35 Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls 2020

It can be challenging to choose gifts for three-year-old girls. In this day and age, kids already know what toys they want. You may think that knowing this information may help you get a gift for her, but with thousands of gifts on the market today, it’s still not that easy to find the perfect one. So I’ve decided to list down the 35 best gifts for a three-year-old girl. Start reading below so you can start deciding as to which gifts will be perfect for her.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 3 Year Old Girls


1. Matching Mosaic Pegboard

A matching mosaic pegboard is one the best activity sets you can ever gift your three-year-old baby girl. She can create fun pictures and pattern cards by just snapping the small button-like mushroom nails. She only needs to match up the colors of the buttons to the corresponding colors on the pattern cards and the images come to life. Once she gets the hang of it, she can create anything she imagines!

Choose a complete set that comes with ten different pattern cards, colorful buttons, and a pegboard. And you don’t have to worry about where to store all these stuff because the kit includes a storage tray as well. This is a great activity set that will engage your 3 year old girl and help her hone her creativity and imagination.

2. Ice Cream Maker

Small children love pretense play and an exciting Ice Cream maker for kids is a great way to let you baby girl take it to another level. With an ice cream maker, she can make her own “frozen treats” for the family. Choose a set that comes with six 2-ounce cans, a 3-in-1 appliance with which she’ll squeeze out dough, two easy-squeeze colors, spoons, dishes, cones, among other things to make her “ice cream making” fun.

Play-Doh Ice Cream Maker

3. Princess Dress Up Trunk

Three-year-old girls love to dream and act like princesses and making that dream come true even for a short period of time will surely make them happy. A princess dress up trunk usually contains different pieces, which include dresses, jewels, shoes, and crowns. So whether your three-year-old girl wants to be Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle, or Cinderella, she can definitely become one. 

The dresses are ideal for girls between the age of three and six. The size, on the other hand, ranges from size 4 and 6. This means that your three-year-old girl can enjoy playing with these dresses for at least three years. Plus, by combining and mixing these dresses, you can turn it into a beautiful Halloween Costume.

4. Storybook Projector

Bedtime stories are a part of every kid’s routine before going to sleep. Give her a storybook projector, your three years old will never dread going to bed again. To enhance the stories, the projector will be using a Smartphone. Choose a starter pack that you can already get the Moonlite device which you can clip on your Smartphone. You can also use this to project images.

Choose a storybook projector that comes with story sets from the most engaging stories for kids. You can cast the images on a wall while you read along. The gift set is perfect for kids three and up.

5. Smartwatch for Kids

A Smartwatch made for three-year-old kids, will not only look cool on their wrists, but it is very functional and educational as well. Some of its known features are step counter, games a calendar, and a calculator. One of the best things about a smartwatch is that it has a camera, wherein your kid can take photos of herself or anything around her. She can also add some filters or special effects on her picture if she wants to.

Choose a smartwatch for kids that is powered by Lithium-ion and is already included in the kit. When fully charged, the battery can last for a maximum of seven days. With a smartwatch, your three-year-old will surely be able to read time and count.

Game Smart Watch for Kids

6. Baby Doll

Almost every small baby girl covets a baby doll. So why not get your three-year-old daughter, niece, or granddaughter a big baby doll and see how happy she will be? Most brands produce baby dolls in different colors so you might want to choose one that will reflect your baby’s coloring.

Often, the soft-bodied ultimate baby dolls come with a bodysuit, a sleeper, a song download, and a diaper. This is truly one the special gifts for 3-year-old baby girl.

7. Nuts and Bolts Set

Nuts and bolts set is one of the best learning gifts to give a three-year-old girl. Choose a playset that is specially made to help kids learn to refine spatial reasoning, necessary math skills, and enhance their excellent motor skills development. The reason behind this is because the set includes color recognition, hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and as well as sorting shapes.

Usually, the nuts and bolts set includes nuts and bolts in different shapes and colors. All these are stored in a lightweight drawstring backpack. Your three year old will surely be able to improve her attention span and focus ability by matching the bolts into their proper places. 

8. Build a Bouquet Kit

Your little daughter, granddaughter, or nice is going to love playing with a build a bouquet kit. Choose a kit that comes with different pieces that include four bases, 24 flower parts, and 16 leaf and stem pieces. She can build floral arrangements anyway she wants using the pieces. Make sure that all the pieces are made of non-toxic material, and the kit includes a storage bag. This gift will help improve your baby’s imagination and creativity.

Build a Beautiful Bouquet Kit

9. 360-Degree Dollhouse

A 360-degree dollhouse is one of the most modern dollhouses on the market today. Choose a dollhouse that can be wheeled so your three years old can take it anywhere with her.

A 360 degree dollhouse has different pieces of colorful accessories, different dolls, and movable staircases. make sure that there are also other added features that a three-year-old will surely love. The dollhouse is perfect for girls aged between 3 and 6 years of age.

10. Dress-Up Wooden Doll

Does your baby girl love dancing? If yes, then a cute wooden doll dress-up is going to make her very happy. She will enjoy dressing the doll up, change her clothes over and over, and have a lot of make-believe fun. The doll is, however, made of sturdy wood. So are all her outfits which are all magnetic so that dressing and undressing is a snap.

Choose one where thare are up to six different outfits which she can mix and match with the various accessories included in the kit. There are also sets that have 27 pieces which include shirts, skirts, shoes, pants, and a tiara. Choose one that also a wooden stand so that your little girl can show off her fashionable creations as she spins Nina Ballerina around the floor in “choreographed” dances.

11. Inflatable Bounce and Ride Pony

At some point in time, little girls want a pony. A toy can be an excellent substitute especially when your backyard isn’t pasture. Choose a toy that is pretty and quirky looking, and make sure that it is made using strong vinyl and only needs to be inflated, and it is happy trails for your 3 year old girl.

There are just so many ways she can play with a pony. The toy will inspire her imagination besides also helping her develop coordination and balance. The toy is designed for children aged between 3 and 5 years.

Gymnic Rody Horse Inflatable Bounce and Ride

12. A Scooter

Another great gift for a three-year-old girl is a scooter. One of the best brands for young girls age 2 to 5 is a scooter. The reason behind this is because of the turn steer design that it has. Another good thing about this scooter is that it will help develop your child’s motor skills and balance.

13. Little Hands Paper Bag Monsters

With this kit, your little crafter or artist has everything she needs to create a not-so-scary monsters. From paper shapes, a glue stick, and stickers, all five monster makings are labeled and very ready for her creative little hands. Choose a kit that contains step-by-step guides to help her come with the monsters. However, the skill she will learn will help her develop her own creatures.

Once she completes making the monsters, they will provide a lot of inspiration for her puppet shows among other playtime activities. The monsters are easy and fun to make, and the kit is designed to stimulate a kid’s creativity and imagination.

ALEX Toys’ Little Hands Paper Bag Monsters

14. Parking Garage

A marking garage is another great gift for a three-year-old girl. Girls can also play with cars and garages whenever they like, so this is a great gift. She can drive the vehicles through the car wash, garage, and even down to the elevator. One of the best things about this type of toy set is that the car can actually get a scrub while it is in the car wash since there are drying flaps and rollers. Three-year-old will develop hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, imaginative play, and excellent motor skills. 

Melissa and Doug Service Station Parking Garage

15. Train

Choose your favorite girl’s characters and let them ride on this amazingly delightful train is surely going to brighten any three-year-old baby girl. Choose a set that contains different pieces including a balloon, a cupcake, and a candle. There bricks should also be numbered 1 to 5. The set is best for children aged 2 to 5.

Duplo Disney Birthday Train

16. Blocks

Creative toy blocks offer several opportunities for free-form play and help improve motor skills. One of the good things about toy blocks is that they grow with your baby. She will initially just bang them together, then drop them into a container, and later as she grows older, she will start stacking them. They also come in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Blocks such as the B. Toys B. One Two Squeeze Blocks are completely buoyant, so your girl can play with them during bath time. They are stackable, soft, and chewable as well. Most come complete with numbers, letters, or animals embossed on every side.

17. Play Toy House

Little girls love to have their own space where they can hide or play with their toys. The reason behind this is because of the sense of control that they feel. This simply means that a playhouse is a perfect gift for your three-year-old. Choose one with a pink color, your child will surely find it attractive almost instantly. Make sure that the tent itself is see-thru, which means that you can see where they are and what she’s doing. 

Six-sided Tent Princess Play Toy House

18. Stuffed Animal

A friendly looking toy dog which may actually become your little daughter’s first friend- besides you, of course. Choose a stuffed animal that is soft and cuddly, but choose one that also plays over forty songs when she squeezes a paw.

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

19. Ride On Car

Children love pretense play, so getting her a fantastic ride on car is going to make her very happy. Choose a toy that is large enough to fit two kids with a passenger seat and a driver’s seat. Its construction should be sturdy and durable, and it can accelerate to 5 miles per hour which is a safe yet still fun speed for little kids.

Choose a car that has a fake radio that will play various songs as she drives. There should also a deep trunk for her to carry around her favorite toys. While it is quite pricey, this is a perfect toy for your three-year-old baby girl.

Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler by Fisher-Price

20. Baby Girl Floral Outfit

Besides the gifts mentioned above, three-year-old girls will definitely appreciate cute dresses that they can wear whenever they want. One of the best gifts to provide your kid is a floral outfit.

One of the best things about a floral outfit is that it comes in three pieces, including the headband, pants, and the top. You have the options just to use the top and choose different pants for your kid. You and your three-year-old kid will have the freedom to choose which ones to mix with her other clothing.

Baby Girl Floral Outfit

21. Educational Wooden Activity Cube

Looking for some perfect educational gift for your 3 year old girl? You couldn’t go wrong with an educational activity center. If they do not end up loving all the things and activities this center offers, they will most likely like something about it particularly. An educational activity center will gift your baby a variety of learning options.

For instance, she could start color and shape learning, as well as, hone her motor skills. The center has various perforated spaces that correlate with the external blocks that come with the set. Choose one that has a side dedicated to teaching kids clock reading, your baby can start learning how to read the clock as she gets older. The clock has colorful numbering on it which means that your little munchkin will also learn to count.

Choose a set that also comes with a bead which can be moved around- good for developing her fine motor skills. All the materials used to make the activity center are safe for kids.

Educational Wooden Bead Maze Shape Sorter Activity Cube

22. Kids Smartwatch

With an awesome smartwatch, your 3 year old girl will be styling just like the big girls. The watch is beyond just an ordinary accessory; it is pretty and comes packed with several fun features for various on-the-go activities.

Choose a watch that can take pictures and comes with voice and video recording capabilities as well. Other outstanding features of a classic gift include five games, three fun activities, a motion sensor, and three action challenges. There is also a timer, a calendar, a stopwatch, and an alarm. With all of the features on a smartwatch, this is among the best gifts for a 3-year -old girl.

23. Easel

Get your baby an artistic toy to help her develop her creative skills and improve her fine motor skills. Choose an easel that comes with two different sides; a blackboard which she can use with a chalk and a whiteboard to be used with markers. Usually, the kit includes magnetic numbers and letters which you can put on the whiteboard to teach her literacy and numeracy. Choose one with a large paperclip on one side which allows the kid to attach papers on the board when she wants more permanent art. Since it is a two-sided easel, she can play with her friends.

24. Tough Trike

An irreplaceable and timeless gift for 3-year-old girls. Almost every girl loves the outdoors, so getting your little girl a trike as a gift is sure to make her happy. And at three years old, she is at the right age to start learning how to ride a bicycle.

Choose a trike that is perfect precursor for setting her loose on her own two wheels. It is an excellent vehicle to start teaching her about balance, steering, and pedaling. Select one that is painted in purple and pink from front to back, making it feminine and extremely attractive to young girls.

25. A Toy Laptop

In today’s wonderful world of computers and iPads, it is completely understandable that nowadays, kids of all ages want in on the fun. Your three-year-old is probably already excited about your PC. So while she’s possibly still too young to understand why you need your PC for work, she can have her own “laptop.”

Choose a toy laptop that is pretty pink and comes complete with a keyboard that will allow her to type her homework and document briefs, of course for pretend.

26. Three-foot Trampoline

A trampoline is one of those playthings that never go out of style; one of the best gifts for any three-year-old girl. Choose a 3-foot Trampoline can be an amazing addition to your baby’s backyard play area. She can also use it right inside her playroom in the house. Choose one that is highly durable and safe center handle. It offers adventure and fun and is great for developing balance, encouraging gross-motor skills, and leg muscle development. It should also comes with a padded handlebar, as well as, a large surface for additional stability.

27. Educational Ice Cream Cart

Children love roleplaying which is why an amazing ice cream cart will make a perfect gift for your three-year-old girl. It is great for developing various cognitive and motor skills. Choose a scoop that is designed to pick up the included toy ice cream pieces easily, allowing her to pretend to serve her ice cream to the family or her customers.

Make sure that the cart has handles and wheels which will allow the kid to push it around as she plays. Plus, the cart can usually produce various phrases that will introduce the kid to colors, flavors, and numbers. It can also play songs as it’s being pushed around. She can play alone or with her friends using this amazing toy.

28. Beautiful Hair Bows

Regardless of age, girls love looking pretty. So getting her hair bows of different colors can be the perfect gift for her. Since the bows come in different colors, you can easily match them up with almost any color in her wardrobe. Most hair bows are easy to attach with ribbon-lined alligator clips. They can also be easily attached to headbands, hats, or crochet headbands.

A single flow hair bow looks wonderful on a baby girl’s forehead. So if you are looking for a simple yet amazing gift your three-year-old baby girl, then getting her some beautiful hair bows is a great option. They are a great addition to her accessories to enhance her beauty on any occasion.

29. A School Set Play Kit

For your girl to have good social relationships as she grows, she needs to enhance her communication and language skills when she is still young. A pretend play school set will help your baby girl hone her communication and language skills.

It will help her play make-believe teachers-in-training. She will be playing while learning. It encourages her interaction with adults and children, her imaginative play, and allows her use problem-solving skills. Plus, it will encourage her to get ready for the school environment.

30. Beauty Set

Almost every girl likes makeup, and while your three-year-old girl may possibly still be too young to apply real makeup, you can get her a “makeup kit” of her won especially if she is already often eyeing or trying mom’s makeup. A beauty set will be a beautiful choice for her.

Choose a kit that is easy to carry along, and the baby can use as a seating stool. So while she is not sitting on it, she can take it out, set up the beauty set herself and start playing. The beauty set is brightly colored, and it comes with realistic makeup items like a mirror, a lipstick (made with safe, non-toxic food grade material), a comb, nail polish bottles, and a blow dryer. It is one of the best birthday gifts for 3-year-old kid.

31. Matching Mosaic Pegboard

One of the best educational gifts that you can gift a three-year-old girl is a matching mosaic pegboard. Choose a set that comes in different pegboards, including a house, animals, and a boat. Your three-year-old girl will be introduced to numbers, patterns, and colors, which will help improve her creativity.

Usually, the pegs are 46 in total with ten different boards and a storage tray. An educational kit like this will not only improve her motor skills, but as well as her recognition abilities, sequencing, and focus.

32. Learning Cubes

A learning cube is an educational and stylish toy with perfect features for little baby girls aged between 1 and 3. Choose a cube that comes with three main learning features; alphabet learning, animal sounds, and number learning. Usually, each of the cube’s sides has a small button for a dedicated function. The buttons are illuminated so that when the cube is turned on, the buttons light up, getting the baby’s attention and eventually prolonging play time. It is important to mention that the cube comes as a single item, meaning that there are no small items that can pose a hazard risk to your baby girl.

33. Castle Playset Toy

Almost all baby girls love fairy tales, which is why a playset toy is a gift that is perfect for them. Choose a castle playset toy that will nurture your little girl’s love towards the Rapunzel’s and the Cinderella’s. Choose one that is made up of a small princess’ castle-shaped case with fasteners. The complete set comes along with other toys which include a magical wand, a doll, and a unicorn-shaped sound soft toy.

34. A Finger Painting Set

Get your three-year-old baby girl some paint, and she’s sure to create some art. While she will not create masterpieces every day, she’s going to hone her imagination and creativity, and as she grows up, who knows, she can develop a passion for painting and be able to create astoundingly beautiful masterpieces.

Choose a kit that contains 18 washable, non-toxic color sponges with which kids can create fingerprints and stamps. Usually, there are also 18 printed sheets which she can use for coloring with fingers. And even if she runs out of printed sheets, plain sheets and paper are enough for her to boost her creativity and imagination.

35. Doll DreamHouse

Dollhouses are amazing and timeless gifts for little girls. A dreamhouse is perfect for three-year-old girls and comes with a variety of accessories to help them decorate it and come up with imaginative scenarios.

Choose a kit that will encourage her imaginative play which is great for the development of cognitive and social skills. Usually, the dreamhouse comes with a roof-top pool and slide, as well as, various kinds of furniture. There is also an attached garage into which she can fit her Barbie vehicles.

Barbie DreamHouse

It is important to note that a three, your baby girl already has a developed sense of the things she does, what she wants and what she doesn’t want. This should help you narrow down your options and be able to get her the perfect gift whether for Christmas or her birthday. And given the above 35 suggestions, you are sure to get her a gift that will truly make her happy.

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