35 Best Gifts For 4 Year Old Girls 2020

While there are so many gifts out there for 4 year old kids, people find it quite challenging to get a good gift for a baby, especially four-year-old girls because firstly, there is a wide range of options to select from, and there are so many doubts and questions about each option. Secondly, I have realized that girls are unique and getting them the perfect gift, say, for their birthday, Christmas or any casual gift requires some emotional effort.

You see, the difficult part is getting a gift that the baby girl will like and one that is appropriate for their age. In this article, I have listed 35 best gifts for 4 year old girl. Read through to discover the top perfect gifts any 4 year old girl would love.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 4 Year Old Girls

1. VTech Kidizoom Kids Smart Watch DX2

With this awesome smartwatch, you 4 year old girl will be styling just like the big girls. The watch is beyond just an ordinary accessory; it is pretty and comes packed with several fun features for various on-the-go activities.

The watch can take pictures and comes with voice and video recording capabilities as well. Other outstanding features of this classic gift include five games, three fun activities, a motion sensor, and three action challenges. There is also a timer, a calendar, a stopwatch, and an alarm. With all these features on her wrist, this is among the best gifts for a 4-year-old girl.

2. idoot Magnetic Blocks Building Set

Children learn through their experiences as they play, and building sets are among the best ways they can manipulate things and learn. The idoot Magnetic Building set includes various plastic shapes made from non-toxic food grade materials.

The different magnets allow the plastic shapes to fit together for your kid to build different structures. The edges of the shape tiles are smooth so they won’t hurt your baby’s little hands. The complete set has 56 shapes with 32 being quadrangles and 24 triangles. The set also comes with a storage bag, as well as, a booklet that has building suggestions.

3. Little Hands Button Art

This is a perfect gift for four-year-old girl who loves creating masterpieces but finds it a little difficult to avoid messes as she does her work. This is a no-mess art game that allows 4 year olds the freedom they require to create colorful pictures and have fun while on it.

She is going to have fun when she is matching up the colors or when she branches off with her creativity and makes something entirely different. While it can be a great time-passer, this game will significantly help your daughter to learn about colors.

4. Princess Castle Play Tent

Every girl loves being treated like a princess, so gifting a 4 year old a beautiful castle play tent is a great idea. These tents sometimes come with other play toys, and she may be engrossed in it so much it would take some effort to get her out of the tent. The tent itself is easy to set, and it doesn’t take much space in the house.

The Princess Castle Play Tent has radium stars which light up in the dark. The entire set is extremely lightweight, so you or she can carry to wherever she wants.

5. Barbie Tough Trike

This is an irreplaceable and timeless gift for 4-year-old girls. Almost every girl loves Barbie and her accessories, so getting your little girl this gift is sure to make her happy. And at four years old, she is at the right age to start learning how to ride a bicycle.

This trike is perfect precursor for setting her loose on her own two wheels. It is an excellent vehicle to start teaching her about balance, steering, and pedaling. It is painted in purple and pink from front to back, making it feminine and extremely attractive to young girls.

6. LeapFrog Scribble and Write

Writing is among the things all four-year-olds, both girls and boys are expected to learn both at home and in school. With this gift, your daughter will be introduced to the ABCs, and there is absolutely no better visual way for her to memorize them than by writing them down.

This educational toy will give her the chance to write down letters as she learns them. The gift is sure to reinforce your baby’s knowledge while teaching her in a personal and fun way.

LeapFrog Scribble and Write

7. Little Hands My Giant Busy Box

You should start stimulating your baby’s creativity when they are young, and there is no better way to do so than get them toys designed to do so. Crafts toys are among the best materials that help develop a child’s creativity. This gift is sure to keep your four-year-old daughter busy and entertained as they learn to create things.

The kid includes various craft materials such as sticker boards, dollies, crayons, buttons, crinkly paper, frames, et cetera. The complete set comes with an instruction guide with at least 16 craft projects.

8. iMachine’s My Own Laptop

In today’s wonderful world of computers and iPads, it is completely understandable that nowadays, kids of all ages want in on the fun. Your four year old is probably already excited about your PC. So while she’s possibly still too young to understand why you need your PC for work, she can have her own “laptop.”

The toy laptop is pretty pink and comes complete with a keyboard that will allow her to type her homework and document briefs, of course for pretend.

9. Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set

This sports toy gift is a great addition to any home, and it is sure to give your 4 year old girl the confidence she needs to step up to the plate and take swings. TotSports’ T-Ball Set is all-inclusive, and an excellent way get you baby involved in sport with the entire family or with her friends. The tee itself comes in a perfect size for 4-year-olds, and the entire set is complete with everything she needs for batting practice.

10. Little Tikes’ 3-foot Trampoline

This trampoline is one of those playthings that never go out of style; one of the best gifts for 4 year old girl. The 3-foot Trampoline can be an amazing addition to your baby’s backyard play area. She can also use it right inside her playroom in the house. It has a highly durable and safe center handle.

It offers adventure and fun and is great for developing balance, encouraging gross-motor skills, and leg muscle development. It also comes with a padded handlebar, as well as, a large surface for additional stability.

11. Drill Flower Power Studio

Who said drill sets are just for boys? This Drill Flower Power Studio will give your four-year-old girl an opportunity to play with the boys and do her construction work (that is, construction on her own buildable flowers).

The studio is excellent for teaching little girls how to construct or build products. The set has a kid-safe, working drill that will allow her to create up to twelve different flower patterns. It also includes tools like designer plates that will facilitate creativity and help her learn how to put stuff together to come up with cool things. There are also butterfly clasps and bolts to get things together.

12. Pound a Ball Game Toy (With Shape Sorter Blocks and Slide-Out Xylophone)

This is an excellent multi-activity toy that’s sure to keep your baby entertained for extended periods. It has a sturdy wooden construction making it ideal for 4 year olds since it is durable and can withstand rough play.

The included xylophone is a great addition since it gives your baby an opportunity to practice her musical skills. The pound a ball gem, on the other hand, is great for helping her develop coordination and motor skills. The toy is also excellent for developing color and shape recognition. The entire set is educational yet fun!

13. Hair Bows

Regardless of age, girls love looking pretty. So getting her hair bows of different colors can be the perfect gift for her. Since the bows (often 12 or 14 in a pack) come in different colors, you can easily match them up with almost any color in her wardrobe. Most hair bows are easy to attach with ribbon-lined alligator clips. They can also be easily attached to headbands, hats, or crochet headbands.

A single flow hair bow looks wonderful on a baby girl’s forehead. So if you are looking for a simple yet amazing gift your 4 year old baby girl, then getting her some beautiful hair bows is a great option. They are a great addition to her accessories to enhance her beauty on any occasion.

14. Pretend and Play School Set

For your girl to have good social relationships as she grows, she needs to enhance her communication and language skills when she is still young. This Pretend and Play School Set will help your baby girl hone her communication and language skills.

It will help her play make-believe teachers-in-training. She will be playing while learning. It encourages her interaction with adults and children, her imaginative play, and allows her to use problem-solving skills. Plus, it will encourage her to get ready for the school environment.

15. Little Tikes Shopping Cart

Women love shopping and your little 4 year old has it in her. Because she is most likely going to be accompanying mom when they go shopping, you can get her her own pink-colored shopping cart. She will love pretending to shop at home and when you to go the grocery, let her bring the cart with you.

The cart has a fold-down seat that can accommodate her favorite doll. It also has a deep basket that can accommodate just about anything she can grab onto. It is great for imaginative play, stimulating creativity, and encouraging gross-motor skills.

16. My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper

This will make a great gift for your playful four-year-old daughter. Imagine her jumping around on the pink pogo stick smiling and laughing. This is a wonderful jumper designed for maximum enjoyment and fun. It is made of top-quality and highly durable bungee cord. It also has a thick, cushiony form base that provides a spring action.

17. Fisher-Price Slim Doodle Pro Clip

This relatively cheap magnetic doodle board is a great gift for any 4 year old girl. It comes with an attached pen with which your little artist can create works of art to her heart’s delight. Once she completes a masterpiece, she can slide the eraser bar at the bottom of the toy and get a new canvas for the next piece of art.

The set includes four stampers (a circle, a star, a square, and a triangle) for more special touches. And beyond art, this Doodle is an excellent way for your little daughter to learn letters, spelling, how to write her name, and some math facts. The cans also be used for games that involve the entire family such as Hangman and tic tac. This gift will not only help your baby hone her creativity but also help her develop her gross motor skills.

18. Sunshine Carry Along Beauty Set

Almost every girl likes makeup, and while she may still be too young to apply real makeup, you can get her a “makeup kit” of her won especially if she is already often eyeing or trying mom’s makeup. The Sunshine Carry Along beauty set will be a beautiful choice for her.

The kit is easy to carry along, and the baby can use as a seating stool. So while she is not sitting on it, she can take it out, set up the beauty set herself and start playing. The beauty set is brightly colored and it comes with realistic makeup items like a mirror, a lipstick (made with safe, non-toxic food grade material), a comb, nail polish bottles, and a blow dryer. It is one of the best birthday gifts for 4 year old girl.

19. Fisher-Price Magnetic Drawing Screen

Get your four-year-old baby girl this drawing material, and she will get engrossed playing with it in just a few days. If your daughter loves drawing, you will notice that she fills her drawing books within hours or a few days. This reusable magnetic drawing screen comes in hand; with it, she’s set for a very long time.

Kids can draw, erase, and redraw whatever they want with this drawing pad. The pad has an attached stylus which can be used to make sketches or drawings on the screen. There is also a premium version of this magnetic drawing pad which comes with stamps with which kids can create various custom backgrounds and designs.

20. Barbie Bubble Mermaid

One of the outdoor activities kids love doing is blowing bubbles. To kids, bubbles are kind of magical and they make them feel they are in some wonderland. Bubble guns are great for little boys, but for four-year-old girls, a Barbie Bubble Mermaid is an amazing gift idea. The toy comes with a pull-string that releases the bubbles. And the mermaid itself has fins designed like some bubble wand, which turns the doll into a cute bubble maker for little girls.

The doll comes in various colors attractive to baby girls which include purple and baby pink colors. This doll is definitely among the top casual or special occasion’s gifts for 4 year old girls.

21. A2B Doctor’s Kit

Intending to introduce your little baby girl to various career options while she’s still young? Getting her different profession kits for kids will help you achieve your objective. This battery operated doctor’s kit by A2B for kids will give your daughter an idea about basic medical equipment plus how they are used. The kit contains various practical tools including a syringe, a stethoscope, and a thermometer.

The set has lights and sounds that make it look real and the good news is that the entire kit goes for a reasonable price, especially considering the quality of the tools and the prices of similar products on the shelves today.

22. Finger Painting Set

Get your four-year-old baby girl some paint, and she’s sure to create some art. While she will not create masterpieces every day, she’s going to hone her imagination and creativity, and as she grows up, who knows, she can develop a passion for painting and be able to create astoundingly beautiful masterpieces.

The kit contains 18 washable, non-toxic color sponges with which kids can create fingerprints and stamps. There are also 18 printed sheets which she can use for coloring with fingers. And even if she runs out of printed sheets, plain sheets and paper are enough for her to boost her creativity and imagination.

23. Kitchen Play Set

So your 4 year old little girl hosts tea parties often in her room, huh? Why not get her some kitchen play set as a gift and see how happy she will be? Some kitchen play sets are battery operated, and they come with various kitchen stuff like an oven, a cooktop, a stand for holding dishes, some utensils, and a wash area.

Get her a colorful kitchen set that will allow her to get creative when hosting imaginary tea parties with her dolls or friends. It introduces her basic cooking concepts and activities like making toast, tea, et cetera. She gets to understand that it takes some work to get food ready.

24. Teeter Popper

A teeter popper will be a fun toy that will allow your kid to be kid-silly, as well as, fun-loving. So if you have a four-year-old niece, daughter or granddaughter, then you should consider getting them this fun balancing pad. She will love the fact that she can sit, tilt, sway or stand using the teeter popper without falling. She can rock, wobble, or roll it. She can even try moving it in any fun way. It will help practice stability and body balancing, and ultimately help her develop gross motor skills.

25. Walkie Talkie

If your little girl likes playing I-spy, she requires the rights tools. A walkie-talkie is among the tools that will make the game more fun. Little Pretender’s Walkie Talkie is by far the best product available today. It is the best gift for that little girl in your house that loves playing a spy or a cop. The walkie-talkie teaches kids to listen carefully and concentrate on getting messages.

26. Sleeping Bag for Slumber Parties

Little girls love pajama parties which makes this a perfect gift for a little 4 year old girl. She needs some bedding or sleeping bag of her own when she has a night out at her friend’s place. Disney Minnie Mouse Slumber Bag is among the best products on the market. It is a high-quality product and comes with a very pleasant color.

The sleeping bag, made of polyester, has a child-size Minnie mouse imprinted on it, making it very attractive to small children. The bag is extremely lightweight; it can be carried around in a backpack. She can even carry it herself and look forward to slumber time.

27. Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free Art Desk with Coloring Board and Stamps

Mess-free coloring is among the best things that have hit the market. It’s is an amazing way to engage a four-year-old girl. She can write, draw, and create stuff without leaving the whole place all messy when she’s done playing. The kit includes a magic ink pad, jungle themed stamps, a blank magic paper book, and five magic colored markers. There is also a storage desk to make sure everything is kept safe and clean after play.

Every tool included in the kit fits in the storage desk which is portable making it ideal for long road trips. The entire lit will help hone your kid’s imagination on the go. She will learn creativity and build her self-confidence.

28. Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

If your four-year-old girl adores dolls, then getting her the Little People Big Helpers Home by Fisher-Price is a great idea. She will most likely go gaga when she sees this interactive dollhouse. It is spacious and vibrantly colored, promoting interactive play at any level. It has two stories, multiple rooms, as well as, several hands-on features that your kid will find very attractive.

The “home” has a button which when pressed, activates lights in the kitchen. There are also several buttons which activate fun sounds, phrases, and songs that are designed to teach kids the value of compassion and teamwork. The kit comes with such figures as Jack, Emma, and the dogs. It also has a dog bowl, two bar stools, and a dog bed.

29. WEKAPO Kids Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Sometimes, your little girl can’t be spotted in her playroom or bedroom because she has been overrun by, say, stuffed animals. Now, this beautiful bean bag chair by WEKAPO can store all of them. The animals are the chair’s “stuffing,” therefore they also have a fun seat to watch TV on, roll around on, or read.

The chair is also equipped with remote control, a pocket that’s perfect for holding a favorite book, among other treasures.When she wants to play with her furry friends, she can just unzip the bean bag chair, take her playthings out, and put them back in when they are done playing.

30. Spelly Straws Reusable Drinking Straws for Kids

Spelly Straws for kids provide a smart and fun way to play while she is drinking. These straws are just brilliant. A pack comes with 44 of them all brightly colored. And there are also 4 straw connectors which snap easily to one another making the funniest kids’ reusable straws ever made.

Children can spell the words their names, words or any other things using the Spelly Straws and then snap on the ends of the straw and sip away their drinks. The drink flows through the letters, making the beverage taste even better.

31. Six-sided Tent Princess Play Toy House

When they are in their imaginative world, kids love their privacy. It gives them some sense of control. Playhouses are great for this purpose. The Princess Play Toy House is designed for little girls; its color is pink which makes it feminine and very attractive to girls.

The tent is transparent which means that you can keep an eye at what they are doing in there. The tent is easy to set up and clean. It is a great gift for your four-year-old girl.

Six-sided Tent Princess Play Toy House

32. Baby Girl Floral Outfit

Besides getting educated and learning a few skills, looking good is as well part of the recipe for the awesomeness of a little baby girl. So why not get your 4 year old daughter some cool baby girl floral outfit as a gift?

These outfits are adorable birthday gifts for baby girls. Most come in three pieces, that’s, the top, pant, and headband. Depending on your preference, you can make some variation; the pant (or top) can be long or short. I often find outfits with the pant and headband having a similar floral design on them the most beautiful.

Baby Girl Floral Outfit

33. LeapFrog My Pal Violet

This is a friendly looking toy dog which may actually become your little daughter’s first friend- besides you, of course. The dog is soft and cuddly, but also plays over forty songs when she squeezes a paw. The dog usually comes in pink and purple colors which are very attractive to baby girls.

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

34. Disney Princess Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set for Kids

If your baby girl loves to dress up, this nail polish set will be perfect for her. It is a fun way for any 4 year old girl to practice finger nail painting. The set includes fifteen different nail polishes of different shades.

The polishes dry quickly, and there is a brush for each one of them. All the polishes are easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about her getting it on her skin or staining clothes. Most importantly, the polishes are all non-toxic and don’t come with any harmful vapors.

35. L.O.L Surprise! Pets Series 4

A pack contains 2 LOL balls which feature pet themes. The seven layers of surprises are focused around some theme of a pet. Each of the seven layers reveals a hint on what L.O.L Surprise pet is inside. Once a ball is open, it transforms into a ball in which she can carry her pet around. These toys plus the accessories that come with them are great in developing your kid’s creativity.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. There are many great gifts out there for 4 year old baby girls, but hopefully, this list has helped you discover some top perfect gifts for your little girl for her upcoming birthday or for Christmas.

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