35 Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls 2020

The best gifts for 7 year old girl include age-appropriate toys, games, books, craft activities and more that encourage her to be creative, express herself and have fun at the same time, while fostering the next stage of development for her.

At age 7, increasingly independent from their parents, more self-aware and with more developed language skills and mental abilities, girls are learning to voice their opinions and accept differences of opinion. Also, they are eager to discover and understand the world through asking questions.

When looking for the best toy or gift for a 7 year old girl as a gift, it’s important to take into consideration her current interests and also encourage new interests.

The parents of a 7-year old girl need to ensure that screen time ( e.g. TV, computer, video games) doesn’t interfere with her homework, physical play, and reading, which are crucial for her physical, cognitive, language and social-emotional development. Here are 35 best gifts for 7 year old girls to help you conveniently and quickly choose the perfect one for your girl.

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Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 7 Year Old Girls

1. Notebook Journal

A magical, cute notebook journal with lined and plain pages. Choose one that features adorable, multi-colored unicorns on each page to inspire your 7-year old girl to record her feelings, interests, ideas, beliefs, experiences throughout the year or even draw when she wants to. In addition to nurturing self-awareness and writing and drawing skills, this irresistible unicorn-themed diary also encourages her to express her thoughts and emotions, which is absolutely important for her social-emotional development.

2. Monopoly Junior Game

Talk about real estate fun! Created with young players in mind, the fast, simple and fun-filled Monopoly junior game is packed with kids-friendly features including cute tokens – Little Hazel, Little Scottie, Toy Car and Toy Boat, banknotes, Sold signs, Chance cards and fun properties. such as the skate park, the toy store and the ice cream parlour. Definitely one of the best toys and games for a 7 year old girl as a gift, it encourages her to play together with other kids, cooperate and at once be competitive.

Monopoly Junior will keep your girl and the other player(s) engaged as they learn how to pass Go, buy the properties they like, place “Sold” signs on their own properties, take Chance cards hoping for unexpected bonuses, and more. This fun game helps her develop decision-making and problem-solving skills, cognitive abilities and logical thinking, while learning a thing or two about real estate transactions.

3. Word Game

An educational and interactive word game that supports co-play is hands down one of the best gifts for 7 year old girl, Word! She doesn’t need any board, pencil or paper to have a way with words and she can play a portable game that comes in a compact banana-like pouch wherever she goes for learning fun on the go. As she strives to use of all her letters to build a word grid. She will hone her language skills, improve her cognitive capacities and creativity and learn to be open to challenges. Parents can also join this word game which is also great for family fun and parent-child interaction.

4. Build Wooden Birdhouse

Craft activities can help 7-year old girls further develop spacial awareness and nurture their creativity and imagination, while improving their fine motor skills. A 3D wooden puzzle DIY birdhouse makes an inspired gift for a 7 year old girl. She will be so proud of herself ( and you of her) once she is done building it with her own hands, which also enhances hand-eye coordination and self-confidence. She can also choose to paint it for even more fun. Your little girl will feel a sense of accomplishment when she hangs it on a tree in the garden, knowing that she has just built a home-tweet-home for little birds.

5. Nature Detective

Celebrate her inner nature detective with this fantastic, top-rated book. Choose one that is brimming with descriptions and full colour photos of more than 50 common birds found in the UK for easy identification, a game encourages your 7-year old girl to explore and discover the ever-fascinating natural world around her and at once improve her reading skills and bird recognition skills. Choose an incredible book for kids also includes advice on ow to make bird food to help them survive in the cold season and how to be a good birdwatcher. Encourage your girl to spread her wings, and learn a lot along the way.

6. Jigsaw Puzzle

Age-appropriate puzzles can help with further developing logical thinking, fine motor and problem-solving skills. Specifically created for ages 7 and up, a jigsaw puzzle makes a great gift for a 7 year old girl, especially if she’s fascinated by nature and horses.

7. Interactive Talking World Map

Give your 7-year old girl the gift of having the entire world at her feet (and at her fingertips). An entertaining and educational, interactive world map allows her to explore the planet Earth, discover and learn facts about countries across the globe, including languages, landmarks, flags, fun facts and more. The map’s colorful design and buttons will visually appeal to her and captivate her attention, making her eager to learn and have fun. Choose one with a super-fun quiz mode allows her to test her knowledge, thus reinforcing learning, This interactive can be used on the floor or it can be wall mounted.

8. Sparkle Card Factory

Spark your girl’s creativity and imagination with this fun craft activity! A colorful card-making kit comes with absolutely everything she needs to create 10 sparkly, stunning holographic foil cards as well as 6 gift tags. In addition, it should also offers plenty of creative options for her, allowing her to give the cards a personal touch, such as decorating with sequins and pompoms, using the sticky tabs to add card motifs, stamping greetings and even adding a personal message with the glitter gel pen. Hours of creative, engaging fun!

9. Paint a Tea Set

Seven-year old girls love to paint, and a paint a tea set is bound to be their cup of tea. Choose a tea set that includes 12 bright, iridescent paints and a paint brush, so your girl can start painting the pink tea cups, plates and teapot immediately. Once she is done painting them, you will need to bake the tea set for about 25 minutes in order to seal the paint. She can also decorate her designs with fairy stickers for more fun. A tea set makes an excellent gift for a 7 year girl, as it fosters creativity and helps her further develop her fine motor and painting skills, while providing her with a new medium to create her works of art on and encouraging parent-child interaction.

10. Arts & Crafts Project Kit

Hours of creative play and artful fun awaits your 7 year old girl with an adorable arts & crafts kit, keeping her busy and entertained while she learns the timeless craft of hand sewing in the company of other kids. According to a child development experts, when engaged in practical, shared hands-on activities, 7-year-olds feel better and learn more about themselves and the world around them. Choose a cute project kit that contains everything she needs to start sewing, including 5 pre-cut colorful animal projects and 5 sewing needles to encourage cooperation, sharing and developing practical skills.

11. Colouring Book

Seven-year old girls are fascinated with colouring and you have a winner. Give your girl the chance to unleash her imagination and creativity and turn black-and-white sketches into colorful portraits. As she colours and brings the drawings back to life. She will not only improve her fine motor skills, focus and hand-eye coordination, but also learn about boundaries, lines, perspectives, shapes, forms and also patience and attention to detail. Colouring has also been found to alleviate anxiety and help with relaxation, making it a fun and beneficial activity all the way.

12. Card Game

Just keep playing! An inspired gift for any 7 year old girl who loves playing, the kind and optimistic card game who suffers from short-term memory loss, This simple, fun and engaging card game encourages observation, reflexes and speed as she races to find the only matching image between 2 cards, which is quite tricky to spot. Choose a game wherein each of the cards is absolutely unique and features six images. Usually, the game offers 5 variations, so she can discover multiple ways to play. She will just keep playing this fun game.

13. Doll Surprise

Surprise, surprise! Loads of investigative fun awaits your 7 year old girl when she unwraps her gift and then 15 fun surprises, once she has found the surprise clues using the spy glass. Each doll is undercover, while searching for their missing pet, so your little detective will be in for a sartorial surprise as she removes each layer to discover who is inside. Always choose a toy that will help her with logical thinking, empathy, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, while allowing her to get creative as she mixes and matches the dolls’ stylish outfits for many different looks.

14. Watercolour Brush Pen Set

It’s no surprise that 7 year old girls love to draw and paint, so inspire her inner artist with this amazing watercolour brush pen set featuring a number of brightly colored pens with dual tip that encourage a multitude of stroke and attention to details for picture-perfect artworks. Undeniably one of the best gifts for 7 year old girl, this watercolour pen set with brush tip and fine tip offers her tons of artistic possibilities and encourages her to express herself creatively, through art while learning about hand control and composition. The water-based inks are acid-free, non-toxic and they dry fast for added convenience.

15. Books

Oh what fun it is to read..! An inspiring, enlightening and beautifully illustrated children’s book is definitely one of the best books for a 7 year old girl as a gift. Choose a book with witty jokes, words of wisdom, messages of hope, and lessons on sharing and caring. Select a heartwarming story will definitely captivate your girl’s attention.

16. Jigsaw Puzzle

Your 7 year old girl will have tons of fun putting together the extra thick cardboard pieces of this impressive jigsaw puzzle, while further developing problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Once assembled, she’ll be excited to discover the ocean depths brimming with colorful illustrations, which will encourage her to learn more about.

17. Brainteaser Game

According to child development specialists, 7-year-olds show rapid growth in cognitive abilities, which is why intelligent games such as this brainteaser game are really smart choices. With more than fun-filled challenges to complete and four levels of difficulty is an educational, engaging and rewarding game with a chromatic twist that not only encourages independent play, but also helps your 7 year old girl further develop spacial and visual perception, logical thinking, planning and decision-making skills.

Choose a game that uses brightly coloured shapes, each placed on a see-through tile. Once she chooses a challenge, your girl will have to stack the right tiles to recreate the composition in the chosen challenge. Combining colour, order and shape correctly helps her improve cognitive development.

18. Educational Globe

An excellent, award-winning STEM toy, is an interactive, vividly colored globe with no country names and no borders that serves up healthy doses of expeditions around the world. An educational globe is arguably the best toy for a 7 year old girl as a gift, because it encourages curiosity, exploration, discovery and learning through play.

19. Story Books

An superb collection of inspiring stories aimed at bringing books to young readers, choose an adventure-laden, riveting collection makes for one of the best gifts for 7 year old girl, as it encourages reading, learning, and love of literature.

20. Nail Art Kit

At age 7, girls become more aware of their bodies and a sense of body image begins to develop. A nail art kit offers plenty of ways for your 7 year old girl to get creative at her fingertips. She will love painting her nails with glitter and coloured nail varnishes while combining them for a personalized look. She can also add dazzling nail gems and holographic strips for even more spectacular effects and turn her hands into veritable works of art with the cute tattoos for fingers and hands. An artful, fun hands-on activity!

21. Word Search

A must-have book for any 7-year old girl who is particularly fond of word-searching, fun puzzles. From warm-up puzzles to super-challenging, eye-popping grids with missing letters and clever clues, are created with 7-year-olds in mind and provides hours and hours of spelling-improving and vocabulary-boosting fun that helps with further language development. A father of 3 young girls, Mat Waugh is also the author of “Awesome Jokes for 7-Year-Olds”

22. Kids Diva Animals

Cuteness overload! A popular and open-ended arts & crafts kit makes for the perfect gift for your 7 year old girl, especially if she adores animals. With so many creative options offered by this complete kit at her fingertips. she will always discover new ways to pamper her new pets and turn them into a part of the family.

Choose one that will help unleash her creativity and imagination and celebrate her inner fashion designer.

23. Poems

Choose books that are packed with illustrated collection of nature poems serves up healthy daily doses of sensitivity, inspiration and feel-good. A poem-a-day approach will help your 7-year old girl hold a solid baggage of knowledge. Even if poetry is not among her current interests, this brilliant book will encourage her to read poems.

24. Princess Design Activity Kit

A fashion-plate rubbing set with a royal twist is a great gift idea for any 7 year old girl who is passionate about fashion and drawing alike, as it allows her to showcase her regal flair. Choose one with textured, double-sided fashion plates, coloured pencils, rubbing crayon and vividly coloured storage case, she will have everything she needs to create impeccable outfits worthy of a princess, either at home or on the go. As she lines up the pieces of the original outfit, lays a piece of paper over the top and rubs using the crayon, she’ll unleash her creativity and imagination, while honing her drawing and fine motor skills.

25. Smartwatch

Loaded with smart features, fun apps and cool effects, a next-gen smartwatch with dual cameras has been specifically designed for young girls and makes for one of the best gifts for 7 year old girl. Choose a smartwatch that is extremely easy to use, with very responsive touchscreen and it doesn’t require connecting it to a computer or smartphone.

Choose one with a lovely design incorporates a voice recorder, motion sensor, alarm clock and many more and comes with a USB charge cable. it should also have a good battery life, your 7 year old girl will have the time of her life, whether she’s taking photos and then applying cool 3D effects, embarking on the augmented reality adventure.

26. Kids Electronic Keyboard with Microphone

The sound of music created by her own hands! Nurture your 7 year old girl’s love of all things music and help her develop her artistic, musical skills with a cute electronic keyboard in sweet pink. A stylish musical instrument with sleek design will capture her interest, encouraging her creativity and helping further improve her musical ear, hand-eye coordination and dexterity while playing. Choose one that comes with a microphone, so she can rock out and voice her feelings and musical creations whenever she wants, for tons of harmonic and melodic fun.

27. Activity Book

If your seven-year old girl like books, then she will love letting her imagination run with these magical creatures across the globe. Choose one with colorful illustrations to find and additional items to spot, your young detective will be anything but bored, while she improves her sense of observation, puzzle-solving skills and mental ability.

28. Postcard Making Kit

Designing her very own post cards is a great craft activity for 7-year old girls. A kit contains everything necessary for her to create personalized, colour-rich postcards including superb illustrations and inspirational messages to share with her friends, full-colour sticker sheets and coloured markers. Choose one that comes in a foldaway case with storage compartments for markers and artwork, so it’s great for travel. Encourage your girl to express her feelings about her friends for further social-emotional development.

29. Kids Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit

A deliciously perfect gift for any 7-year old girl who’s especially interested in all things makeup, this soothing and open-ended creativity kit is bound to delight all of her senses and provide hours of delectable, sensational fun. Choose a complete set offers plenty of creative possibilities, so she can combine the silky, soft lip balm bases with any of the fruit flavors with a touch of colour and then decorate the containers with colorful stickers for a personalized look. In addition to fostering creativity, this DIY lip balm kit also helps her become more aware of her body.

30. Book of Jokes

Peer acceptance becomes increasingly essential for 7 year old girls. At this age, they also start to realize that some words have 2 or more meanings, which helps them understand puns and words and encourages them to express a sense of humour by telling jokes to her schoolmates and friends. Your girl is bound to love this hilarious book from the first page.

31. Made Easy Craft Kit – Animals

Seven-year old girls have a special affinity for arts & crafts. With a complete, guided kit, young young artist will have everything she needs to create a superb, shimmering stained glass light catcher. The sticker-gems depict two adorable animals against an awe-inspiring background, inspiring her to put together the artwork and then hang in a sun-filled area of the home to see it come to life. As she matches the sticker-gems to the number key and then places them on the see-through scene, she will improve fine motor skills and and-eye coordination. The stained glass kit comes with a ready-to-hang frame.

32. Art Studio Playset

Specifically created for her age, a playset is packed with artful fun and enables her to use her imagination and creativity to express herself. Your girl’s imagination will run free as she adds water to the magical canvas to see paintings has been working on. In addition to the water-reactive canvas, palette and other art accessories, the playset also has other figures to foster more role-play and creative fun.

33. Temporary Glitter Tattoo Kit

What 7-year old girl doesn’t love glitter? And when it’s used for body art, it’s even better. A temporary tattoo kit sparks her creativity, encourages independence and individuality and allows her to experiment with different looks. Choose a lovely, playful stencil designs and six funky glitter colours. Select a set is created by mother and makes for one of the best gifts for 7 year old girls. Choose a re-usable sticker stencils are super easy to apply, simply by brushing on the glue and the glitter of her choice, and then peeling away the stencil. She will love displaying her glittery body art.

34. Unicorn Puzzle

A magical puzzle for any 7 year old girl who is inspired by the majestic beauty of these mythical creatures and their symbolic connotations. Unicorns have been associated with the divine feminine, purity, innocence and godly power. An awe-inspiring, uplifting picture of three adult, glorious unicorns and a super-cute baby unicorn having ” a talk” with a fluffy bunny, in a magical, serene location at sunset. surrounded by graceful swans and flamingos, will certainly encourage her to put together different pieces of this heirloom quality puzzle. Specifically created for ages, a top-quality puzzle is arguably the best toy for a 7 year old girl as a gift, carrying her to a fabulous place that inspires her to express and stay true to herself.

35. Grow Your Garden by Creativity for Kids

Give your 7 year old girl the gift of growing her very own fairy garden, whether outdoors or indoors, with this open-ended craft kit. Choose one that is packed with everything needed, from a large, flower-shaped pot, potting mix and seeds that magically grow to paints and paint brush, gemstones, tulle butterflies, pixie dust and an enchanted flower house. Once she has sown the magic seeds, painted and decorated the pot, your girl will have a sense of accomplishment when she sees her very own fairy garden come to life and grow like magic before her eyes. A great craft activity that helps her sow the seeds of fun year round.

These are the top 35 gifts that you can give your seven year old daughter, whether for the coming Christmas or for her birthday. She will surely appreciate the gift that you’re going to give her.

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