Creative Ways of preparing vegetables that will impress your kids


Although vegetables are nutritious and aid in the healthy growth of kids, most kids despise seeing a generous serving of green on their plates and will often do anything to avoid eating vegetables. However, you don’t have to give up; what you can do is find kid friendly ways of preparing vegetables. Here are 7 great ideas that will come in handy in helping you make your kids eat vegetables without too much hassle:

Make Vegetable Popsicles

Most kids love popsicles and mostly eat them either as dessert or a quick snack. Take advantage of your kids love for popsicles by including pureed baby greens such as spinach or kale in popsicles.

Vegetable Popsicles

To ensure the Popsicles are tantalizing and delicious combine the pureed vegetables with sweet mangoes, pureed passion fruit and pineapple. To make eating the vegetable popsicles more fun for your kids make them into interesting shapes that will appeal to your kids.

Include vegetables in meatballs

Nothing pleases most kids more than tiny balls of meat. Including vegetables in meatballs is a great way of ensuring your kids eat vegetables without much difficulty. Make the beat ball from your kids’ favorite meat whether it is chicken, beef or pork. You can either choose to use one type of vegetable or a variety of vegetables such as kale and spinach. Puree the vegetables to ensure that the children do not find unpleasant big vegetable chunks that will make the meatballs less appealing. Meatballs that have vegetables can impress your kids if you combine the vegetables with ingredients such as garlic which enhance flavor and create an irresistible aroma.

Make a vegetable pizza

vegetable pizza

Pizzas are kid favorites that give you the chance of getting your kids to eat more vegetables without any difficulty. Making a vegetable pizza is simple and the end result is very appealing to kids. Instead of using flour to make the crust, substitute it with a crust made from cauliflower which has lower carbs and is more nutritious. Be adventurous when it comes to choosing the toppings and use all kinds of vegetables such as eggplants, kale pieces, spinach, tomatoes, jalapeno papers, fresh mushrooms and even green olives. Make the pizzas with your kids and let them choose which vegetables they want as toppings. This will make it seem like the whole idea of a vegetable pizza is theirs. A vegetable pizza is something different and I will definitely excite and impress your kids.

Make your children drink veggies by making delicious vegetable smoothies and juices

vegetable SMOOTHIES

Drink your veggies! – Another breakfast idea is to juice your carrots, greens, and beets. Or throw them into a green smoothie, like the one Sewtrashy makes: “Smoothies! I make a green smoothie every morning. Lots of greens (spinach, mache, kale, etc.) with a piece of two of fruit, like apples or berries and two cups of water. If you do nothing else, do this. It’s so great for you and gives you a ton of vitamins and good stuff.”