Finding A Great Music Teacher For Your Kids

At Parent Center Network we absolutely love music, we encourage all parents to introduce kids to singing, musical toys and instrument at a tender age. This is because we appreciate the critical role that music plays in kid’s development. One of the biggest challenges that parents face is ascertaining the best music teacher for their child. The fact that they are currently so many music schools with numerous teachers make it harder. Here are some helpful suggestions and tips on picking the right music teacher for your child.

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Where do I find a great music teacher?

This is logically the first question especially if this is your first time. Where to start? Easy, online! Just keep in that anyone can make themselves look flawless online. To be more thorough seek reference from trusted sources such as family and friends.

One of the biggest challenges that parents face is ascertaining the best music teacher for their child

Music Stores

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Another great resource for finding the right teacher is to simply ask your local music store. Their clientele is music teachers so they might have an idea on where to locate them.


music class in school


If your child is already in school then logically this is the best place to find a professional and experienced music teacher.

Choosing the right music teacher

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Just because they have a wealth of experience and are highly recommended doesn’t mean they are right for your kid. What kind of music is your child into and is can they handle your kids temperament without any trouble? These are some important considerations to keep in mind. It all comes down tp knw3oing your child and what they need from a teacher in order to thrive musically.

Additional tips

Professionalism is important, music lessons are costly so ensure you are hiring someone who has actually studied music or has a rich musical background. Keep in mind that just because someone can play a musical instrument excellently doesn’t mean that they can teach your kid how to play an instrument. How long they have been in game is also extremely important.

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The personality of a teacher is also very important when it comes to teaching a kid music. Keep in mind that a music teacher will have a huge and lasting impact on their child. You never know, it might just be the start of your kids love affair with music, the last is to ruin it.

What are some red flags?


For every inspirational and passionate music teacher out there, there’s a bad teacher who lacks what it takes and will not do their job well. With this tell-tale signs at your fingertips, you will be able to spot a bad teacher from miles away:

Avoid a show off who is more concerned with their skills other than helping your kid grow musically

Stay away from the unprofessional teacher who just turned to teaching for a pay check

A teacher who is too strict can instil fear and discourage your kid from pursuing music

conspicuously spy on a teacher before selecting them. Also listen to your child and address any concerns