Best Gifts For 15 Year Old Girls 2020

Shopping for gifts can be challenging, especially for teenage girls and 15-year-old girls to be specific. As they grow, their preferences start to change from Barbie dolls to clothes, shoes, and makeup. So I’ve decided to round up the top 35 best gifts for a 15-year-old girl that she will surely love. Whether you are buying something for your daughter or a friend’s daughter, she will love the 35 suggestions for the best gifts for 15 year old girl.

Top Gift Ideas For 15 Year Old Girls

NameFeatureCurrent Price
School BackpackSpacious, Made of polyester and textile liningPRICE AT AMAZON
Casio Baby G-WatchAmazing color, Stainless steel, Water resistantPRICE AT AMAZON
Chilly Water BottleVacuum insulated, Food safe stainless steel, Rust-resistantPRICE AT AMAZON
Fenty Beauty ProductsPerfect for sensitive skin, LightweightPRICE AT AMAZON
Nip+ Fab Skin ProductsSafe for the most sensitive skins, Eliminate blemishesPRICE AT AMAZON
Urban Decay Eye Make Up PaletteIncludes different eye shadow colors, cruelty-freePRICE AT AMAZON
Dyson Hair CurlerErgonomic design, High quality steelPRICE AT AMAZON
Ghd CurlerInch medium barrel, Work on short hairPRICE AT AMAZON
Make Up MirrorHas LED lights around it, PortablePRICE AT AMAZON
RT Make Up BrushesMakeup artists and influencers loves it.PRICE AT AMAZON

1. School Backpack – Herschel

A fifteen year old will surely find a Herschel bag useful, because she won’t only be able to use it for class, but she can also use it when doing a sleepover at her friend’s house. One of the best things about a school backpack from Herschel is that it’s spacious enough for your daughter to put her laptop inside.

Another good thing about Herschel is that it is made of polyester and a textile lining, which assure that the school bag is reliable enough to carry her things without worrying it getting ripped or anything. With its width of 11 inches, she will be able to keep all of her school essentials in this backpack.

2. Casio Baby G-Watch

Casio has been here for decades and they specifically made a Casio Baby G-Watch. A fifteen year old will surely love this watch because of the amazing colors that it has. One of the most in demand color today when it comes to teenagers is gold rose, and luckily Casio Baby G-Watch has that color.

The Baby G-Watch is made out of stainless steel, which ensures that it’s durable enough to be worn everyday. If you daughter loves to swim, you may also want to choose a model that is water resistant, since there are Casio watches that are water resistant for up to 100 meters. With this watch, she will surely love how good it will look on her wrist and overall outfit. 

3. Chilly Water Bottle

Encourage a fifteen your old to hydrate herself often and no matter where she is by giving her a Chilly water bottle. The bottle is vacuum insulated, which means that her water can stay cold for almost 24 hours. If she’s going to put something hot in there, it can stay hot for 12 hours. 

Worry not because it is food safe stainless steel, and is known to also be rust-resistant. The insides is made out of metal, which helps fresh and long lasting flavors. The water bottle is also airtight which means that she can place it inside the bag since it’s leak-proof. Choose a Chilly water bottle in her favorite color, she will surely love that.

4. Fenty Beauty Products

At the age of fifteen, a teenage girl definitely uses makeup or wanting to use one. One of the best brands today not only because they are perfect for sensitive skin and cruelty free is Fenty Beauty products. The brand has everything that a girl needs, from lip gloss, lipstick, blush-on, to foundations and such, they have everything. 

Another good thing about Fenty Beauty products is that they are lightweight, so your teenage girl won’t have that heavy feeling especially when going to school. They also have products that also help nourish their skin or lips if needed. A fifteen year old girl will surely love Fenty Beauty products.

5. Nip+ Fab Skin Products

Just like any other teenage girl, a fifteen year old may be having problems with her skin, from breakouts, to dry skin. This means that she is now ready to use different skincare products to avoid the most common skin problems of teenagers today. 

One of the best things about Nip+ Fab Skin products is that they are safe for the most sensitive skins. It is gentle on the skin, yet works effectively to eliminate blemishes and other skin problems that a teenager may have. Choose from the different products that Nip+ Fab Skin has, so you can help her skin to maintain its beauty.


6. Urban Decay Eye Make Up Palette

A fifteen year old may start borrowing your makeups by now, which means that she will surely appreciate and love the Urban Decay Eye Make Up Palette. What’s good about this palette is that it includes different eye shadow colors, which she can use for parties, events, or even for an everyday look. Your daughter can enjoy a no makeup look with this palette, or a smoky eye if she wants to. 

One of the best things about Urban Decay Eye Make Up Palette is that it is cruelty-free and is perfect for people who have sensitive skins. A fifteen year old will surely love this palette from Urban Decay.


7. Dyson Hair Curler

Every girl loves to style their hair and a fifteen year old girl will surely love the Dyson Hair Curler. One of the best things about this curler is that it has an ergonomic design to ensure that she can comfortably use it to style her hair. It is also heavy duty which means that if she needs to style her hair in the most unique way possible, she can without worrying about the curler overheating.

The Dyson Hair Curler is made out of high quality steel with an anti-corrosion treatment, and an oleophobic coating. This will make things easier for her to clean it and hold it anytime she pleases. With its usefulness and elegant design, she will surely love this curler from Dyson.



8. Ghd Curler

If she is into a more classic type of curler, then the Ghd Curler is definitely perfect. This curler has an inch medium barrel, and an activated spring ergonomic lever to help her create classic style curls and volume. What’s good about the Ghd Curler is that it can also work on short hair, which means that your daughter can style her hair no matter what length her hair is.

One of the best things about Ghd Curler is that it is very safe to use. In fact, it has an automatic sleep mode, wherein after 30 minutes of not using the curler, it will automatically shut down. It also has a styling time, wherein she can curl her hair beautifully for only eight-seconds, which will avoid burning her hair or damaging it. With this curler, she will surely be able to style her hair in any way possible.

9. Make Up Mirror

Make up mirrors are now becoming popular, not only with celebrities but even with teenagers today. The reason behind this is because it’s not the ordinary mirror that’s on their dresser or in their bathroom. This type of mirror has LED lights around it, which can be adjusted depending on the light that she please. She can even dim it with just one touch of a button. 

When choosing a make up mirror, make sure to choose one that has a high definition clarity. This will help her to see every detail on your face, especially when applying her makeup. A make up mirror is very portable, which means that she can bring it anywhere she pleases. Choose one that is powered with double A batteries to avoid wires and such.

10. RT Make Up Brushes

A fifteen year old surely applies makeup now and you can help her apply them perfectly by giving her an RT Make Up Brushes. The brand has different brushes, which usually comes in sets. One of the best things about these brushes is that it can be used when applying creams, powder, and even liquid makeup, which she will surely love.

RT Make Up Brushes is made popular by makeup artists and influencers all over the world. Worry not because these brushes may be affordable, but they are of high quality. 


11. Manicure Set

As a young teen lady, she probably love cleaning and painting her nails with nail polishes, which means that giving her a manicure set would be an ideal gift. Choose a set that comes with everything that she needs, from nail clipper to tweezers, and all of the other grooming tools that she will need when doing her nails. 

There are a lot of manicure sets today and choosing one that comes with a pouch where she can store them would be best. Choose one that is made our of PU leather to ensure that all the tools are protected. Lastly, make sure that the tools are made out of high quality steel to avoid issues.


12. Facial Cleaning Brush

A fifteen year old is probably conscious about her skin and giving her a facial cleaning brush to help her maintain her skin would be best. There are now a lot of facial cleaning brush today and usually, they feature a 36 degree cleansing. The bushes have the ability to exfoliate the skin using the different attachments that comes with the brush.

One of the best things about a facial cleaning brush is that your daughter can customize the settings depending on the needs of her skin. The settings can be adjusted to a lower speed or a higher one if her skin need a deeper exfoliation. The brush can also help remove whiteheads, blackheads, dead skin, and even makeup. 

13. Zoella Mist

A girl will surely love a perfume as a gift, and the Zoella Mist is definitely perfect for her. As a teenager, you surely don’t want her using too much perfume, especially strong ones. The Zoella Mist is perfect because it has the right amount of scent in it, which will keep your daughter smelling fresh all day. 

There are different Zoella Mist scents and all you have to do is to choose one that she will like. All Zoella Mist have light scent so you don’t have to worry about the smell at all. 

14. One of Us is Lying

Let her enhance her creativity by giving her a book, where she can get excited because of the plot and twists. One of the most talked about books today is One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus. The book centers to a group of friends where one of them died, and it wasn’t even an accident based on the investigators. 

Letting her read books like this will awaken her investigative skills as she will also be thinking as to who may be the suspect in this murder.


15. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Another book that will awaken her imaginative mind is A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. The book isn’t really about it, but about a murder that needs to be solved even if it already took five years for the authorities to find the real murderer. 

The book is about a small town where a murder happened five years ago. A girl who is doing her project accidentally uncover the secrets of the town, which should say hidden. If the killer is still there, she might even put her life in danger. She will surely be hooked with this book.


16. Stories from Influencer Next Door

If a fifteen year old loves celebrities and influencers, then the Stories from Influencer Next Door book is definitely for her. The book has everything that she needs, from the lives of the celebrities and influencers, to how they achieved the success that they have now. This book will not only help her get to know some of the people that she looks up to, but also inspire her in the long run. 

Some of the celebrities and influencers in the Stories from Influencer Next Door book includes, Grasie Mercedes, Mary Lawless Lee, Jillian Harris, Jessica Wang, and more!

17. Kindle

One of the things that she will love to use for entertainment and even for studying is a Kindle. This tablet has a seven inch display and has a huge internal storage, which she can even increase by using a microSD. It also has a good battery life, wherein your daughter can use it for up to 7 hours.

Giving her a Kindle will help her study while also having fun. The reason behind this is because she can download her school books here or even upload them of she already has an online copy go it. Also, Kindle can also keep your daughter entertained with watching, listening to music, and browsing the internet. 

18. Beats by DRE

Every teenager loves listening to music and giving your fifteen year old daughter the Beats by DRE headphones will surely be a great idea. Headphones under this brand is known for its high performance and a premium experience while listening. 

One of the most popular models of Beats by DRE are the wireless headphones. This model will let her listen to music without any wires hanging everywhere. It can be charged for as little as ten minutes and be used for three full hours. 

19. Amazon/iTunes/Spotify/Audible Gift Card

A fifteen year old definitely loves shopping just like most girls today and giving her a gift card would be ideal. You can give her anything from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, to any of the online stores that you might think of. If she’s into music, then you can give her a Spotify gift card. 

An Amazon gift card would be best if she loves online shopping. Lastly, if your daughter has an Apple gadget then giving her an iTunes gift card would be perfect. In fact, any gift card will surely be appreciated.


20. H&M Gift Card 

Another gift card that she will surely love is a gift card from H&M. She probably love clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories, so giving her a gift card from one store where she can choose from a wide array of products would be great. 

H&M is a store where she can purchase the items mentioned above. She can even buy shoes or hair accessories if she wants to. The store is packed with everything that a person wants, even household items, which might even interest you as well. Giving her an H&M gift card means you will be able to bond with your daughter over shopping.


21. Adidas Trainers

Whether she loves to jog or not, she will definitely love this Adidas Trainers shoes. She can wear a pair of this Adidas shoes when she goes to school, the gym, or even while she jogs with your at the park. They come in different colors, from white, black, green, and pink.

The Adidas Trainers is lightweight, which makes it perfect for working out at the gym. It also has a rubber sole and a breathable mesh to ensure that she will feel comfortable all day while wearing the shoes. Lastly, you shouldn’t worry about slipping, since it has a non-slip feature. 


22. Nike Air

Another shoes that will make her comfortable while jogging around the park is the Nike Air shoes. It as rubber sole and is made out of mesh for extra comfort. One of the best things about Nike Air is that it features a Heel Max Air which can absorb impact, protecting the feet and legs. 

A fifteen year old will also love the soft foam the there shoes has, and the responsive cushioning. With the lightweight shoes, your daughter will surely feel comfortable wearing it.


23. LED Photo Clips

A fifteen year old probably loves taking photos of you and the rest of your family, and of course her friends. But sometimes, these photos are kept on their smartphone or online, which can get lost when problems arise. So why not give her a LED photo clips, which is usually consist of different colors. The clips will be use for the printed photos of family and friends.

The LED photo clips can be a decoration in her room, especially because of the string lights that changes colors every now and then. Choose one that is waterproof and one that can be charge using a USB interface so she can easily charge the batteries.


24. Neon Lights

Another great gift for a fifteen year old is a neon light sign. Choose one that uses LED as its light source as it will only consume little watts an a longer lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. These lights are available in different signs and sizes so it would be best to choose one that she can actually attach to the wall of her room. 

Worry not because neon lights online are very safe to use, as they produce little to no hit at all. Your daughter won’t have to worry about maintenance, because there are no mercury, gas, or any periodic refill required.


25. Swarovski Bracelets

One of theist beautiful bracelets today is the Swarovski bracelet and she will surely love one on her wrist. The good thing about this type of bracelet is that it is available in different designs and colors. Some even come with charms, which is somewhat ideal for your daughter. You can choose one with charms that are related to her or that might interest her. 

There are some Swarovski bracelets with pearls, so if she is into pearls, there’s nothing to worry about. Choose a color and design that a fifteen year old will surely love to wear.


26. Jewellery Stand

There are different jewellery stands in the market today and giving one that will match the taste of a fifteen year old will be ideal. If she wears accessories, which most teenage girls do, then giving her a jewellery stand would be best so she can organize her accessories. 

Choose a jewellery stand that has a lot of spaces for her current accessories and the futures ones. There are different designs and it is also important to choose one that she likes. A jewellery stand can hold bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even rings, which means that she’ll be able to make the most out of your gift.


27. Jewellery Books

If she is into jewelries then giving her some of the best jewellery books in the market today would be best. Choose one with an encyclopedic overview of everything from different gemstones available. It would be good to choose one with a step by step guide on how she can create amazing jewelry pieces using different stones an accessories.

Giving her jewellery books especially if she is into jewelry making is a good stepping stone for her to improve her skills. Who knows, she may be the next big jewelry maker in the future.

28. Electric Scooter

One of the most popular things that teenagers love to have is an electric scooter, which is why we included it here. There are a lot of electric scooter that you can choose for her, from different colors to the features that they have. It would be best to choose one that has no chain and no alignment to ensure that maintenance will never be needed. 

Your daughter will surely love an electric scooter where she can push the throttle button or brake in case needed. Worry not because majority of scooters today can handle up to 120 pounds. 

29. Roller Blades

A fifteen year old will surely love to receive roller blades as a gift. Choose one that has no lace to avoid it from tangling around the wheels or anything, which can in turn cause accidents. A simple buckle will do since it is definitely not complicated to use. 

When choosing roller blades, make sure that the shoes is comfortable enough for her. The wheels should be gel ones for them to be smooth on the surface. Lucky you because roller blades today come in different colors, so you have a lot of options to choose from.


30. Fitbit

Giving her a Fitbit will encourage her to become healthy without you imposing it on her. The reason behind this is because a Fitbit can help monitor her calorie burn and as well as her heart rate. Choose a model that comes with different exercise modes, from circuit training, yoga, swim, bike, or run.

Wearing the Fitbit will also help her count her steps, which will encourage her to walk more. Also, she can connect the Fitbit to her smartphone by using an app. Of course, it would also be best to choose a Fitbit model that comes with smartphone app notification so she can check messages, calls, or other apps when needed.

31. Gym/Travel Bag

Giving a fifteen year old a gym or a traveling bag is ideal because she can use this during her days at school where she goes to the gym to swim or to do whatever sports they have there. 

When choosing a gym or a travel bag, it would be best to choose one that is made out of 100% polyester. This will ensure that the bag is durable enough and can handle to carry heavy items inside. The shoulder should also be padded for your daughter to be able to carry it comfortably. Lastly, since there are different colors of gym to travel bags today, you can choose your daughter’s favorite color.


32. Phone Accessories

She will surely love whatever phone accessories you give her. A phone case may be ideal as this will help protect the smartphone that you gave her. Choose a phone case that will match her personality and one that will also protect her phone from accidental drops and bumps. 

Some of the other phone accessories are phone holders, phone pouches, and earphones. You surely know what phone accessories that she and her phone needs, and there’s nothing to worry because everything is available to cater to her needs.

33. Selfie Lens

Girls love to take photos of themselves and group photos of them and their family and friends. To ensure that she’s taking great photos, selfie lens would be a great gift. There are different types of lenses available, from wide angle lens, telephone lens, and even fish eyes lens.

A selfie lens has a magnetic cap holder, which means that it can be attached to the phone’s camera easily. Giving her selfie lens will surely let her take amazing photos and razor sharp qualities as well. 

34. Mirrorless or DSLR Camera

Whether she is into taking photos or not, giving her a mirrorless or DSLR camera will surely be ideal. The reason behind this  is because it will help her take photos and keep the memories using the photos that she will be able to print.

There are a lot of mirrorless or DSLR cameras in the market today and giving her one will not only help her keep memories, but may also improve her photography skills. Who knows, she might even love taking photos and even become her hobby in the long run.