Best Youth Football Helmet 2018 – Ultimate Buyers Guide

1. Schutt Black Football Helmet 2.  Schutt Red Football Helmet 3. Xenith Black Football Helmet
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Football is a sport that is drastically growing in popularity and one that demands a lot of competitiveness. As much as the sport dates back to the 1800s, the helmets that are used in the sport did not make their mark until the 1920s. Since then, they have come a long way from when they were simply made out of leather. While a lot of emphasis goes to the adult and full contact football games because of the strength of the players, it does not mean that younger players and the youth should not take care of their health and well-being.

The greatest goal in football is to prevent concussions. There are plenty of advances that have been made and according to a recent research there is a spike in the number of mental problems that are being suffered by football players. For parents, this should serve as a need to want to keep their children safe. Not by keeping the children away from the sport but by getting them the best football helmet for youth and ensuring that their initiation into the sport starts on a safe footing.

Rightfully, football helmets are not something that most parents get to buy. As such, they might find this as a huge task especially given the technical nature of the helmets and the technology that goes into making them functional. There is very little information out in the public regarding the safety and procedure of getting a good quality helmet for your kid. But, this should not deter you. In most instances, the helmets are bought by the school and there are certain regulatory bodies that help to make sure that the helmets meet the standards that have the capacity to protect the player. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to buy a youth helmet for your kid, here are some tips and tricks that could help you buy the best youth football helmet.

Factors to look for when buying Football Helmets for Youth

Look for the NOCSAE Seal

Before you even fit the helmet or even look at the price tag, the first thing that you should is to make sure that the helmet is able to handle the task that it is meant for. The best way to do this is not to use your gut feeling or by the weight of the helmet. Instead, you should be looking for the seal by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). It is the standard that is acceptable for football helmets be it for professionals or even the youth. The stamp of approval or the seal can be found at the back of the helmet. It does not matter how much the helmet costs. If it does not have this seal, there is no point in buying it. You would be putting the safety and health of your child at risk.

Measure the circumference of the head

In most instances, it is the duty of the athletic trainer to assist players with getting the right fit for their helmets.  There is a sizing chart that is available that offers the instructions for fitting the helmet and how to take care of the equipment as well. But, if you have to do for your child, here is a simple process.

First, you get a cloth tape measure like the one used by tailors to measure the circumference of the head of the child. It is best to position the tape measure just about an inch above the eyebrows when taking the measurement. Given the reading that you have gotten, you can compare this with the sizing chart for the helmets to get the best youth football helmets that would be a good fit for your child. If your measurement happens to fall in between sizes, it is always advised to go for the smaller size.

Fit the helmet

You have to make sure that the helmet is a proper fit. The only way you can do this is to try it on after you have assessed the measurements. The right fit should be somewhat tight but comfortable. It should be snugger than a biking helmet. If you apply hand pressure on the top of the helmet, it should feel evenly distributed. This is one of the best ways to tell if the helmet is a good fit. Remember to make sure that you’re buying from the youth helmet section. The adult ones are usually too heavy and can be more of a risk than a safety garment.

Choose the right model

The best youth football helmets come in different models and sizes. Not all of these will fit each head. That is why players will always be offered a different choice of models. Even though the different brands that make the football helmets make them with materials that have been standardized, the designs are usually not the same and might differ slightly or greatly. These difference is what makes each of the models appealing to different players. It is more or the less the same as choosing running shoes. The little additions are what would make the greatest difference in terms of comfort.

Pick a comfortable and fitting style

Some helmets do require you to inflate the padding for the best protection. If you happen to choose such a kind of helmet, you have to make sure that once you fit it, the cushioning is checked to customize it to the shape and density of your head. If you happen to settle for such a helmet, you should also make sure that the pressure is checked regularly to make sure that the padding has not flattened which could compromise the safety of the child.

Understand the essence of the chin strap

Before you even strap, the fit of the helmet should feel comfortable and secure. The chin strap should not be used in any way as a fastening device or as a tightening device. It is used to keep the helmet on in the crash moments. You should not rely on the chin strap to squeeze the helmet to your head if it does not fit. This could reduce the efficiency of the helmet and make it harder for the child to get full protection even from the best youth football helmet if it does not fit well.

Buying reconditions

It is safe to say that the football helmets for youths do cost a handsome buck. Most parents would be disgruntled to have to shell out so much money. The problem is, they do not have much of a choice especially when their child is into the sport. Buying a reconditioned helmet is one way of saving a little money while trying to keep your child safe. However, should you have to buy a reconditioned helmet, it has to be from a NOCSAE-licensed reconditioner and they have to have recertified it. There should be a seal inside the helmet as proof.

You might want to read a little more diversely when buying a helmet for your little champ because of the sensitivity of the issue and how much is at stake. However, these tips are sufficient and should be more than enough helping you make the right purchase. If you need further help, perhaps these reviews could also come in handy.

Top 5 Best Youth Football Helmets 2018

Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard III Football Helmet1. Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard III Football Helmet

It is always great to start a review with a great product that sets the trend and tone. The Schutt brand of helmets has proven to be reliable over the years and this particular one that targets the youth and football safety is not different. It has a comfortable liner that increases surface coverage and offers some additional foam inside the liner for a more comfortable fit. While the helmet is hard as rock on the outside, in the inside, it is pillow-like which makes it much more fitting for the user.

It comes with DNA jaw pads that are comfortable and the jaw pads are vinyl covered. That is not all, the helmet also features a traditional standoff shell which is a part between the helmet and the players head for extra safety and ensures that incase of impact, there is far less shock that gets to the head of the player if any. While the helmet is considered traditional, it is one of the few that most coaches and players prefer because of the safety standards that has to offer and even comes with a chin strap.

While the helmet has great benefits that it has to offer that include the chin strap, a standoff shell, great padding and a comfortable fit, it does not come with a face mask and you might have to purchase this separately. Other than that, this is a great fit that you will definitely fall in love with and your kid will feel safe and secure with it.

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2. Franklin Sports Kids Football Costume and Uniform Set 

Franklin Sports NFL Team Licensed Youth Uniform Set

While you might want to zero-in on the helmet, this comes in a set that makes it even a much better bargain for parents. It comprises of a 100% polyester jersey, a 100% polyester pant and you also get a youth football uniform set that features an elastic waist pant and an iron-on number kit.

There is also a helmet that comes with a chin strap and looks like the real deal which is great especially for the kids that love to support the Broncos. Keep in mind that this is team licensed merchandise which makes it very attractive and authentic even to the buyers.

With this set, the parent is able to get the best quality in NFL apparel and not only does it come as a complete set, but also comes at an attractive price that makes it much more affordable to parents which is much better than buying each of the pieces separately.

However, it should be noted that the pieces that have been included in this set cannot be used while playing football or any other sport. This is more so the case for the helmet. These are best used for recreational purposes. However, this is not to say that it is not a great fit. The pieces are best used to show your support to your favorite team and player and the differ

ent numbers allow you to appreciate the different players on the team. Definitely something that the little tuck will love.

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3. Xenith X2E Youth Helmet

Xenith X2E Youth Helmet

For parents that are looking for something that is more than just for recreational purposes and one that will be able to offer safety and can be used for sporting, this best football for youth is a great fit. Not only does have that all-black finishing that gives it an aggressive finish, it also has a plethora of other features that are dedicated to player safety during a game.

These features include an instant custom fit with not pumping required. The helmet is able to conform to the shape of the head once it is fitted which makes it much easier to fit and even maintain in the long term since you don’t have to keep checking the inflation levels.

The player can use the chin straps and the shock bonnets molds comfortable to create a snug and comfortable fit and reduce the risk of the helmet coming off during games or even when the player receives impact.

The helmet is also lightweight and has been carefully ventilated and has enhanced visibility to keep the player comfortable and cool. For the sake of their health, the helmet also features some antimicrobial properties as well.

For protection, players can enjoy the efficiency of the Aware-flow shock absorbers that release air to help adapt to impact keeping the player safe at all times.

A lot of technology has gone into the helmet and ensuring that you have the best possible experience while wearing it. The benefits include the all-round safety offered by the helmet that include antimicrobial features. You also get to enjoy the simple fitting and the efficient shock absorbers.

Despite the fact that helmet has some pretty impressive features, it does not come with the mention of a NOCSAE certification anywhere. You might want to check on this while making the purchase but it has been proven to be quite safe for players.

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4. Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet

Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet

Yet another one of the best football helmets for youth and one that comes plenty of colors for the player to choose from. It also comes with other state of the art features that offer a resounding guarantee of the safety of the player while they wear one of these helmets. For parents that might want to get a face mask as well, there is one for this helmet but that is sold separately.

Other than the safety features that the helmet has to offer others include heat exchange technology and a customizable fit liner which keeps the players cool during games and when wearing the helmet and, it also comes with a rear inflation port that helps to properly adjust the helmet to the right size of the plater. This is a great addition given how critical fitting is to football helmets and the safety of the players.

The rear inflation port is easily accessible which is a great advantage and the heat exchange technology also offers a great experience to the players helping them have a more conducive environment during games and it even comes with a NOCSAE approval so you’re as safe as can be.

However, the only sad part is that it does not come with a face mask. It does come with one, but this is sold separately which means you have to dig deeper into your pocket if you want your kid to have one as well.

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5. Schutt Sports Youth Vengeance DCT Hybrid Football Helmet

Schutt Sports Youth Vengeance DCT Hybrid Football Helmet

Yet another great addition with top of the line features that inspire and build your little man to be the best they can. It helps even more by throwing a couple of patented features that include a patented twist and release system. Another impressive feature that the helmet offers is the signal layer with dual compression TPU.

It helps to absorb violent and high velocity impacts as well as low ones. This keeps the players head sober and free from injuries. For the sake of a good fit, the helmet also has an airliner that is very comfortable. All you have to do is inflate it and the fit fall right. It also has jaw pads and a soft cup chin strap for all the safety needs of the player and to keep the helmet in place in case of impact.

The safety standards that this helmet offers are off the roof and allow each player to have quality and carefree playing time. The twist and turn feature makes it easier to remove the helmet and the air inflated liner keeps the helmet in place.There is not mention of ventilation even though it seems to have some airflow features, it is not clear if these are enough to keep the player cool during playtime.

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The best football helmets come at a premium price but, they also come with features that help parents to reduce their worries and support their children as they chase down the dreams of their life. All you have to do is get the right one and you almost certainly ensure that your child is doing great on and off the pitch.