Getting A New Puppy For Your Child

Bringing A new puppy home is an exciting experience for both you and your child. Well-thought out preparations are indispensable to give your fuzzy bundle of promise a head start and also make it easy for it to become a beloved member of your family. Getting your little goober involved in the process will not only teach them to be responsible but also teach them responsibility. This article helps you know where to get started by taking you through the process of acquiring a puppy for your child:

Getting a new puppy for your child
Adopt, Shop, or Breeder; Where to go…

You finally decide the kind of puppy you want to get; now the important question is where to get it? Although most dog owners typically give this crucial decision less thought than they would give buying a Smartphone, they forget that it is a lifelong commitment that will not only affect you and your family but also the dog you intend on bringing home. Keep in mind that where you get your pooch will substantially influence your future together; this guide will help you avoid potentially disastrous mistake. You have three viable options to pick from;


Adopting a pet from a dog shelter

Adopting a pet from a dog shelter or even a recue home is no doubt a great way to get your pet. This is because most dog shelters are overcrowded and taking that puppy out of the shelter is actually saving its life. Statistically speaking most rescue dogs make incredibly loyal and wonderful pets although a considerable number of them may develop behavioral issues that will take some time to overcome because of living together in cramped space.

With love, patience and persistence rescue dogs can be rehabilitated and the results are nothing short of heartwarming; such a pooch will love you deeply, truly and madly. Because you have taken the prerogative and time to make them feel loved, welcome and cared for. Adopting a pet will teach your kid help nurture basic life skills such as empathy, charity and taking care of others.

With these indispensable tips, you will make the right decision when it comes to adopting a puppy;

  1. Make a decision regarding the type of dog you want before visiting the dog-rescue centre, go through a portfolio and let your kid pick what they want
  2. Be assertive so that you are not influenced easily by the little cute faces looking at you through the bars. Stick to a type of puppy that you are sure will be a perfect fit in your family and will integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle.
  3. Ensure that the puppy you consider selecting has been in the rescue centre for at least 3 days and has settled in properly. This way you are absolutely sure that what you are seeing is their real personality and not a scared dog that’s under stress of adapting to a new environment.
  4. Inquire extensively about the puppy’s background to know whether it can acclimatize to your home environment and can interact well with kids

Adopting a rescue do is noble endeavor but also slightly risky because there are some things you will not be sure about until you try. These are things you can definitely work on together as part of building a loving relationship. The end result is ultimately worth the time and effort because you and your child will develop a deep bond with your new puppy.


Buying your puppy from a pet store

Majority of the puppies that are sold at pet stores come straight from commercial breeders. Such dogs are sold at a young age to brokers who source from all over the country and then sell to the local pet stores. There are several advantages to buying your pooch from a pet store such as how fast and easy it is. Buying from store is probably the easiest and fastest way to get the exact type of dog you want or desire. There is no planning ahead or making a prior appointment; you basically walk into a pet store with your kid and pick what you want.

  • Are there any CONs to buying from a pet store?

Absolutely, there is the fact that pet stores are businesses intended on making profits therefore most only stock popular breeds. If you want a unique breed that is not necessarily considered popular you may not be able to access it in the pet store.

Health issues are also another common concern because most pet stores sadly get their supplies from puppy mills which are least concern about future soundness of the pooches they sell. The sole objective of puppy mills is to churn out as many puppies as they can as quickly as possible.

The trick to success when it comes to buying from a pet store is researching about the pet store in question. Don’t just walk into any pet store. Research widely and seek references from people you trust so that you can make a purchase from a reliable store with a great reputation.

cute baby playing with puppy


What about buying a puppy from a breeder?

If decide to buy from a breeder, you are pretty sure what your dog will look like when it is fully grown because you will see it in its natural environment with the parents. You also have the benefit of being its first human partner which is in a sense having a blank page just waiting to be written and customized in your own style. Additionally, if buy from a great and reputable breeder, it typically comes with lifetime support which can be very reassuring.

To avoid making a mistake here are some tips;

  1. Look out for clues that the puppy was actually born there such as its parents and siblings
  2. Always remember to ask to see certificates of screening for problem diseases, micro chipping records and even vaccination records.
  3. Don’t feel rushed and avoid buying on impulse instead take your time to ascertain that the puppy you are choosing is happy and interactive. Remember your puppy will be your responsibility and part of your family for years to come.


A puppy is a great addition to a family with children

A puppy is a great addition to a family with children. It helps kids understand the concept of being responsible for another person and the acquisition process that is outlined above is a great bonding opportunity for you and your little one.