keys looking stylish all the time.

29. Birth Month Flower Necklace

You may want to get a little personal when it comes to getting her the best gift. That’s okay. This flower necklace allows you to do just that. Most people know their zodiac signs as well as their birthstones.

However, not many know that each month is associated with a certain flower. With this necklace, your daughter gets her birth month flower. The flowers are picked from all around the world and are dried and captured in a resin pendant. This is a gift any 15-year old girl will keep and treasure for many years to come.

30. Stranger Things Poster

If she is obsessed with the Netflix Show, Stranger Things, then there’s no better way to make her happy. The show focuses on life in the 80s and is full of adventure and mysterious happenings. This poster has all her favorite characters from the show and will look great in her bedroom. You can choose to get the poster framed or unframed. Either way, you will be happy you did when you see how happy she will be.

31. Alki’I Warm Winter Fleece Bottom Pants

No one likes cold and even those teenagers that think they’re invincible experience cold in their extremities. This warm fleece bottom pants should help them solve this issue, especially during winter and autumn. It has a chic, cool, and stylish design that your 15-year-old daughter will love and she could even want to wear it when running errands outside. It is made of 100 percent polyester fabric which s soft and provides a warm barrier that protects against cold.

32. Paladone Toy Box Scrabble Light

Is she the queen of Scrabble during game nights? Why not get her this cool string light that looks like Scrabble tiles. The lights come with 10 scrabble tiles and 60 letter stickers. The stickers are reusable and interchangeable allowing her to spell whatever word she wants with the lights in her room. It certainly makes a great addition to the decoration in her room.

33. Balderdash Board Game

This game will let your fifteen-year-old be the start of the party, especially during sleepovers. The board game is very interesting with a little bit if a twist. The game features some categories and unbelievably true content. Points are earned by coming up with phony definitions and trying to figure out who among your friends is bluffing. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. The package comes with clue cards, a board, a die, and some instructions.

34. Game and Movie Tickets

Who said you have to get her something so grandiose? At times, a simple gift such as tickets to the movies or to her favorite game can go a long way into making her happy. If you are running out of ideas, buy some tickets for her and her friends to enjoy a day out.

35. Timex Weekender Watch

As she becomes more conscious of her physical appearance, she will also start using jewelry. Rather than just getting her beautiful jewelry, you should consider also buying her useful pieces like this Timex watch. It comes with a chic, cool design. It has a slip-thru-strap, a polished silver case, and a white face that has a black dial. The watch comes with Indiglo lighting which makes it easy for the user to see the time even in dark and dim conditions.

We hope that this list gives you an idea of where to start when it comes to gifting a 15-year old girl. They may be a mystery, but with the right gift, you may find her opening up. Take some time to try and figure out what she likes and what gift would make her extremely happy.

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