35 Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls 2020

Shopping for the best gift for an eight-year-old girl can be quite challenging. Their interests might be changing quickly; sometimes you cannot keep up with what is cool for them or what is not. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best 35 gifts for 8 year old girl.

So, if you are looking to get the perfect gift for your eight-year-old daughter but you have no idea what to buy, read on and discover what can be a perfect present for your baby girl.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 8 Year Old Girls

1. Pink Camera

A pink camera is an amazing first digital camera for little girls. Choose a camera that has front and rear lenses so she can take any pictures, including selfies! Usually, the camera comes with several kid-friendly features such as an automatic shut-off after three minutes of inactivity. There are also parental controls so you can limit the time she spends playing the various built-in games. You can also disable the games altogether and let her use the camera only.

A digital camera also comes with fun overlays that your baby girl can use make her photos more interesting and fun. You can also insert a memory card, so she has more storage capacity for her photos. The camera allows her to take multiple shots at once, and it automatically saves the best one.

2. Backpack

A beautiful backpack for your little princess to carry her things in as when she goes to school. The bag comes in two colors: black or pink and it is waterproof. Choose one with a mesh pockets on the sides which are perfect for holding, say, a water bottle. Also, select a main compartment is large enough to hold a school folder. There is also a large pocket on its front side to hold other items.

This would make an amazing gift for your eight-year-old girl. It’s just the right size for her to carry everything she will need for. It is durable and strong so she can use it every day.

3. Body and Nail Studio

Want to make your 8-year-old princess happy? Get her an amazing body and nail studio. She can create false tattoos with a set. She can also do her nails and decorate her headbands or anything else she’ll think of.

Choose a kit that includes a magnifying tool which will be useful when she is working on her small designs. The kit is ideal for small girls because the tattoos dry very quickly and do not require any glue. There are handy storage drawers included in the kit so she can keep her accessories and pieces safely.

4. Day at The Spa

A day at the spa gift would make an ideal gift for little girls who love getting an occasional pamper. She can have her nails done at the pedicure pool and then use the nail dryer included in the kit afterward. This will make sure to make your little daughter very happy. It is a fun activity for your 8-year-old girl who might have her best friend over and play “a Day at the Spa” together.

5. Halloween Costume

A halloween costume will be a unique gift for your 8-year-old-girl. Choose one that is great for wearing to go treating at Halloween, and it can be worn easily over other clothes on cold evenings. Make sure that it is made from comfy, soft material. It comes in three sizes to suit kids of all sizes and shapes. The dress is very easy to put on, as well as, take off.

6. Kids Headphones

A headphone is one the best gifts for 8 year old girl. The headphones come in different colors including pink, which is a favorite for most little girls. These would be a great option for your little girl who loves to listen to music. Usually, they come with a generous 1.5-meter cable and a 3.5millimeter plug, so it is compatible which smartphones, iPods, laptops, and tablets.

Choose a headphone that is adjustable, so your baby girl can use them for years as she grows. They have a great sound quality; your little princess is going to be delighted.

7. Children’s Beads Set

Does your baby girl love making her own jewelry? If yes, a beads set would be a perfect gift for her. Choose a set that includes more than different beads of different sizes and shapes that are neatly stored in a compartmentalized plastic case. There are more different pieces, and the set also comes with a line with which your baby girl will thread the beads on. There are also bows, and hair clips.

8. Knitted Hat and Scarf Set

A beautiful hat comes in a choice of three different colors: brown, gray, or black. Choose one that is handmade which means it is a top-quality product. It is made with soft, stretchy material, making it very comfortable. Usually a set consists of two pieces. Your baby girl is sure to love wearing the hats when it is cold outside.

9. Pink Electric Guitar

Your girl is going to love a cute pink electric guitar that comes complete with a microphone and amplifier. She is going to have a fun full rockstar experience with this kit. Choose a guitar with six strings, like a real guitar and it comes with demo buttons that can be used to play six different songs. Both the amp and guitar have lights that flash when playing the guitar, a feature that will amaze little girls.

Make sure that the microphone has a stand whose height can be adjusted to suit the child’s height. The set includes an MP3 cord so your baby girl can plug her device into the speakers and sing or play along to her favorite songs.

10. Interactive Toys

Pomsies are cute, and your little princess is sure to go crazy for this one. It would make a perfect gift for her; it is just like having a little pet.

11. Flashing LED Light Gloves

Looking for a unique gift that will make your little baby girl to feel like a princess? A cute flashing LED gloves are a great choice. The gloves come in 2 different sizes and in several colors, so you are sure to find a pair that suits your baby girl’s interests. Choose gloves will light up with green, blue, and red lights when worn, and there are up to six different patterns of light like wave, solid or flashing. The gloves come packed in a cute box which makes it very easy to wrap and store. The kit also includes spare batteries.

12. Gigantic Piano Dancing Mat

A gigantic piano dancing mat is among the perfect gift suitable to baby girls of all ages. It comes with a variety of featires to keep children entertained for extended periods. There are usually up to 24 keys, eight musical instrument sounds, and four different modes which include demo and record. Choose a mat that is more than 70” long, so your baby girl can play with her friend, making it perfect for parties and play-dates.

Make sure that the mat is made using durable vinyl which will last for years. It’s lightweight making it portable so she can take it to her friend’s house.

13. Flying Ball

Give your kid a fun play experience with a fantastic remote-controlled flying ball. The ball is very easy to control’ it just hovers above her head and only stops when it crashes into an object. It doesn’t have any complicated controls, and the ball comes with a balance bar that ensures it remains stable.

Choose a toy that takes just 20 minutes to charge fully after which your baby girl has about 30 minutes of flying time. There is a USB charger included so you can charge it with a laptop or any USB plug. Choose a ball that has flashing LED lights that are sure to amaze your kid. They look especially great in a dark room or at night.

14. Kids Karaoke Machine

Eight-year-old girls love to sing or just be on the microphone and play. This means that the Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine is definitely perfect for them. The karaoke will not only maker love music and make her sing, but will also be entertaining to the whole family. 

Make sure that it is user-friendly. It has a light on the base and is consist of two microphones. You can also connect this on your Smartphone if your child wants to sing the latest songs of today. Of course, the machine has its own tunes to choose from. 

15. Art Case

Let your eight-year-old girl unleash her creativity by giving her an art case. Choose a kit that contains markers, crayons, colored pencils, and drawing paper sheets. You shouldn’t worry about the stains on their clothes because the markers are washable. It should also comes with a case, which she can bring anywhere she is. 

16. Wooden Stamp Set

A wooden stamp set is the perfect gift for your eight-year-old because this means that she can enjoy stamping and marking anything that she wants. Choose a set that includes nine different stamps and a rubber molded stumper. Some of the available designs are flowers, bears, balloons, hearts, and more. 

Also make sure that the kit also includes five colored pencils, which she can use to color the insides of the images once stamped. Your eight-year-old will surely love creating notes for you and her friends with stamps all over them.

17. Beauty Set

Every girl loves to have and use makeups, and since eight-year-old girls are too young to have their own makeup kits will do for now. Choose a kit that includes a blow dryer, nail polish bottles, comb, mirror, lipstick, and more.

18. Electric Airbrush Girls’ Art Set

A fun craft activity for girls, an art set is sure to make your daughter, niece, or granddaughter super happy. She can make and decorate anything she wants. Make sure that it is battery-operated and can last up to one hour on a full battery. The kit includes a dozen watercolor markers of different colors which are all washable. There are also 5 templates.

Choose a spray paint pen is easy to use; she only needs to select a colored pen, load it into the spray machine and press the start button to start spraying. The machine comes in either green or pink colors, and there is a USB charger included.

19. Baking Set

By the age of eight, you will have noticed whether or not your little one loves helping out in the kitchen. If this is the case with your 8-year old, then you may want to consider this as a gift for them. A baker set includes some pieces that make it possible for your little girl to enjoy some baking. Choose a set that comes with pieces that include all the tools, mixes, frosting and decorations that would be needed to make some delicious cupcakes.

20. Animal Balloon

An animal balloon is perfect for eight-year-old girls who love to be around pets. Choose a pet that has a retractable leash and has two modes of play. The pet can even wag his tail and talk, which your child will surely love to operate. Your eight-year-old girl can take her pet for a walk and take care of him.

21. Bicycle

Letting your eight-year-old become physically be active is a good idea, to ensure that she will grow up healthy. A bicycle is perfect for her. 

Choose a bike that has a comfortable seat and a unique design. It is pink in color, and you can attach training wheels so your eight-year-old girl will be able to learn quickly. Make sure that it has a high-rise handlebar, you will be assured that her back will remain straight. With this bike, your child will not only make your child enjoy but as well as be physically be active. 

22. Book Set

At the age of 8, girls are usually curious about different things and giving your eight-year-old a book set is a great idea. Whether she is a fan of the series or not, she will surely love books. Choose books that have plotlines that are easy to follow, and all are interesting. Starting her early with books will develop her vocabulary widely.

23. A Scooter

Another great gift for an eight-year-old girl is a scooter that has a steering design that can easily be turned for easy navigation. A scooter will let your girl ride smoothly and enjoy roaming around your home. By using a scooter, your eight-year-old girl will be able to improve her balance and as well as her motor skills.

24. Jewelry Making Set

Help enhance your eight-year-old girl’s creativity with a jewelry making set. Choose a set that includes everything that she needs to create pendants and necklaces. One of the best things about a kit is that it consists of an explicit instruction, which can help her do the kinds of necklaces that she wants.

Select a jewelry kit that includes s-hooks, sequins, five shrink sheets, cardboard baking tray, and a plastic chain. With all these materials, your eight-year-old will surely be able to unleash her creativity.

25. Activity Game

Kids and girls in particular love to have sleepovers and what’s a better way to make it more fun is by getting her an activity game. Choose a game that includes 200 challenges and games, which will make sure that the girls’ sleepover will surely be fun. 

26. Flash Cards for 8-Year-Olds +

Eight-year-olds are typically already in school and giving your child a flash cards would definitely be a good idea. Choose cards feature advanced words and are double sided. There are also photos and words on the cards which are all easy to read and distinguish. The flashcards are perfect for kids who are in the process of learning to read.

27. Galaxy Clock

With a galaxy clock, your eight-year-old will not only know how to tell the time but as well as make her room look quiet and peaceful especially during the night. Choose a galaxy clock that is consists of 7 different nature sound, which will surely put your eight-year-old girl to sleep.

Usually, a galaxy clock also has a music feature, which will let your eight-year-old girl to play her favorite music no matter what time of the day it is. Another good thing about it Galaxy Clock is that it has the ability to control the temperature in the room. With its alarm feature, your eight-year-old girl will undoubtedly wake up on time. 

28. Peel-Off Nail Polish Set for Kids

Does your eight-year-old girl often ask you to take her to a nail salon? Then a peel-off nail polish set for kids is ideal for her. Choose one with fifteen different shades, your child will never run out of shades to choose from. 

One of the best things about a polish set is that they dry quickly and are easy to clean. So you shouldn’t worry if the polishes get to her skin or clothes, because you can wash them easily. Lastly, they are not toxic, and there are not harmful vapors that the polishes will emit.

29. Rainbow Loom

Eight-year-old girls will surely love a rainbow loom because she will be able to create friendship bracelets for all of her friends. A rainbow loom kit should include rubber bands of different colors and all the materials needed to develop that friendship bracelet.

30. Temporary Glitter Tattoos Kit

Every girl loves to play with glitters and giving your eight-year-old girl a temporary glitter tattoos kit will surely be ideal. She will be able to choose from different designs so she can create the tattoos that she likes. The best thing about tattoos is that they are easy to apply and remove. This simply means that changing it as often as she wants is possible.

31. Book of Riddles

Another great gift for an eight-year-old girl is a brain teaser, just like a books of riddles. Choose one with over 300 riddles available which can surely make your child’s brain active. The book should contain brain teasers which you and your family can surely enjoy.

32. Castle Play Tent

Girls and eight-year-olds in particular love having their own space where they can play with their favorite toys. Giving her a princess castle play tent will not only give her the privacy that she wants but will also make her feel like a princess. A play tent is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. 

Choose a tent  that is also large enough so her friends can also fit inside. To make things more exciting, it comes with a glow in the dark stars, which will make playing in the evening fun.

33. Archery Set

Letting your eight-year-old girl to learn archery is ideal, because this is also a good sport. Giving her an archery set will surely improve her skills. Choose a set that comes with three suction cup arrows, a target, a quiver, and a luminous bow. The archery set will not only make this sport enjoyable for your kids but will also help improve her hand and eye coordination.

34. Bike

With a bike, your eight-year-old girl will surely love to have this sixteen-inch bike. Choose one that comes with a basket, where she can carry her favorite things with her while biking.

The bike should consists of a comfortable seat and has traditional hand brakes. It should also has a safety guard, which is along the chain to ensure that your child’s feet and legs are protected.

35. Shoulder Bag

When you and your eight-year-old girl go to malls or go somewhere, she also needs to have her a shoulder bag. This means that a shoulder bag will surely be perfect for her. The bag should be made out of durable and soft material, which means that it will last for an extended period of time. It will keep her things safe because of the magnetic snap closure. 

Remember that when choosing an excellent gift for an eight-year-old girl, remember to choose something that will not only make her enjoy it but something that will also enhance her skills. With the above educational and fun toys above, you surely have someone thing you like to have a for your eight-year-old girl. 

Gifting an eight-year-old girl is certainly challenging, but with list, we hope things will be easier for you. However, the secret to getting the perfect gift for her, whether for her birthday or Christmas is knowing what she likes and where her interests lie. Of course, there are a couple of gifts that could be perfect for all girls, but a gift that interests her will certainly be her favorite. We hope that this list gives you an idea of where to start.

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