Best Kids Flashlights 2020 – Our Top Picks

1. Construction Truck Flashlight 2. Bibi Bee Flashlight  3. Dorcy Flashlight
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Perhaps you never would have imagined that you would get to a point of getting a flashlight for your kid. But, they do grow up first and they will need some light when they wake up in the middle of the night. Luckily, flashlights for kids are not all about lighting up dark alleys or finding your way in the woods. They also have other very impressive ways that you can use flashlights for kids with. There are plenty of advantages to having one lying around. If not for their safety then it can be for fun.

There are plenty of flashlights for kids that you can get and they come in all shapes and sizes. All you have to do is pick one that you know would impress your kid. The only question is, why would you invest in a flashlight for your kid? Well, the truth is, there are plenty of fun things you can do with a flashlight for kids.

Things to do with a Flashlight for Kids

From games for kids all the way to lifesaving events, the uses that a flashlight can be put into are endless. A great deal of them especially the ones that are meant for kids are not costly. Because of that, getting one or two might not seem that costly. But, should you get one and find that it is spending most of its time lying around and collecting dust, there are a number of things that you can do with it that are beneficial to you and your kid. You could even use the flashlight to develop their eye sight and sensory system.

Stargazing cards

One of the best ways to use a flash light is to use it for star gazing lessons. Children are fascinated by stars and they learn better when they have actual and tangible learning tools. You can use a flashlight to teach them about stars. How you ask? Using a pencil, draw a star constellation on a piece of construction paper and punch holes in the places where the stars should be.

You can then turn off the lights and using your newly bought flashlight for kids, you can cast the light on the wall. Your child gets to see what the star constellation looks like. If it is a clear night and there are stars in the night, you can then go outside and try to identify the constellation you have just seen. Try and create as many constellations as you can with your child. Overtime, this will not only create interest in the child but will also make sure they’re knowledgeable about their surroundings. It is a trick that also buys you loads of quality time with your kid.

Shadow puppets

Every child knows about shadow puppets but you might want to wait until they are old enough to understand how exciting and fun shadow puppets can be. Otherwise, if you do it too early, chances are they will get scared instead of having fun. Once they’re of age, the entertainment value of shadow puppets will never go out of style. All you have to do is lay a flashlight on the side of the table so that the light shines of the wall. You can then show your kid how they can use their hands in various position to be able to make people or animal shapes on the wall. Once they get the hang of it, then you can quickly turn it into an interactive puppet show. Since it might be a little hard on the child at first and you don’t want them to feel like failures, you can cut people or animal shapes out of note cards and attach Popsicle sticks with tape. The kid can then use these to cast shadows and catch up with fun. You should note however that you have to fight the urge to project scary shapes. The show could quickly turn into horror film for the child.

Flashlight tag

You have heard of hide and seek? This is a great version of the same sport that you can play with your kids when the dark falls. It can be at the park, in the house or even when running around. Not only is it a great game but also helps the child to build on their sensory skills as well as muscle development. The game is relatively simple. You have one flashlight for kids that is held by one person and they become the “It” the others hide around the area you will be playing at and the “It” person has to search for them. Once she is able to find them, all they have to do is flash at them with the flash light and they’re out. The last person then becomes to “it” and begins the search again. Pretty fun right?

Story telling

One of the most unforgettable nighttime activities that has always been a classic is telling stories under a fortress that has been made of sheets chairs and pillows. Each of the kids takes turns telling stories or concocting some of their own while holding the flashlight. It does not mean that the grown-ups cannot jump in but you have to cap your creativity and try to fit in. the flashlight adds a dramatic effect to the story telling making it more believable and more fun.

Flashlight obstacle courses

One of the ways that you can keep the kiddos really entertained for hours is through an obstacle course. It does not have to be really challenging. You can design it according to how you know your kids. The only thing that you might have to buy other than the kid’s flashlight is the painters tape. Other than that, you can use boxes, pillows and even blankets to set up the course. Once the course has been all set up, you can switch off the lights and give your child the flashlight and try to have them navigate the course. To have a dramatic and fun end to it, you can also throw in a surprise where you jump out from the dark. Just don’t make it too dramatic or you will scare them.

Now you know that you can have other uses for a flashlight for kids other than the usual fights in the dark. But they can also be a good addition to help comfort your child especially when they have a phobia of the dark when the lights go off. When they wake up in the middle of the night and need something to console themselves, they can use the flashlight instead of waking up the entire neighborhoods with their squeals.

Flashlights for kids are a great way of also getting them closer to looking like daddy and doing things how daddy does them. They also have a couple of additions like music and timer that can help the child with their growth and scheduling which makes it even more vital for them. Now that you know the kind of use that you can put the flashlight to, here are a few great flashlights that you could consider buying for your kids.

Top 5 Best Flashlights for Kids 2020

1. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Light

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Ladybug FlashlightKids will attest that they love to look at beautiful bugs. They are small and lovely and because they’re oblivious of what they can do to them, they tend to have an affinity for them. This large and colorful flashlight for kids adopts the same design and features a lovely lady bug shape that kids will definitely love. It comes complete with the six buggy feet which in this case help round shape of the flashlight to sit steadily on the flat surfaces.

The flashlight has been made for both indoor and outdoor use and comes with an integrated handle that has an on and off switch within easy reach so the child can easily reach to it. The flashlight is not rich on features and but banks on its external design and appeal to grasp the attention of kids. For it work, it requires two AA batteries that are not included in the package.

The simple and beautiful designs definitely sells it and makes it likable by kids as well as the handle and the easy to reach and operate switch. The fact that it does not have any more features however is a bummer and also the batteries are not included in the package so you have to budget for those as well.

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2. Plastic Transparent Flashlights

Plastic Transparent flashlights

Sometimes, the best flashlights for kids are not the ones that offer a great design that is appealing to kids but one that takes a different approach. This is what these flashlight for kids have done. They have taken the interest that kids show in understanding how things work and turned it into a flashlight that they can have fun with as they try to pick it apart.

The flashlights have a transparent cover that attempts to show kids the lay out of the inside of a flashlight and come in different vibrant colors that the kids can choose from. The flashlights are made with kids in mind and are about 9 inches long. They run on a single AA battery which means more savings for you.

The flashlights are made to be simple enough for kids to be able to use while picking at their curiosity which works perfectly. Even though you might be forced to buy a few since they will try and take it apart. The use one AA battery which saves you quite a substantial amount of money.

But, they’re not hardy and can present a choking hazard to the really small kids. So you have to make sure that you pick them for children of the right age. They’re also not as bright but this can also serve as a blessing in disguise since that would mean that the eyesight of the child is not at risk.

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3. Dorcy 41-25-9 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight

Dorcy 41-25-9 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight

If you’re looking to invest in a serious flashlight that comes with the entire shebang of features, this should be your choice of flashlight. It has a deep and wide collection of benefits and features and is not only a great addition for your child but can also be used by adults as well. It is ideal for commercial and residential use and offers a substantial amount of lighting which is why it is highly rated.

It has a water proof design that has a unique ability to float. This could come in handy especially when going camping and you need to know where your child is at all times. Even when they’re playing in the water, all they have to do is leave the flashlight floating and they will have the light they need as they play around. It also reduces the chances of getting damaged by water should the child throw it in the water.

For the lighting, the flashlight has four super bright LED bulbs that provide 55 lumens of light output. Rightfully said, this is more than you would need at night and your child will definitely concur. To make the flashlight more portable, it also comes with a built-in cap carabineer clip. This helps to attach the flashlight to the belt of the child or their camping bag. This way, they never forget it by mistake and they always have it in proximity when they need it.

One thing not mentioned in features but is a really good benefit is the fact that the flashlight comes with a 1-year limited warranty. It also has a great design that is durable and very efficient and the fact that it can literally float on water is definitely worth the mention as well.

The brightness though might cause a little of tension with the parents because it has the ability to affect the eyesight of the child especially when they direct it to their eyes for some time. But this is a habit that can be fixed through talking.

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4. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bibi Bee Flashlight

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bibi Bee Flashlight

This is another great flashlight for kids. It does not have a bunch of features that makes their head spin in confusion. Just a great flashlight with a great design that any child would love to have with them if they got lost in the woods. The exterior of the flashlight features a large and colorful bee shape flashlight that has well thought out colors and offers the best experience for you and your child.

The bee design even has all the six feet that help the flashlight support itself steadily especially considering that the bee is rounded which would make it hard to set on a flat surface. While it does have a good design, this has not been done at the expense of functionality. The flashlight can be used both indoors and outdoors and ha a handle that makes it easier to carry around. The same handle also features the switch that turns it on or off.

The colors and the appealing design are definitely worthy additions and offer great benefits include the stability offered by the six buggy feet as well as the integrated on and off switch that is easy for the child to use. This a great simple and basic flashlight that almost any kid can be able to comfortably operate.

On the other hand, you will have to commit yourself to buying the two AA batteries that are required for the flashlight to work. Even worse, you don’t get the first set with the package. You have to buy them separately.

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5. Toy State Caterpillar Construction Flashlight and Nightlight

Toy State Caterpillar Construction Flashlight and Night light

If you’re serious about your child’s playtime, and safety, then you will definitely love what this dumper truck flashlight has to offer. Not only is a great design that will have your boys drooling but it’s also functional. It is safe and the quality has been tested and is designed with realistic features but on a smaller scale. All the materials that have been used in its making are safe and completely non-toxic. Other than the flashlight, the Dump truck styled flashlight also has an under glow night light function. The nightlight underglow light also comes with three timers options that you can use to choose how long you would like the light to stay on. It is a great option for children that are at least 18 months or older.

The great design, flashlight and nightlight options and the presence of three timers are all great benefits. The fact that the design also offers a fun time for the kid and is safe and quality tested are also added benefits.

But for the lights to work, you need to part with three AA batteries. Luckily, your first batch is included in the package so it comes ready to use.

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Flashlights for kids can be both exciting and essential. You never know when you need them so the earlier you get them the better. While you can do everything in your power to keep your child safe, sometimes they also need to take some responsibility and keep themselves safe. A flashlight would be a good way of them taking those great baby steps in safety.


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