Football Helmets For Kids

The first few growing years of kids is detrimental to their brain because it is at a developing stage. Any injury or fracture could have lasting effects. However, saying no to playing is not a wise way to restrict it, but taking precautions and keeping them safe is.

Football is that particular game in which kids are prone to injuries at the maximum. Along with all other equipments like shoulder pads, knee pads, thigh guard, shoes, mouth guard, Helmets are very important as they protect the skull from fractures or any other brain damage.

Parents always look for high quality helmets for the protection of their children. Helmets should meet certain standards before they can be passed off as secure and safe to use. Usually, the standards are set based on impact testing done in the labs.

It is also imperative that parents take the responsibility of getting their kid the best football helmet but many of them may not be an expert in this. Therefore, coaches and helmet selling companies should look into various factors before suggesting or producing the helmet.

Height of the helmet, chin strap should be at the centre and must be tight, moving the helmet from side to side and jaw pads should be firm are some of the factors to be considered. All these factors must be kept in mind when you buy a helmet for your kid. They should be well fitted and made of high grade materials for greater protection.

One more important point that should not be missed is that kids and adolescents are in their developing stage and the size of their head may grow at a faster rate, so the fit of the helmet must be checked regularly so that your child get the right fit.

More than 448,000 injuries are reported in hospitals among youth each year and this figure indicates the importance of having a safety gear. Hence, this figure can only be reduced if we take care while buying proper helmets.

In today’s times, where technology has reached its own pinnacle, new methods are adopted by sports companies to provide maximum coverage in terms of on-field injuries. It is always sagacious to put your money into helmets and other safety equipment rather than having flashy garments and jerseys.

Always purchase helmets from branded companies with safety and quality assurance mark. Helmets should also protect against concussions which are mild traumatic brain injury. Many helmets are not well designed to prevent them, even the latest high technology ones.

Therefore, before selecting and buying helmets, research about the science of the helmet, its reviews and quality standards.