How to Trick a child to shower?

We all know how tough it is to actually get your child to shower. Try these fun and effective tips to bring you kids to the bathroom with a rocket speed!

When I was a kid, I hated taking shower and getting wet. I wish my mother had been this witty that I would have run to the bathtub at a great speed. I was a kid who loved to stay stinky, grimy, and sweaty, showers were something I hated to the core of my heart. So now let me help you with all such problems with these tips and tricks:

Schedule the shower sessions according to your kids mood

Children really don’t like taking showers when you want them to; instead they love to go by their own time. It is especially in the mornings that children resist the bathtub, what you can do is change the timing to evening or night. This way not only you are letting your child go according to his wishes but also spending more time with him as evenings are majorly chaos less.

 Water is all about playing

We all love playing with water, Don’t we? Similarly kids too love to play splashing water games while taking showers. All we need to do as parents is to let them enjoy the bathing time as their recreational time. Let them have their share of fun by having small water fights and making them love the bathing session.

Toys are a child’s best friend and should be allowed in the bathroom

Believe me if my mother would have let me get my toys in the shower, I would have jumped right in. Similarly, make sure that you let your child have his set of fun by having his tiny water toys while bathing. All you need to do for those few minutes is forget about the rage and be a kid on your own and then just play and spend quality time with your adorable baby.

Let him be all artistic

Go and buy those washable paints and water colors for your little ones. Let them color all the walls of your bathroom and explore their creative side. This is no doubt a fun way of taking a shower and needs no extra cleanliness.

Convert your bathtub into a swimming pool

Children love to swim and for them a bathtub is equivalent to a small pool. Let your little tadpole bring his/her floaters, goggles, and other swimming equipments and feel like they are the king/queen of the world and are having a lot of fun.

Entertain them with a fun water show

Have you seen those beautiful sticks that glow during the concerts? Go buy those glow sticks today and switch off the lights to trick your little rock star to the bathtub. Good music, lights, and water will make them have a lot of fun time during their bathing session.

Give them a company to vanish away their fears

Children often resist taking showers because they are scared. To help them in fighting their fears, go on and jump right in the water with your little love and have a good bonding time. But of course you should make sure that you have your underwear’s on as the child will make you go crazy with all the anatomy questions.

Lure your kids of rewards

Take up a calendar and start marking the days of less hassle. What this shall do is make your kid understand that the more they cooperate during bath time, the more shall they get rewards. On a weekly basis make sure to reward the kid by things like, chocolates, park trips, favorite meals, and more. This one is basically all about those tempting things for which your child shall cooperate to a great extent.

A bathroom concert

Switch on some good rocking music and convert a dull bath time session to a fun concert with music and dancing. This will make the shower time fun for not only the child but for you too.

In all, a shower session should be all about fun, relaxation, and love. Use all these amazing tips and tricks to give your child a good shower. I am sure that after reading this article you will not have tough time luring your kid to bathroom for a quick shower.