Are Soda and Other Fizzy Drinks Killing our Kids?

Many parents of this generation can attest to the fact that fizzy drinks and soda have become the cheapest and most readily available drink for kids. How many times a day does your kid guzzle Fanta, Cola, Pepsi and DR. These drinks are guzzled by our kids anytime they are hanging out together and even during lunch at school. Some of us are even guilty of stocking our refrigerators full of them.


While drinking soda and fizzy drinks seems pretty harmless, research proves that it is actually the opposite. Numerous studies have equivocally ascertained that fizzy sugary drinks and soda contain many ingredients that are harmful to a human being’s immune system. This begs the question, should we allow our kids to drink soda and fizzy drinks at all?

sugary drinks and soda contain many ingredients that are harmful to a human being’s immune system

Let’s start by first understanding what is in this drinks that makes them bad for your kids…

To make that sugary and refreshing drink your kids guzzles every time, there is a whole cocktail of ingredients that go in. Most of these drinks contain around 80 to 90% carbonated water. The sweetness is simply fructose corn syrup/sugar. Did you know that just a can of sugar contain 10 teaspoons of sugar? These drinks also contain phosphoric acid that accelerates tooth decay. Other harmful ingredients are the artificial colouring and caffeine.


These ingredients together cause a slew of negative impacts on kids including:

  • High cholesterol levels
  • Elevated blood pressure levels
  • These ingredients also increase the likelihood of developing detrimental lifestyle ailments such as diabetes and obesity at a tender age
  • Tooth decay
  • Too much sugar cause restlessness

What can a parent do?


First and foremost take your time to research exhaustively on this subject and you will be surprised at the detrimental effects that soda and fizzy drinks have on children. After that consult with your doctor and let them recommend more healthy alternatives that are just as healthy. According to reliable studies, the best way to handle sodas and fizzy drinks when it comes to kids is teach them moderation and also introduce them to many alternatives that just as healthy but tastier. For instance how about fresh juice with a little sugar? This is completely natural and extremely tasty.