Best Nightlights for Kids 2020

1. SOAIY Night Lamp 2. Night Light for Kids 3. Projectables Night Lamp
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Reading this, you acknowledge the fact that there are very many different night lights that are available for you to choose from. This is the beauty of the technology that we have not to mention the creativity that is oozing from many individuals who are not afraid to go on all out to provide solutions to the tiniest of problems they see in life. The downside to this is the fact that making a choice of which one you will put in your baby’s room becomes a difficult task, one that can even make your head spin if you are in too deep in the search and have no idea what it is you are looking for.

It is for this reason that we have taken it upon ourselves to do all the hard work. We have done the heavy lifting and explored everything there is to know about these night lights. You can use the guide provided to help you choose one to use in your baby’s room. Making an informed decision is all you are after right?

What exactly are night lights?

Honestly, they are just that – night lights. They are lights that you can leave on even when the sun has gone down, and your baby has retired to bed. They provide a light that has been designed to provide a soft and calming glow illuminating the room but not exactly lighting it all up like it was day. This kind o light makes sleeping even better for both kids and parents.

Why are they so important?

These equipment are more than just little pieces of art and technology. They are very functional and have their use.

For starters, the dark rooms, filled with all kinds of imaginary monsters are very creepy and scary for kids. Indulge your kid in a conversation of the monsters in his/her room, and you will be shocked. As a matter of fact, you will think his/her room is a chosen acting place for a horror movie. The light helps keep these monsters at bay and comfort the kids to sleep.

During the night when your baby calls, you as the parent have to come in and check what the problem is. The light from the night light will help you check up on your baby without disturbing the peace of everyone else in the house. You will not stumble on object in the room nor have any trouble locating the changing table. As for your child, when he//she loses his/her action figure or teddy bear at night, they will be able to find it without groping too much in the dark and losing their sleep in the process.

Speaking of sleep, you (the parent) need it too right? Having a new found responsibility in the house, one that needs you to wake up in the middle of the night probably thrice or four times depending on you baby, you will have very little of it. Sure soothing the baby back to sleep might only take a few minutes, ten at the maximum but how long does it take you to fall back to sleep after exposure to the bright light? If your baby is not here yet, it might be difficult to picture this, but you may be able to relate to your better half drawing the curtains to your bedroom window and letting in the rays of the sun which burn the sleep off your eyes. You surely cannot get back to sleep after that and if you do it will take a hell lot of time. It is, for this reason, that night lights are essential. They will not activate your brain causing you to lose your sleep. You will be back to bed and fall fast asleep as though you were only sleep walking.

But while they may not cause you to be alert, it will shine sufficient light onto your path to keep you from stepping on toys or bumping into the tables.

Last but not the least, they have proven to be very cheap to run throughout the night. Normal lighting sucks up a lot of juice which, to say the least, can be expensive. Night lights are functional and protect the money in your bank account in the process.

Types of Kids Nightlights

Without variety, truth be told, life would be pretty much boring. Imagine life with your favorite food only. At first, it would be the bomb but after a while, it will lose taste and meaning for you. As a matter of fact, you might not want to see it ever again. It is because of this that we should embrace variety.

Plug in nightlight

It is very hard to picture a night light that is not of the plug-in variety. They have been around for years, have been tried and tested and proven to be perfect. Today’s plug-in types feature something extra. There are those that come with daylight sensors, turning on when the room goes dark and those that are motion sensing. The moment you walk past it, it will light up immediately.

Projection nightlights

Projection is a fancy technology – one that can light up the room in a thousand and one amazing ways. It can project different images to the ceiling or the walls giving a soothing feel to the entire room. Many have starry images, images of superheroes doing their noble acts of valor and some still feature princesses.

The only problem you might experience with this product is placing it at the right distance from its projection surface too far, and the images will be blurry and too close, and they will be too tiny.

Soft lights

These are for the babies that just cannot sleep without holding on to something they hold dear. Ideally, they are designed as stuffed teddy bear that glow. They are pretty comforting – that we agree.

Portable nightlight

These do not need to be plugged into a power outlet given that they run on batteries. They can be placed just about anywhere in the room. There are those that are rechargeable through USB cables.

Factors to consider when choosing a Nightlight

With so many options to choose from, it can prove to be very difficult to determine which one is the best night light for you. The below tips will guide you in making the right choice.

Power outlet

Before you get your night light, you need to consider where you have your power outlet in the baby’s room. How far are they from the baby’s bed/crib? The distance is imperative since it will determine if the light is too bright or too dim for the baby. You need the light to be just right otherwise, it will be useless getting the night light. If there is no suitable distance from the light, then you should consider getting a portable night that you can pace anywhere that you see fit in the room.


Believe it or not, the color of the light given off will also affect how well your baby will sleep throughout the night. Ideally, and this is what many parents believe, blue light is calming and the best. But research conducted proves this to be wrong. The effect of blue light is quite the opposite. It stimulates and boosts the reaction times and attention of the baby – all effects that you are working to avoid. White light, obviously, also has the same effect.

So which is the best color? Orange and red. They are the sunset colors. They are the natural colors used to signify the end of a day and time to get to bed.


Even though they are energy efficient, better than the normal lights used in the rest of the house, they still do consumer power. It would be even better if it could go off when the baby is asleep since after all it will not be needed then.

Many come with timers that countdown after it lights. The time is sufficient to soothe the baby to sleep.

Type of Globe

This is very important since it affects the long term cost of the product that you purchase there are those that need you to replace the bulb while other, having permanent bulbs require you to replace the entire product. In addition to this, the kind of bulb will also affect the heat given off by the bulb. Halogen bulbs get very hot, unlike LED bulbs.


The whole idea of getting a night light is to provide a soft illumination and glow and not light the whole place up. As such, you will need to consider the brightness of the light given off. If it is too bright, then you are better off with the conventional method of leaving the door a crack open for light to find its way into the baby’s room. At least this way the light will be moderate.

The simple way to determine whether a light is too bright or not is to close your eyes and look directly towards the light. If you still can see it through your eyelids, then the light is very bright.

Extra features

The main role of a night light is to provide you with soothing light. There are however different night lights that offer something more than that. These extra features help it to remain competitive in the market. Some of these features might include thermometers, music boxes or sound soothers, changing light color, handles for the baby to safely move the night light when the need arises and sensors to automatically turn themselves on and off.

But even with these extra features, you should not be tempted to getting a product with features that you will not even use.

Top 5 Best Night lamps for Kids 2018

SOAIY Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp1. SOAIY Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp

It is a plug-in type of night light that also features a USB cable for recharging. This is to mean that it can provide you with the best of both worlds. It can come with many features that consume a lot of power since after all it can be plugged into the wall and can also be moved around since it runs on rechargeable batteries.

But other than this convenience, it comes in handy as a night light as it projects a soothing and very realistic nebular light on the walls and ceilings. The colors change up at intervals from red to blue to green and a mixture of all. This will vary the mood in the room.

And as it that is not all, it comes with the ability to play relaxing and soothing music from an MP3, an iPhones, iPod or any other device. Its auto shutoff feature has been set to a maximum of 1 hour which is more than sufficient time for the baby to fall asleep.

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2. GE Stars and Moon Incandescent Night Light

GE Stars and Moon Incandescent Night Light

The stars are soothing, no doubt about that. And while you might want to get a night light that can help with the projection of stars in our baby’s room, you probably do not have the money for it. Well, this particular night light will provide you with the same soft glow from an incandescent light and with many stars and moons filling the entire room.

It comes with a very convenient switch and the bulbs used are power saving. They measure 4 Watts and are clear.

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3. Night Lighting Lamp Romantic Rotating Cosmos Star Sky Moon Projector

Night Lighting Lamp Romantic Rotating Cosmos Star Sky Moon Projector

This is the newest piece of technology there is in the market. It comes with 4 LED beads of blue light, warm light, red light and green light. These match with their corresponding push buttons.

The rotation makes falling to sleep easy though the mortar may make some noise. It has the option of providing very bright light is you feel you need the extra power.

Needless to say, the whole product and its effect is beautiful. It helps to bring the universe back into your baby’s room with changes in the sky color. How cool Is that?

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4. Projectables LED Plug-In Night Light

Projectables LED Plug-In Night Light

If you are looking for a product that will turn on by itself when you draw the curtains or when darkness starts to creep in, then this is the product that you should get. Its light sensing feature will see to it that it turns on by itself.

It provides a great projection of the solar system. The projection measures 3 feet on the ceiling, floor or wall. The LEDs it contains are long lasting and does not feature any bulbs that may need replacing. They are energy sufficient and very cool, unlike halogen bulbs.

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Zitrades Baby Night Light Rainbow Toddler Nightlight for Kids with Sensor5. Zitrades Baby Night Light Rainbow Toddler Nightlight for Kids with Sensor

The colors are very random as you will notice when you see it in the stores. They are in the form of a rainbow. They light up in different sequences. For those kids who just cannot sleep without being soothed to sleep, the soft light will help to chase away the lurking monsters in the closet or better yet keep them at bay.

They come with a voice sensor or light control to turn on automatically. It does not need any battery replacement and as such saves a lot of money.

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Night lights are the bomb – no doubt about it. They are perfect for helping the baby sleep throughout the night peacefully. With the above guide, you should be in a position to choose the very best night light for baby there is in the market.