Building a Close Relationship With Your Child

Building a close and loving relationship with your kid is extremely important .This is because the when you are closer to your kid, they will trust you and tend to look up to hence giving you a big advantage when it comes to parenting. Additionally, a parent who is closer to their child will notice immediately when their kid is going through problems that the modern child faces such as depression, bullying or even when they are sick and the symptoms are not so obvious. When a child is close to their parent it also creates a basis for a great relationship throughout life.

Building a close relationship with your child

a parent who is closer to their child will notice immediately when their kid is going through problems

Here is how to build a close relationship with your child…

Spend quality time together both at home and outside home

family fun time

Despite how busy your daily schedule is, spare some time to spend with your kid and get to know them also allow them to know. This does not mean it has to be boring. It can be some fun karaoke time, playing hide and seek or even chill and watch a movie at home. If you decide to go outside set a date and let your kid be excited about it and look forward to it. Also choose an activity that your kid love and will be excited to participate in. For instance; if your child loves movies, how about going to see the latest animation flick coming out? If they love nature then a visit to the zoo or a relaxing hike will be the perfect opportunity to bond.

Show interest in what they love and take initiative to be a part of it

mum playing piano with kids

The best way to be close to your child is to motivate them and encourage them when they show interest in something. This support that parent show their kids will not be taken for granted. For instance if your kid is interested in music don’t waste any time, sigh them up for classes. Find out what they are doing in these classes and attend any functions that are related to what your kid is interested in. If they play football, chess or participate in cheerleading attend any functions that they are involved in to show support.

Congratulate your kid anytime they achieve anything

Another great way to bond with your kid is to congratulate them and show them you are proud of them anytime they achieve something. Kids feel validated when their parents appreciate their achievements and also congratulate them on anything they have worked had to accomplish. Simply acknowledging that they did well will motivate them and encourage them to keep working hard. Additionally, they also know that you have got their back and this will help build a friendship between you and them. This will go a long way in ensuring that anytime they are facing a problem or a setback, they know and feel that they can talk to you and you will not only listen but also act accordingly.

high five kids

For instance, if your child performs well in school or simply improves in a particular subject that has been challenging them, celebrate them and acknowledge their effort. Academically, this will motivate them to work harder. Keep in mind that before a child gets to the age where they know why they know and understand why they are working hard academically some just do it to make mum and dad happy.

Finally, how do your discipline your child?

How To Discipline A Child

How a child is disciplined by the parents determines the relationship they will have in the long-term. The purpose of discipline is not to punish but rather correct. Whatever punishment you choose, ensure that your child know full well why they are being punished and what is expected of them henceforth otherwise you are just mistreating them for no reason.