35 Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Girls 2020

Looking for the best toy for a 2 year old girl as a gift? According to child development experts, when picking toys and games for a 2 year old, it’s important to avoid constraining her. The best toys for 2 year old girls are malleable, encourage early learning skills, foster creativity, kindle their imagination and allow them to discover their own ways to play and have fun.

At this age, it’s all about “Let’s pretend” and “I do it myself”. She learns numerous physical skills, starts to realize she can do things without mommy’s help and enjoy engaging in more pretend play. The ideal toys for her are the ones that help build her cognitive, social-emotional and physical skills through play.

We’ve compiled a list of the best toys and games to make it easier for parents, grandparents and family friends to find the perfect gift for their little one. Without further ado, feel free to get inspired by these 35 best gifts for 2 year old girl.

1. Musical Tea Party

An interactive, vividly colored tea set featuring different songs, phrases and surprises, will be a 2 year old girl’s cup of tea for sure. She will love watching the teapot lighting up in different colors and making true-to-life sounds as the tea is brewed inside. She will also jump for joy when she sees the tea realistically moving as the happy teapot tips and she’s ready to serve it to her tea party guests.

Choose one that is child-tested, educator-approved 9-piece musical tea set includes a teapot, a cake stand, 5 cake pieces and 2 teacups, all brightly colored as she likes it. It’s one of the best gifts for 2 year old girl as she will have fun and at once learn greetings, manners, colours and matching, shapes, sharing, and more.

2. Counting Animals

A cute and brightly colored counting animals are a fun way for 2 year old girls to develop small muscle movement as they snap together and pull apart these lovely animals. Choose a set that includes animals that each features a number from 1 to 10 on its upper body and a corresponding number of vividly coloured spots of its lower body.

A wipe-clean, safe pieces are also color coordinated, thus allowing her to match the pieces by colour. In addition to helping a 2 year old girl build fine motor skills, it also helps her develop matching skills, counting skills as well as colour and number recognition skills. A versatile, best-selling set is also great for imaginative play activities and comes with a handy storage jar.

3. Castle

The perfect gift to channel her inner princess! Your 2 year old girl will be in for a magical surprise with a palace that comes to life with magical sounds, fun phrases and colorful lights. Choose one that is interactive, cute playset recognizes the adorable Disney characters Rapunzel and Cinderella and responds both acoustically and visually, thus fostering a sense of participation in her favorite Disney stories.
Unleash her imagination, allowing her to create new Disney stories of her own as she explore around the ballroom and tea room for even more interactive fun.

4. Purse Soft PlaySet

Made from top-quality fabrics and phthalate-free plastic, a too-cute-for-words pink playset provides hours of pretend fun for a 2 year old girl. One of the social-emotional milestones for a 2 year old girl is starting to mimic especially what mommy does, says, and wears. A purse soft and safe playset comes with everything necessary to fill her adorable pink handbag featuring translucent sides and purple handle.
Chooses one with lovely accessories that include a key ring with 4 removable keys, a cell phone that chimes, a compact with kid-safe mirror and a coin purse with 4 countable coins. She will love a fill-it-up, dump-out activity which ignites her imagination and creativity and at once helps her develop fine motor skills.

5. Pop Up Friends

A pop up friends has multiple features including levers, push-down flaps, and buttons, this educational and super fun toy will keep your 2 year old entertained for hours, while discovering extra cute domestic animals one by one. Choose one that has horse pops up as she pulls the blue lever, the chicken pops up when she twists the green wheel, then the cow and the lab as she pushes the orange button and red cylinder, respectively.


6. Laptop

A multi-colored laptop style toy with lots of active engagement options that provides hours and hours of interactive fun for a 2 year old girl. Choose one that is packed with hands-on playful activities including ABC and 123 buttons, colours and shapes flipper, emoji slide, hashtag button and roller bar. An educational laptop will help her to develop fine motor skills and early learning skills, while encouraging role play. She will love chatting/singing with the adorable characters in the light-up chat window and hearing more than 40 fun songs, phrases and sounds that teach her numbers, shapes, the alphabet, colours, and many more.

7. Play Cash Register

Little girls love pretending they’re cashiers in a store or supermarket. Loaded with brightly colored, safe accessories, including credit cards and coins, a cash register educational toy will keep your 2 year old girl busy and entertained for hours. In addition to imaginative fun, choose one where she will learn about shapes, numbers, colours and sizes by matching them into the correct slots. Give her the gift of role play fun as she likes it.

8. Magnetic Drawing Board

A magnetic drawing board is an inspired choice for a 2 year old girl who loves to draw in particular. Celebrate her inner artist without worrying about making a mess. Choose the largest magnetic doodle pad on the market, it provides plenty of space, allowing her to add a new dimension to her creativity and drawing skills. Make sure to choose a foldable stand design that makes it super comfortable for your little one to draw whether sitting or standing. Unlike monocolour drawing broads, choose one that comes with 4 different color zones for an enriched drawing experience.

9. Bricks Building Set

A multi-colored, bricks building set is undeniably one of the best gifts for 2 year old girl. Packed with countless building options, it helps her imagination flourish and unleash her creativity. Choose brightly colored pieces in various shapes and sizes, some featuring double-sided decorations, it’s up to her to imagine and create a flower, a duck, a fish, a little house and pretty much anything she can think of.

10. Toys Animal Shape

According to experts, shape sorters are great gifts for 2 year olds because at this age, they are just starting to pay attention to things like colors and shapes. Choose a pink wooden shape sorter pull along toy makes an excellent choice for a 2 year old girl as it will visually appeal to her and encourage imaginative play.
Toys animal shape sorter is great for nurturing shape recognition and hand-eye coordination. She will love discovering 10 different, vividly colored animals including a zebra, a giraffe, a hippo and an elephant, sorting the shapes and then loading each one onto the lorry through their special slots.

11. Counting Caterpillar

If your 2 year old girl loves the rainbow, then she will adore a toy with 10 colorful numbered segments that resemble the rainbow. In addition to numerals, the segments of the cute caterpillar also features printed dots for easy counting. Choose a sturdy educational stacking toy that will help a 2 year old girl develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, in addition to fostering colour and number recognition.

12. Jigsaw Puzzle

Give your 2 year old daughter a brightly colored jigsaw puzzle is completed. Ideal for putting it together on the floor, it would be nice if there is a theme for the puzzle. Choose one that is designed for her little hands, with just a number of chunky, colorful pieces and visually appealing illustration to encourage hand-eye coordination. The pieces’ irregular shape, with no corners makes it even more captivating for a 2 year old girl.

13. Button Art

One of the best gifts for 2 year old girl, a versatile and super fun educational toy will help her build counting, sorting, and color coordinating skills, by matching the different colorful mushroom nails to complete the picture. Choose one that features vividly colored buttons and lovely pictures for endless fun. It will surely ignite her creativity and imagination, allowing her to create her own designs using only the pegboard

14. Stringing Bead

An excellent toy for a 2 year old girl, hitting the highs on both fun and learning. Stringing Beads usually include 30 durable and colorful plastic beads and 4 lacing strings to help her develop fine motor skills, especially dexterity and hand-eye coordination. as well as counting and sequencing skills. The size should be perfect for her little hands and she won’t even notice she is learning as she plays with these multi-colored beads, sorting and stringing them, The set also comes with a cute storage bag.

15. Play Tent Castle

A multi-purpose pink play tent offers a 2 year old girl the chance to engage in pretend play as she pleases. At this age, she enjoys engaging in more complicated pretend play and craves for her own princess castle to help spark her imagination and creativity. At the same time, she starts becoming increasingly aware of her own person. Choose an adorable play tent castle will also help cultivate her independent personality. It makes a great gift for her and it’s bound to put a big smile on her face.

16. Water Drawing Mat

Truth be told, 2 year old girls love to paint and experiment with various colours and textures. A water drawing mat is a truly inspired choice, providing hours of mess-free painting fun for your little girl. She will jump for joy as she fills the pen with water, running it over the mat and seeing her eagerly awaited drawings magically appear in rainbow-like colours. She can look forward to hours of creative and magical fun as she watches her doodles fade away like magic to start all over again.

17. Mushroom Garden

A multi-award winning educational toy is a mushroom garden is an inspired gift choice for a 2 year old girl, encouraging cognitive development, creativity and imagination. Choose a brightly colored, eye-catching mushrooms help her learn colors and numbers, improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity and memory span. As they light up, she is encouraged to pay attention and follow the patterns which get longer and more captivating as she progresses. Whether she rolls it, spins it or rocks it to play music, every movement with this fun and fully safe toy will be full of surprises just as she likes it.

18. Musical Penguin

Happy Feet in the house! An interactive educational toy with an Antarctic twist, the musical penguin usually features 3 play modes – learning mode, music mode and story mode to keep a 2 year old girl entertained for hours. It should have a big, heartwarming winking eyes, the bump and go penguin will flap its wings and dance around, while playing fun music. Choose one with its beak up and down as it tells many different stories that she will love for sure. Your little girl will learn, build fine motor skills and have fun at the same time with this colorful and fascinating musical penguin.

19. Animal Sound Puzzle

If your little girl is fascinated by wild animals, then the animals sound puzzle is undeniably the best toy for her. She will jump for joy when she correctly places the puzzle pieces in the board and is rewarded with listening to the wacky sounds of 8 zoo animals, including parrot, monkey and elephant. Choose one where each of these animals makes a different sound, helping her develop listening and matching skills as well as dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Make sure to choose a puzzle that features light-activated sensors, so be sure to remove a piece in a brightly lit room so as to expose the sensor and then activate the sound by replacing it in the puzzle board.

20. Mood Crayons

Help your 2 year old girl explore the rainbow of emotions and feelings, number order, matching, colours, and more with fun sounds and songs and hands-on, interactive play. Choose an adorable crayon that will introduce her to self-expression and self-confidence and help her build pincer grasp and other fine motor skills. Usually, it will feature over 35 phrases and songs, this multi-colored set of crayons will certainly draw in your little one for hours of playtime learning. When she presses on the crayon, she will hear all about its mood and color. She will also be rewarded with fun phrases and songs when sorting the crayons into their correct slots.

21. Education Dino

One of the best toys for a 2 year old girl as a gift, an education Dino will bring out your little girl’s innate maternal instincts, fostering imaginative play. Choose an interactive, adorable baby Dino toy that eats and even recognizes all the ¬†colorful food pieces she feeds it. For extra fun, Choose one that can spin the disc with more than 100 songs, fun sounds and phrases. She will also develop fine motor skills and early learning skills by pressing different buttons that introduce numbers, shapes, music notes and more. Hours of fun awaits your little one with Dino.

22. Phone Toy

Your 2 year old girl can hardly wait to talk on this adorable yellow cell phone. At this age, they start repeating what her parents do and say, so she can’t help pretending she’s talking on the cell phone. Made of wear-resistant, non-toxic material, choose a phone toy features over 1o different music tones and a curved arc in the middle so that her little hands can pick it up with ease. It helps her develop cognitive, communication, social, auditory and tactile skills, and provides hours of fun, making it one of the best gifts for 2 year old girl. She will be hooked on her new musical cell phone for sure.

23. Musical Dancing Duck

A multi-colored and multi-function duck is a great educational toy for a 2 year old girl who loves singing and dancing. It will keep her entertained for hours and hours as the super cute duck sings happy, fun songs and dances while lighting up and flapping its wings. Your little one will be fascinated by hearing different ducks sounds, melodies and even “uh oh” when pressing the four buttons, so choose the right dancing duck. Select a toy that also features a baby duck that says “quack quack” when pressed and a red heart button that makes the sound of a beating heart. A talented duck helps her build fine motor skills and engage in imaginative play.

24. Sorting Animals

An adorable match-and-stack play set is one of the best gifts for 2 year old girl, allowing her to build a cute farm scene packed with bright red barns and vividly colored, wooden farm animals. Choose barns that feature doors sized to fit their occupants on the front and colorful scene illustrating the animals in an outdoor setting on the back. Choose a toy where she can also pair the barns and farm animals by size and numbers. A toy like this helps the little girl develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity and early learning skills through mix-and-match, hide-and-seek, imaginative play.

25. Snack Toy Set

Choose one that features more than 85 fun songs, sounds and phrases that appeal to 2 year old girls, an interactive, educational toy serves up a delectable slice of fun and learning through play. Choosing the right snack toy set will reward your daughter with music and phrases and learn about sharing, matching and polite table manners as she arranges the food on the magic plates. Select one where she can also sort the snacks, cups and utensils into their slots for more captivating play.

26. Picnic Basket Toy

Ignite your little girl’s imagination and give her a picnic basket toy, and make sure that it has a brightly colored picnic set. Choose an interactive, pink basket recognizes the food items by shape and colour, allowing your 2 year old girl to explore different colours and shapes, while learning about good manners and sharing. Usually, when she lifts the basket lid, she will hear cheerful songs and phrases as well as polite food requests when she presses the colorful butterfly button.

27. Moosical Beads

Your 2 year old girl will be in for quite a surprise when you give her a sweet yet educational toy as a gift. Choose a moosical beads which usually feature fun melodies and sing-along happy songs, the huggable soft cow encourages sensory and language development and helps her build fine motor skills while enjoying hours of moosical fun. She will also learn about simple cause and effect as she presses the light-up buttons that teach numbers and letters and also discover what the cow does as she spins the block for extra fun.

28. Ice Cream Cart

No 2 year old girl can resist playing with an ice cream cart. Choose an ice cream cart that makes learning through play sweet and features colorful playing pieces to take her imagination to the next level. Usually, it has a magic scooper recognizes the different ice cream colors so she can match them to her customers’ orders, In addition to encouraging role play and allowing her to engage in more challenging pretend play, a smiling ice cream cart helps the little one develop matching, sorting and motor skills.

29. Dress Up Puzzle

An inspiring puzzle is one of the best gifts for 2 year old girl who loves fashion and mermaids in particular. Celebrate her inner fashion designer with an irresistible mix-and-match puzzle, Brimming with eye-catching original artwork, choose a wooden chunky puzzle includes 6colorful tops and tails.
A puzzle is a dream toy, providing hours of matching and creative fun for your little girl. Bring her dreams to life and allow her to add her name to the purple tail fins of her own personalized mermaid puzzle.

30. Microphone Toy

And a star is born with a microphone toy as it is the best toy for a 2 year old girl who loves to sing and pretend she’s already a famous singer. Make her dreams of stardom come true with a super entertaining microphone and voice recorder which enables her to express herself through dance, music and active role play. Whether she chooses the sing-along mode or the record & play back mode, she will have a blast rocking out with this much-anticipated microphone. Your little girl is bound to enjoy lots of hands-on activities including adding beats or sound effects when they play it back and changing “dancing” colours to match the tune.

31. Smart Kitchen Toy

Two year old girls love to help their mommy in the kitchen and pretend they’re cooking, so humor your little one. An interactive smart kitchen makes a great gift for her, as it stimulates imaginative play with fun, realistic sounds effects. Choose one where she will have a blast hearing water pouring, eggs sizzling, knife chopping, stove cooking and more just like in a real kitchen. Choosing a smart kitchen toy will provide hours of kitchen fun for your little master chef. Step in and take kitchen role play to the next level with the Cook ‘n Learn app.

32. Musical Animal Toy

Two year old girls loves animals, so she is bound to adore a musical animal toy. A cute toy it a perfect gift for your little one, allowing her to develop fine motor and counting skills through imaginative play. Choose one where your little girl will also learn about counting from 1 to 20 through fun phrases and songs.

33. Toys Pretend Play Food

An appetizing way of learning through play, this realistic food playset features a toy knife and vividly colored fruit and vegetables aplenty, enabling your little girl to engage in more pretend play in the kitchen. It’s undeniably one of the best gifts for a 2 year girl who fancies cooking, as she can make-believe she’s cooking lunch or dinner for her family. Great for introducing concepts of part and whole, these cuttable food pieces feature realistic details. In addition to encouraging independent play and imagination, the set also help her improve dexterity, hand-eye coordination and other fine motor skills.

34. Hand Puppets

A whole lotta fun awaits your 2 year old girl with hand puppets which are sized to fit both her little hands and adults’ hands for role play together. The little one will instantly make new friends and fall in love with these adorable, beautifully designed hand puppets at first sight.
Choose ones that are soft, stuffed plush heads encourages cuddles, making her feel a special connection with these cute and realistic puppets. They should also be made of soft, washable and durable fabrics, these are bound to be her favorite toys for years to come, sparking her imagination again and again. Give your 2 year old girl the gift of imaginative play at her fingertips.

35. Vegetable Garden

Encouraging role play as a gardener while teaching her all about planting vegetables, so a vegetable garden toy is one of the best gifts for 2 year old girls who love veggies in the garden. Choose one where she can press the light-up sun button, she will learn about different times of the day and hear fun learning sounds and catchy songs as she presses or spins the vividly colored vegetables. Make sure that you choose a child-tested and educator-approved interactive toy.
These are all of the top gifts for your two year old daughter who is starting to explore with everything around her. With these gifts, you can surely choose one that is perfect for Christmas, and one that is ideal for her birthday.

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