35 Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls 2020

Gift shopping for six-year-old girls can be challenging because of the hundreds of options on the market today. It can be daunting to choose between which gifts to purchase for your little girl.

Whether you are looking for something for your little princess’ birthday gift, but you have no idea what to buy, then this article will make it easier for you to find the right for her. Continue reading below so you can get to choose the best gift for your six-year-old girl.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 6 Year Old Girls

1. Disney Princess Doll Gift Set

We all know how obsessed little girls are with dolls. This is a wonderful gift idea for a six-year-old girl. It includes a set of 11 Disney princesses who look exactly like the original characters. The princesses include Cinderella, snow white, Rapunzel and many more.

The dolls are eleven inches tall, and the set comes with extras such as two little dwarfs and a costume change for snow white, making the play experience very realistic. This is a timeless set that is guaranteed to last for ages hat your daughter, niece, sister or whoever you’re getting it for will love you for.

2. DC Wonder Woman Action Figure

This is an amazing gift not only because she’s a superhero, but because she’s got a wonderful personality defined by knowledge, strength, and confidence. If your girl loves stories about female superheroes, you should consider getting her the Wonder Woman Action Figure.

She is going to love it, especially if she’s often awed by the Amazon Warrior Princess. The figure comes complete with the lasso and a sword. It will inspire her to grow into an intelligent, independent, and strong woman.

3. Osmo Coding Jam Game

For six-year-old girls who are into gadgets, then this Osmo Coding Jam Game is the best for her. The game can be used with an iPhone or an iPad, and it consists of different games. This will make sure that your child will never get bored playing with it. Your six-year-old can use this to create a musical composition, which makes this game fun and educational. 


4. Mermaid Island Board Game by Peaceable Kingdom

With this kingdom of mermaids, your kids will take turns playing one of the mermaid characters as they work their way from the Island’s starting point. The mermaids can only win against the evil witch only as a group. Each player gets a playing piece, and they spin the arrow to find out how many spaces they’ll move. The game is colorful and requires strategy.

It can be played by two to six players.
It’s not too long so your kids won’t be bored and it is designed to encourage teamwork and cooperation. It’s interesting enough for even older children, as well as, adults which means the whole family can play.

5. JewelKeeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Box

Giving your six-year-old girl a musical jewelry box will not only make her organize her jewelry but as well as bringing music to her ears. This JewelKeeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Box is available in 8 different kinds, including ballerinas and fairies. One of the best things about this musical jewelry box is that both small and large jewelries can perfectly fit in the compartments.

There is also a mirror inside, which makes it perfect for little girls. A key is located at the back of the box, which you can twist so the music will start playing. Swan Lake will automatically play after turning the key. All this information makes this jewelry box perfect for your six-year-old girl. 

6. LEGO Friends Heartlake Hot Air Balloon

This is a LEGO set that has a little over two pieces hence making it very easy to build. The goal is to build a hot air balloon, and the set contains two small doll figures-Anna and Noah-who take a ride in the completed balloon.

Along with the hot air balloons, there are special pieces to make a picnic spot for the miniature dolls to relax in. The set comes with several accessories as well. Ideal for girls of age six and above, this gift is going to make your little princess very happy for at least a few years.

7. Melissa and Doug Wooden Stamp Set

Every girl loves to use stamp almost everywhere, which makes the Melissa and Doug Wooden Stamp Set perfect for a six-year-old. The set comes with nine different stamps with a wooden base handle. The images range from balloons, hearts, flowers, and rainbows. The ink pad included is divided in two different colors of purple and pink. 

The Melissa and Doug Wooden Stamp set also has five colored pencils, which is perfect if your six-year-old wants to color the insides of the stamp images. The entire kit is stored in a wooden case, which is strong enough to hold everything. Your six-year-old will be able to enhance her art skills in no time.

8. Razor Jr. Kuties Unicorn Scooter

It’s a scooter specially made for little girls. It is best known for teaching young kids to steer. It contains a detachable unicorn plush making it perfect for both girly girls and not-so-girly girls. In this digital age, it’s important to encourage your kid to have fun outside. What better way to do so than to get her a gift that she would not only love but will encourage her to play outside making sure her childhood is not robbed.

9. Titan Girl’s Pink BMX Bike

Your six-year-old kid will surely love this sixteen-inch bike from Titan Girl’s Pink BMX Bike. It includes a basket which is attached to the bike, where she can put her other toys while biking around. 

One of the best things about riding in this bike is that it will make biking easy because of the coaster brakes that it has. Your child’s safety is always the top priority, which makes this bike perfect for her. With its flower decorated frame, this bike is ideal for her. 

10. Hi-Tech Interactive Robot Dog

This cute girly remote-controlled robot dog would make an amazing gift for you little dog lover. It is rechargeable which means that you won’t cost you a fortune on batteries. It also has a range of up to 50 feet and comes with a variety of fun features sure to keep your little guy entertained for hours. The robot dog pet’s eyes light up and can also change shape depending on which mode is being used.

The dog also comes with a learning mode in which letters and numbers appear on its eyes. It can also dance and sing besides also being able to travel in all directions.

11. KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse

This is a Disney doll house. It is ideal for little girls who like Beauty and the Beast as the theme of the house is from the animation. It comes filled with furniture that mimics those that were found in the original animation. The three-story dollhouse is an excellent play item for girls aged 6 and older. So your daughter can play with her older sisters or friends.

12. VIAHART Brain Flakes Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

Want to make your 6-year-old princess feel really happy? Get her this amazing Brain Flakes Interlocking Plastic Disc Set. The kit is huge and contains 500 pieces which come in different colors.

The flakes have a storage jar, making storage easy. The set may be used to create just about anything your little girl can think of, making the possibilities endless. With this, your child is always engaged. Apart from playing, it comes packed with benefits for your child as it enhances creativity, coordination, and awareness.

13. CozyPhones Kids Headphones

Kids in this generation love music. These headphones would be a great surprise for your little one as they are more comfortable compared to the traditional earbuds and over the head headphones which otherwise make your child look older than they really are. They take into account the health of your child as they come with a volume limit, ensuring your little ones’ ears are not damaged in the process. Your child’s taste is catered for as they come in a variety of eight different animal styles for your beloved to pick from.

14. VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix, Pink

It’s almost a rite of passage for little kids to have their own play cameras, especially if their parents own cameras. The camera has a two mega pixel resolution and 4x zoom. The camera is designed to last for years. It has a sturdy build which makes it damage-resistant even when dropped multiple times, something that is inevitable with children. The camera enables photo customization as it contains really fun and nice photo frames. It records videos as well.


15. Dream Dazzlers Hair Styling Head

This is among the top hair styling models for kids in the market today. It comes with over 50 accessories, including a mirror, brushes and clips which will simply overwhelm your little one. The toy provides perfect practice for little girls on handling their own and other people’s hair. One can train on hair brushing and tying ponytails among other things. The kit also includes an easy-to-use magic makeup brush. This is a toy sure to keep your little girl engaged for extended periods.

16. The Orb Factory Stick’n Style Crystal Clutch

Little girls love pretense play and one way they do this is trying to do what mom does like carrying a handbag. So why not surprise her with this amazing clutch bag and decoration kit. It contains a purse and also includes more than 500 mosaic pieces for decoration. The decorative pieces are stuck to the bag to customize it. Good results are generally assured as the design is printed on the purse already. The kit comes with many extra pieces providing more for future projects. The purse comes in handy for the little girl to carry her things.

17. Fashion Headbands for Girls

This is a kit that may be used to make a variety of 10 different colored headbands, made of satin. The kit comes with several accessories such as butterflies, rhinestones, and flowers to decorate the headbands. The headbands come in different colors sure to match with almost all her outfits. This would make a great birthday gift for your little princess.

18. Camlinbo 3PCS Girls’ Swimsuit Mermaid Tail

Little girls love unicorns, fairies, and mermaids. A mermaid outfit is a gift that is sure to get your six-year-old excited. It contains a bikini top, a bikini bottom, a flower headband, and the most exciting part, the mermaid tail.

It comes in many different colors and sizes to suit different tastes. All pieces are made of good quality material designed to last for years. The pieces are easy to wash and don’t shrink or lose shape or color. The mermaid tail contains buttons at the bottom, making it open up, allowing your child to walk easily and comfortably. It would make a little mermaid lover very happy.

19. Kahootz Various Fashion Plates Design Set

It is a perfect toy that enhances creativity in kids. It creates outfits just by using the rubbing crayons provided over the templates. It contains 15 plates which have a variety of outfits, papers, colored pencils, and a tablet as well which holds everything in place while drawing. All contents come neatly arranged in a nice folding case. It comes with a folio with many ideas as well for your little girl.

20. Dancing Pink RC Robot

Generally, robots are toys loved by boys, but this pink toy offers exceptional customization for little girls. It is a remote-controlled toy sure to give your girls hours of fun. The RC Robot comes with different modes, and it can sense obstacles and avoid them. Charging the toy takes about two hours after which on a single charge, the play tie is around an hour. The robot can play music and dance to it. Your 6-year-old girl is going to love this gift.

21. Creativity for Kids Sparkling Hair Accessory Set

This is a toy for kids that may be used to make hair bands and clips. It includes a variety of pieces with which your girl can make six hair bands and four clips. The kit includes accessories such as rhinestones and ribbons. The variety of headbands she can make will ensure she has something to match most of her outfits. Besides making headbands and clips and having fun while at it, your baby girl has the opportunity to hone her problem-solving skills, creativity, and develop her hand-eye coordination.

22. Long Range Walkie-Talkies for Kids

These are pink two-way radios with around 22 channels, minimizing the chances of interference. They have a 3-mile range, ideal for camping or hiking. The walkie-talkies are compact size, allowing the child’s small hands to hold them well. Some key features include a key lock for security and a ringtone to keep the child alert. The walkie-talkies come in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that your girl is sure to love. They are a nice way to encourage pretense play and improve her fine motor skills.

23. Hasbro Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Blaster

This is a play gun ideal for girls. It has a variety of uses, that is, it may be used for its intended purpose to shoot the four foam darts which are included in the kit, or it can be converted into a crossbow with the aid of the included attachment.

When fired, the darts can go up to 75 feet making the toy perfect for outdoor activities. While she can play alone and have fun, your girl will enjoy playing with this toy, even more, when friends or siblings have similar guns. It is sure to provide her an extraordinary play experience.

24. Fanci Cute Kids School Backpack

This backpack is a must-have for small kids, ideal for putting their things when going to school. This particular backpack comes in 4 different colours- red, purple, light pink or dark pink- all of which are super attractive to little girls.

The bag is waterproof, making it ideal for rainy day and it is easy to clean as well. It contains several different compartments making organization easy. It also comes with a pouch in which she can store her little stuff like pencils and pens. It also has beautiful detailing, such as a bow at the front and a small doll attached to the zipper.

25. Pink Portable Karaoke Machine & CD Player

Does your six-year-old girl love singing? If yes, this toy would make a great gift for her. It comes with 3 sing-along karaoke CDs, and your little girl can play her collection of CDs as well. It comes with a microphone and contains AUX inputs and outputs so it can be connected to a cellphone or amplifier. This is a gift your child will absolutely love.

26. Flying Fairy Toys

A previously mentioned, kids love fairies. This toy emulates a real fairy as it can fly. They are simple to use as they are activated by motion hence there is no need for complicated remote controls. They have sensors that can detect obstacles to avoid accidents.

The fact that there are two dolls maximizes your girl’s play time with them as your child may play with one while the other is charging. They take around 30 minutes to charge fully and then she can have up to an hour of uninterrupted flying time. The toys are very easy to use, even for younger children.

27. ALEX Toys Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro

It is a projector that makes the process of learning how to draw very fun and exciting. It comes with a wide variety of slides (around 120) with different images overwhelming your princess with options.

There are included markers and paper making it possible for the little one to start drawing right away. The tool may be used to create many different scenes by allowing for combinations of different images. This too enhances your child skills as it enhances their creativity and allows them to explore their imagination.

28. Melissa & Doug Hair Stylist Costume Dress-Up Set

If your little girl loves dress-up games, then this is a dressing up costume which includes an apron and six different accessories would be the perfect gift for her. The kit includes a hair drier complete with sound effects. The apron allows for customization as it includes a name tag. There is an option as well to purchase an overall with your six-year-old girl’s name already printed on it. The hairdresser costume mimics a real hairdresser’s costume as it has several pockets located at the front enabling your child to put in all the accessories she needs.

29. Glittery Garden Girls Jewelry Making Kit

This jewelry making gift set may be used to make a total of 11 pendants and bracelets. It is the perfect set to use during playdates and birthday parties as it makes a perfect birthday game.

It comes with over 200 designs which are preprinted, and all these may be used inside the pendants. They can be customized and decorated according to your child’s taste. The kit includes all one needs to make a necklace. It includes beads, chains, and a cord.

30. Townley Girl Disney Princesses Peel-Off Nail

At whatever age, almost every little girl is obsessed with her nails. This pack comes with more than 18 different colors of nail polish to suit all your child’s outfits. The polish dries very quickly minimizing mess, and it is easy to apply. The polish is washable, so mom doesn’t have to worry about stains on clothes. The nail polishes are non-toxic, so you need not to worry about any health risks. The little girl will be excited to see the princess images on the bottles.

31. Personalized Girls Unicorn Pillowcase

Get your 6-year-old girl this beautifully customized pillowcase and see how happy she is going to be. The pillowcase is made using super soft microfiber which makes it extremely comfortable. The pillow itself is designed to last for years. The pillowcase is very easy to look after; it can be machine-washed and tumble dried.

Measuring 20’’ by 30’’, the pillowcase is perfect for any queen size pillow. Her name can be printed in her choice of color, and can be up to twenty characters in length. This is an excellent customized gift for 6-year-old girls

32. ALEX Toys Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook Kit

This is a perfect gift for a six-year-old girl. The kit is used to create a scrap book, a great way to encourage your 6 year old girl’s creativity. Inside is a 48-page book, some stickers, some stencil, and colored papers. It also contains scissors and glue sticks; basically everything you would need to create a scrapbook in one box. It may be used to create a memory book or a photo album.

33. Disney’s Frozen Elsa & Anna Singing Watch

Chances are your little girl is just as obsessed with frozen as almost all other little girls in the world. This watch from Disney is perfect for encouraging girls to keep time. The picture of Hannah and Elsa on the face of the watch is one thing your child will surely love. The watch can easily fit a different range of wrists making it an ideal gift for any six-year-old girl.

34. My Fairy Garden – Tree Hollow

This is a great toy for teaching kids about being responsibility. The set includes all the things one would need to grow and nurture a garden. Some of the things you will find include soil, a packet of seed mix and various gardening tools. This is an ideal gift for nature-loving kids, and it provides for a nice outdoor activity for both parents and children to enjoy.

35. Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Six-year-old girls love to use gadgets, and one way to satisfy her needs is with this Amazon Fire Kids Edition. Giving her this tablet, will not only entertain her but will also let her play her favorite games. It has a 7-inch screen, which will make watching or playing games fun since it is spacious.

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition only costs under $100 and comes with a 2-year warranty. The memory is expandable, so if your six-year-old kid needs to download and install more, then there wouldn’t be a problem. 

Whatever the occasion, whether it is for her birthday or for the coming Christmas you are bound to find a perfect gift for your perfect six-year-old from the above list. It is, however, important to consider her interests, because at age six, she probably already knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like.

With the above list of gifts to give your six-year-old child, you will surely be able to provide her with something that she will truly love and appreciate. What’s good about the list above is that it will not only be entertaining and fun, but they are also educational, which is ideal for developing your child’s skills. 

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