Cooking With Your Kids

toddlers cookingBy the time they are toddler they are intrigued and most probably interested in everything you do. They want to know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it. This is when you hear questions like, what is that? Why are you using it? This is the best time to come up with creative way to teach them and spend quality time with them. One of the best activities that can help you bond with your toddler is cooking. Additionally, it is the perfect opportunity to start the lesson on eating right. While cooking is certainly time consuming and very messy, it is also a lot of fun.

Make fun  lifetime memories with your toddler through cooking together.

You will realize that your toddler will love helping you prep, get down and dirty and will also enjoy tasting what they create. It also doesn’t hurt that cooking together open the door fo communication between you and your little goober. Want to have fun! Think of cooking together as a chance to spend quality time together, work as team and also talk about everything.

Here are some highly effective and fun tips that will come in handy when cooking with your toddler:

Don’t worry about the mess

gont be too strict on the cleanliness

If you are too obsessed about keeping everything clean you will stress out your child and make the environment too tense and serious. For the time being put off cleaning until you and your little goober are done cooking. Be sure to comfortably dress them in play clothes. For damage control, have some soapy water on hand as the cooking is underway.

Begin by setting up

prep before cooking with toddlers

Keeping in mind that toddlers tend to have a short attention span and are extremely impatient, it is advisable to complete the set up even before your child enters your kitchen. This means proper planning before you get started, having all the ingredients and utensils properly laid out.

Master your recipe

You can wing it when cooking alone, however; when cooking with your toddler it is best to have your recipe in mind.

Cooking with your Toddler

As mentioned earlier toddlers are impatient and tend to get bored easily, this means they have no time to wait as look up a recipe. Do all the prepping in advance or your toddler will quickly lose interest.

Go for an age-appropriate recipe

age appropriate recipes

If you want your toddler to have a great time cooking with you, keep in mind that it will boil down to their motor skills. A recipe should be age appropriate. Extremely young kids have a very difficult time mixing, gripping objects, rolling and spreading. An age appropriate recipe will complement your kid’s developmental stage.

Only use toddler-safe cooking utensils

kid friendly utencils

In the current market, there are a variety of cooking utensils that are specifically designed for toddler chefs. These include; wooden spoons, measuring knives and silicone prep bowls.  It is important to keep in mind that some tools are more age appropriate as compared to others (nylon knives are only appropriate for ages 5 and above). By researching exhaustively, you will definitely find something that you little goober will enjoy using!


Kids enjoy a taste test

taste test

Mmmmmmmh…what cook does not like tasting as they cook? If just great practice, right! This is the best chance to teach your kid when it is safe to eat something raw and when it is not appropriate. Additionally, it will also teach toddlers hygiene and cleanliness (teach them to use different spoon for tasting and cooking). Keep in mind that it is never too late to teach your child healthy habits.

Make it fun!

Doesn’t hurt to put on some kid-friendly music and sing together as you cook. This is the time to teach kids that they don’t have to take everything too seriously. Once in a while dab some icing on their nose or even toss some powder up in the air just for fun

tasting food How about matching aprons for you and your little one? This will excite your toddler immediately they step into the kitchen and will guarantee a fun time!

Wrapping up

If you ask most people their best childhood memories, they involve cooking and food. Make fun  lifetime memories for your toddler through cooking together.