35 Best Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls

Getting a gift for a 9-year old girl can be quite a challenge. At this age, the girl is learning more about herself and realizing what she likes and what she doesn’t.

Often, parents may still see her as their little girl, and they may easily get a gift that she would consider childish, which is why it is important that you know your little girl’s tastes.

Sure, most girls love all things pink, but does she? Perhaps she is more into books. Or maybe she prefers gaming. Narrowing it down to her interests rather than generalizing can make it so much easier to get the perfect gift. That said, it doesn’t hurt to have some ideas of where to start. Check out this list we compiled of 35 best gifts for 9 year old girl.

Top Gift Ideas & Toys For 9 Year Old Girls

1. Ultimate Baking Starter Set

By the age of 9, you will have noticed whether or not your little one loves helping out in the kitchen. If this is the case with your 9-year old, then you may want to consider this as a gift for them. The Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set includes some pieces that make it possible for your little girl to enjoy some baking. The set comes with 37 pieces that include all the tools, mixes, frosting and decorations that would be needed to make some delicious cupcakes.

What makes this a great gift is that your little girl can use it for both make-believe baking as well as some real baking. If she is ready, you can encourage her to start some mixing and practice cracking eggs with the egg cracker.

2. Girl Zone Hair Chalk Temporary Color

There’s no doubt that your 9;-year old has already started imitating some of her favorite celebrities. She may start bugging you about changing her hair color. Of course, most parents will feel that 9 years is a tad too young to dye her hair. However, there is a perfect solution to that.

Hair Chalk Temporary Color from Girl Zone allows your girl to use different colors on her hair but only temporarily. The set comes in a colorful case and includes 10 fantastic colors that produce great results for hair of all colors. The colors are easy to apply and remove. They can also be used for face painting and are equally easy to apply and get off the face.

3. DROGRACE Children’s Kids Waterproof Camera

If your little one has shown some interest in photography, then she will appreciate this waterproof camera. This camera allows your girl to take pictures while on her adventures with her friends. It has several features that make it more exciting for her to take pictures. With the 40 built-in frames, she will certainly spend her day documenting every part of it.

We especially love that it is waterproof. This means that she can bring it with her when swimming and does not have to miss any important moment.

4. Tropical Terrarium Gift

With a pyramid-shaped dish, this gift can help you encourage your girl to develop a hobby. She can take the time to invest in this gift and end up having a wonderful decorative item for her room. The kit comes with seeds and planting mixture. Once she plants the seeds, she has to take care of the plant by watering and ensuring that it gets enough sunlight. Eventually, a polka-dotted plant will grow, and she can keep it in her room as decoration.

5. Nancy Drew Starter Set

The Nancy Drew Series is a great detective series and any 9-year old who loves reading will be immediately taken aback. If she is already a fan of the series, then this will certainly be a delightful addition to her collection. If not, then why not start her library collection with these books? The books are quite interesting to read with easy-to-follow plot lines. While she can read the books on her own, they can be your way of spending some time with her by reading a chapter or two before bed each night.

6. Kids Travel Journal

With a 9-year old girl, you are in for her asking for some ‘private time.’ It is also around this time that she may want to start writing and keeping diaries of her own. With this Kids Travel Journal, your little girl gets more than just a journal. It has plenty of pages to fill in including some pre-trip planning pages and daily entry pages. The journal encourages them to keep memories of each day as well as rate those days.

The journal is a great way to spark her writing skills. It also includes a lot of games and fun pages that will keep her occupied. The back pocket also provides a great place to keep mementos such as photos and souvenirs from her trips.

7. Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook

This cookbook is a great opportunity to give your daughter the chance to master her culinary skills. They are better off starting while young, and this book provides a great place to start. With this book, your daughter can learn and master making some simple dishes. It is certainly bound to pique her interest in cooking. The book contains 65 easy recipes that she can follow. It is also filled with illustrated photos that make it all the more interesting.

8. Sleepover Party Activity Game

It’s about time that your 9-year old daughter will start attending sleepover parties (if she hasn’t already). Rather than have her and her friend spend the night playing the same old games, why don’t you add the fun to their parties with this gift.

The Sleepover Party Activity Game comes with 200 games and challenges that will ensure the girls do not get bored. All they have to do is spin the spinner and try whatever challenge or game that it lands on. This game is also great for parties and can be used by adults as well. It is best played by more than 2 players to add to the fun.

9. Creativity For Kids Grow n’ Glow Terrarium

With this gift, you get to nurture the young gardener in your little girl. The Grow n’ Glow Terrarium allows your little girl to grow a little garden in a jar and decorate it as much as she wants. The kit includes some glow in the dark stickers that add a great mix to the mason jar. It also comes with some seeds, potting mix, decorative sand, river stones and a plant mister that makes watering easier.

Once the terrarium is set up, the seeds will be sprouting in a couple of days. She can then use the jar as decoration for her room. If you are looking for a way to mix science and art, this gift is worth taking a look into.

10. The Girls’ Guide To Growing Up

Your tween is growing up, and she will soon start asking questions (that is if she hasn’t already). It is normal for her to be curious about some things and most especially about her body. Of course, they will likely be taught these things in school, and she is better off learning from you. However, she may be a bit embarrassed to approach you. With this book, you can equip her with the most important information without making her feel embarrassed.

11. Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes always make for some of the best gifts for 9-year old girls. If chosen rightly, you will have her cherishing the gift for a long time. The box is quite large with plenty of space for your girl to store all her jewelry. When opened, it showcases a ballerina miniature figure that stands on a mini stage. When the key is turned, the ballerina dances to ‘Swan Lake’. To keep everything inside safe, the lid has a metal latch. This is definitely an exquisite gift for your little dancer.

12. The Ultimate Beading Studio

With 4,000 beads, this kit allows your 9-year old girl to showcase her creativity while making her own accessories. The beads come in a variety of colors. The kit also includes metallic beads and alphabet beads that allow her to spell her name on her bracelets and necklaces. The easy to follow instructions make it easy for her to make the accessories on her own. This set also makes it great for spending time with her friends and making accessories that match all her outfits.

13. Easy to do Crotchet Kit

Contrary to common opinion that crocheting is for adult ladies; young girls can learn and enjoy the craft. With this crochet kit, you little girl can learn how to make scarfs and beanies for herself and for close friends. The kit includes a beginner’s guide that will set her on the path to crocheting. The kit also comes with 7 different colors of yarn, 2 crochet hooks, and a plastic needle. Rather than spend her time watching television, buy her this kit and spend some quality time crocheting together.

14. Mason jar Science: Super Cool Experiments

If you have a budding scientist in the house, this super cool Mason jar will be a good way to pique their interest. With just a jar, slime and goo, the kit allows your kid to explore the amazing world of Chemistry and Physics with around 40 experiments. This is a great gift to use both at home and in school. With the simple instructions that come along with the kit, your little scientist will be learning science in a cool and exciting way.

15. Mom Knows Galaxy Clock

Mom knows best, and you really cannot go wrong with this galaxy clock. This clock does more than just tell the time. The Galaxy Clock projects the nightlife to the ceiling of your daughter’s room making sleep time peaceful and quiet. It also comes with 7 different nature sound and soothing sound that will lull her to sleep. It also comes with a music feature that allows her to play her favorite music at any time of the day. You can also regulate the temperature in her room. The alarm feature is sure to make it easy for you to get her up early enough for school.

16. Darice Premium Art Set With Wood Box

If your daughter is quite the artist, then you may have had to buy plenty of art supplies. If you do not know what to get, you may end up spending so much money. With this set, all your young artist’s needs are covered. The set comes with a variety of accessories which include markers, crayons, oil pastels, watercolors, brushes and any other thing that she might need. With this set, your girl can enjoy painting and drawing whatever she wishes. All you have to get her is some paper and let her creativity run wild.

17. Personalized Name Rubber Stamp

With this personalized name rubber stamp, your nine-year old girl gets to practice her crafts. She can also use the rubber stamp to write her name in her school books in a fun and glittery way. The rubber stamp contains some glitter that adds the sparkle to her name. Because this is personalized, you can get the name written in whatever font you want and watch her claim anything and everything in the house.

18. Rainbow Loom

At the age of 9, your little princess is probably forming important friendships. Some of these may even last for a lifetime. Girls love using friendship bracelets to showcase their special bonds. With Rainbow Loom, your little girl and her best friends get to make their own friendship bracelets. The kit comes with around 600 rubber bands of different colors and an instructional guide to make a couple of friendship bracelets. With this kit, she will definitely have some great time with her friends making bracelets they will cherish for some time.

19. Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Who said girls do not love sports? If your little one is athletic, then this hoop will make her day. This basketball hoop can easily be fixed in her room and let her enjoy making some hoops. It can also be adjusted to different heights depending on where she wants it fixed. With the automatic ball feeding system, she can practice her hoops all day from the comfort of her own room.

20. Temporary Glitter Tattoos Kit

Most little girls love glitter, and if yours also does, then Temporary Glitters Tattoos Kit is worth taking a look at. With this kit, your little girl gets to choose from 24 different designs to create amazing glitter tattoos in six colors. The tattoos are easy to apply and allow her to change as often as she wants to match with her outfits.

21. JewelKeeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Box

The only thing better than a jewelry box is a jewelry box that’s musical. It has 8 different types, having themes such as fairies and ballerinas so you can’t fail to find a perfect one for your little one. The jewelry box takes into account both smaller and larger jewelry pieces owing to its differently sized compartments. The jewelry box also comes with a mirror inside, perfect for little girly girls. The music is triggered by the key at the back of the box, which plays Swan Lake after being wound up. This is undoubtedly among the best gifts for 9 year old girl.

22. You are a Girl Who Can Do Anything: A Special Book

Your little girl is a tween and before you realize she is going to be well in her teens. With this book, the author takes little tween and teen girls into a self-discovery journey. She lets them know there are going to be challenges to face and that they can overcome them. This book will be the perfect way to prepare your little one for the hurdles of life and will equip her with all the necessary information.

23. Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Karaoke Machine

This portable karaoke Bluetooth microphone makes it easy for your girl to practice songs and hold parties in a classy way. Thanks to the Bluetooth feature, you can easily connect the karaoke machine to your favorite music player. Your little girl can then sing along to her tunes. It also allows her to record her favorite jams. Whether she loves singing alone in her room, or with her friends at a party, she will enjoy playing for hours on end with this gift.

24. Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

If you are looking for the perfect brain teaser for your smart 9-year old girl, this book will be a perfect idea. With over 300 riddles, you get to challenge your girl’s brain. This book contains brain teasers that she will definitely love. The best thing about this book is that it can be used for some family time as well.

25. Electric Gummy Candy Maker

This kit is an excellent gift for girls who have a sweet tooth! The Candy Maker Kit includes multiple molds that she can use to make candies of her choice. There is also a gelatin pot that will allow her heat and cook her gelatin mixture. The kit is child-friendly, easy to handle, and she’s sure to have a lot of fun making her candies.

26. Magical Reversible Sequin Glitter Pillow

With this magical pillow, your girl gets to add some little sparkle in her room. The sequin pillow is exquisite and classy and is sure to brighten her day. Swiping the sequins back and forth can magically change the design into a sparkling rainbow of glitter. The pillow also has a removable and washable cover that makes it easy to keep it clean and sparkling all the time.

27. Kiddey Princess Castle Play Tent

This pink tent from Kiddey makes it a perfect gift for little girls who love the charming fairy tales. With this castle, your little girl gets to use her imagination to be an actual princess. The tent is very easy to set up and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun. It also comes with a complete playset and is large enough for multiple children to play at once. The best feature is the glow in the dark stars that make it suitable for evening play.

28. Tracing Pad

Does your nine-year-old girl like to draw stuff? If yes, then this Tracing Pad would be a great gift for her. The kit allows her to use a tracing paper that is included when packing to pop in and trace the outfit for a doll over the original body. A pack of colored pencils is also included and some blank sheets of paper for her to get started. All the pencils are non-toxic, so you need not worry about any health risks.

29. Lip Smacker Cupcake Lover’s Lip Gloss Collection

Your 9-year old daughter is probably too young to use any makeup. But that does not mean that she should walk around with cracked lips. This lip gloss collection will have her feeling special as she uses her first set of makeup. The collection comes with 6 sticks that are all cupcake-flavored for any occasion. The flavors include red velvet, strawberry sprinkle, and vanilla coconut.

30. Monster Slime Kit

Slime is quickly becoming popular among kids of all ages. With slime, kids get to make just about anything, and it is a form of harmless fun. With this kit, your daughter can make non-toxic slime for herself. The kit comes with a guide that gives her instruction on how to do so. It also includes googly eyes with which she can make a monster. The kit also includes a book on monsters from all over the world.

31. Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag Small Coin Purse

A shoulder bag will be the best solution for all the things your little one wants to bring with her whenever you are going out. The bag is made of soft and durable material and will last for some time. With the magnetic snap closure, you are sure her coins and accessories, keys and clips will remain safe.

32. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Girls are fond of taking photos with friends. Instax Mini 8 is an excellent gadget that helps them capture sweet moments with friends. It has easy to use cameras by kids because of its simple design and develops an instant photo with a particular paper. Your little princess is going to have a lot of fun taking photos with her friends when she is on travel. It comes in different colors designs, so you are sure to find one that she will like.

33. Princess Basic Archery Set Outdoor Hunting Game

Every princess should learn her archery right, and your 9-year old is no exception. With this basic archery set, your little girl gets to practice shooting her targets. The set comes with a luminous bow, a quiver, a target, and 3 suction cup arrows. The luminous bow makes it easier to use the bow in low light and even at night. This gift helps your kid improve her hand-eye coordination. She will enjoy the shooting playtime anywhere and at any time.

34. Initial Necklace with Birthstone

You might want to attach some sentimental value to the gift. The good thing is at 9 years; she is old enough to realize the importance of this. You can simply get her a necklace with an initial of her name. The necklace is personalized with her birthstone, and you even get to choose the color and size. The necklace comes in a gift box and is made of silver, so it is sure to last long.

35. Movie Tickets

You do not have to go extravagant when it comes to gifting a 9-year old girl. You can simply get her a couple of movie tickets. She wants to spend some time with her friends. Help her catch the newest movie with her friends. Add a couple of dollars for her to get a snack afterward.

Gifting a 9-year old is certainly challenging. The key to the perfect gift is knowing what she likes and where her interests lie. Of course, there are a couple of gifts that could be perfect for all girls. However, a gift that interests her will certainly be her favorite. We hope that this list gives you an idea of where to start.

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