Too Many Gifts Can Land Your Child in Trouble?


How many toys are too much? If you think that expressing love is buying all the toys kids wish for, you need to have a rethink.  Numerous reliable studies have ascertained that gifting too much will set the kids up for trouble when they become adults. D These studies go on to say that kids who receive too many material gifts continue with the trend of spending extravagantly on material things that may not be a necessity.

Rewarding all achievements with material gifts

giving kids gifts

When your child is rewarded with material gifts each time they achieve success, they will grow up thinking that you can only reward good things materially. To raise well rounded kid, it is important to use gift to make them understand that gifts are not just material but are also an expression of love, care and appreciation.

Giving gifts to show affection


Showing affection is not just about material gifts. If you keep giving gifts to who appreciation you are sending the message that gifts are best way to show love. Other than investing materially when showing affection; how about a memorable experience such as spending quality family time on vacation. Clever parents save all the money that would otherwise be spent on  toys and use this money to plan fun family trips where parents can take the time to know and bond with their kids.

Punishing kids by taking away their favorite toys and other material possessions they adore

punishing kid by taking away toy

Gifts and punishment are two separate and completely unrelated concepts. Most parents raise kids who associate gifts with punishment because their parents take away Favorite possessions as punishment. If the link between gifts and punishment is not eliminated in a child’s eye, they grow up into greedy materialist who think that owning and acquiring material possessions is the most important thing in life.

Too many gifts make it difficult to impart gratitude in a child

punishing kid by taking away toy

Talk to your kids and sometimes don’t buy a toy the demand to teach them that in life we need to be grateful for every little thing. Encouraging kids to buy toy will help kids create a distinction between materialism and rejection. Kids who feel like their parents are replacing quality one on one time either material possessions will most likely grow up to very materialistic.


If you keep all these factors into consideration, there is no doubt that you will buy  just the right amount of toys so that you don’t raise entitled and ungrateful kids.