35 Best Gifts For 15 Year Old Girls 2020

Shopping for gifts can be challenging, especially for teenage girls and 15-year-old girls to be specific. As they grow, their preferences start to change from Barbie dolls to clothes, shoes, and makeup. So I’ve decided to round up the top 35 best gifts for a 15-year-old girl that she will surely love. Whether you are buying something for your daughter or a friend’s daughter, she will love the 35 suggestions for the best gifts for 15 year old girl.

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Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 15 Year Old Girls


1. Card Game

Teens these days are into card games, and a good card game is a hologram one to make sure that it’s authentic. If your fifteen year old and is into sleep over and such then buying a card game is the one for you. Choose a game that is family friendly, so the entire family will surely enjoy playing this card game.


2. Detangling Brush

Teenager or not, a woman’s hair is considered as her crowning glory. Giving a detangling brush will keep her hair tangle free. She will also be able to spend more time styling her hair than detangling it. With the conical bristles of a brush, her hair will be brushed gently. 

3. Bluetooth Speakers

A bluetooth speakers is what your 15 year old teenage girl will surely love. Choose one that is not only bluetooth capable, but it also supports AUX cable and a TD card, which can be connected to laptops, phones, and echo series. She can also do hands-free calls using this speaker. 

One of the best things about a speaker is that it has a long lasting battery life. Usually, it has a total of 1,000 MaH and uses a Lithium-ion battery to provide a six hour uninterrupted playing. With its crystal clear sound, her chosen music will surely fill her room, especially with is dual high performance and bass driver.

4. Video Game

Your teenage girl will probably love playing, although she may not tell you. A video game would be perfect for her. Choose a video game that matcher her personality and she will surely be playing with it all day.

5. Decorative LED Light

A decorative LED light is compact to ensure convenience. Usually, it is powered with three double A batteries or can also be plugged in using a USB cable. It can be used for a party or a rom light, as it will emit a soft and warm glow, which can help your 15 year old daughter to sleep comfortable at night.

The LED light is a great gift for kids, whether as a birthday or a Christmas present. It is very easy to use, wherein your daughter can attached it on the wall if she pleases. With its durable and high quality design, the LED light is sure safe to use. 

6. Running Shoe

Encourage your 15-year-old daughter to exercise more, and one of the best ways to do than get her this pair of  running shoe. If she is already into running, this would make a perfect gift for her. A pair of shoes comes with a few specific features which include soft sole and a compression forces on the user’s feet. A women’s running shoes are among the best available in the market today.

7. Night Light

After a tedious day at school, your 15-year old daughter will want to rest and relax in her room. A good night light will help her achieve a cozy atmosphere in her room that will quickly and easily relax her mind. Choose a night light that comes with different LED lights and projects the ocean’s wave onto the ceiling. She can also use it in the bathtub for those long and calming weekend baths.

8. Vintage Bluetooth Speakers

Perhaps you have noticed that your daughter is into some old school music and it looks like she loves disk jockeying. Well, a vintage turntable is a great gift idea for her. It is an absolute classic and comes with some amazing features. Choose one that has built-in speakers that connect to any Bluetooth powered device; also features an aux-in cord for playing music from non-Bluetooth devices and headphone jacks. It is also quite portable, and she can bring it with her when going to DJ at friends’ parties.

9. Nail Polish

Besides loving makeup, 15-year-old girls love to paint their nails. A set of nail polish will surely have her change her nail color often because she has a lot of colors to choose from. Choose a nail polish that comes with remover pads, and the polishes are all kid-friendly. With the brush applicator, the application will be easy and fast. 

10. Wireless Headphone

If she loves gaming, getting her this headset will probably be one of the best things you could do for her. A wireless headset features great technology that will elevate her music experience. Choose one with a uni-directional microphone on the headset will allow her to communicate with her teammates. She can also use the headset to watch her movies.

11. Vintage School Backpack 

Choose a backpack that is made out of water resistant high quality polyester, and also a strapped shoulders, which are both soft and breathable for added comfort.

One of the best things about a backpack is that it has a spacious compartment, where your daughter can bring her laptop at school. The laptop is protected by the padded compartment that is specifically made for laptops. Lastly, make sure that it has interior pockets for her other things and a secret back pocket for her mobile phone and wallet. 

12. AI Gadgets

AI gadgets are compatible with other smart home devices. Your daughter can also control numerous devices in just one voice command. Plus, it will help keep your home safe especially if you choose one with Smart Alerts once it detects sound of glass breaking, carbon monoxide alarms, and smoke alarms.

13. Color Changing Nail Polish

Your girl probably loves painting her nails and would love to do so in a variety of colors. However, this may not always be easy as there is simply no time to keep changing the nail polish. A color changing nail polish should do the trick. When first applied, the nail polish is purple. However, the color will change based on your body temperature, the heat, and your moods. How cool is that? A nail polish can change to four colors, and your daughter can have different colors of nail polish throughout the entire day.

14. Facial Cleansing Brush Set

15 year old girls are usually starting to take notice of their skins, and giving your teenage girl a facial cleansing brush set. Usually, a set includes 4 brush heads and are packed in a travel case for their protection. They are IPX5 resistant and are powered by two double A batteries. 

Choose brushes that have a two speed settings, which you can use for daily scrubbing and gentle exfoliating. Also, most have an advanced setting, which will help remove oil, dirt, and makeup from your pores. It will also helps prevent acne, and clear blackheads. T

15. Fitness Tracker

Fifteen year old girls are getting conscious about their figure and health, so giving your daughter a fitness tracker will surely help her monitor her progress. A fitness tracker can also monitor sleep and heart rate in real time, which will help her adjust to a healthier lifestyle. 

One of the best things about a fitness tracker is that it can record most of your activities, including active minutes, calories burned, distance, and steps. The tracker can be connected on her phone so she can see her stats and monitor her route. It can also check messages and calls, if connected in her phone. Notification from Twitter, Instagram, Linkedln, and Facebook will also be shown.

16. Duffel Bag

A duffel bag will be a great gift for girls who play sports or are often away with friends for the weekends. Choose a bag that features double features double carrying handles for a better grip. Usually, it has a top-zip closure and has plenty of space for your 15-year old to carry whatever she wants. 

17. Character Facial Masks

Fifteen year olds love makeups but also love anything that can keep their face look healthy. A character facial masks, will surely be perfect for them. It will not only keep their face soft, but as well as bright and hydrated due to the multivitamins that these masks have. 

Masks can help sooth and purify the face due to the water and botanical extract for a clearer complexion. There are also some masks that can keep her face glowing, while there are also some that are nourishing. 

Your daughter will surely love the different characters that these facials masks have, including a Llama, Mermaid, Panda, Unicorn, and the Otter mark.

18. Art Supplies Set

Let your daughter improve her creativity with an art supplies set. Choose a set that will surely polish her skills, mainly because of the many watercolor cakes, colored pencils, and oil pastels. With the different pieces included in this kit, she will surely be able to improve her creativity in no time. 

19. Portable Mini Fridge

Your fifteen year old daughter will surely love a portable mini fridge because of its versatility. It can be used for water or food, but it can certain be used for skincare products. Your daughter definitely turn it into facial masks and other personal beauty products. She can store her masks, moisturizers and creams in this portable mini fridge to keep them cool.

One of the best things about a portable mini fridge is that it uses a semiconductor, which is ultra quiet and energy efficient. Choose a fridge that is also environmentally friendly, so adding one in her room won’t harm our environment. 

20. Water Bottle

Whether she is a sports enthusiast or is simply obsessed with taking good care of her body, she may be taking lots of water with her. If she doesn’t already have one, perhaps you should get her a water bottle. Choose a sleek and is designed with an easy-access wide mouth. The surface should also be slip resistant, and the bottle comes with an in-built straw. What she is especially going to love is the fact that this bottle can keep drinks for very many hours. She can also use it for hot drinks as well.

21. LED Desk Lamp

A LED desk lamp with USB charging ports is perfect for your daughter’s room. It can become a nightstand where she can charge her phone or store it. With its modern design, it will surely fit her room’s interiors. Also, since it’s a slim desk lamp, it won’t take too much space in her side table. 

Choose one that can also be used as a mobile phone stand, so she can watch movies or videos on her phone with ease. The lamp should be made out of high quality aluminum, which will ensure that your daughter will be able to use this lamp for a long period of time.

22. Floor Chair

A floor chair will surely be great for your fifteen year old because of how comfortable it is. She can even adjust the backrest into four different positions so she can find the position that she’s more comfortable with. She can use this chair when she’s studying or while on her laptop. It has a fabric that’s breathable and a base cover that can be removed. Choose a user-friendly design, as your fifteen year old daughter will surely love this floor chair as an addition to her room.

23. Rubber Mask

If your daughter’s face is acne-prone or she is experiencing any other skin condition, allow her to indulge in a little bit of self-care with this skin mask product. Choose a product that has been tried and tested and is great for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Usually, the wrapping helps prevent acne and also prevents the evaporation of anti-aging ingredients. Most masks also gives a soothing and calming sensation. Unlike other masks, a rubber masks remains wrapped during the entire time and does not peel off on its own. Ensure that she takes it off slowly to prevent breakage.

24. Hairdryer

Your 15-year-old girl is already starting to do her own hairstyle, and a hairdryer is perfect for her. A hairdry will gently dry her hair, which means that her crowning glory will stay safe and healthy. Choose a blow dryer that is equipped with six-speed and heat setting, a narrow barrel design, and a sliding control button. 

25. Curling Wand

Without you even realizing it, your fifteen-year-old quickly becomes conscious of her looks, and she will want her hair to especially look good. Does she love having curls? Well, why not get her a curling wand. Choose a wand that takes about 30 seconds to heat up so she won’t have to take too long every morning. It should also comes with a glove that helps in preventing burns on her hand. The curls achieved are able to last all day long. The best part is that the wand allows her to create curls of all sizes so she can wear a different look every day.

26. Novel

Books are very important, and they help in many ways, one of them being in starting conversations that are normally hushed down. The plot and storyline of this novel are bound to keep your 15-year old daughter entertained. So giving your daughter a good novel will surely keep her hooked to the storyline.

27. Movies Scratch-off Poster

For the 15-year old girl who is an avid movie fan, there really couldn’t be a better gift. A poster is simple and attractive and perfect as a wall decoration for the movie room. Other than that, it usually comes with 100 of the best movies, and she will have to scratch them off as she watches the movie. It is a great challenge which will keep her busy. She can even decide to take the challenge with family and friends and create some amazing memories.

28. USB Tassel Key Chain

There are high chances that she is forever texting, even when her phone is charging. With a USB tassel key chain as a gift, she will not have to worry about her battery dying. It really cool gift comes disguised as a key chain. However, make sure to also choose one that contains a USB cable that lets her charge her phone wherever she is. With a gift like this, she gets to keep her phone charged and her keys looking stylish all the time.

29. Necklace

You may want to get a little personal when it comes to getting her the best gift. That’s okay. A necklace allows you to do just that. Why not give your daughter a personalized necklace, your daughter gets her birth month flower. Choose flowers that are picked from all around the world and are dried and captured in a resin pendant. 

30. Poster

If she is obsessed with the Netflix shows, then there’s no better way to make her happy but a poster. Choose a poster that has all her favorite characters from the show and will look great in her bedroom. You can choose to get the poster framed or unframed. Either way, you will be happy you did when you see how happy she will be.

31. Winter Fleece Bottom Pants

Some may not be bothered by the cold, but your daughter sure is. This is why a winter fleece bottom pants is perfect for her. She can wear it during fall or winter at home or even when doing errands outside. Choose pants that are made out of 100% polyester fabric, which will provide her with a warm and soft feeling. 

32. String Lights

Why not get her this cool string light that looks like unique. Choose lights that are in different colors to make her room looking awesome at night. It certainly makes a great addition to the decoration in her room.

33. Board Game

A game that will let your fifteen-year-old be the start of the party, especially during sleepovers. A board game is very interesting with a little bit if a twist. Board games can be played during a sleepover or during a family night.

34. Game and Movie Tickets

Who said you have to get her something so grandiose? At times, a simple gift such as tickets to the movies or to her favorite game can go a long way into making her happy. If you are running out of ideas, buy some tickets for her and her friends to enjoy a day out.

35. Analog Watch

Your fifteen year old may start getting conscious about her appearance and giving her something that will add style to her overall look would be nice. She will surely love an analog watch because of the interchangeable rubber straps that it comes with. Choose a watch that comes with a 42 mm metal case and a glass dial window. Your daughter will surely love how she can wear different straps for different days. She can mix and match the straps with her outfit to perfectly match it.

Choosing a gift for your 15-year-old girl may be challenging, but I’m sure that she will definitely love the gift that you’re going to give her. Always remember that her preferences change as she grows, so always consider that.  We hope that this list gives you an idea of where to start when it comes to gifting a 15-year old girl. They may be a mystery, but with the right gift, you may find her opening up. Take some time to try and figure out what she likes and what gift would make her extremely happy whether as a Christmas present or a birthday gift.

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